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Taylor's doctor warned that she could lose the baby if she didn't control her stress. Taylor wanted to go home to Ridge, but bad weather stranded her and Thorne at the cabin. Grant gave Forrester's designs to Spectra. While babysitting, Amber called Sheila for advice on quieting the child. Sheila arrived and breast-fed Mary.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 25, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, August 25, 1997

Eric and Ridge are frantic trying to find the designs for the Forrester fashion show. Where could the be, they both wonder. While looking for the designs, Eric informs Ridge that Thorne left town with Taylor. If Taylor went out of town with Thorne, it must have been for a good reason, Ridge says. Stephanie comes in and announces she knows where the designs for the fall collection are: Grant stole them!

Sally and Macy are fighting off reports eager for the scoop about Clarke's leaving. Under no circumstances is the press to know anything about Clarke leaving, a furious Sally informs Macy, Lauren, and Darla. Also, nobody is allowed in the building until they get the reporters under control, Sal says. Macy and Lauren both question what Spectra is going to do with a showing in couple weeks with no head designer. Macy suggests asking Clarke to come back but Sally won't hear of it. Darla tells Sally a reporter is on his way to see her. When Sally opens to door for this reporter, it is none other than Grant Chambers.

Sheila and Amber arrive at Sheila's house in LA. Amber is excited about being back, but all Sheila can think about is the times she and James spent in the house. Amber suggests the only reason Sheila moved back to LA is to be near James and the baby. She moved back because is is home, Sheila counters. She's not always thinking about James, Sheila says. Amber wonders what Sheila is going to do now that she is back in LA. I'm still a registered nurse, Sheila says. While Amber is getting ready to go babysit for James and Maggie, Sheila tries to stop thinking about James. How can I ever repay you for letting me live in this house, Amber asks. By taking care of my baby, Sheila says.

Sally questions what Grant is doing in her office. She is busy and doesn't have time for any games, she says. Grant informs her that he and Brooke are no longer married and that he left Forrester. Grant says he knows she has a showing in a couple weeks and doesn't have a collection. He suggests since he knows Spectra needs a head designer, he would love to work at Spectra if he and Sally can come to terms. Grant shows Sally the designs he did while at Forrester. A whole collection just waiting to be shown, Grant says. He informs Sally the collection was going to be the Forrester showing, but when he left Forrester, he took his designs with him.

Stephanie says they should call the police and let them know Grant stole their designs. Eric doesn't think to police will be able to do anything since Grant designed the collection while he was an employee at Forrester.

Grant offers Sally the entire Forrester collection in exchange for him being named head designer at Spectra. This would be a great way to repay the smug Forresters for all the times they have betrayed us, Grant says. Forrester would be up a creek without a showing.

Eric says they have only two choices: get the designs back or not have a showing this season. Not having a showing would all but ruin Forrester, Ridge says. The company might never recover. Grant phones Eric, Ridge, and Stephanie from Sally's and pretends not to know what happen to the designs. Stephanie says he won't think this is so funny when he's standing in front of a judge. Grant says he couldn't have stolen the designs because he was the one who designed the collection while he worked for Forrester.

After hanging up on the Forrester, Grant and Sally reach a deal: he is the new head designer at Spectra with a great collection to show for it. This collection could put Spectra up there with the great fashion houses, Sally muses. With Forrester not having a collection, that could bury them once and for all.

Tuesday, August 26, 1997

Sheila wonders how Amber's first night of babysitting Margaret is going to go. Sheila says to herself she gave up her baby because James thought he and Maggie could raise the baby better than she could. It was her love for James that lead her to give up her baby. After everything that's happen, Sheila says she still loves James. Sheila remembers how hard it was to sign over the adoption papers.

James is also thinking what a sacrifice it was for Sheila to give the baby up for adoption. He says to himself he will always be grateful to Sheila because of it. Maggie is dressed and ready for she and James' first night out since the baby was born. Maggie is somewhat hesitate in leaving the baby with a babysitter, but James says they need some much needed time alone.

