The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on B&B
Sheila signed the adoption papers and fled the hospital in tears. Stephanie threw Lauren out of the mansion and barred her from the company. Taylor drank vodka and sank into a depression over Ridge. Ridge ordered Thorne to move out of Taylor's beach house, but instead, Thorne invited Taylor to Hawaii.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, June 23, 1997
by Michael Keith

Maggie and Lauren wonder if Sheila will sign the adoption papers. Maggie's tries to console herself by thinking Sheila will listen to James and do the right thing. Lauren asks Maggie if Sheila doesn't sign the consent forms, then what? Maggie admits she doesn't know what will happen, but Lauren says Sheila will become part of your life forever. Maggie is committed to James and if the baby gets stuck with Sheila, the baby will need all the help she can get.

Sheila begs James not to make her sign the adoption form. James mentions she signed consent forms several months ago, why the change now? Sheila says she signed those forms before she knew how she would feel about Mary and before James' feelings for her changed. James acknowledges his feelings for Sheila have changed because she has changed. Sheila says that is why she loves James, because he helped her changed. James wishes Sheila would put Mary's needs before her own. "I am," Sheila cries. "Nobody knows what is best for this baby more than I do because as a child, I didn't get the love I needed," Sheila says. James was treated the same way Sheila mentions. Together they can protect Mary and give her the kind of childhood they deserved. James tells Sheila he loves Maggie, but Sheila says Maggie doesn't need him like she does. Sheila can't believe James thinks taking Mary away from her and having her raised by a woman who resents her is best for the baby. "Do you really think I would hurt her?" Sheila asks. "Not intentionally," James replies. Tearfully, Sheila asks for the adoption forms and signs them. As James leaves, Sheila cries out, "I would have loved her."

While questioning her mothering skills of Rick, Brooke realizes Eric still does not know Rick shot Grant. Grant says they can't inform Eric because he would tell Stephanie and she would tell Taylor. Brooke realizes what Taylor must be going through and wishes there were a way she could tell Taylor the truth. Taylor brings Bridget home and Brooke asks her to stay for a minute. Taylor admits Brooke is the only person who knows what she is going through. Taylor doesn't understand how Ridge can push her out of his life. Taylor even agreed to marry him in prison. "Why do you even care?" Taylor asks. Brooke wants to explain everything to her but can't bring herself to do it for Rick's sake.

Tuesday, June 24, 1997

Maggie is elated when James announces Sheila signed the adoption form. Maggie expresses her love for the baby. She and James embrace. Later, James seems worried about Sheila, but Maggie reminds him he is not responsible for her, only to their marriage and their baby.

Sheila is depressed, sitting in the dark when her doctor informs her she will be able to leave the hospital soon. The doc informs Sheila it will take some time for her to come to terms with what she did, but reminds Sheila she gave her baby to two people who care a great deal for the baby. Sheila is unaffected by doctor's show of concern. Maggie notices Sheila leaving the hospital and reassures her the baby will have a happy childhood. Maggie bids goodbye to Sheila forever.

Lauren clues Sally in on the misunderstanding she and Stephanie had. La Spectra wastes no time informing Lauren how cruel Stephanie can be to those who have betrayed her. Lauren tries to downplay the situation by saying as soon as Stephanie realizes she is not trying to steal Eric away from her, Stephanie will forgive Lauren from keeping their romance a secret. Sally again warns Lauren once you betray the Queen, she will make you pay.

Stephanie compliments Eric on what an inspiration he has been during Ridge's trial. Eric says one reason their wedding is important is to have the family come together. Stephanie asks Eric if he is sure he is committed to spending the rest of his life with her. Eric says he would not be marrying her if he had any doubts about them.

Lauren is shocked when she arrives at Forrester and can't get into the building. The guard informs her clearance has been revoked. Lauren will get to the bottom of this by having Eric explain why she is banished from the building. Instead of finding Eric in his office, Lauren runs into Stephanie. She is the one who revoked her pass. Stephanie says since she is working for Spectra, it was a business decision. Lauren says she would never divulge any Forrester information to Spectra. This has to be about Eric. "You damn right it's about Eric," Stephanie declares. "Over my dead body will you get your hooks into him."

Wednesday, June 25, 1997

Sally praises Clarke for his fabulous designs for the fall collection. Clarke notices a document showing transfer of ownership of Spectra to Macy and C.J.. Clarke wonders how much stock he will get, after all he is Spectra's head designer. No stock for him, Sally informs, Spectra is a family owned business. Clarke is shocked. He helped build this company. Without him, Spectra would be nothing. Sally admits Clarke helped put Spectra on the map, but even so, Spectra remains a family run business. Besides, what's to keep Clarke from leaving like he has before?

