The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 9, 1997 on B&B
Maggie was excited to bond with the baby, but was saddened upon seeing Sheila breastfeed the infant. Grant revealed to Brooke that Rick was the real shooter. Thorne tried to cheer Taylor up, but she continued to be devastated by Ridge's confession. Eric passed out in Lauren's bed.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 9, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, June 9, 1997
by Michael Keith

At Taylor's beach house, Thorne stops by to comfort Taylor who is grieving over Ridge's admission he shot Grant. When Taylor visited Ridge in jail she was sure he would open up to her. Ridge has never lied to me before, Taylor says. How could he sit there and lie if he didn't shoot Grant? Taylor thinks Ridge must have known the whole time they were planning their future that he is the one who shot Grant. Taylor just wants to get away, to forget ever thing that has happen. When she says she will go crazy if she stays in her house, Thorne offers to stay with Taylor.

The doctor who delivered Sheila's baby congratulates James and Maggie while Maggie holds the newborn. Although premature, the baby is doing well the doctor informs. Still the baby needs the best possible care in these first two weeks. Sheila will be along shortly to breast feed the baby the doctor tells a stunned Maggie. While waiting for Sheila to arrive, Maggie holds her again and feels as close to the baby as if she were her own. When Sheila arrives, Maggie reluctantly hands the baby over to Sheila. The doctor advises Sheila to take it easy with the newborn at first, sometimes babies don't take to the breast right away. That may be the case with most newborns, but not this baby. The infant takes to Sheila right away.

Ridge is wondering how he can get Taylor off his mind while being stuck in jail. Think of Rick. He can suffer as long as Rick will not have to, Ridge says. Eric pays Ridge a visit and asks him how this could be happening? Eric wants to be able to do something but feels helpless. Eric questions Ridge if there is anything he needs to know or get off his chest? There's nothing to confess Ridge says but it is important Eric spends as mush time as he can with Rick. Now more than ever, Rick needs him as a father.

When James comes back to his office, he finds Grant waiting for him. After introducing themselves to one another, Grant confides he has something serious he needs to discuss with him. Before he can seek James' help, he must be certain that whatever he tells James, it will never leave this office. Confidentiality is implied James says, so who is in trouble? Brooke? Himself? Someone very dear to him Grant admits. What concerns Grant is that Rick is the one who shot him.

Tuesday, June 10, 1997

Sally notices Lauren's unable to concentrate on her sketches and advises her to go after Eric. Lauren admits there was a time when she would never have accepted this. The old Lauren would have seduced Eric months ago, but he is engaged to her best friend, Stephanie. Sally tells Lauren she is wasting her life away. She's beautiful, talented, and any number of eligible men would love to go out with her. Still, Lauren would feel too guilty if she betrayed Stephanie. Lauren admits to still being in love with Eric, but he is engaged.

Eric is sitting alone at a bar thinking about how Ridge is going to have to spend most of his adult life in jail. He would trade places with Ridge in a heartbeat, Eric says. A woman approaches him and offers her company. Thanks, but no thanks, he isn't interested in any company. Eric orders another drink when Lauren saunters into the bar. As Lauren joins him for a drink, and Eric confides he blames himself for Ridge being in jail. He raised Ridge and taught him to make decisions. Are these the kind of decisions he taught his son? To solve problems by shooting another man? Eric then apologizes for unloading on Lauren, but she advises Eric not to blame himself for Ridge being in jail. When Eric orders another drink, Lauren thinks he's had enough and offers to drive him home.

Lauren escorts Eric back to her house. While she begins to make coffee to sober Eric up, he has already passed out on her bed. Lauren tries to wake him, but he's out. Lauren again thinks she would have already seduced him if he wasn't engaged to Stephanie and decides he can stay just for this one night.

Brooke and the kids are at the cabin in Big Bear. Brooke still can't believe Ridge shot Grant. She doesn't know Ridge anymore, what kind of person he has become. Brooke feels guilty for not believing Grant during the trail. Brooke is ready to move on and intends to show Grant how much she cares for him tonight.

Grant admits to James that Rick is the one who shot him and that's why he is there now, to get help for Rick. James is stunned. Grant explains why he pinned the shooting on Ridge, to protect Rick. James agrees Rick needs treatment but Brooke must be told immediately. Grant doesn't want Brooke to find out but agrees he has to tell her before something triggers Rick's memory. Grant calls Brooke and tells her he is on his way up to the cabin.

Brooke is glad once Grant arrives at the cabin and apologizes for doubting him and being distant during the trial. She wants to show Grant how much she cares for him but Grant stops them from going into the bedroom. There's something he has to tell her.

Wednesday, June 11, 1997

Eric wakes up in Lauren's bed and is still upset with Ridge being in jail and him not being able to do anything about it. Lauren says that drinking never solves the problem but she knows what will- coffee! Eric notes the importance of their friendship and tells Lauren how grateful he is for her, how comfortable he is around her. Lauren advises Eric to spend the night in her bed since he had too much to drink. As Eric drifts off to sleep, Lauren lights a candle and hops into bed with him. Eric wakens and questions if she really wants to be in the bed with him. Lauren confesses to still being in love with Eric and promises to make him happier than he's ever been. Too bad Lauren was dreaming all of this!

