The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on B&B
Maggie was eager to get the adoption finalized, but James struggled with his feelings for Sheila. Lauren admitted to Stephanie that Lauren had been involved with Eric. James began therapy with Rick. Though Taylor wanted to wait for Ridge, he urged her to move on without him.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, June 16, 1997
by Michael Keith

Lauren is at the main house writing invitations for Stephanie and Eric's wedding. Eric comes in and massages her hands. Lauren pulls back saying this is not easy for her. Before leaving, Eric wonders where his missing cufflink is. Stephanie turns down Eric's lunch date offer saying she has too many errands to run for the wedding. When she and Stephanie are alone, Lauren tears up and runs out of the room after seeing a thank-you note with Mr and Mrs Eric Forrester written on it. Lauren notes seeing that in writing makes the wedding seem real. Connie the maid starts to tell Stephanie something but Lauren interrupts. Lauren advises Stephanie not to take Eric for granted.

Eric runs into Sally and Macy at the Cafe' Ruse. Macy quickly leaves noting problems at Spectra that need attention. Sally warns Eric that marrying Stephanie will be a huge mistake. Eric dismisses the warning as Sally's personal feelings getting in the way of her judgment. Sally realizes Eric's feelings for Lauren and says it would be a shame to ignore those feelings. Sally also warns that whenever Stephanie feels pressured, she turns on her friends, and she will turn on Lauren.

Stephanie finds Connie and asks her what she was so concerned about earlier. The maid tries to let it go, but Stephanie pressures her into saying what is on her mind. Connie says she found Mr Forrester's missing cufflink in Lauren's bed! Stephanie marches down to the guesthouse and notices Lauren making up her bed. "Looking for this?" Stephanie asks.

Maggie is excited about the baby pictures she shows James. She informs James she has asked Conner Davis to come over to discuss what they are to do about Sheila. When Conner comes over, he looks at the papers Sheila signed before giving birth. Conner informs them Sheila might not have understood the magnitude of what she was signing. Conner also informs them that Sheila has a right to change her mind until the adoption is final. Sheila must sign adoption papers now that the baby is born to legalize the adoption.

Mike sneaks into Sheila's hospital room and brings Sheila a baby book. Mike questions if she is going to let Maggie and James have to baby. Sheila says things have changed so she might not have to give the baby up. She thinks James is realizing he should be with her and not Maggie. Sheila says she and James have bonded over the baby and have much more in common then he does with Maggie. After Mike leaves, the baby is wheeled in ready for nursing. James looks on, happy he sees Sheila bonding with the baby.

Tuesday, June 17, 1997

Eric finds Maggie waiting for him in his office. Eric says he is struggling with Ridge facing a minimum ten year prison sentence. Maggie informs Eric that Sheila's baby is healthy and beautiful, but the baby is not her's until Sheila officially gives the baby up for adoption. Sheila signed an agreement to give up the baby before the baby was born, now she seems to be changing her mind. Maggie also frets that Sheila is bonding with the newborn by nursing her. Plus, Sheila is playing on James' sympathies. Maggie says she trust James and knows he loves her but she can not underestimate Sheila.

With Sheila nursing the baby, the baby has been gaining weight and is scheduled to be released from the hospital soon. A nurse tells Sheila since the baby will be given up for adoption soon, it is best to start giving the baby a bottle. Sheila doesn't think this is a good idea. She should continue to breast feed the baby Sheila plots. James mentions she needs to sign some more papers so the adoption can be legal. Sheila doesn't want any part of this. "Please don' t take my baby away from me," Sheila declares.

Sally and Clarke bicker back and forth over Lauren. Sally says once Stephanie catches wind that Lauren and Eric were involved, there will be hell to pay. Lauren's never seen the real Stephanie, the one who will rip a person to pieces if she's been betrayed. Sally notes Lauren belongs at Spectra, not pretending to be the Queen's best friend.