Sally shows Grant his new office. Both agree it will be great when Clarke and the Forresters realize Grant is the new head designer of Spectra. Sally marvels at the fact that the most important showing of the season is almost here and the Forresters haven't got a collection to show for it because Grant brought the designs to Spectra.

Sheila dreams of a life with her and James and the baby as a happy family. She remembers it is only and dream and must accept the fact the James and her baby are no longer a part of her life.

Amber arrives and lies about her credentials as a babysitter to James. Maggie is still leery about leaving Margaret with Amber but James again reassures her. James and Maggie leave for their night out leaving Amber all alone with the baby...

Grant, Sally, and Macy are anxious to bury the Forresters once and for all. Grant asks to speak to Macy alone. Grant again goes on about how he has been burned by the Forresters and is going to repay them. Macy says she tries not to dwell on the fact that her marriage to Thorne did not work out. Grant says he uses the fact that he was burned by the Forresters as motivation. Let's focus on making Spectra great, Macy suggests. Grant agrees and says he thinks he and Macy will work well together.

James and Maggie are at dinner and Magie can not get her mind off Margaret. Maggie says the six month waiting period in which Sheila can change her mind is almost up. Once the waiting period is over and Sheila has not changed her mind, she will feel better, Maggie says.

Amber is excited about finally living in LA and having a great job. She marvels at James and Maggie's house. Amber turns the stereo on loud and starts dancing. The baby starts crying and Amber tries to calm her down by giving her a bottle. That doesn't work and the baby throws up on Amber. Frantic, Amber calls Sheila and explains the baby won't stop choking or throwing up. Amber asks Sheila to come over and help take care of the baby...

Wednesday, August 27, 1997

Maggie is trying to enjoy the evening out with James but can't stop worrying about baby Margaret. The baby has never been alone with anyone except us, Maggie frets. James reassures her that Margaret is in good hands with Amber.

While Margaret can't stop crying, Amber is frantic about what to do. Sheila arrives to help. "I can't get the baby to stop crying," Amber says. Sheila takes the baby and tries to calm her down. Amber implores her to hurry before James and Maggie return. The baby still won't stop crying so Sheila decides to so the one thing that will help Margaret: breastfeed her!

Brooke can't believe Grant would steal the Forrester designs. Ridge says he has looked everywhere and is sure Grant took the designs. Brooke suggets calling the police, but Ridge says even is they press charges, Grant helped designed most of the collection while working at Forrester, so any theft charges would not apply. Forrester will not make the next showing if the sketches are not found. Ridge also says he still has not heard from Taylor, and can't understand why she would leave without letting Ridge know where she was going.

Doctor Santana makes a house call to Taylor at Big Bear. She tells Thorne if Taylor does not get her stress level under control, there is a very real chance she will lose the baby. The doc deduces the source of stress in Taylor's life is due to some other woman. Thorne says Ridge has a long history with this other woman and will never let her go. Santana urges Thorne to be there for Taylor as a friend and keep her away from any stress.

Ridge can't track down Thorne and can't figure out why Taylor let Thorne take her away. Something else is going on here, Ridge says. What is going on is Taylor has realized that she and Ridge are finally free to be together and is not going to stand in the way of their reuniting, Brooke says. "Don't make her out to be a saint," Brooke says. Taylor agreed to go away with Thorne by her own choice.

Over dessert, James is now the one who is anxious to leave. They pay for the dinner and leave. After breastfeeding Margaret, the baby falls asleep. Amber says Sheila better leave before James and Maggie get back. Sheila has to hide when she and Amber her James and Maggie have returned. When James and Maggie aren't looking, Sheila manages to slip out the front door. Margaret says she can see the baby was in good hands while they were out.

Thorne calls Brooke and says he and Taylor will be coming home later tonight or tomorrow morning. Brooke urges Thorne to keep Taylor away as long as possible. With Taylor away, this is give her time to be with Ridge, Brooke plots. She needs to make a move now before Taylor gets back.

