The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 4, 1997 on B&B
Thorne planted seeds of hope in Brooke's mind about Ridge, and Brooke was uncertain about her marriage to Grant. Sheila spied on the Warricks and expressed anger that they'd changed Mary's name to Margaret. Grant punched Clarke for blabbing to Thorne about Grant's marriage.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 4, 1997 on B&B
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James and Maggie bring Margaret for a check-up and Dr. Kelly says she is doing fine - but James has a question for the doctor. Ridge asks Thorne where Grant is when Thorne drops off some reports - and Thorne replies that he's gone and may not be back. In discussing Sheila's past, Amber learns that Sheila was married to Eric Forrester, and the teen is impressed that Sheila was married to a famous man. Brooke asks Grant how he could have kept the fact that they are not married a secret, but he claims he did not know at the time of the wedding. James asks Dr. Kelly about hiring a sitter for the baby, which Maggie thinks is a bad idea - but the doctor thinks it can be healthy for them. Ridge asks Thorne what he means, and Thorne says things change - but Ridge says his relationship with Taylor will not change, and Thorne had best accept that. Grant tries to defend himself to Brooke and she can only come to one conclusion - did he keep the truth because he was afraid of losing her? Mike, who is in the hospital looking for a job, hears Dr. Kelly tell James and Maggie to consider hiding a sitter. Grant admits he was afraid of losing Brooke, and didn't;want to deprive Rick of a stable family - but Brooke reminds him that Rick needs therapy to help him, not lies. Mike calls Sheila and tells her that James and Maggie want to hire a sitter- Sheila is stunned, especially after Mike tells her the baby's name. Grant says it sounds like Brooke is looking to end the marriage, since that is what it sounds like. Brooke says there is no marriage to end, but Grant says there is, and he begs Brooke not to throw away what they have.

Friday, August 8, 1997
by Gladys

While packing for his departure from Spectra, Clarke gets a visit - and a punch - from a furious Grant. Brooke tells Thorne about her conversation with Grant - but she might still stay with him. Thorne asks Brooke who she loves - Ridge or Grant? Brooke resents Thorne's interference especially since she knows he is only looking out for himself. Ridge gets a visit from his dad, who thanks Ridge for his work on Grant's designs - but Ridge has big plans for Taylor, including a night in Napa and Grant's showstopper. Sheila is upset about the baby being renamed - and she is sure Maggie is the one who did it. Sheila is also upset about Maggie hiring a baby sitter, since it shows Maggie's incompetence, and she is glad that James will be there for the child. Amber says Sheila's shrine and obsession is spooky, but Sheila says she is too young to understand. Amber bets she would make a great babysitter - in fact, she thinks she should be the babysitter for Sheila's baby! Clarke tells Grant that what he did wasn't personal - it's strictly business. Brooke says she knows how Ridge feels about Taylor, and she resents the way Thorne is using her. Thorne admits he wants Taylor, and he is amazed how easily Brooke gave up her dream since she was so close to having him. Thorne relives the night of Brooke's wedding to Grant, and how everything that happened proves Ridge's commitment to her. Brooke asks why Ridge waited until the last minute if he wanted her, and Thorne says he's just stubborn - but Thorne also feels Ridge will come around if Brooke gives him the chance. Thorne urges Brooke to make her move now, before she loses Ridge. Ridge tells Eric he now knows he's not the center of the universe, but he sees life passing him by, and he's not going to let Taylor go like he did Brooke. Brooke catches Ridge on the way out and says she has to talk to him. Clarke says he's just giving the Forresters a chance to get their company back in return for a job, and it'll happen any minute now once Brooke is with Ridge. Once again, Ridge asks Brooke not to side with Thorne, and she says she has bigger things on her mind - and as always, he's the first person she wants to turn to. Brooke tells Ridge that it's not a problem with Rick, but maybe he's not the right person to talk to - and Ridge insists she can tell him anything. Ridge then thinks the company is on her mind after the board meeting, but she says it's more - since her world is now upside-down with a marriage that isn't legal.

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