Unsure he can help, James visits Ridge in jail. James tells Ridge he knows that Rick is the one who shot Grant and he is trying to protect the boy, but what is he doing to himself? There is another solution, James says. Go to the district attorney, explain what happened and say that Rick is a sick boy who needs help. Ridge balks at this idea. The publicity would destroy Rick. Ridge makes James promise to get Rick better, he'll be fine in jail.

As Brooke is trying to move on with her life by showing Grant how much she cares for him, Grant tells her Rick is the one who shot him. Brooke is stunned and accuses Grant of lying. Grant informs her that Rick doesn't remember what happened because he has blocked it out of his memory. Brooke is furious for Grant not telling her the truth. How could he let Ridge go through that trial knowing it wasn't Ridge who shot him? He only did it to protect her and the kids, Grant says. The kids and Ridge are the ones suffering, Brooke counters. All this time he let Ridge go through the trial and be put in jail. Brooke orders Grant out of the cabin and out of her life. After Grant leaves, Brooke get a call from Ridge. Tearfully, Brooke apologizes to Ridge for him having to be put in jail for Rick. Ridge will do whatever it takes to get Rick better. One more thing, Ridge says. He wants to see her.

Thursday, June 12, 1997

Eric awakens and realizes he is in Lauren's bed. He calls out to Lauren; but she is not there. Lauren is up at the main house having breakfast. The maid Connie tells her that Stephanie has been searching for her fiancee all morning. Connie leaves to start making the beds and Lauren asks her that her bed be done last.

Lauren goes back to the guest house and asks Eric how he is feeling. Eric says there are no answers and he isn't sure if there ever will be. He questions if he spent the night alone in Lauren's bed (gee doesn't this plotline sounds familar!). Lauren assures him nothing happened.

They sit on the bed together and Eric tells her that he feels admiration, respect, and an incredible attraction towards her. He tells her that his family needs a base to build new ground on which is why he is staying with Stephanie. So now Eric leaves minus one green and gold cuff link from his shirt that he somehow misplaced.

Connie comes to make the bed and of course that is where Mr. Forrester's cuff link is. Gee I wonder what the maid thinks happened here.....

Taylor is writing something but gets interrupted by Stephanie. Taylor starts crying, "How could he do it Stephanie? I cant get over it. I cant get it out of my mind. The way Ridge looked me straight in the eye and told me he shot Grant. Ridge trying to shoot someone! How can I accept that? We were planning a life together. How can he protect me; the damage has already been done. You know that I would wait for him if I thought that is what he wanted? I doubt everything now, how could I not?"

Stephanie tells her to pull herself together. Taylor cries that she knows she is loosing it. Here she is a psychiatrist and she cant even handle her own life; it is a disaster. She doesn't know what to believe anymore or whom to believe. She loves Ridge and as much as she wants to help him she can't because there is nothing that she can do. Stephanie holds her as she cries.

Then Stephanie fills her in with the search for Eric after his visit yesterday and how she cant find him. Taylor assures her pal that Thorne is also looking out for her and how he has been such a good friend. Taylor gives Stephanie a letter to pass on to Ridge. Before Stephanie leaves she tells Taylor that she loves her and she is there for her if there is anything she needs and that she is only a phone call away.

Eric is in the kitchen having a cup of coffee when Stephanie comes in. She wonders where he was all night. Eric assures his fiancee that they will all get through this. Of course Stephanie notices that he had lost a cuff link and tells him that he has some other shirts upstairs if he wants a clean set of clothes.

Brooke and Ridge stare at each other through the window of glass. "Hey Logan. How is Rick?" Ridge asks. He is horrified when she tells him that she doesn't know. "What do you mean you don't know? Did he remember anything?" When she answers in the negative, he decides that maybe it is better that he doesn't remember. He wants Rick to get all the help he can get, he tells her.

Brooke blames it all on her because she has been so wrapped up with herself that she didn't notice what was going on with Rick.

"Listen to me. You are not the only one who feels guilty; who thinks he should have done something. You have to be strong, Logan; that boy needs his mother, now more than ever. So be strong for him. You keep your family together. I am not throwing my life away. It is my way of paying Rick back. Somewhere along the line, Logan, he got pretty messed up." states Ridge

Brooke is crying and asks how she can ever repay him. She doesn't want to talk about Gant and tells Ridge that she kicked him out. Grant is defended by Ridge. "I hate what is happening to you. Where did we go so wrong? We have been through so much together." cries Brooke. "You are an amazing man Ridge. It is no wonder why I love you, why I have always loved you."

Ridge stands up to go and Brooke tells him " I love you.... always"

Friday, June 13, 1997
by Gladys

Thorne arrives at the beach house to find a very depressed Taylor. She tries to send Thorne away, but he tells her he would just worry about her anyway no matter whether he was with her or someplace else.

