The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 19, 1997 on B&B
Sheila struggled to hang on to her unborn child, and James took note of how much Sheila was sacrificing for their child. As Ridge's trial continued, Thorne saw Ridge and Taylor getting closer. Rick expressed his resentment of Grant. Hunter's testimony blew Ridge's defense apart, but Ridge vowed to get to the bottom of the shooting.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 19, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, May 19, 1997
by Michael Keith

As Taylor fondly remembers kissing Ridge the night before, Thorne comes by and says he tried calling here last night but no one answered. Taylor says she was "out" but doesn't let on she was with Ridge. Thorne assumes she was making doctor housecalls. Taylor avoids telling Thorne anything else by saying they need to hurry up and get to the courthouse.

Ridge also remembers the time he and Taylor spent together the night before. When his lawyer comes by, Ridge says it now more important than ever that he prove he is innocent. Ridge wants more nights with Taylor like the one they shared the night before.

Grant tells Brooke he knows she is having a tough time believing Ridge shot him, but as a family they will get through this. Brooke again asks Grant if he is positive that Ridge is the one who shot him. "There's still time to tell the truth," she persists. Grant says their is nothing left to say, Ridge is the one who shot him.

Rick shows up at Ridge's hotel room saying he has had enough of Grant. Rick blames Grant for everything, including Ridge's breakup with Brooke. He says all Brooke cares about is Grant. Ridge promises he will not go to jail and brings Rick back home to Brooke. Rick offers his support to Ridge. As Ridge leaves for the trial, he tells Brooke he will always be there for Rick and Bridget. Tearfully, Brooke wishes Ridge luck. Brooke tells Rick she knows change is hard, but she wants him to give Grant a chance. Brooke reassures Rick that he will always be the most important man in her life.

Stephanie is the defense's first witness. Jonathan questions her about why she had her gun at Forrester in the first place. Steph explains she was going to give it to Ridge so he could get it repaired. Steph says Grant knew her gun was in the building but didn't tell her to get rid of it. She also says Grant never said he was afraid of Ridge. The prosecution objects to the line of questioning and Stephanie explodes. Stephanie blasts the prosecution by saying it is ridiculous to think Ridge would shoot Grant and she intends to help prove that the person who shot Grant was Grant!

Tuesday, May 20, 1997

As Clark prepares for the trail, he tells Sally he isn't sure why he is being called to testify. Clark has no intentions of helping Ridge. He wants to bring justice to Ridge by seeing him go to jail. Sally can't believe Clark thinks Ridge shot Grant.

While Stephanie is on the stand, prosecutor Teresa Emerson paints a picture of Ridge as being violent and with a temper. Emerson rattles off three separate instances in which Ridge showed violence. Stephanie counters by saying Ridge is peaceful and law-abiding. If Ridge is so peaceful and law-abiding, why did Stephanie bring her gun to work and give it to Ridge? Emerson asks why Stephanie just didn't give the gun to Ridge at home instead of bringing it to the office. Stephanie said she intended to give the gun to Ridge at home, but he had already left before she had a chance to ask him.

Michael asks where Enrique has been lately. He tells her he can't think about work right now with the trial going on. Enrique says he is too upset with the possibility Ridge will go to jail to worry about work.

Brooke visits Michael seeking advice about the trial since Michael has already testified. Brooke is the next witness and she admits she is nervous about saying something damaging about Ridge. Michael warns Brooke the lawyers will make her say something she doesn't want to. Brooke doesn't think either Grant or Ridge is lying. How can she not believe either one, Brooke wonders. Michael warns Brooke if she has the slightest doubt about Grant, the lawyers will pick up on that.

Jonathan questions Clark about his going to see Grant the day of the shooting. Clark said Grant was nervous that day, thinking something might happen to him. Jonathan asks about a gun book that was found in Grant's office after the shooting. Clark admits Grant asked him about a certain gun, the kind that shot him. Clark said he told Grant that kind of gun wouldn't kill you if you got shot in the shoulder. Grant told Clark he thought that kind of gun would be pointed at him by the end of the day. Jonathan questions Clark about Grant predicting when he would get shot. "How was he so certain when he would get shot?" Jonathan asks. Jonathan sums up that if Grant knew how and when he would get shot, why didn't he protect himself? Why didn't he leave the building?

Jonathan informs Ridge that Brooke is the next witness. Taylor tells Ridge things are starting to go his way. Ridge says his luck started last night when they had time together. Thorne notices Ridge and Taylor get close.

Daytime Emmys Wednesday, May 21, 1997

Grant advises Brooke not to be nervous about testifying. Brooke says she can not stand the thought of Ridge going to jail. Grant is adamant that Ridge is the one who shot him and begs Brooke not to put Ridge first.

