The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 26, 1997 on B&B
Ridge continued to dig at the truth behind Grant's shooting, which forced Grant to reveal that he already knew who'd shot him: Rick. The doctors prescribed two months of bed rest for Sheila, but Lauren denied Sheila any peace. Claudia accused Taylor of leading Thorne on, and in the process, revealed that Thorne was planning an engagement proposal.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 26, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, May 26, 1997
by Michael Keith

Lauren drops by Sheila's hospital room and grills her about her condition. Lauren claims Sheila is milking her condition for all it is worth in order to get James' sympathy. Sheila says she is merely fighting for the life of her unborn child. Lauren wants Sheila to look her in the eye and say she is giving up the baby to Maggie and James as promised. Sheila says all she cannot think that far in advance now. When and if the baby gets out of trouble will she be able to think about what is best for her baby after he is born. Lauren advises Sheila the way to give her child the best start in life is to give him to Maggie and James. Lauren demands Sheila promise to give up her baby, but is soon shown the way out by a nurse. Before she leaves, Lauren warns the nurse not to let Sheila near the nursery, Sheila stole her baby once.

Eric, Stephanie, and Felicia are furious at Hunter for going on the stand and blowing away Ridge's defense. Eric blasts Hunter for his debacle in court. Hunter admits he screwed up but says the trial isn't over. Eric tries to fire him but Hunter says he works for Ridge not Eric. Hunter advises Eric to let him do his job. He needs more time. Eric concedes saying Hunter is the only chance Ridge has. After Hunter leaves, Stephanie and Eric share a warm embrace. Stephanie feels guilty for being so happy in Eric's arms while Ridge's life is in turmoil. Eric tries to be optimistic and says once the trial is over, they will be remarried. The entire family will be at the wedding Eric predicts, including Ridge.

Clark calls Grant saying he should be happy with the way the trial is going. Grant is bothered by something but can't tell Clark what he's bothered about. Clark says he heard a theory the Grant might be trying to protect a friend, and if neither Grant nor Ridge shot him, who did? Clark warns Grant not to implicate him if Hunter starts asking questions. Sally overhears Clark's conversation with Grant and asks why Hunter would implicate him. Sally wonders if Clark is more involved in the shooting than he is letting on.

Enrique pops into Grant's office and notices even though the trial is going his way, grant seems nervous. Grant says once the trial is over, Enrique is out of Forrester. Enrique warns Grant is Ridge goes down, he will see to it that Grant does also.

Grant gets another visitor when Hunter stops by. Hunter tells Grant his game is almost over. He is close to solving the case. Grant tries to buy off Hunter but he refuses. Hunter warns Grant he will soon be spending time in jail.

After Hunter leaves, Grant makes a call to someone and tells this person no matter what, Hunter must be stopped.

Tuesday, May 27, 1997

Brooke's mother, Beth, visits to offer support for Brooke during the trial. Brooke tells her mother she is not sure what to believe. She can't believe Ridge would shoot Grant but she doesn't think Grant would lie to her either. Beth offers to stay in town until the trial is over.

Ridge brings Taylor a rose. Although Ridge is worried about the trial's outcome, he wants to concentrate on the present moment with Taylor. They might not have many more nights together and wants this night to be special he says. Ridge tells Taylor the one thing that is getting him through this trial is thinking about them holding each other, dancing, and embracing. Taylor reminds Ridge the trial is almost over and she believes in him. They will get through this, Taylor promises.

Claudia notices a half-naked Thorne look at the engagement ring he bought for Taylor. Claudia tries to cover her embarrassment for staring while suspecting Thorne is wondering if Taylor and Ridge are together tonight. Claudia tells Thorne he deserves better. This is no way to live, pinning after a woman who is in love with another man. Claudia can't stand watching Thorne put himself through this and with a chance, she could boost more than his ego. She only wants his happiness.

Teresa stops by Grant's office and notices he is worried about something. Grant says he Hunter Jones is making him scared. Teresa advises not to let Hunter get to him and asks why he is even worried about Hunter. Grant says Hunter is dangerous and must be stopped once and for all.

Ridge goes back to his hotel room only to find Grant waiting for him. Ridge asks, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Wednesday, May 28, 1997

When Hunter stops by James' office, James starts asking him questions as if he were a patient. "I'm not here for therapy," Hunter announces. "I'm here to ask you questions concerning Ridge Forrester's case." Still concentrating on the golf tee found in Grant's office after the shooting, Hunter asks James if he is a golfer. Not only is he a golfer, James serves on the committee for the Beverly Hills Golf Club. James informs Hunter that Brooke asked him to invite Grant to join the golf club since she doesn't play golf. James says the Forresters, Clark, and Enrique also belong to the Beverly Hills Golf Club. Sensing Hunter can't quite put a finger on what happen with Grant's shooting, James advises Hunter to approach the case in another direction.