Stephanie confronts Lauren about Eric's cufflink. Lauren plays dumb and tries to convince Steph she knows nothing about a cufflink. Stephanie gets tough, says that Lauren has been a dear friend for years, and again asks how Eric's cufflink got into her bed. Lauren concedes the truth. She tells Stephanie how she spotted Eric in a bar, too drunk to drive, so she drove him back to her house and he passed out in her bed. Stephanie asks why Lauren didn't take Eric to her house. "It was late," Lauren says. "No it wasn't, it was only around seven o'clock," Stephanie counters. Desperate, Lauren then says she wasn't sure if Stephanie was home. The Queen doesn't buy that excuse either, because Lauren had to have seen her car when she parked right next to it. With no more excuse, Lauren confesses all. Her involvement with Eric, being in love with him. Stephanie questions why Lauren could not tell her the truth. Lauren says she backed away from Eric the moment she realized the depth of Stephanie's feeling for him. Stephanie wonders if Lauren wasn't just waiting around until she and Eric had problems and then be there to pick up the pieces. Lauren again states she is not after Eric. Stephanie still thinks Lauren wishes she will wind up with Eric. Why did she keep the truth from her? Steph calls Lauren a fool for thinking she will ever get Eric and orders Lauren to move out of the guesthouse. Lauren agrees to leave by the end of the week but Steph has other plans. She orders Lauren out by the end of the day! Stephanie can't believe Lauren would betray their friendship and demands she move out of the guesthouse tonight!

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

Stephanie advises Thorne he shouldn't be sleeping at Taylor's, considering the emotional state she's in over Ridge. That's exactly why he's staying there, Thorne says. Stephanie doesn't mind Thorne supporting Taylor, but does he have to stay at her house? To Stephanie's chagrin, Thorne is adamant about helping Taylor and refuses to turn his back on her. Ridge has let her down too many times. This time Thorne will be there for Taylor. Steph continues to press that this is not the time to pursue Taylor. Thorne claims it wasn't his fault Ridge shot Grant. "You said to always follow your heart, that's what I'm doing," Thorne informs.

Taylor visits Ridge in jail, but Ridge tries to push her away. Ridge says he is looking at at least a mandatory ten years in jail and he doesn't want Taylor waiting for him. You have to move on with your life, Ridge advises, no matter how painful it might be. Taylor just wants some hope that she and Ridge will have the life they've always dreamed of having. Children, a family, happiness are all things Ridge wishes for Taylor, but she will not have those things with him. Ridge again tells Taylor to face the future without him. Taylor can't believe what she is hearing and clings to Ridge, not wanting to leave. Ridge says there is a reason he is in jail and that must mean they are not meant to be together. Through tears, Ridge forces Taylor to leave.

James stops by Brooke and Grant's to check on Rick. Brooke informs James that Rick is doing ok except for the fights he's been getting into at school lately. Brooke admits Rick never used to get in trouble at school, it's only been since she married Grant. James takes a look at Rick's room and notices the violent posters and magazines. Brooke blows it off by saying all his friend's are into that. She assumes that when Rick is in his room, he is doing homework. James warns that it's not just the media that is contributing to Rick's problem, it's his homelife. Brooke's constant changing husbands has taken its toll on Rick. What Rick needs is a stable family structure, James advises. When a child obsesses over violence, an altered state of reality can occur. That is what happen when Rick shot Grant.

Thursday, June 19, 1997

Thorne finds Taylor looking very depressed; she is just sitting on the sofa holding the puppy. When she tells him that she went to visit Ridge, he tells her she must stop doing this to herself. Taylor doesn't want to talk about it, but Thorne continues anyway.

"My brother has a hold on you and you cant seem to let him go. We have to pick up and go on with our lives," states Thorne. Taylor wants to know what she has to go onto......all she has left now are her wonderful memories.

"That dream is gone, Taylor, because of what Ridge did," continues the youngest male Forrester. Taylor explains that she is doing time in her own jail cell and there is no end to her term. She was counting on Ridge, she tells Thorne.

Thorne assures Taylor that he is here for her now and he isn't going anywhere. He then tells Taylor to go and get changed for something on the beach because he has a surprise for her.

Brooke, Grant and James are all assembled in Rick's room checking out all of his gross belongings. Brooke turns on a computer game entitled "DEVIL" but shuts it off after seeing how violent it is. She blames herself in all of this and says that she never should have let this happen to Rick. It is all her fault because she was a mother worried too much about her own career and love life. She is the one who is responsible for her sons actions.

Grant will not let her assume all of the blame. Part of it goes to his father and the Forrester family who have never been there when she needed help. James tells her that this is a national problem among teenagers and that Rick needs clinical help. Brooke begins gathering up all the CDs, the magazines, etc. She is going to his room completely of all the filth; but James talks her out of it. Instead of getting rid of all these things, she should make sure he doesn't spend all his time in the room. He should be kept busy in other areas of the house and with other activities.

