The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 18, 1997 on B&B
Brooke ended her marriage to Grant, and after he left Forrester, the design collection went missing. Taylor and Thorne learned that Taylor was pregnant, and Taylor doubled over in pain after a confrontation with Brooke. Thorne whisked Taylor up to the cabin for some relaxation.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 18, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, August 18, 1997

Lauren is still moping around since her run in with Stephanie when Sally drops by and offers for Lauren to stay at her place. What you need right now is a good friend, Sally offers. Lauren is appreciative but declines. Feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to help win Eric, Sally says. Right now you are in the final rounds of the fight for Eric and you must make some bold moves or else you will wake up one morning and find Eric married to Stephanie, Sally advises.

When Stephanie sees Eric designing her wedding dress, she didn't realize he was making such a production out of the wedding. Eric says Stephanie will be as beautiful as any bride that ever was. Stephanie can't believe their wedding day is actually getting close. Believe it, because it is going to happen, Eric says. Before Stephanie leaves, Eric lets he in on another piece of news: Taylor has made her decision concerning Ridge and Thorne. Eric tells a delighted Stephanie he is almost sure Taylor has chosen Ridge.

After Taylor asks why Ridge rushed off to see Brooke, Thorne spills that Grant and Brooke are not legally married. Taylor is stunned. All they have to do is go to the justice of the peace to legalize their marriage, she suggests. Thorne says it's not that simple because Brooke doesn't want the marriage. Grant has been out of control lately and Ridge went over to protect Brooke from him, Thorne informs. Now doesn't this sound familiar, Ridge running to Brooke?

As Ridge races to Brooke, she tells Grant she does not want to legalize their marriage. Grant erupts. Don't our vows mean anything to you, he demands. This marriage is not over, Grant shouts. Brooke admits he is scaring her and offers to compensate Grant. It's not about money, he says, it's about Ridge. You're whole life has been about waiting for Ridge and now both of you are free, Grant continues. Grant says he committed his life to Brooke and he is not going down without a fight!

Lauren says she must accept Eric wants to be with Stephanie. Sally wonders why Lauren has not mentioned the night she and Eric shared to Stephanie. Because of Eric, Lauren replies. Sally thinks Lauren should tell Stephanie about their night together. Lauren mentions a gift she has planned on showing Eric now three times. The gift is a video of their night together, to remind him of what he will be missing if he chooses Stephanie. Sally can't believe Lauren taped them having sex, but suggests to give the tape to Eric. Lauren is not going to give the tape to Eric because he rejected her. Before leaving, Sally takes the tape...

Taylor says Thorne is trying to play on her insecurities by saying Ridge went over to protect Brooke. Why do you suppose Brooke made her mind up so fast concerning her marriage. Thorne asks. Because she never loved Grant; she's always loved Ridge and now that both she and Ridge are free, Brooke is going to go after Ridge big time. As Taylor is taking all this in, she starts to have a pain in her stomach.

Ridge pounds the front door of Brooke and Grant's house. Brooke goes to let him in, but Grant stops her. Brooke demands Grant let go of her and deal with reality. Brooke admits she tried to make their marriage work but she has always loved Ridge. Ridge busts through the back door and demands Grant let Brooke go. If you ever touch her again, you are dead, Ridge warns.

Taylor says she is okay when her pain subsides. Thorne apologizes for making her upset. Taylor informs Thorne she has decided to pursue a relationship with Ridge. Thorne can't believe Taylor wants to live with a man who will always be involved with another woman. Taylor says Ridge's involvement with Brooke is in the past. Thorne again says Brooke is going to pursue Ridge now that her marriage is illegal. As Taylor leaves, she again has pain and asks Thorne to take her to a doctor.

Tuesday, August 19, 1997

While Grant is telling Brooke she is not leaving him even though their marriage is over, Ridge busts through the door and demands Grant take his hands off Brooke. Ridge says Grant and Brooke's marriage was not meant to be and asks Grant to leave. He'll leave, Grant says, but this is far from over.

Thorne takes Taylor to see a doctor. The doctor asks her if she has had any stress recently that might cause her ill feelings. Taylor admits she has had stress in making her decision between Ridge and Thorne. Taylor thinks the pain she is experiencing is some sort of delayed stress reaction. Could be the doc says, but she wants to run some tests to make sure.

Eric shows Stephanie the her wedding dress veil and admits she is his inspiration for designing such a beautiful veil. Stephanie wonders if Ridge and Taylor announce their engagement on the day of their wedding it will steal the spotlight from Eric and Stephanie's wedding. Stephanie then compares herself to Taylor. Both are a one man woman who are finally getting the man they truly love. Stephanie believes Thorne will accept Taylor's decision to marry Ridge. Megan brings Eric and Stephanie a message from Grant for his request at a meeting with upper management. Watch out, Megan warns, Grant is on the warpath.