Stephanie is still baffled as to why Jonathan let Hunter take the stand and blow Ridge's defense. Jonathan says he knew what Hunter was going to say once he took the stand, but he had to put Hunter on the stand to establish that Ridge did not have gun shot residue on his hands. Eric wonders if that is enough to give the jury reasonable doubt. Jonathan says that could be enough evidence to get Ridge acquitted. Jonathan says Hunter has never let him down before and is close to cracking this case.

Claudia stops by Taylor's to make her aware of Thorne's feelings for her. Claudia tells Taylor she can't stand the way she is leading Thorne on. Claudia wonders if Taylor has forgotten about Thorne. Taylor sees right through Claudia and says it is obvious she wants Thorne for herself and is falling in love with him. Claudia counters by saying it doesn't matter what she feels, she only wants what is best for Thorne. Claudia tells Taylor Thorne feels stuck because of Taylor's ambiguous feelings toward him and Thorne bought her an engagement ring hoping they would share a life together. Claudia begs Taylor not to let Thorne go on believing that she has feelings for him.

Grant is waiting for Ridge when he walks into his hotel room. Grant is there to ask for Ridge's help. "You've got to be joking," Ridge says. Grant demands Ridge call off Hunter not only for his sake, but for Ridge's as well. Ridge accuses Grant of being afraid Hunter will find out the truth. Grant admits he is afraid, but warns Ridge he should be afraid also. Grant again pleads for Ridge to stop Hunter, but Ridge accuses Grant of protecting someone. Ridge attempts to call Hunter but Grant yanks the phone away from him and agrees to tell Ridge who shot him!

Thursday, May 29, 1997

Taylor comes to visit with Thorne but if she had phoned first, Stephanie would have informed her that he went out with his sister Felicia for a bite to eat. Of course, Stephanie was just too upset over Hunter Jones' testimony today to go with them. Stephanie is frightened that in a few days the jury could come back with a guilty verdict. Taylor tells her over a cup of coffee that it is just a matter of time before they all know the truth and Ridge will be set free. Of course, Stephanie has to nose her way in and find out what Taylor's plans are once Ridge is set free. Taylor tells Stephanie that she and Ridge talked and they decided they want to be together again. Now it is just a matter of Thorne understanding all of this which is why she came there tonight. Stephanie tells her that she knows her son and he would never want Taylor if she is with him out of a sense of obligation. Taylor says that she now knows what Ridge went through having feelings for two different people.

Brooke is on the phone trying to track down Rick, and she is upset because she had told him to be home in time for a special family dinner. Katie answers the door and it is Hunter Jones. While he is there Eric calls on the phone in the search for Rick. Eric suggests that some of the guards at Forrester Creations search the offices for Rick due to the fact that there was a shift change and they may have not seen him come into the office. Rick can just come and go as he pleases at the office because, as it turns out, all of the guards know...... ( hint hint). Bridget and Katie go upstairs and Brooke explains that Rick hasn't been shielded from the case like her daughter has.

Brooke also informs Hunter," Rick isn't very fond of Grant these days. I would do anything to get to the bottom of this case. I am saying that I don't believe it was Ridge who shot Grant. But, why would Grant try to protect someone that tried to kill him?"

Hunter says that perhaps he is doing it to protect a loved one and then he finds out that didn't go to Paris with her and Bridget because he had a golf tournament. Just then Rick comes home with an attitude. Brooke sends him upstairs but first, she tells him to leave his bus pass as he is grounded. Hunter notices that Rick drops another golf tee exactly like the one in evidence for the trial marked "Beverly Hills Golf Course"

ROOM 207
So Grant is about to tell Ridge who really shot him," Alright I will tell you. I will tell you. I was going to take this to my grave. I am going to tell you the truth. You have to promise to get Hunter off this case. He can NEVER find out what happened. It was Rick............We have got to help that little boy Ridge- it was Rick who shot me."

" You are that desperate to get out of this that you pin it on a boy?!?! your own stepson??? I know Rick he would never do something like this. And even if he did, he sure as hell wouldn't let me go to prison for it."

Grant explains that he talked to Taylor about this. She thought he was asking about Ridge, but she said that the person who did this wouldn't remember; it is called a disassociative state. He continues to explain that Rick is angry and hostile and he has an attitude. Rick snaps at his sister and ignores his mother. The boy needs help and he is going to get it for him. Grant continues to swear that he only wants to help Rick and for Ridge to think about what would happen if the world would find out what Rick did. The boys life would be over; he would never survive it and they can't let that happen.

