The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 30, 1997 on B&B

Grant urged Ridge to tell Taylor the truth before she went over the edge. Ridge longed to get out of jail and be with Taylor, but he was shocked to learn that she was in Hawaii with Thorne. Grant spoke on Ridge's behalf at sentencing. Lauren decided to go after Eric, but Eric's loyalty was to Stephanie.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 30, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, June 30, 1997

by Michael Keith

Maggie admits feeling guilty for being so happy while the rest of her family is in turmoil over Ridge. James says she has ever right to be happy. Maggie notes Sheila can still change her mind about Mary until the adoption is final. James is confident Sheila will not interfere again with the adoption. Maggie perks up when she shows off the new outfits she bought for Mary. Later, Maggie has one more outfit to show James, a negligee she bought for herself as they spend their last night alone together before Mary arrives.

Taylor is having second thoughts about the trip to Hawaii with Thorne. Thorne reminds Taylor if she stays home, she will constantly be reminded of Ridge. Thorne admits hating to see her so depressed. This trip might be the only thing to help her, Thorne presses. Taylor agrees to go. While packing, she clings to a picture of Ridge. Thorne vows to take good care of Taylor.

Worried about Taylor, Grant visits Ridge in jail. It's time Taylor is told the truth, Grant says. He's never seen her this depressed. If something happens to Taylor because of this, they are all reponsible. Grant notes Taylor will never be happy again until she learns to truth about who shot him. A few words could change everything for her. Even if she and Ridge married while he is in jail, that would be a start, something for Taylor to hold on to, Grant says. Again, Grant pressures Ridge to act now before Taylor goes over the edge. Ridge concedes to tell Taylor the truth. He phone phones Taylor's house, but it's too late. She and Thorne have left for Hawaii.

Tuesday, July 1, 1997

Lauren readies for battle with Stephanie. Clarke stops by and notes Stephanie is in trouble if she is going to compete with Lauren. Eric will not be happy with Stephanie, Lauren says. She is hoping her new condo will help her win over Eric's affections. Lauren is pulling out all stops and is playing for keeps.

Eric and Brooke argue over Rick. Brooke wonders why Eric didn't say anything about Rick's violent posters since he knew Rick had them. Eric assumed Brooke also knew about them, so the posters must be ok. At any rate, they have been negligent as parents, Brooke says. Rick's room is proof. They can't police everything Rick does or brings into the house, Eric counters. Brooke is angry at herself for letting this happen. As Rick has gotten older, he has needed her more and she hasn't been there for him, Brooke realizes. Eric wonders where all this guilt is coming from. Brooke wants to tell Eric the truth but can't. Eric reassures Brooke they will correct their mistakes with Rick and spend more time with him.

While on the plane to Hawaii, Taylor wonders if the trip is such a good idea. This is exactly what she needs, Thorne says. The trip is about saying goodbye to Ridge. Once Thorne and Taylor get to their hotel, they realize they got a room with only one bed. The hotel is full, so they will have to make do with what they got. No problem, Thorne says, he'll sleep on the couch. Thorne is hoping the island will cheer Taylor up. He pulls out the engagement ring he brought along.

Ridge is anxious to get out of jail and reunite with Taylor. He asks Jonathan if there is anything he can do to get him out now. What if Grant testified on his behalf, Ridge asks. He might receive a less sentence. Jonathan questions why Grant would testify on Ridge's behalf, and wants to know what is going on. He explains he wants to start a life with Taylor. Ridge implores Jonathan to get him out of jail. Later, Ridge dreams of telling Taylor the truth and getting married. He wills Taylor to keep the faith and declares his love for her.

Wednesday, July 2, 1997

Queen Stephanie's holding court. She fills in shocked Maggie about her falling out with Lauren. With the wedding a month away, Stephanie enlists Maggie's help. Maggie accepts the offer to be a bridesmaid in place of Lauren. Stephanie admits being disappointed in Lauren and thinks she could make one last attempt to gain Eric's affections. No one is going to stop this wedding a determined Stephanie says.

Sally and Clarke are dining a few tables over from Stephanie and Maggie. Clarke pours on the compliments to Sally. Sally deduces the sweet talk is about ownership in Spectra. Clarke blew his chance at partial ownership when he cheated on her and left her and C.J.. Clarke admits faults but says he has changed. He wants to work for a company that appreciates him. She'll consider his request, Sally says.