Thursday, August 28, 1997

At la Casa Forrester Stephanie and Eric are discussing business. She brings up the idea of making all new designs in time for the showing. Eric replies that his number one priority the next few days is making their wedding day the most special day of their lives. He tells his fiancee that he is very excited and wants to be involved in the planning of the flowers also. " How did I ever let you get away the first time," questions Stephanie.

Ding Dong goes the doorbell and (surprise, surprise) it is Lauren dragging her tail between her legs. Eric leaves the women alone to fight it out but Lauren has come to apologize for pursuing Eric. She is sorry for all that she did because it was so disrespectful to everyone involved. She knows that she went too far.

The queen is civil to her ex-friend and says," I was never worried about you. Coming here and apologizing was difficult for you. I appreciate it and accept your apology. But if you are hoping for more than that. . ." Lauren knows that they can never be friends again and leaves .

Meanwhile over at Spectra, Macy is modeling the first baby blue evening gown out of the sewing room. "This is going to be such a wonderful collection, states Sally. "There is Mr. Grant Chambers---a gift from the Gods---and this collection is not stolen. It was designed by Grant Chambers."

Sally has arranged for a TV to be brought to her office with a VCR. She explains to Macy that she is going to watch some past shows and tells her not to watch, that she is too busy for such things. Macy gets called away to the sewing room and Sally beckons Darla to stay with her. She tells her friend, "I didn't want my daughter to be distracted by this. This is a present that Lauren had made for Eric Forrester. What if I were to tell you that Eric not only lusted for Lauren in his heart, but in HER bed?!?! I happen to have possession of that particular tape right here." Darla goes to get some popcorn to munch during their little amateur porn festival.

Back in Brooke's office her sister Katie is lending an ear to her big sister. "Brooke to be perfectly fair, Ridge was in jail a lot of that time that he was with Taylor. So you told Taylor that you wanted Ridge back, how did she react?" Brooke confides that she told Taylor over and over again about how all of those times in the past Ridge always chose her over Taylor. She also tells her that Taylor was very quiet during their conversation and she looked kinda sick.

Katie has sympathy for Taylor and remarks that she must have been so hurt. Brooke tells her that Taylor and Thorne went away together again. "That is so weird. you just told me that Taylor said she is going to marry Ridge. I guess you must have made your point. It certainly would make your life easier if Taylor were out of the running wouldn't it? You know this is all so strange. I am really sorry, Brooke, that I pushed you to work it out with Grant. I just thought you guys had something special." remarks Katie.

Brooke replies that she tried to work things out with Grant but even though he meant a lot to her, he is just a friend. She doesn't feel for him like she should feel for a husband. He just wasn't Ridge. Brooke feels that she was living a lie and pretending . Katie continues with the questions. "So, you went to talk to Ridge. Did you tell him how you feel? So what happens now?"

Lauren gets stopped by Eric outside the house on her way to the car. "It was very big of you to come here like this. I feel badly about coming between the two of you," states Eric, after hearing of Lauren's apology for not respecting his decision

Friday, August 29, 1997

by Gladys

Brooke unpacks her "Ridge/Brooke" memorabilia. This is the way it should be, she thinks, the way it will be very soon. Tonight I am going to take action, she declares. She goes to the phone and calls Ridge. She tells him that she has found some of Grant's sketches---preliminary drawings and some notes. Brooke can't leave the house---Bridget will be there soon---so Ridge agrees to come pick up the sketches. Hanging up the phone, Brooke smiles her "cat at the canary" smile, while back at the office, Ridge pines over Taylor.

Up at the cabin, the rain is pouring down. Thorne enters the cabin, soaking wet, and begins to lay a fire. Taylor is upset; she needs to get to LA and talk with Ridge. The lines are down and we can't leave, Thorne tells her. He tells her to relax but she can't relax when they both know what Brooke is probably up to right now.

