The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 28, 1997 on B&B
When Clarke found out that the captain who'd married Grant to Brooke was a fraud, Clarke spread the information to Thorne, who readily told Brooke that she and Grant were not married. Amber discovered Sheila's shrine of James and Mary, and Mike took picture of Mary for Sheila.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 28, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, July 28, 1997

Darla informs Clarke that Sally requested to see him. Clarke hopes it's about the transfer of ownership of Spectra. Without Clarke, Spectra would not exists, Darla says. Clarke only hopes Sally feels the same way. When Clarke enters Sally's oofice, she says she has come to an agreement where he is concerned. La Spectra apologizes to Clarke for not giving him the proper amount of recognition he deserves. Spectra is in great shape and alot of that is due to Clarke. Sally had her lawyer draw up a contract that shows a hefty increase in pay for Clarke, but no transfer of ownership.

Stephanie wonders where Eric is when he is not in his office. She phones Eric at home but he's not there. Stephanie asks Megan to keep an eye out for Lauren.

Lauren serves Eric breakfast in bed. What happened last night between them does not change anything, Eric says. He's still planning to marry the Queen. Lauren admires Eric's sense of obligation. Eric says he's not marrying Stephanie out of obligation. Still, he and Stephanie will not create the same kind of passion that they shared last night, Lauren says. Both Eric and Lauren agree not to say anything about them sleeping together. He will not look at Stephanie the way he sees her, Lauren muses.

Clarke can't believe he hasn't been given partial ownership of Spectra after all he's done for the company. Be grateful you got a raise, Macy says. It's not about maney, Clarke counters. It's about respect. Sally says when Clarke came back to Spectra a year ago, he didn't come back to save Spectra, he cam eback to save himself. Sally says she is giving credit where credit is due by rewarding Clarke with a huge pay increase. Clarke thinks Sally is still bitter about what happen years ago between them. Sally says she will never forget what he did to her and her family when he betrayed her. For that reason, he can forget about ever having ownership in Spectra. Sally vows never to give Clarke that kind of control over her family again.

Eric saunters into his office to find Stephanie waiting for him. When the Queen wants to make plans for their honeymoon, she notes Eric seems a bit distracted. Eric apologizes, but can't get Lauren out of his mind.

Clarke is adamant about gaining partial ownership in Spectra. He is the one who screwed things up years ago when he walked out on Sally and Spectra, Macy notes. How can he feel he is being ripped off when he just got a raise? Macy gives Clarke two options: He can quit and work for someone for half the amount he is being paid at Spectra or he can accept their offer and take responsibility for his actions. Clarke balks at those suggestions and vows they will regret treating him this way.

Back in his office, Darla tries to console Clarke. He deserves a share of Spectra, Clarke says. There are more important things then money, like respect, he says. At least when he worked for Forrester, they respected him. Clarke says he is sorry he ever left Forrester. He thinks it's funny when Sally and Macy said there's not another company looking for him. What they don't know will hurt them, Clarke promises.

Tuesday, July 29, 1997

Thorne remembers proposing to Taylor when she stops by his office to bring him cappuccino. Taylor still needs time to consider his marriage proposal. Thorne notes Taylor turned herself around once she realized she and Ridge are not meant to be together. Thorne wonders what Ridge has promised her since she's gotten back from Hawaii.

Clarke is fuming over Sally's rejection that he take partial ownership in Spectra. Darla brings some revised sketches which he throws away. Clarke vows to get back at Sally for shutting him out like this, and with Brooke and Grant maybe not being legally married, that might be the way to get back at Sally. Darla asks what he means about Brooke and Grant not really being married. Clarke explains how he saw the guy who married Brooke and Grant, Captain Harper, at a bar last night and when the bartender called him by a different name, Clarke realized the captain is a con artist. He is sitting on a bombshell and will drop it when he's ready, Clarke plots.

Sheila's roommate, Ambrosia, is sketching a picture of her boyfriend, Eb. He notes her talent. Amber has dreams of making it big someday. There is a knock on the door and it's Mike. Sheila is surprised Mike found her. Mike wants to go someplace private so they can talk, but Sheila steers him away from her room.

Clarke graves the respect he once had at Forrester. Why not join Forrester, he asks. For one, the Forresters hate you, Darla points out. Clarke imagines the implications if he proves Brooke and Grant are not legally married. He's got a bomb that he will use to his advantage, Clarke plots. The question is how to use it? Darla points out the one person who stands to gain the most out if Brooke and Ridge were to reunite- Thorne. Thorne would like nothing better than to have Ridge out of the way so Taylor will be rid of Ridge. Clarke phones Thorne with a deal he can't refuse. Thorne wants to hear no part of any deal in which Clarke is involved. Clarke is determined for Thorne to hear him out.