Maggie is talking to the doctor as she comes out of Sheila's room. Maggie finds out that they are only weeks away from letting the baby go home, but Sheila will be dismissed this afternoon.

When Maggie enters the room, Sheila is looking at photos of James and the baby. Maggie offers her congrats on the news that Sheila will be going home sometime today. But Sheila tells her that maybe she will go home and maybe not. Maggie brings up the documents that Sheila still needs to sign for the lawyers. She advises Sheila to move on with her life and not to dwell on the past. You are still a young, intelligent and beautiful woman with a lot going on for you, Maggie tells Sheila.

Sheila asks: if the tables were turn could you do it? Could you give your child away to someone else to raise? You aren't going to let us have her, are you? Maggie asks. Sheila tells Maggie that she is human and not some robot. She insists that she really cares about the baby and she has to make sure she is doing the right thing for the baby. There are benefits from a child being raised by its natural mother, she says. She has to make sure that her baby has everything she needs: parents who will love her instead of abusing her as she herself was abused. She has to know love, not coldness. I don't want her raised with the problems I was raised with, she quietly tells Maggie. It may be with Maggie and James; but how can she be sure she will get what she needs when her adoptive mother hates her natural mother. Sheila informs Maggie that she doesn't want to have any doubts before she signs anything. " Yes I have had problems. But does that mean I am incapable of loving and taking care of my baby?"

James tells the Chambers that Rick needs more than direction, he needs clinical therapy. He says that all of this violent stuff is like a drug and they need to proceed carefully with Rick. Rick can not have any radical changes in his life. He advises Brooke not to let him spend a lot of time up in his room alone and to do some family outings.

Grant tells Brooke that they are in this together and she cant take the blame for what happened. As James is leaving the room Rick, walks in and is annoyed that they are all in his room. The door was closed, he tells them, and that means to keep out. Grant tells him not to speak to his mother with disrespect. When Rick is about to "backtalk" Grant, Brooke stops him. You will not speak to me like that, she firmly tells him. Brooke asks to speak with her son alone.

Rick and Brooke have a heart to heart chat. Rick tells his mom that it is okay for her to be in his room because she is special and that they have been through a lot together. He asks his mom what is the mattter. When Brooke apologizes for not being there for him, he insists that she has always been there for him; he knew that she was busy with work all through the years. He confides in his mom that growing up can be pretty hard sometimes. They hug each other.

So what are you going to do? Maggie asks. Sheila tells Maggie that she is going to let James decide what is best for their daughter. Maggie waits outside for James and then pleads with him that they need to have those adoption papers signed today before Sheila goes home.

Sheila is talking to herself and says that this is it. She and James will be taking their daughter home together from the hospital.

Friday, June 20, 1997
by Gladys


Sheila is alone but getting ready for a visitor when the door opens and Mike enters bring a pizza. He mentions that she is acting like a teenager getting ready for a date. Sheila tells him that James will be there soon and she has to get ready for him.

Outside in the waiting room, James is preparing to go to see Sheila. Maggie wants to go with him, but James tells her that he prefers to go in alone. Maggie finally agrees, but she tells James that he has to think of this child---not Sheila. James, you have to get her to stay out of the child's life, she tells him. And you have to make it clear that this is forever---no visits, no presents---no contact whatsoever, she continues. I know you feel compassion for Sheila, she says, but she will only hurt the baby at some point.

Taylor is gazing at Ridge's picture and dreaming. Her depression continues. She throws herself onto the couch just as Thorne enters. He is dressed very colorfully for the beach. I thought you were going to put on your suit, he says. Taylor tells him that she is not up for a BBQ, so he says: okay, I will BBQ something and bring it inside. But no, Taylor is not hungry; she just wants this day to end. Thorne tells her that it is okay with him if she doesn't eat, but what is he to tell their guest? Taylor becomes very agitated; a guest? Thorne, I am not in the mood to entertain guests, why did you invite anyone? Thorne very patiently tells her that he felt she needed a distraction; she needs to get her mind on something else besides Ridge. Taylor is upset and angry and tells Thorne to send the "guest" away. Do it yourself, he tells her; she is right outside. Okay, I will, Taylor says and marches to the door.

Outside, Bridget is cuddling with Scout, the dog. Taylor approaches and greets Bridget who says that she has a very nice dog. They begin to talk. Taylor asks how things are at home and Bridget says that it is very sad at home. I miss Ridge, she says. Do you think he will ever come home? Taylor is in tears as she embraces Bridget and tells her she hopes so.