Back at Forrester, Grant demands to speak to Eric and Stephanie and he wants to see the fall collection. At the meeting with upper management, Grant announces his resignation. Grant blasts the Forresters about how he kept the company afloat while Ridge was in jail and how he poured his heart and soul into the company with little thanks. Stephanie counters by saying they gave him a fabulous opportunity when they hired him and he slept his way to the top. If you want to leave then leave, but do so gracefully, Steph says. Before leaving Grant warns the Forresters not to party too much after he's left because soon they will be back on bottom.

Brooke admits to Ridge she has never seen Grant so violent. It started when she told him she did not to legalize their marriage, she says. Ridge asks Brooke why she wanted out of the marriage in the first place.

Taylor's test results show a clean bill of health but they need to wait for the blood tests. Both the doc and Taylor agree her pain was probably due to stress. The blood tests results are in. The doctor stops Taylor before she leaves. There is something they need to go over concerning the blood tests results.

Brooke tells Ridge she is leaving Grant because she does not want their marriage to work out. She only stayed with Grant out of a sense of duty, Brooke explains. Brooke says she is tired of suppressing her true feelings. From now on, she is going to be totally honest with herself and everyone else where her feelings are concerned. While she was with Grant, she spent time trying to convince herself that is what she wanted, Brooke contines. There was one thing missing, love. Brooke says she has hidden her true feeling far too long and tells Ridge she feels she could never love another man but you. "You're the only man I have ever wanted," Brooke says.

Wednesday, August 20, 1997

Sally tells Macy she thinks they should order Clark back to work. Enough of this nonsense about him leaving Spectra. Macy doesn't think Clarke is bluffing this time. He does not want to work at Spectra, Macy says.

Clarke calls Megan at Forrester and realizes Grant has quit. Clarke is excited with the possibility of him getting a job at Forrester. Later he saunters over to Spectra. Clarke proudly reports that he doesn't need his job at Spectra anymore and tells Sally and Macy to kiss his butt, because he quits. Macy tries to get Clarke to stay by offering some sort of resolution. Clarke rejects any solution Sally or Macy throw his way. Sally doesn't believe Clarke is really leaving. This is just another attempt at trying to get a piece of Spectra, Sally muses. She confirms she will never let Clarke have a ownership in Spectra. You will regret this, Clarke warns. Spectra will self-destruct without it's head designer, he says. Sally can't believe Clarke would leave Spectra when their fall showing is less than two weeks away. Believe it, Clarke says, because you're nothing without me.

Eric and Stephanie are thrilled that Grant has left Forrester but wonder why he left so suddenly. Steph realizes something must have happen between he and Brooke. Eric says not to worry. Be happy they have their company back.

Ridge phones Taylor but he can't locate her. Brooke thinks Taylor probably doesn't like that Ridge is always there for me. Ridge tries to change the subject by saying she should change to locks on the doors because of Grant. You can't ignore the fact that I told you I love you, Brooke says. Now what are you going to do about it?

Taylor is stunned when her blood tests show she is pregnant. The doctor warns it is even more imperative now that she get her stress under control. Thorne admits he didn't realize Taylor had slept with Ridge. Right before Ridge confessed is when they last slept together, Taylor informs. Thorne can't believe Taylor is so excited to be carrying Ridge's child. I will not be there to pick up the pieces when Ridge breaks your heart again, Thorne warns.

Brooke says the timing could not be better for she and Ridge to reconcile. Both are finally free. Ridge is adamant about marrying Taylor. You can't marry Taylor and be in love with me, Brooke notes. This might be our last chance to be together, please don't let it pass, Brooke pleads. After leaving Brooke's, Ridge visits Eric and Stephanie. He informs them Grant and Brooke were never legally married.

Taylor show's up at Brooke's looking for Ridge to tell him the good news. Before Taylor can leave, Brooke wants to have a few words with her. Taylor informs Brooke she already knows she and Grant were never really married. Brooke reminds Taylor of the promise she made to her last fall. The promise was that only when Ridge and Taylor are married will she stop pursuing Ridge. Well they still aren't married. So all bets are off and you're going to pursue Ridge, Taylor asks.

Thursday, August 21, 1997

Thorne sits in his office, a forlorn look on his face while staring at Taylor's picture. Thorne arrives looking cheerful and upbeat. He tells Thorne that he has heard the good news about Grant---he is now out! How did he act, Grant wants to know; he would have given anything to see the look on Grant's face. Thorne admits that he missed it all, but he doesn't want to talk about it at this time. "This is not the time," becomes his favorite phrase for this conversation.

