The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 15, 1997 on B&B
Macy became attracted to Grant after she learned that Taylor and Thorne were starting a family together. Stephanie demanded to know if Taylor was lying. Amber confessed to James that she and Sheila were roommates, and Sheila demanded to have her baby back.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 15, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, September 15, 1997

The Spectra crew is busy getting ready for their upcoming fashion show. Darla shows Sally the morning paper in which one of the lead stories is Eric and Stephanie's aborted wedding. Sally only marvels at how much Forrester is in disarray. With Eric and Stephanie's wedding coming to a screeching halt and Ridge being accused of attempted murder earlier in the year, the Forresters ought to feel quite embarrassed, Sally muses. Not to mention, they don't have a collection for their fall showing. The Forresters have a way of bouncing back, Grant warns. In the mean time, he decides to go offer his "condolences" to the Forresters.

Eric is in his office wondering what Grant did with the designs for the fall showing. Clarke stops by wanting to know about his possible job. He mentions his role in getting Grant out of Forrester by exposing Grant's marriage to Brooke as a sham. Eric says he is grateful for that but due to his marriage to Stephanie being stopped, he is in no condition to think about hiring Clarke.

Thorne drops the bomb to Brooke that Ridge and Taylor aren't getting married. Instead, he and Taylor are getting married. Brooke is blown away with this news. Obviously this leaves things open for Brooke and Ridge to reunite, Thorne says. Brooke isn't so quick to jump to that conclusion. She saw the determined look in Ridge's eye to marry Taylor. Ridge is madly in love with Taylor and won't give her up that easily, Brooke deduces. Thorne reassures Brooke that Ridge will not be marrying Taylor because she is carrying Thorne's child.

Amber is still angry at Sheila for almost getting caught with the baby. Amber accuses Sheila of becoming obsessed with Margaret, and falling back to her old, deceitful ways. Sheila seems a bit amused by Amber's devotion to her babysitting "career." She's tried to stay away but the baby needs her mother, Sheila says. Margaret's adopted, Amber counters. Sheila reminds her that she can change her mind within the first six months of the adoption. Amber is worried Sheila's attachment to Margaret will cost her her job and is determined not to let that happen. Stay the hell away from Margaret, Amber warns Sheila.

Never one to take kindly to threats, Sheila delivers a threat of her own to Amber. You don't tell me what to do, Sheila reminds her roomie. Margaret belongs with the Warwicks, Amber says. Determined not to let Sheila blow her job and dream of living in Los Angeles, Amber decides to think of a way to stop Sheila from interfering with Margaret. Amber looks up James' phone number at work and gives him a call. There is something urgent we have to talk about, Amber says. James invites her to his office.

At Forrester, Grant runs into Clarke. Grant does not let Clarke know he is working at Spectra. Clarke delights in telling Grant his role in getting Grant fired from Forrester. Grant promises Clarke will pay for that.

Ridge is sorting through his pictures of Taylor. He puts all the pictures of he and Taylor and a couple of dresses he designed for her and puts them in a box. Later at Big Bear, Ridge starts a fire. He is determined to wipe away all memories of his life with Taylor. He throws the pictures in the fire.

Brooke realizes how committed Ridge was to loving Taylor and now how devastated he must be. She is the only one who really understands what Ridge must be going through, Brooke says. Brooke sets out to find Ridge.

Thorne is elated that Taylor will finally be his!

Tuesday, September 16, 1997

Amber visits James at his office. She reminds James her job babysitting Margaret is her number one priority. Amber also confesses she had a job somewhere in the boonies and it was there she met the person who informed her about the babysitting position. After Amber rambles on about how it has always been her dream to live in LA and work for people like James and Maggie, James tells her to get to the point of this visit. The woman who told me about the babysitting job was Sheila and I still live with her, Amber admits.

Sheila thinks it's funny Amber didn't tell her where she was going. Maybe she got a call from Maggie and had to go over and help with the baby, Sheila concludes. Sheila decides to call Amber at the Warwicks to find out. When no one answers, Sheila notices Amber wrote James' office phone number down on the notepad by the phone. Amber wouldn't have gone to James' office , would she?

Doctor Santana urges Taylor to stay stress free if she wants to deliver a healthy baby. Thorne reminds Taylor she made to right decision for the sake of the baby. Unlike and relationship with Ridge, you will never have to worry about another woman with me, Thorne tells Taylor. Taylor agrees she made to right decision by telling Ridge the baby she is carrying is Thornes.

Brooke arrives at Forrester hoping to find Ridge. When she doesn't find him, she summons Megan to help locate him. Megan tracks Ridge down at the cabin in Big Bear. Brooke is on her way.