After Maggie leaves, Stephanie gets up to use the telephone to check in on Taylor. As she passes Sally and Clarke's table, she overhears their conversation. Stephanie might be outgunned this time while competing with Lauren, Sally says. Who would you choose, the beautiful Princess Lauren or the evil Queen Stephanie? When Stephanie leaves the restaurant, Sally and Clarke realize she must have overheard their conversation. Sally assumes Stephanie is going to confront Lauren. Get ready for all hell to break lose!

When Eric stops by her penthouse, Lauren lays on the charm. For the past year and a half, she has been in a transition, Lauren admits. Usually she would never sit back and let the man she loves pass her by. Brace yourself, Lauren warns. The old Lauren is back and she's better than ever! Lauren realizes Eric has a commitment to Stephanie, but their not married yet. Expect long, boring nights in front of the television if he marries Stephanie, Lauren says. In contrast, Lauren can offer him youth, vitality, and adventure. Eric can not admit his feelings for Lauren haven't changed. He's still attracted to her. He passionately kisses her, but is adamant in his commitment to Stephanie. Later, after Eric has left, Lauren gets a knock on her door. She knew Eric would not be able to resist her. Surprise, it's Stephanie!

Thursday, July 3, 1997

Jonathan is visiting Ridge. Ridge wants him to find a way to get him out in a shorter period of time than the minimum sentence. Jonathan insists that there is no way to do this. There is always a way, now you go find it, Ridge orders his attorney. Jonathan tells Ridge that he is not being paid to be stupid. "You didn't shoot Chambers. You both agreed to let it go down this way. You are protecting someone. It was Rick who shot Grant!" Okay so now Ridge tells his lawyer everything and insists that Rick is disturbed and doesn't even remember anything about the shooting.

Jonathan doesn't like this and wants to know who else actually knows the truth. Ridge insists that Rick has to be shielded for his therapy to be effective. If he can get out of jail in three to five years it is a small price to pay for Rick. He wants to tell Taylor; and asks for Jonathan to bring her to the jail first thing in the morning.

After Jonathan leaves, Ridge says to himself, " I told you not to compete little brother and you wouldn't listen. Taylor and I are finally going to have it all someday."

The doorbell rings and Lauren hurries to the door. I knew you'd be back, Eric, she says to herself. But it is Stephanie at the door. "Arent you going to ask me in? I asked you into my home and you stayed well over a year." She then hands something to Lauren and tells her that this is really something I wanted to deliver personally. It is a wedding invitation. Lauren is stunned that she wants her to attend the wedding, but Stephanie tells her that she doesn't perceive Lauren as a threat. So, she asks, are we going to see you at the wedding?

Lauren says there wont be a wedding and Eric will be the one to stop it when he chooses her. The only reason Stephanie has him now is because she gave him up out of respect for her. If she was truly out of the game, then Stephanie wouldn't feel threatened and she wouldn't be here now. Lauren says to save the words and let the chips fall where they may.

Stephanie says that she has lost Eric twice before to women like Lauren and this time it is not going to happen again..................................

Thorne watches as Taylor sleeps. He comments to himself that she is soooooo peaceful and it should always be that way for her. He thinks that Hawaii will work miracles on her. Taylor has suffered years of disappointments and betrayals while Thorne thinks back to the eve of her wedding to his big brother when he told her about their trek to the marina to find Brooke. That is what he did and he shattered your world leaving me to pick up the pieces. Time after time ridge has made you promises and he hurts you, Thorne continues.

Taylor wakes up and Thorne coaxes her into getting up and dressed for a moonlight walk down the beach. We could have a mai tai together. After she leaves the room, Thorne reaches in his pocket and takes out the engagement ring he bought for Taylor....

Independence Day Friday, July 4, 1997

by Gladys

As Ridge finishes his workout routine, he begins to think of Taylor. I had to protect Rick, he thinks. I am sorry Taylor, but it was the only thing I could do. I should have told you the truth, but I knew you would be shocked. I know you love me and today I will tell you the truth. I have to make you understand why I did what I did because I know that I can not live without you. I need you to wait until I get out of here, because we will have a life together someday. I swear we will! He then reminisces about Taylor in a montage of scenes from their past, remembering all the joy and good times.

