The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 7, 1997 on B&B
Maggie had the new baby in her arms, but she was worried that Sheila would renege on the adoption. Grant spoke on Ridge's behalf in court, and a judge agreed to give Grant's statements serious consideration. At Thorne's request, Macy signed the divorce papers and faxed them to him in Hawaii. Stephanie and Eric faxed a love letter from Ridge to Taylor in Hawaii, but Thorne intercepted it.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 7, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, July 7, 1997
by Michael Keith

Ridge is stunned to learn Taylor left for Hawaii with Thorne. He was sure Thorne would back away from Taylor. This only increases Ridge's desire to see Taylor. He implores Jonathan to find Taylor. Nothing has ever been more important than finding her. Once Ridge sees Taylor again, he vows to take back everything he told her about moving on with here life without him.

James and Maggie are delighted the baby has been gaining weight. She is ready to be released from the hospital. James notes there has been no word from Sheila. According to the law, Sheila has six months to change her mind about the adoption. He reassures a worried Maggie that Sheila will not change her mind. Before leaving the hospital, James announces he has picked out a name for their baby, Margaret Elizabeth Warick, named after Maggie.

Stephanie stops by Grant's office and asks him why he is testifying at Ridge's sentencing. Grant offers a song and dance about caring for the Forrester family. Stephanie balks at that. She believes Grant wants to testify to have Ridge serve his full prison sentence. That way Ridge would be out of Brooke's life and would not be able to interfere with his marriage to her. Grant denies her allegations. He's testifying because he owes Ridge, Grant says.

After giving Margaret the grand tour of her new home, Maggie wonders if Sheila is out of their lives for good. James admits he will feel better after the six months are over, but doesn't think Sheila will want the baby back. He hopes Sheila is doing well at whatever she is doing, but is glad she is out of their lives. Just then, there is a ring at the front door.

At Stephanie's request, Jonathan stops by Stephanie's office. She does not want Grant testifying at Ridge's hearing. Grant is the one person who can persuade to judge for a less sentence, Jonathan says. Stephanie wonders if Ridge and Jonathan are keeping something from her. She gets irate when Jonathan informs her that Thorne and Taylor went to Hawaii together. The reason Ridge wants to get a hold of Taylor so badly is he wants to resume their relationship.

Ridge begins to write Taylor a letter. In it, he regrets speaking to her the way he did, demanding she move on with her life without him. If only he could see her one more time, Ridge writes. Then he could ask for her forgiveness and explain why he put her through months of hell. Ridge knows they can have a future together, even if that means waiting ten years. After sitting in jail day after day, he realizes his dream is to be with her. Ridge begs from the bottom of his heart for one last chance. Please come see me, he writes, please.

Tuesday, July 8, 1997

While Maggie is enjoying having baby Margaret home, the front doorbell rings. Both James and Maggie fear it is Sheila. Who else knows they were bringing the baby home today? Relax, it's only a delivery man with a package for the baby. It's a pillow with the name Mary written on it. James recognizes that is the name Sheila gave the baby. Maggie thinks the pillow being delivered to them with that name is some sort of mix up. Later, Maggie notices James is tense. She attributes this to Sheila still bothering him. James and Maggie realize Sheila can change her mind within six months. When Maggie puts the baby down for a nap, James stuffs the pillow into the wastebasket.

Taylor admits she is starting to feel better. The place she and Thorne are at has worked magic for her. How did he know this is just what she needed? Her feelings for Ridge haven't changed, Taylor says, although she is still losing him. Taylor thanks Thorne for bringing her to Hawaii. She is starting to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After admitting she has a sudden craving for papaya, Thorne brings back two tropical drinks and a menu for tonight's dinner. All the choices on the menu are Hawaiian originals. The selections are special, just like him, Taylor says.

Stephanie can't understand why Grant is going to speak at Ridge's hearing. What could have happen for Ridge to trust Grant now, Stephanie asks. No matter what happens at the sentencing, everyone will be affected by it for years. Eric says they need to keep an eye on Taylor. She's gone off to Hawaii with Thorne, Stephanie informs him. It is hard not to draw conclusions about Thorne and Taylor, but maybe he is only there for supprt, Eric says. Stephanie knows Thorne's intentions where Taylor is concerned go beyond friendly support. He's bought her an engagement ring. Eric and Stephanie agree they need to find Thorne soon before he does something.