Ridge tells Taylor he isn't happy Brooke is testifying. Taylor says that when things go down to the wire, Brooke will always support Ridge. Taylor thinks it is ironic that while Brooke is the one who has always kept them apart, now she might be the one person who will let them be together.

Stephanie prevents Thorne from entering the courtroom so Ridge and Taylor can have some privacy. Stephanie also tells Thorne she thinks it is wise he didn't give Taylor the engagement ring.

At the police station, Hunter goes over the evidence again. He tells Lieutenant Baker he will look over the evidence as long as it take to figure out what really happened. The lieutenant wonders why Hunter is so interested in a Beverly Hills golf club tee. Hunter gets a package that seems to be good news and leaves. One of the police officers tells the lieutenant that Hunter spends all his time looking over the evidence and that he seems to be particularly interested in the golf things, especially the tee.

Brooke takes the stand and tells Jonathan her marriage is a happy one. Jonathan questions how she felt when she heard her husband was shot. Brooke said she felt terrible and rushed to be by his side. Jonathan gets Brooke to admit things were not always that good between her and Grant. The crisis brought them close. Jonathan asks Brooke when she and Grant first became intimate, before or after the shooting? Brooke says she had problems being close with Grant because of her unresolved feelings for Ridge and Grant was upset about that. Brooke told Jonathan she thought Grant was understanding of her feelings toward Ridge and that Grant understood why she couldn't be intimate with him. Grant knew she could not forget Ridge and that was the only thing keeping them apart. Jonathan suggests that if Grant got Ridge out of the picture, he and Brooke would have a chance at a real marriage. Brooke denies this. Jonathan also gets Brooke to admit when she gave Grant control of Forrester, that was so she didn't have to face Ridge everyday. This still did not help her get over her feelings for Ridge.

Ridge tells Jonathan to go easy on Brooke. Brooke admits Grant was uncomfortable with the role Ridge had in her life, but this does not mean Grant shot himself in order to frame Ridge. As the prosecution begins to question Brooke, Hunter enters the courtroom and tells Jonathan he's got something that's going to blow the lid off the entire case!

Thursday, May 22, 1997

Hunter rushes into the courtroom and tells Jonathan that he has information that is going to blow the lid off this case! He and Jonathan stand looking through the folder that Hunter brought with him. Jonathan says he will put Hunter on the stand just as soon as he is finished questioning Brooke. But Hunter doesn't want to be put on the stand; he tells Jonathan that it would be a mistake. He doesn't want to be cross-examined by the prosecution. But Jonathan insists.

On the other side of the courtroom, Grant looks worried. He wonders what is up; Teresa tells him that whatever it is, she hopes that Jonathan puts Hunter on the stand, because the investigator is hiding something and she can't wait to find out what it is.

The Judge tells the defense to continue with their case and Jonathan hesitates. Sensing that Jonathan wants to question Hunter, Teresa defers her cross examination of Brooke to a later time. Jonathan puts Hunter on the stand and asks him about his credentials. Hunter says that he was educated in Australia; worked at Scotland Yard where he was a gunshot expert. He explains what "gunshot" residue is and that it is a mixture of barium and antimony. He explained that the proportions of the two minerals on Ridge's hands showed too much antimony and not enough barium.

Sheila has a flower delivery and Mike is the delivery man! Mike is worried about Sheila and says that he prayed for her "last night." Sheila says it is nice to have such a good friend, but Mike says he has always hoped that he could be more than her friend. Sheila very gently tells him that it can never be. Mike offers to stay and play a game of cards with her, but Sheila tells him that James is on his way to see her. Mike knows he has to leave as he is still "on the lam."

Jonathan questions Hunter about the difference in the proportion of the barium and antimony found on Ridge's hands. Hunter says it could have come from something else. Jonathan produces some fashion sketches and introduces them into evidence. Jonathan says that they were the same sketches that Grant had Megan deliver "directly into Ridge's hands." Teresa asks Grant if this is true and Grant has a recall of giving the sketches to Megan and telling her to put them into Ridge's hands. Grant admits that it is true but can't understand the significance. On the stand, Hunter explains that, in his opinion, the barium and antimony came from the still-wet printer's ink on the sketches--a new ink that they were using. Looking on, Enrique has a worried look on his face as Hunter testifies.

When Jonathan releases the witness, Teresa is ready and willing to begin her cross examination of Hunter.

James arrives and finds Sheila in good spirits. She tells him that she is still spotting, so James goes in search of the doctor. He wants some answers. James and Sheila tell the doctor that they want him to be perfectly honest with them. What are the baby's chances. The doctor tells them that a premature baby could require a lot of care and a long hospitalization after birth. There could be brain damage; Sheila looks devastated, but the doctor tells her that if she can hold off giving birth---even for a short time---it will help insure the safety of the baby. Every week that passes will insure a healthier baby. He advises rest and avoidance of any stress. He says she is looking at the next two months in the hospital.