So now Ridge is ready to hear exactly what Grant saw the night he was shot and we see it too through black and white flashbacks. Grant tells Ridge that he was working at his desk; he knew about the gun being in Ridge's office, but he tried not to think about it. Then it was sort of bizarre because he felt this presence in the room. When he looked up he saw Rick with a look in his eye like he was in some kind of trance. Rick just raised the gun, aimed, and fired. Then he just dropped the gun and ran off. Rick's fingerprints were not on the gun because he was wearing his golfing gloves. He explains that he most likely found out about the gun by just going through Ridge's desk drawers.

Ridge says that he is never going to believe a crazy story like this. Rick may hate Grant but he would never do something like this, he isn't a psychopath. "Why does he hate you so much? What did you do to him?" Ridge questions.

Grant continues to explain that Rick hates him because he blames him for Ridge's leaving. Doesn't this sound familiar and it should, because the same thing happened when Ridge moved in with Brooke. Ridge got that little boy to trust him and he told him he would always be there for him. Somehow this little boy found the strength to trust. Then Ridge moved out of the house. He didn't marry his mother and for the second time in his life he felt completely rejected by the most important man in his life. It put him over the edge. Rick couldn't blame Ridge, so he blamed Grant and he (Grant) became the bad guy. Rick finally snapped and he thought it would bring Ridge back to him if Grant wasn't in the way any longer. Grant continues to explain that he was only doing what he had to for Rick's sake. He lied to protect the boy and he thinks in the same situation Ridge would have done the same. He is telling Ridge this because Hunter is hot on Rick's trail and the rest is now up to Ridge. Grant leaves and Ridge sits down in shock.

Friday, May 30, 1997
by Gladys

The Forrester Breakfast Table:
The entire family and several close friends are gathered for breakfast. The main topic of conversation is Ridge. Today is the day they will find out who shot Grant---if Hunter comes through for them. When Thorne begins to speculate about what may happen, Stephanie stops him and urges everyone to think positive. Thorne suggests they grab Grant and beat him until he tells the truth. Stephanie informs Thorne that Taylor stopped by to see him last night. But she couldn't tell him last night because she was in bed when he and Felicia came home. He asks why Taylor wanted to see him and Stephanie hints that she knows but suggests that it's a private matter.

Ridge's Hotel:
Ridge recalls the conversation he had with Grant the night before when Grant revealed who shot him. What do I do if this is true, he thinks. There is a knock at the door; it is Hunter Jones and he says that he has some disturbing news.

The Doctor's Office:
In for a check up, Taylor is told that even the most severe of her burns have healed. The doctor is amazed at the outcome. Taylor confides to her doctor that her healing after the fire has been affected by the personal relationships in her life. The doctor wonders if there is an announcement in the works, and Taylor says that there is but it isn't what she thinks. She tells the doctor that she has had to make a choice between the two brothers. The doctor urges her to go with what her heart feels. After the doctor leaves the room, she thinks about her feelings for Ridge and for Thorne. She remembers the night she was brought to the hospital. Thorne pledged his support no matter whether or not she was scarred by the fire. "You will never lose me," he promises. Back to the present, Taylor whispers that she has to tell Thorne it's over; we can never be more than friends.

The Breakfast Club:
Thorne is still insisting that Stephanie tell him why Taylor wanted to see him, but Stephanie tells him they will talk about it later. Jonathan walks into the breakfast room. Hunter has put it all together, he tells everyone. He doesn't know what Hunter knows as yet but Hunter has assured him that he knows who shot Garrison. Stephanie and the others begin to guess who is to blame but Jonathan urges them to simply go to the courthouse and wait with him for the revelation.

El Hotel de Ridge:
Hunter enters and Ridge is eager to hear the "disturbing news." I know who did it, Hunter tells him. It wasn't Ridge and it wasn't Chambers; it was a juvenile who shot Grant---it was Rick. Ridge's worse fears are realized; his little brother shot Grant just as Grant said. Finally believing Grant's claim that it was Rick who shot him, Ridge informs Hunter that his services are no longer needed. Hunter wonders aloud what he would do in Ridge's situation. He talks about what is going to happen to Rick now. He will probably get off light but he will need a lot of counseling.

The Courthouse:
Taylor is at the courthouse when the Forrester entourage arrives. She is thrilled to hear that Hunter has figured out this mystery.

The Chamber's Home:
On the way to court, Ridge stops by the Chamber's resident. Katie opens the door and tells him that she and the kids are the only ones home. Ridge tells her he wishes to speak with Rick and asks her if she could make sure Bridget doesn't disturb them. A puzzled Katie agrees. Ridge goes upstairs. As he walks down the hallway toward Rick's room, he can hear music blasting away. He arrives at Rick's door and the music is deafening. He opens the door; it is dark with only the light from the computer illuminating the room. The walls are plastered with posters depicting bloody horror. Rick is totally involved in a computer game. As Ridge turns on the light, Rick slowly turns and glares vehemently at Ridge.

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