Taylor awakens. Why can't I stop thinking about him? she asks. I see him - how can I stop this, what is it going to take? He is gone; I have face it - he is going to prison for 10 years and he doesn't want me to wait. If he asked me to wait, I would have waited for him. Are you crazy, he doesn't want you. Could he have shot Grant? No, not Ridge; NOT MY SWEET BEAUTIFUL RIDGE. I don't know what to believe anymore. She looks at Ridge's picture and begins to cry.

In the lobby of the resort, Thorne is talking to Leilani (the woman from the resort) about things for him to do with Dr. Hayes. She suggests a helicopter ride, but Thorne declines, saying maybe later; Taylor needs some cheering up big time right now. In that case, she says, Thorne should take her to the beach and let Pele, the volcano goddess, heal Taylor. Thorne says it will take a miracle to help Taylor right now. The woman guesses that Taylor lost a loved one, and Thorne says, "Yes, I guess you can say that." Leilani says she thinks she knows exactly what Taylor needs and makes a call.

Jonathan goes to Taylor's beach cottage and finds it empty. A neighbor comes in, surprised to find someone looking for Taylor. The neighbor tells Jonathan that Taylor went to Hawaii with some guy, a blonde guy named Thorne. Jonathan asks, "Do you know which island they went to?" The neighbor says, "No idea, but if she happens to call, who should I say was here?" The attorney says, "Jonathan Young," and then leaves.


Back at the hut, Thorne comes in to find Taylor in tears. He asks her if she is okay. Taylor says, "I will be." Thorne asks if she wants to go sightseeing and Taylor says, "No, I don't want to leave this room. I know I am a total bore; but I didn't want to come here. I should pack and go home. I am not good company, she tells Thorne, I have too many moods. Thorne asks her if being alone will make things any better. She tells him that he wouldn't be alone, because there is no shortage of beautiful women here. Thorne tells her that he is only interested in one woman. However, Taylor wants him to take her to the airport.

Thorne tells her that he has a surprise for her. She agrees to wait around for the surprise and wonders what it is all about. Thorne tells her it is about love and life; about expressions of love and joy. Some little hula girls show up with their teacher and bid Taylor, "Aloha!"

In his cell, Ridge is looking at a picture of Taylor. It won't always be a photo, the thinks. someday we will be together. But first I have to tell her. He begins to pace, still talking to the picture. He is hoping they will give him some time alone with Taylor. He wants to hold her. When she finds out the truth, she will be so relieved and happy, he thinks. "I can't wait! I can't wait!"

But then, Jonathan arrives alone. Ridge wonders if Taylor is coming. Jonathan tells him that he doesn't know how to tell him, but Taylor is out of town. Ridge says that that makes sense. She needed to get away to get her head together. Jonathan tells him that she went to Hawaii. You have to call her immediately, he instructs his attorney. Jonathan is forced to break the bad news: she didn't go alone. She is with Thorne. Ridge is stunned.

Taylor tries to be interested in the visitors: Mehana, the teacher and her little troupe of hula girls. Mehana tells Taylor that they are there to help her celebrate. I have nothing to celebrate, Taylor sadly informs Mehana. Then we will have to give you something to celebrate, Mehana tells her. Do you know of the hula, she asks. I know it is a dance, Taylor replies. It is more, Mehana tells her. "It also helps us share a loss of a person or a place we lost." The girls begin their dance and Mehana comments, "This dance is about beautiful love." A little girl offers Taylor a lei, and reluctantly Taylor accepts it. Thorne is also given a lei. Then one of the girls takes Taylor's arm and leads her into the group. They begin instructing her in the dance. As she begins to dance along with the girls, the teacher explains the meaning of the movements. Taylor looks over to Thorne; he looks back and they both smile.

Taylor kisses the little dancers and they leave. Thorne tells her how pleased he is to see a smile on her face. She gives him a hug and thanks him for the surprise. "My goal, Taylor Hayes, is to see that smile on your beautiful face more and more. Taylor tells him that he certainly did accomplish that, and she admits she wondered if it could ever happen again. Thorne tells her, "Give me half the chance and it will. It is time to move on. It is time for US to move on." he tells her as he kisses her hand. Taylor smiles up at him.

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