Stephanie visits Ridge in jail. Ridge has a hard time looking her in the eye. Stephanie demands he look her at her and tell her that he deliberately set out to kill someone.

Ridge doesn't want to talk about the "crime;" there is nothing to be accomplished as the dye is cast. Ridge asks Stephanie how the wedding plans are coming. When Stephanie tells him that she hasn't been able to even think of the coming wedding, Ridge tells her that she has to focus on her wedding; she has to bring the family together. He doesn't want everything falling apart because of him, he tells her. Stephanie is heartbroken. "What about you?" she asks. You can't help me, Ridge tells her, but you can help the family. He makes her promise that she will look out for the kids, especially Rick. Stephanie is confused but she tells him that of course she will do all that she can for the children.

Grant is busy in his office. Amid numerous packing boxes, he is packing his things. Brooke enters and wonders what he is doing. Grant tells her that he assumes that he is fired. He tells her not to worry; he is sure he can line up something in New York City. He tells her that he understands and he doesn't want to burden her. I did a terrible thing, he tells Brooke. I should have told you the truth from the beginning, he says, but I vowed when it happened that I would never tell anyone---no one would ever know the truth about Rick. It killed me to see you so torn up about Ridge, but telling you would have forced you to choose between me and Rick. I couldn't make you do that, he tells her.

Ridge asks if the children know about him and Stephanie tells him that Brooke has told them and they took it very hard. Ridge says Rick feels betrayed and confused, and it's only going to get worse. "You have to be there for Rick," Ridge tells his mother.

Ridge then tells Stephanie that she can do one other thing for him: he is worried about Taylor. Will she look after Taylor for him? Stephanie promises that she will; she is also worried about Taylor. Stephanie tells Ridge that Taylor seems to have lost the strength to go on. Stephanie wonders how he could ever do this to Taylor, but Ridge insists he never wanted to hurt her. He meant every word he said to her, he meant all the promises and plans they made together. And yet, you threw it all away, Stephanie accuses. Ridge tells her that he did what he had to do. Someday you will understand, he tells her, but right now I need for you to help Taylor get on with her life. Stephanie says that Taylor loves him and there is no turning that back even if it breaks your heart. I cannot accept that, Ridge tells her. Stephanie promises to do what he can. Taylor wrote you a letter, she tells him. When he asks where the letter is, she says that she had to give it to the guard. Just then, the guard arrives and tells Ridge that his time is up.

Taylor tells Thorne that she just wants to be alone. She wants to lay down for a while. Thorne tells her to wait a while because he has someone he wants her to meet. Who, asks Taylor, a psychiatrist? She isn't in the mood to meet someone and she needs to fix herself up. But Thorne assures her that this person won't mind how she looks and it will be good for Taylor. He is right outside, Thorne tells her.

Thorne goes outside. When he reenters, he is carrying a large box. Taylor is confused until Thorne removes the top. Inside is a golden retriever puppy. "Oh, no!" Taylor says. She can hardly take care of herself, let alone a puppy. Thorne promises to take care of the puppy; all Taylor has to do is love it. Taylor tells him that having a puppy will not make the problems go away. Ridge will still be in jail, convicted of attempted murder. She is still alone with all her hopes and plans dashed. Thorne agrees that the puppy will not make her problems go away. It is meant as a distraction; not a solution. Thorne says he knows the puppy can't heal Taylor's wounds---nothing can---but even if it only gives you comfort for a few minutes, it will be worth it, he tells her. He just wants to see her smile and realize there is happiness in the world. Taylor tells him to take it back wherever he got it. As Thorne is leaving, she changes her mind and tells him the puppy can stay for now. But you are in charge of house training, she tells Thorne.

Brooke tells Grant he was wrong to lie, but she has accepted that he thought he was doing it for the right reasons. I was wrong to be so angry at you and to throw you out, she tells him. Grant admits that he has made mistakes and he tells her that it takes a strong person to do what Ridge did. I admire him for that, he tells Brooke, and he understand if she loves him more than ever for what he is doing. As Grant turns to leave, Brooke tells him to stay. She tells him that she still wants to make the marriage work; she needs her family to be whole for Rick.

Alone in his cell, Ridge reads the letter from Taylor. "You are in your jail cell as you read this, and I am in mine, as I write it," the letter begins. I know you won't understand that, the letter continues, and that is why I had to write it. You tell me to forget you, my feelings for you and the dreams we had, but they are the walls to my prison and they are just as real and unbreakable as the bars of your cell is to you. You bars trap your body while mine trap my heart and my mind. There is no escape. Wherever I go, what ever I do, I will never be free because I can't have you. The worse part is that I don't know why this is happening. You say you love me but you hurt me more than any enemy ever could. How could you do it? I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with some explanation. The only answer I can come up with is that you don't love me, you never did, and that is the cruelest punishment of all.

Ridge closes the letter. You are so wrong, Taylor, so wrong. If you only knew. Taylor is left crying.

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