Sally is drooling over the designs Grant has given her. Like a knight is shining armor, she thinks. He has ridden to the rescue; Grant Chambers, you gorgeous man. She wonders how she can thank Queen Stephanie; after all it was her treatment (and her family) who drove him out of Forrester in the first place. What a glorious day when these designs are featured on the Spectra runway. I know exactly what she will say. At that moment, she hears her name called. Is it Stephanie or a figment of her imagination?

Brooke opens the door for Ridge and explains that Bridget decided to stay over with her little friend. Rick is with his father; they have been spending a lot of time together lately. She offers a glass of wine. Ridge bemoans the lack of normalcy at Forrester. He picks up the sketches and begins to look them over.

Back at Spectra, Sally greets the "queen." Stephanie is looking for Lauren and asks if she can leave it. Sally says it depends on how loudly it is ticking. Since you will open it and read it, I'll tell you what it is. It is a wedding invitation. Typical, Sally remarks. You had to come and deliver the final blow in person. Sally accuses Stephanie of rubbing Lauren's face in the fact that she lost. Stephanie says that it is Sally's fault that Macy is such an immoral person. It is also her fault that she almost went into bankruptcy. Sally almost lets it slip that she know that Forrester has lost it's head designer.

Taylor wants to get home, even in a storm, but Thorne says it's too dangerous. Some of the roads are closed. Taylor rants about Brooke filling Ridge's head with lies. Is this how it is going to be? Thorne asks. Every time Ridge is late at the office or on a business trip are you going to worry about whether he is with Brooke or not. Taylor tells Thorne that she has told him her decision and he must learn to accept it or BUTT OUT!

Brooke says she is sorry she kicked Grant out before the showing. She should have stayed with him for the business. Ridge tells her you don't stay with someone you don't love because of business. Ridge admits he is on edge but not because of the business. It is Taylor, isn't it? sighed Brooke.

I have a confession to make, Brooke says. She tells Ridge about Taylor coming to her house and the argument they got into. She admits to telling Taylor that Ridge really loved her, Brooke. Ridge doesn't believe that is the reason Taylor left town. Brooke says it is also because of Ridge that she left town. Your past actions, she explains, only proves to Taylor that you still love me. Ridge how much proof do you need?

Sally recovers from her faux pas and tells Stephanie that SHE just told her about losing Grant. We suspected it, Sally says, and now you have verified it for me. In an argument about Sally's morality, Stephanie also implies that Macy is as bad as her mother. This only makes Sally see red. You are supposed to teach her values! How the hell can you teach anyone values. Sally tries to get back at Stephanie but she has lost ground. Stephanie accuses Sally of being jealous of her. As she leaves, Sally promises that Stephanie will get hers someday. You will get exactly what you deserve and it won't be Eric. You will end up bitter and alone. Like you? Stephanie asks as she leaves. La Femme Sally is furious.

Taylor apologizes to Thorne. I shouldn't have expected you to be supportive of this. Thorne tells Taylor he does support her and he will always be there for her. Taylor tries to assure him that she is happy now and she knows Ridge won't do anything to lose her. He has been a fool before, Thorne says. They hug.

Ridge tells Brooke that he can't deal with this problem now. Why not? Brooke asks, Taylor is dealing with it. That is why she ran off. Aren't you tired of fighting me and the inevitable? Don't you want me back? Aren't you tired of holding back? Aren't you tired of feeling guilty every time you look at me and have those nasty thoughts? Ridge tries to get her to stop but Brooke tells him she has never been more serious. Ridge tells her this is not funny. You aren't upset because Taylor is gone; you are upset because she is with your brother. Every move you make shows that you are still in love with me. She tells him that he only loves the chase. He could spend the rest of his life chasing, reassuring, convincing, or he can spend the rest of his life with her---one great adventure after another. Brooke begins to caress and undress Ridge. She kisses him and asks him to make love to her. He only stands there while she removes part of his clothing.

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