Lauren confronts Stephanie about why she asked her to leave the guesthouse and being banned from Forrester. It's a matter of trust, Stephanie says. Lauren betrayed her trust when she kept her liaison with Eric a secret. Lauren again explains she cooled her relationship with Eric so she and Eric could have another chance. Stephanie accuses Lauren of staying at the guesthouse as a way to stay close to Eric. Lauren clues in Steph saying if she wanted Eric she could have him. Lauren asks Stephanie how she could be so cruel to a friend that has been so loyal.

Back at Spectra, Lauren tells Sally she is stunned how Stephanie treated her. She has been fighting her feelings for Eric and this is the thanks she gets? "How are you going to thank her back?" Sally asks. Lauren questions why she didn't fight for Eric. Why did she give up a man she loves for a friend who calls her a liar and a traitor? La Spectra says the Queen isn't capable of friendship. The only thing Stephanie is capable of is controlling and dominating others. Sally says Stephanie is the enemy and Lauren gave up Eric without a fight. What is she going to do about it? Lauren realizes she never should have given up Eric and vows his wedding to Stephanie will never take place. "This is war!" Lauren declares.

Stephanie asks Eric if he is really sure he wants to marry her again. She tells Eric she knows about his involvement with Lauren and that she asked Lauren to moved out of the guesthouse. Eric reassures her he ended what he and Lauren had before they got back together. Steph says if there is any doubt about their remarriage to please tell her and he will not have to go through with the wedding. Stephanie doesn't want Eric to be pushed into something he doesn't really want. Eric vows his love to Stephanie and says he loves her and wants to remarry her.

Thursday, June 26, 1997

Stephanie goes to the jail to visit with Ridge. He is worried about his Dad but Stephanie assures him that his Dad will be alright. Ridge asks Stephanie to do him a favor: move in with Taylor for a month to help her over the rough part of the seperation. Stephanie is hesitant, then she tells Ridge that she cannot move in with Taylor. Ridge insists on knowing why she won't do this for him and Taylor. Reluctantly, Stephanie tells him that Thorne has been staying in the guest room at the beach house since the beginning. "Taylor doesn't need Thorne moving in on her like a White Knight," Ridge declares angrily.

Stephanie tells Ridge that she knows Thorne and he wont take advantage of the situation. She gives Ridge a photograph of him and Taylor together. Ridge confides in his mother that all Taylor ever really wanted was a family. He thanks his mother for the pix and for bringing him a little bit of a memory from a better past." They hug.

Taylor is asleep on the couch; she is dreaming about a wonderful day she has just spent with Ridge and their four year old twins. She asks Ridge if he wants another child and they kiss and the games begin on the couch. Just as they get down to business the cops come in and pull Ridge away. Taylor wakes up crying. As she is pouring herself a glass of water, she sees the bottle of vodka on the bar. Instead of the water, she helps herself to a generous portion of vodka. With the glass of vodka she walks to the door and looks outside. " How do I forget? How do I go on? I have to get rid of the memories. I can and I will." she says aloud to herself. Just then she remembers the last time she and Ridge were all alone in her house. Ridge told her they were going to be together and this time it was going to be forever. " Stop it. Oh why cant you stop!" Taylor cries.

Thorne drops by to see James; he needs help with Taylor. Thorne tries to tell him that Taylor is deeply depressed, but James insists that he isn't being objective because he is there all the time. James acts as if Thorne can't possibly know when someone is depressed; he seems to be attacking Thorne for being with Taylor. Finally, Thorne is able to convince James that Taylor does have problems. James agrees that Taylors' problems are more serious than he thought and that she does need help. James agrees to call Taylor.

James dials Taylor's number, but there is no answer. Where could she be, he wonders. Thorne said she never goes out of the house.

Taylor is just sitting there with the phone ringing. When she finally decides to answer the phone she spies the car keys on the table and says, "I have to get out of here. I have to. Time to go."

Just as Taylor is wailing out, James shows up. He tells her that she is in no condition to drive anywhere on her own. Taylor breaks down and starts to cry. I have lost everything, she cries, and I can't go on anymore.

At the jailhouse, Ridge is standing by the window gazing at the photo of him and Taylor. When the guard notifies him that he has another visitor, he hides the photo in his pocket. He is not happy to see that it is Thorne who enters the visiting room. Thorne is carrying a box filled with things from Forrester, including reports and sketch pads---something to keep his mind occupied during the long hours alone. Ridge starts questioning him about where he hangs his hat these days. ." slick, so efficient. You look, Thorne, as quick as you moved in you are going to move out. You got it little bro?????"