Grant asks Ridge if he has changed his mind about telling Taylor the truth. No way, Forrester says. He has tried to get a hold of her, but she left for Hawaii with Thorne. Thorne is no brother of his anymore, Ridge says. He can't trust him. Jonathan stops by and informs Ridge and Grant that he knows the truth about the shooting. The least Grant could do is help Ridge get a less sentence, Jonathan says. Ridge gives the letter he wrote for Taylor to Jonathan. It is urgent she get the letter, Ridge implores. When Taylor reads the letter, she will come rushing back to him. By this time tomorrow, Ridge says, he will have his future back.

Wednesday, July 9, 1997

Sally seems surprised to read that Grant is testifying at Ridge's sentencing. She does not believe Ridge's theory that he shot Grant. Just for a day, can they please not talk about the Forresters, Macy asks. Macy admits she still thinks about Thorne quite a bit, and informs Sally she has not signed the papers making the divorce final. Thorne phones his lawyer requesting he fax the divorce decree to him. He can't, the lawyer says, Macy hasn't signed it yet. Thorne's lawyer advises him to give Macy time. He doesn't have time, Thorne says. The reason he is in Hawaii is because he is thinking of getting married.

Stephanie gives Megan a list of hotels in Hawaii to locate Thorne. Eric and Stephanie admit to Jonathan they are afraid when Grant gets on the stand, he will attack Ridge and possibly blow Ridge's chances at a less sentence. Jonathan reassures them that Grant is Ridge's only hope for a less sentence.

Macy admits she made a mistake when she accused Thorne of having an affair with Claudia. Talk to Thorne, tell him your feelings before it's too late, Sally advises. It already is too late, Macy says, Thorne's involved with Taylor. Still, Sally urges Macy to talk to Thorne and found out if there is anything left of their marriage. Macy receives a call from Thorne. He wants to talk about the divorce decree. Macy suggests they meet so they can talk about it in person. He can't meet with her because he's in Hawaii with Taylor, Thorne says. The reason he called is because he wants Macy to sign the divorce decree and fax it to him. Tearfully, Macy agrees to sign the divorce decree. It is strange to end a marriage by fax, Macy notes. Upon receiving the divorce decree via fax, Thorne notes there is a reason for everything. It is time to move forward with Taylor.

Grant realizes Brooke does not trust him to testify at Ridge's sentencing. The reason he is changing his testimony is because one day Rick will realize he is the one who shot him and Rick will feel an enormous amount of guilt for Ridge going to jail for him. If Grant can convince the judge of a less sentence, that will ease Rick's guilt. Brooke is worried if Grant changes his testimony that he will be committing perjury. When prosecutor Teresa Emerson stops by, Brooke asks her if Grant will be committing perjury if he changes his testimony at the sentencing. It depends on how much he changes it, Teresa says. If Grant testifies that what he said under oath at the trial is a lie, then he will have committed perjury. If Grant simply elaborates on what he said under oath, that is not perjury. Just tell the truth, Teresa advises.

At the courthouse, Jonathan tells Eric and Stephanie the best Ridge can hope for is a four to five year sentence with parole. Stephanie notices there is something going on between Ridge and Grant. When the sentencing begins, Jonathan call Grant to the stand.

Thursday, July 10, 1997

Clarke joins Macy excited about a new design. But Macy isn't interested because she is depressed about signing the divorce papers. When she tell Clarke that she faxed the papers to Thorne, Clarke wonders why he needed them in such a hurry. Macy says that maybe he just wanted it to be over, but Clarke can't accept that. He wonders if his rush to have the divorce papers means that he is planning to remarry since Taylor is there with him.

At the courthouse, Grant takes the stand. He is reminded that he is still under oath. He tells the court that Ridge wasn't himself when he shot that gun. He explains how Ridge and his family were treated, or perceived as being treated, by him. I gave him plenty of motive, he tells the Judge. He admits that they both had motive, but the Judge points out that he, Grant, didn't pick up a gun and shoot Ridge!

Taylor finds Thorne in deep thought. He tells her that he just received his divorce papers from Macy. Taylor observes that it isn't an easy thing to accept--no matter how much you thought you wanted the divorce. Thorne agrees that he didn't know he would feel like this; he can see his whole marriage flashing before his eyes! Taylor reminds him that she has been in that spot and she knows just what he is feeling!