Sheila is excited; she tells Mike that she is sure that James will want her and the baby. That is what he is coming to tell me, she insists. Mike tries to get Sheila to be realistic. His knows I have changed, she tells Mike. We have gotten so close while I was pregnant. He was so supportive all during my pregnancy; and you should see the way he looks at me when I am holding the baby. Mike breaks down. Why can't you look at me, someone who loves you more than anything? he questions. Sheila very gently strokes his shoulder and asks him to be happy for her. Mike leaves so that he isn't there when James arrives.

In the waiting room, Maggie is really working on James. He tells her that Sheila loves the child; she wouldn't hurt it. Maggie says that maybe she wouldn't mean to hurt her but in the end she would. I know you don't want to hurt Sheila, Maggie says, but you are a parent now and you have to think about your daughter----not yourself and not the mother of your daughter. If you think about your daughter, that will give you strength to get through whatever you have to do. James turns to leave but Maggie stops him long enough to kiss him and to tell him that "your family will be waiting for you."

James leaves and Maggie is alone. She is looking worried. Lauren enters the room. Why did Maggie call her? Maggie wonders why her number was different but Lauren waves it off---that is another story, she says. She wants to know how things are going and Maggie tells her that James is with Sheila now.

While they are talking, they become aware of a young girl in the room who is sobbing quietly. They approach to see if they can do anything for her. Lauren offers her a tissue. The girl, Annie, tells them she is waiting for an ultrasound. Oh you are pregnant, Maggie says. What is wrong? Didn't you want the baby? Annie tells them that she and Tim, her husband, have been trying for a long time. But she just discovered that she is HIV positive---they did a test when she came for her prenatal exam. Tim doesn't have it, but he was so upset. She sees their shocked looks and missunderstands. I didn't cheat on him, she says. It happened in High School. For a while I lived pretty recklessly---parties, drugs, you know. But now, my poor baby--what will happen to my baby? What did the doctors tell you about the baby? Lauren asks. Annie says that with treatment the chances for her baby contacting HIV falls to 4%. But she is afraid of what the medications will do to the baby. What if the baby is deformed from the drugs? And if I get sick, who is going to take care of my baby? She admits that she even considered aborting but she couldn't bring herself to do that. This is her baby; she couldn't do that to him/her. As the nurse leads her away for the ultrasound, she looks at Maggie and Lauren and says: "Pray for us."

The three are finishing their meal. Bridget slips a bite to Scout who is at her side. She tells Thorne that he would make a good Daddy and Thorne thanks her for the compliment. When is he going to be a daddy, she asks. She wants to be Aunt Bridget. Then she asks Taylor if she wants kids. I did, Taylor tells her. But now, it might not ever happen now. You'd be a great Mom, Bridget tells her.

Sheila is dressed and ready when James enters her room. James tells her that she looks lovely and she thanks him for the compliment. I am being released, she tells him. She sits on the bed and invites him to sit beside her. Tell me what you wanted to say, she invites. James looks decidedly uncomfortable.

Taylor watches as Thorne, Bridget and Scout romp around in the surf. Thorne calls a time-out and joins Taylor. As he towels himself off, Taylor tells him that he was right; she did need distracting. Thorne says that she needs more than a momentary distraction; she needs to get away. Are you running me out of town, she asks. Thorne tells her that they both need to leave town. They can go anywhere---Paris, London---anywhere she wants to go, he says. But Taylor tells him that she isn't ready. Okay, Thorne says, maybe you aren't ready right now, but I'm not giving up on you. You deserve to be happy.

James tells Sheila that he is so grateful to her. Why, Sheila wonders. He tells her that she has gone through so much for him, that is why he feels such gratitude. Sheila tells him he doesn't have to thank her; she is happy to give him a baby--a precious life. Then she tells him that she named the baby today. She hopes he doesn't mind and he can always change it if he wishes. "I named her Mary," she tells him. "After your mother. She died giving precious life to you," Sheila continues. "I thought it appropriate that we name our child after her." James is overwhelmed.

James walks away from Sheila. She asks what he wanted to talk to her about. Turned away from her, James reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out the envelope with the papers. He turns to face Sheila and tells her that he had hoped to make this as painless as possible. Sheila realizes what the papers are. You don't want to do this, she tells him with tears in her eyes. I can see it in your eyes. She begins to cry. "Please," she begs. "Please don't make me give up my baby!"

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