Thorne knows Taylor needs time to decide who she wants. Thorne can't believe after all Ridge has put her through, she is considering going back to him. Taylor appreciates Thorne's concern, but admits she has alot to consider. Thorne asks her how many times Ridge has to break her heart in order to be free of him. Thorne says Taylor will never be first in Ridge's life, Brooke is. Deep down, Ridge is still in love with Brooke and always will be. Brooke is out of the picture because she's married, Taylor notes. Even so, Ridge still puts Brooke first, Thorne says.

Mike admits he has been looking for Sheila ever since she disappered after the baby was born. Sheila says she did not want to be found. Mike only came to Death Valley to help her, he says. It's not too late for them to be a family. It's not been the same without you, Mike says. He thinks about her all the time. Mike accepts she loves James but is not going to let Sheila run away from him. Mike says he knows what he really wants out of life, Sheila. As Mike slips a ring on Sheila's finger, he proposes marriage!

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

Thursday, July 31, 1997

Brooke stops by to give Ridge a status report concerning Rick's therapy. She tells Ridge about Thorne's visit. Ridge doesn't want her to take Thorne's side. She asks about his wedding plans. He tells her he is ready but Taylor is hesitating; a problem he seems to have with all his marriage plans.

Mike gets pictures of James, Maggie and the baby, and tells Sheila on his cell phone that he is so close to them he could almost touch them. Sheila considers Mike's suggestion that he snatch the child but she decides against it.

Amber and Eb break into Sheila's room. They are shocked at what they see. Sheila has a virtual "shrine" to James and Baby Mary.

Thorne doesn't believe Clarke is telling the truth about Grant and Brooke's marriage. He orders him out of his office, but Clarke tells him to consider a life without Grant. Clarke and Thorne head for the county clerk's office, to get the scoop on Captain Harper.

Friday, August 1, 1997
by Gladys

Back in Death Valley, Mike and Sheila meet over coffee. Mike tells Sheila that he is worried about her; he doesn't want her to become obsessive about the baby. Sheila assures Mike that she isn't obsessing and he gives her the pictures of the baby. Sheila has to go to work because they are shorthanded in the Inn. She works in the kitchen carving a roast. Brooke and Ridge are still talking. She wonders if there wasn't more to his trying to stop her wedding than what he has said. Was it really only trying to stop me from doing the "wrong thing?" she asks, just as Taylor walks into the office. Taylor and Ridge are out on their date. Taylor questions Ridge about Brooke and her reason for being in Ridge's office. She tells Ridge that she is unhappy with him always running after Brooke. Brooke is married now, she reminds Ridge, so she doesn't need Ridge always rescuing her or doing her favors. Ridge tries to convince Taylor that he still wants to marry her---Brooke has nothing to do with this. He tries to go into the "stop the wedding" fiasco, but Taylor won't let him. That is all over now, she tells him, but can't you imagine how hurt I was? Ridge admits that he has always thought of Taylor as strong and able to understand all his motives. I realize now that you need reassurances just like everyone else, he tells her.

Thanks for staying late, Clarke tells his friend in the records department. He and Thorne have some questions about licensure to marry anyone. His friend tells them that anyone who performs a marriage ceremony does so by permission of the state---remember that line about "by the authority invested in me by the state of . . .?" he says. They give him the Captain Harper's name and stand aside while he checks his computer database. No, he tells them. I can't find a Captain. Harper in the "allowed to perform marriages and burials" category. He then performs another search to see if there is a Judge or JP by that name. In the meantime, Clarke reminds Thorne that he wants to go back to Forrester where he can really put his talents to good use. He was always happy there, he says.

When they learn that there is no Harper licensed to perform marriages, Thorne races out. He will talk to Clarke later about his job.

Ambrosia & Eb enter Sheila's room in amazement. Everywhere there are reminders of James and Mary. There are pictures and dried-up flowers. You know what this is, Eb says. This is a shrine. They continue to wander about the room; Eb finds a strange contraption on a table and wonders what it is. Ambrosia opens the refrigerator and gasps. Eb looks over her shoulder. Inside the freezer are small bags filled with something white. Ambrosia picks up one of them and studies it. What is that? Eb wonders. I think it is breast milk, Ambrosia says. They both look at the "contraption" and know immediately that it is a breast pump. This is too weird, Eb decides. As they are about to leave, Sheila enters the room. She stands silently staring at the two, holding a big knife in her hand and wearing a bloody apron.

Thorne confronts Brooke. He tells her that he has to talk to her and she has to listen. You won't believe what I have to tell you, he announces.

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