Friday, June 27, 1997
by Gladys

Eric and Stephanie are talking. Eric tells her that he had breakfast with Rick. Stephanie tells Eric that she had a visit with Ridge and that she had to tell him that Thorne was living at the beach house. She tells Eric that Ridge doesn't like it that Thorne is living there and taking advantage of Taylor's weakness.

Ridge tells Thorne how he is disgusted with him for moving in on Taylor so soon. He orders Thorne to move out. You have no right to do that to Taylor---or to me, he shouts.

James arrives just in time to stop Taylor from getting in the car. He talks with her and tries to get her to stop drinking. Taylor tells him that she has nothing to live for; she sees nothing in her future but emptiness.

Outside the door to a penthouse apartment, Sally tells Lauren that she needs a place of her own and she has arranged for her to see this one. Lauren knows she needs a place to live now that Stephanie has kicked her out, but she doesn't know if she is up to making a big decision. Sally tells her that she will need a place for Eric to visit. Once inside, Lauren is overwhelmed with the beautiful apartment. The realtor takes her through the two living rooms and tells her that the furniture goes with the apartment. Then she is shown out onto the terrace where there is a magnificent hot tub. Just the place to put the heat on Eric, Sally comments. The realtor thinks it is the perfect place for Lauren. As she is leaving, she tells Lauren to think it over and get back with her. However, Lauren tells her she has thought it over and she definitely wants the condo!

James tells Taylor that Thorne is very worried about her. I admit that I am worried, too, James tells her. Taylor tells James that her whole life---and love--- for so very long has been defined by Ridge. Ridge taught her how to feel, so now she doesn't how or what she is supposed to feel. Now that I don't have him I don't know what my life is all about. James advises Taylor that she has to find something else on which to focus. He even suggests that she can focus on kicking an addiction. Taylor insists she isn't addicted---to alcohol or to Ridge. James tells her that she knows how to deal with it: she has taken the first step with Thorne, who is a good friend to her. She should cling to that, James tells her.

Back in the jail, Thorne reminds Ridge that he is the cause of Taylor's problems in the first place. Thorne tells Ridge that he, Thorne, loves Taylor and he is going to help her. Ridge insists that he will be the one to help Taylor, even if from a distance. But you don't know the impact you have on Taylor, Thorne says. Of course, I know, Ridge insists, and you are being naive to think that you will solve all her problems. You can't be objective, Ridge tells Thorne. Thorne is stunned when his brother defines "love" as "getting into bed." Ridge tells Thorne that he is going through hell and asks Thorne to promise him that he will stay away from Taylor for two months!

Stephanie tells Eric that she believes that Thorne will back away from Taylor for Ridges' sake. Eric hopes that she is right. Eric is concerned about the relationship between her and Lauren. He tells her that she is making too much of the relationship they shared. Stephanie reminds Eric that his judgment in women isn't the best. Like Brooke, Lauren is both dangerous and devious. She isn't at all what you think she is, she warns Eric. Stephanie goes on to say that because of the way Lauren stayed in their lives, she wants nothing to do with her ever again.

"Just think of all the trouble you can get into in an apartment like this," Sally tells Lauren. But Lauren isn't concerned so much in the trouble she can get into as she is in getting someone else into trouble.

Thorne refuses to back off from Taylor. She will retreat further into herself if I do this, he tells Ridge. He thinks Ridge would be more concerned with Taylor than with himself. You are nothing but "second choice," sneers Ridge as he tells Thorne that he will only hold Taylor back. Then Ridge tells him that he is counting on Thorn moving out and thanks him for doing so.

Eric gets a call from Lauren. She tells him that she has a new place and invites him over. She wants to talk to him about what has happened. Eric says he will be there; he won't give up until Lauren and Stephanie work this out. Oh, I am sure we will, Lauren says and hangs up. I won't give up on you, Eric, she says to herself.

Thorne arrives back at the beach house. He sees the empty vodka bottle but Taylor seems okay. She tells him that she and James have talked. Thorne tells Taylor to trust him. He has made plans, as a friend. He wants to take Taylor to Hawaii. She needs to get away where she will not be reminded on a daily basis about all that has happened. Taylor doesn't seem very enthusiastic but she goes to pack while Thorne makes the arrangements. After she leaves the room, Thorne opens his briefcase and takes out the engagement ring.

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