But Clarke isn't listening. He asks about his payment to which Thorne acts like he doesn't know what Clarke is talking about. Clarke reminds him of the deal: Grant is out of Forrester, Brooke gets Ridge and Thorne gets Taylor. But I don't have Taylor, Thorne responds. Not yet, Clarke responds, but it will happen. In the meantime, he, Clarke, needs a job. This is not the time, Thorne says, too much is happening now. There is a lot going on in the wake of Grant's leaving, and there is his parent's remarriage. This just isn't the time to bother Eric about a job for Clarke of all people.

But Clarke says that that isn't good enough. He has cut all ties with Spectra, so he needs something to do right now. It was his information that got the family back it's company so Thorne had better not cross him.

Ridge tells Eric and Stephanie that Brooke and Grant's wedding wasn't for real. The captain of the ship was not authorized to perform marriages. It was Clarke who went to Thorne with the information that the "captain" was a con man. Why didn't Thorne tells us what was going on, they asked, but Ridge explained that he didn't want to get their hopes up in case Brooke decided to remarry Grant. When he tells them that Brooke struggled with here decision about remarrying Grant, Stephanie doesn't believe it. Don't get started, Ridge warns his mother, but Stephanie wonders how long it will be before she makes the first pass at Ridge. From the look on his face, she realizes that it has already happened!

Brooke admits to Taylor that she is still in love with Ridge and is going to go after him. Remember before your marriage I promised that once you were married, I would back off; but you aren't married, she reminds Taylor. Taylor seems undisturbed at what Brooke has said and she prepares to leave. Brooke, however, can't believe that Taylor isn't bothered by her declaration of war. She suspects that Taylor has decided to marry Thorne, but Taylor disavows that notion. It is what you want me to do, she tells Brooke, but "it ain't gonna happen."

Stephanie can't believe Brooke's audacity. She is angry that Brooke is trying to get Ridge one more time. But Eric tells her that the important thing is that it is all over now. No it isn't, Stephanie says. She reminds them that Brooke still holds 51% of the company. It will never be over as long as she holds the company in her hands! Ridge tries to reassure his mother that he is committed to Taylor. As a matter of fact, he needs to find his lady and tell her what has been going on.

I don't want you to get hurt, Brooke tells Taylor. That is why I am leveling with you, she continues. She still believes Ridge loves her and always will. After all, Taylor has had many chances to marry Ridge, yet they still aren't married. There has to be a reason and Brooke tells Taylor what she thinks the reason is: Taylor is scared to death of Ridge's feeling for her. That is ridiculous, Taylor says. Your concern is nothing but a smokescreen in your obsession with having Ridge. Taylor lays into Brooke for the cruel way she just treated Grant. You welcomed this technicality; it allowed you to throw Grant out so you could get back to what you really wanted: Ridge. Brooke tries to explain that it was a painful decision to leave Grant. In fact, she says, Grant kept the truth from her for months. Can you blame him, Taylor asks. He probably knew you would react the way you did. He knew you would "cut and run.

When Brooke protests that she loves Ridge, Taylor tells her that is not true. You love what you can't have. You are selfish and immature; you don't care who you hurt and your whole life has been nothing but a string of mistakes. But Brooke isn't down. That may be so, she says, but one thing she does know, Ridge wants her more than he wants Taylor. After all, didn't he leave Taylor for her? Again Taylor calls Brooke "delusional"; no, Taylor, you are the "delusional" one, Brooke asserts. Taylor turns away and clutches her abdomen. There is a look of pain on her face. Brooke grabs Taylor by the arm and tells Taylor that if she really wants what is best for Ridge, she will give him up.

Thorne wonders if Clarke is threatening him. Clarke quickly apologizes if he sounded threatening, but he has already left Spectra, so he needs this job. Thorne sympathizes, but he reminds Clarke this is going to be a hard sell with Eric and Ridge. For the time being, you should stay away from Forrester, he says just as Ridge comes through the door. I second that motion, he declares. Ridge wonders what is in it for Clarke, besides stabbing his best friend in the back. Clarke denies that Grant was his friend. He treats his friends with loyalty and respect, he says as he casts a meaningful look at Thorne. And I expect the same in return, he adds. After Clarke leaves, Thorne wonders why Ridge isn't with Taylor. Ridge admits that he would be if he only knew where she was. Would you happen to know where whe was, he asks his brother. She went looking for you, Thorne says. She knew you were at Brooke's---as usual---Thorne said. It was an emergency, Ridge protested. Isn't is always, Thorne responded. So, you have been filling Taylor's head with more lies, he accuses. Well, it isn't going to work. He tells his brother that he has really sunk to a new low. And in the end it is going to be for nothing. You may be able to win Taylor, Thorne says, but will you be able to keep her? And if you marry her, you had better make her happy! That is one thing you don't have to worry about, Ridge states in an arrogant manner as he leaves. Alone in the office, Thorne continues to worry about Taylor---and now there is someone else to worry about.