Grant admits that all the humiliation he put the Forresters through was to get back at Ridge for Brooke. It drove Ridge to do what he did; it could just as easily have been me, he says. The judge says Ridge still committed a violent act. Grant makes a case for temporary insanity. The Judge admits that there is a lot of things for her to think about. She needs a few hours to digest all that she has learned. She will get back to them as soon as possible---hopefully today.

Ridge approaches Grant and thanks him for his testimony. Eric and Stephanie are stunned by Grant's words. Grant tells them that he had no choice---he was telling the truth!

As Ridge is taken back to custody, Brooke tells him that their thoughts are with him. Grant assures him that he will be back in Taylor's arms soon.

Megan is frantically trying to find Thorne and Taylor. She calls Macy to see if she has any idea where she could find Thorne. Macy gives her the fax number for the hotel where the two are staying.

Megan then pages Stephanie. Stephanie hopes it isn't too late.

Friday, July 11, 1997
by Gladys

The Forrester Home: Eric, Stephanie and Jonathan are speaking with Ridge by speaker phone. Today they will learn the Judge's decision. We must hope for the best, they tell Ridge. Stephanie tells Ridge that they have found where Taylor and Thorne are staying. "Make sure she gets my letter," Ridge pleads.

Hawaii: Taylor stares at the picture of Ridge and herself. She is remembering meeting Ridge in jail for the last time. He is telling her she has to turn around and walk out the door. "How can he expect me to forget?" she wonders. Then she remembers the conversation she had with Thorne at the beach house. He told her that she had to get on with her life. Hasn't Ridge hurt you enough, he asked her. Back in the present, she agrees that Thorne is right, but she still doesn't know how she can forget!

Thorne is planning a special dinner for that night. He wants it all: candles and champagne. When he returns to their room, he finds Taylor looking at the picture. He asks if she wants to remain in Hawaii a little longer, but Taylor says she is ready to return home. She tells him that this is the second time he has saved her life. Does that tell you something? Thorne asks. Does that tell you that your need me around? Taylor tells him that he knows her better than she knows herself. The big question now, she says, is what am I going to do. I can answer that, he says, and grabs her and kisses her. Taylor pulls back and tells Thorne she is going to take a shower before dinner. As she leaves the room, Thorne begins to mumble to himself. First my brother divorced Taylor; he has hurt her, rejected her and yet she still hangs on. What is it about you, big brother? he wonders. She has to come to her senses! he declares. I won't let you hurt her anymore. He then rips up the picture.

Back in LA, Stephanie calls the hotel. She asks if Thorne and Taylor are staying there. When she learns that they are there, she asks for their rooms so she can call and talk with her son. She is told that they are sharing the same room---it was the last one they had when they checked in---and calling the room is impossible as they don't have phones in the rooms. She also tells Stephanie that Thorne is planning a special night and doesn't want to be disturbed. Stephanie asks if she can send a fax to Dr. Hayes. She wants Dr. Hayes to get the fax as soon as possible as it is urgent. And she wants her son to call home immediately. As she hangs up the phone, she says that she doesn't like it; Thorne obviously has something planned. We have no control over the future, Eric tells her. All we can do is hope and pray for the best.

At the jail, one of the guards tries to be friendly. He comments on the picture of Taylor. Ridge tells him that she isn't waiting for him at the moment, but she will. I will get her back, he states. Another guard announces that there is someone to see Ridge but visiting time is over. However they allow the visitor to come down. It is Grant. Ridge is happy to see him. He tells Grant that he has probably saved his life. Grant tells him that he hope he succeeded. You had the motive and the means to bury me, Ridge tells Grant. Why did you do it? he wonders. Grant tells him that even though they don't see eye to eye on things, and even though they are different, they still have Brooke to think of. She still hasn't gotten over her attraction for you, Grant says, but putting all that aside, what you, me or Brooke thinks is of no importance when it comes to thinking of that little boy. Grant asks about Taylor. Ridge tells him that his mother has faxed her a letter. As soon as she reads that she will be here. He tells Grant that he wants to marry Taylor and if he could have his way, they would be married today. She is one lady worth waiting for, Grant assures him. The two embrace and Grant leaves.

Back in Hawaii, the woman from the hotel delivers the letter for Taylor. Thorne accepts the letter as he is told that his mother wants him to call home immediately. He is about to put the letter down when he decides to open and read it. He is shocked to read that Ridge has had a change of heart concerning Taylor and wants her to come see him as soon as she can. "No, Big Brother, I am not going to let you hurt her again. NO WAY. . ."

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