Teresa questions Hunter about the "gunshot residue." He answers that there were no traces of barium or antimony on anything else--not the piping, not the award. Under intense cross examination, Hunter admits that he no longer believes that Grant shot himself. Teresa has him repeat what he has just said. The defense is using a lie to defend their client. All I can say, he answers, is that Grant Chambers did not shoot himself. Ridge and Jonathan are in shock as they realize the harm that Hunter's testimony has done.

Friday, May 23, 1997
by Gladys

Maggie visits Sheila in the hospital. She wants to know what Sheila told James about the accident. Sheila tells Maggie that she has more to worry about than carrying tales to James. Maggie guesses that Sheila put all the blame on her (Maggie) but Sheila says that she took her share of the responsibility. Maggie says it was not her fault and Sheila wonders why she won't take her share of the responsibility for what happened. Maggie said that if she had it to do all over again, she would have handled it differently. She says she is sorry for what happened, but Sheila says she should "tell it to the baby." Sheila tells Maggie that she means to give James a healthy, happy and most loved child even though it means staying in bed for the next two months. Maggie confirms that the baby will be happy; she and James will see to it that it has everything it needs. I wonder if you could love a baby that comes out of me, Sheila tells her. But Maggie says she will love it because it is part of James. Sheila wonders if Maggie is concerned about her and the baby, or her "investment." Maggie says that right now all she is concerned about is James, who didn't come home last night. But now, she is going home to be with her husband.

James visits Lauren (why?) and tells her of Sheila's condition. Lauren sees just how upset James is about Sheila and the baby. She tells James that he should be more worried about his wife who is living in a house with a woman who is after her husband. She warns James that Sheila is "up to her old tricks" but James doesn't see it.

In the courtroom, Teresa again points out that hunter no longer believes his own theory. Hunter admitted that he has done most of the investigation on the case. When Hunter admits that he began to doubt his own theory, Teresa wonders whey he didn't say something before both Grant and Brooke were put on the stand and humiliated. Jonathan makes an objection saying that the DA is being combative. The judge agrees and tells Teresa that her statements were uncalled for. Move on, she says.

Back at Lauren's place James asks what Sheila has to gain. Lauren reminds James that Sheila would gain her baby and James. James tells Lauren that they have to be realistic and compassionate towards Sheila. She is giving up so much and getting nothing in return. James is beginning to see what Sheila is willing to go through for the baby's sake. Lauren reminds James that Maggie is the real victim; what about a little compassion for her? Forget Sheila, she begs, or face more trouble than you could possibly imagine.

Teresa glares at Jonathan. Then she gets back to Hunter and his abandoned theory. She asks if there will be other witnesses to testify to this other theory. Hunter doesn't know how to answer the question and finally admits that there are no other witnesses. She asks if he was concentrating only on proving Ridges' innocence. Hunter is forced to testify that his tests neither proved nor disproved Ridge's innocence

When Maggie arrives home, she finds James who admits that he slept at his office the night before because he was too angry to come home. Maggie is sure that Sheila has already told him her side of the story. She tells him her side then states that James probably believes Sheila instead of her. James tells Maggie that Sheila has told him the same story. Maggie is stunned that Sheila told James the truth, but says that Sheila has only taken advantage of James and is manipulating him. She accuses James of being close to Sheila while the two of them are so distant. James wonders whose fault that is. Maggie admits she is defensive, but she feels she has to be when she is competing with someone as clever as Sheila. What else is she supposed to do? James says she could have some faith in him. James reminds Maggie that Sheila is the one bringing the child into the world and then giving it up, so she needs sympathy from them both.

Jonathan has more questions for Hunter. Just when did you start doubting this theory, Jonathan asks. Just today, answers Hunter. Jonathan asks if he knows who shot Grant; Hunter says that he has a few more tests to run and then he will definitely know who the shooter was---he stakes his reputation on this.

Lauren enters Sheila's hospital room. You shouldn't be here, Sheila tells her. Lauren says that she knows what Sheila is up to and it is going to stop!

Jonathan wants a recess until after the weekend but Teresa objects. Why should the prosecution give them more time to come up with an alternate theory as to how Grant shot himself? The judge questions Hunter. He tells the judge that he isn't working on a new defense; he just wants to find the truth. The judge declares a recess until next week.

Grant tells Brook to wait for him in the car and he will join her shortly. Everyone leaves the courtroom except Grant and Ridge. Grant says that Hunter won't find anything. We'll see, Ridge says. Grant tells Ridge to call Hunter off. Ridge is delighted; he thinks that Grant is afraid of what Hunter will find. No, Ridge tells Grant, you only have a few days. I can see everything slipping through your fingers--everything you have lied for: Brooke, the kids, the job. It is all slipping away and I can see that you can feel it. No, we are going to find the truth and then you are finished. Ridge turns and walks confidently out of the courtroom. A frustrated and angry Grant is left behind.

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