Taylor tries to free her self from Brooke. She tells her to let go and let her leave, but Brooke won't let go. She continues to tell Taylor how much Ridge wants her. She says that Ridge has proven his love for her over and over. She reminds Taylor that Ridge has given Taylor up for his family before---the most recent being when he left Taylor to go to jail for Rick's sake. Things have changed, Taylor tells Brooke, but Brooke asks Taylor how she can put herself in the position of being rejected yet again. Have you no shame, no self-respect, she accuses. You will always be second in Ridges heart. Taylor tells Brooke to get out of her way. Brooke remembers the time and says she has to pick up the kids. She leaves Taylor to think about what she has said. Give Ridge up before Ridge rejects you, she warns. Taylor continues to have pain, but she tells her unborn child that everything is going to be okay. But suddenly, Taylor is over come with pain and falls to the floor!

Friday, August 22, 1997
by Gladys

Taylor is alone in Brooke's living room. She feels severe pain and crumbles to the floor.

At Death Valley, Amber is complaining of the heat. Sheila looks over the pictures Mike gave her. She hears a baby crying and tears run down her cheeks. What is wrong, Amber asks. I can't forget, she tells Amber. I hear her crying and there is nothing I can do. Amber tells her she has something for her; she hands her a portrait she has painted. It is a beautiful painting of "Mary." Sheila is thrilled and wants another. Amber promises to make her another the next time she sees her---if I ever do, she laments. She is afraid she won't get the job.

James and Maggie are making love. James declares that he is going to come home early more often. Maggie tells him that today is unusual; usually she and Margaret have a busy schedule. James wonders about the girl Maggie spoke to; shall we give her a try? he asks.

Brooke enters Ridges office. Everything seems to be in turmoil. Ridge appears glad to see her, at first. He wonders if she had seen Taylor. Brooke begins to tell Ridge about her argument with Taylor, but Ridge stops her. He has been trying to find her but couldn't leave the office. After a frantic phone call, Brooke asks what is going on. You haven't heard, Ridge asks. I thought that was why you were here. Ridge tells her that the designs for the collection are missing.

Thorne arrives at Brooke's home. The front door is ajar. He enters, calling Brooke's name. When no one answers, he goes further into the house. He sees Taylor laying on the floor and rushes to her side. She tells him what has happened and he reminds her that she is supposed to avoid all stress. Have you been taking your pills, he asks. Taylor says she wanted to do it on her own, but Thorne will have none of it. He brings her water and she gulps down her medication.

Maggie is going over Amber's qualification. She has even worked with adopted children, she says. James tells her that he trusts her opinion. Maggie admits that she liked the girl but she wants James to talk to her. He asks for her number.

Everything is gone, Ridge tells Brooke. The master designs for the entire collection are missing. Where could they be, Brooke asks. They have to be around her somewhere, Ridge says but Brooke's eyes narrow knowingly.

We are running out of time, Ridge admits. The show is in a couple of weeks. Brooke reminds Ridge that Grant had a lot on his mind the last few weeks. Grant could have misplaced them. Ridge complains that he has to spend all his time putting out all the fires Grant started. This is no way to run a business. Brooke admits that things ran much smoother when Ridge and Eric was in charge. Brooke tells Ridge that she is giving creative control back to Ridge and Eric from this moment on. Ridge is relieved and happy. He gathers her in his arms and thanks her for himself and his family. Brooke smiles knowingly.

Thorne assists Taylor into the cabin at Big Bear. He puts her on the couch and covers her. He tells her that Dr. Santana agrees with his actions. She needs rest. She needs to take care of this baby.

James dials the number and the phone rings.

Amber is staring at the phone. Aren't you going to answer it, Sheila asks. They have found someone else, Amber states. You won't know unless you answer it, Sheila tells her---and don't forget to put it on speaker phone. Amber answers the phone and James tells her that they are impressed with her qualifications but they want someone who will devote themselves to the baby. Amber says the right things and it is arranged that she will start working tonight as James wants to take Maggie out on the town. After she hangs up, Amber's estatic happiness turns to dismay when she realizes she has no place in LA to live. You can live at my place, Sheila tells her. Now we have to go pack. We? I am going home, declares Sheila. I am getting out of here and going back where I belong.

Brooke is playing all her cards. She suggests that Ridge and Eric deserve a big public announcement--a chance to shine in the limelight. Brooke begins to tell Ridge about Taylor but is interrupted by the phone. Thorne is on the phone and he tells Ridge that he is out of town and Taylor is with him. Ridge demands to speak to Taylor but Thorne tells him no. He tells Ridge that he will have Taylor call tomorrow. As he hangs up the phone, Ridge can't understand why Taylor went away with Thorne. But Brooke is pleased. Maybe Taylor listened to me after all, she says to herself. The man I have wanted for so long, she thinks, now is the time to finally have him. She smiles.

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