At Big Bear, Ridge is thinking of the life he and Taylor had together. He throws pictures and their wedding album into the fire, along with the dress he designed for her for their engagement party. Brooke arrives just as Ridge is throwing away the box full of pictures of Taylor.

James is stunned to learn Amber is Sheila's roommate and order her out of their lives. Amber pleads for forgiveness. To only reason I told you in the first place is because I'm worried about Margaret and what Sheila might do to her, Amber tells James. Amber says she is afraid Sheila might try something crazy. James thanks her for telling him and agrees not to fire Amber on one condition: Amber must not tell Sheila we spoke. Sheila is a threat to the baby and James wants Amber to keep an eye on Sheila for him.

Amber arrives home to find Sheila waiting for her. Sheila questions Amber on her whereabouts but Amber tries to cover. Sheila sees right through her lies and accuses Amber of betraying her. Now you're going to see what happens to someone when they betray Sheila Carter!

Brooke tells Ridge she knows what happen and offers to take Ridge home. What for, Ridge asks? There's nothing for me at home anymore. Ridge says he was so convinced Taylor loved him and trusted him. All this time she was sleeping with my brother, Ridge continues, and now she's pregnant. Taylor always wanted a child and I wanted to desperately to give her one, Ridge explains. Brooke tries to console Ridge.

While Taylor is sleeping, Thorne promises no one will ever find out that Ridge is the father of Taylor's baby, especially Ridge. Taylor made her decision, and it is the right decision for everyone.

Wednesday, September 17, 1997

Sally, Grant, and Macy are going over the designs for the fall showing. Sally wonders if the Forresters would have a case if they sued Spectra for showing their designs. Grant reminds Sally that he designed the collection so the Forresters do not have any claim on the designs. Darla comes in the warn everyone that Thorne is in the building and heading up to Sally's office. Sally doesn't want Thorne to know that Grant is working at Spectra and orders Grant to hide.

Maggie brings Margaret to James' office for a visit. James is glad Maggie stopped by because there is something they need to talk about. Amber and Sheila know each other and that is how Amber found out about the job, James informs Maggie. Also, Sheila is back in LA. Maggie is sure James told Amber she was fired. James asked Amber to stay because she is the only person who is close enough to Sheila to keep an eye on her. Tearfully, Maggie suggests they pack up the baby and leave LA for good since Sheila could legally still back out on her agreement. James is unsure what Sheila is planning but with Amber around, she is the one person who can tell them what Sheila is thinking.

Sheila corners Amber at their house. Since your future depends on me, you wouldn't screw it up by going to James, Sheila asks. Sheila grabs Amber and throws her against the door. "You're going to pay for going behind my back!" Sheila yells. With Sheila choking Amber, she gets Amber to admit to telling James about their liaison. Amber does admit she did not tell James about Sheila's visits to see the baby. Sheila doesn't believe her and demands to know what she told James. Amber confesses to only telling James that they knew each other and that is how she found out about the job. Amber thinks Sheila ought to calm down and stop obsessing over the baby. "I am not obsessed with my baby!" Sheila screams. More and more, Sheila realizes there is only one thing she can do regarding her baby...

Thorne stopped by Spectra to talk to Macy. He informs her of his engagement to Taylor and that they are expecting a child together. Thorne realizes it must be hard for Macy to hear since they were trying for a child together right up until the end. Macy wishes him well and assures him she is not upset with the news. Once Thorne leaves, Macy is visibly upset.

Sally and Grant are talking shop when Grant notices Sally's mind is somewhere else. Sally admits she can't stop thinking about what Thorne and Macy have to talk about. Sure that her daughter is upset, Sally heads over to comfort her. Grant suggest he go instead since he can relate to what Macy is going through.

Macy doesn't feel like talking when Grant arrives. She says she is leaving the office for the day and doesn't feel like talking. The worst thing to do is hide out, Grant says. I'm not going home, Macy says. She says she is going out and invites Grant to come along with. Once at the restaurant, Grant is impressed at how well Macy is handling the news about Thorne. Grant offers a toast to Macy's life.

Amber warns Sheila that plotting to steal her baby is not a good idea. After all, Margaret has a new home with two parents who adore her. Sheila slaps Amber for lecturing her about her baby. Sheila has a warning of her own: Crossing me is suicide and if I find out you have betrayed me again, you will find out what suicide is like!

James is closing the office for the night. As he is leaving, he is confronted by Sheila.

Thursday, September 18, 1997

Grant and Macy go out on the town. At Mannequins, they have dinner and do a little minor flirting. Grant suggests that Macy get even with Thorne with the upcoming showing, but revenge isn't on her mind. She says that Spectra needed a collection and that he had one---nothing to do with revenge. Grant says that this is the "biggest line of bull" that he has ever heard in his life. You didn't want that divorce, he tells her. Thorne just threw away a seven year relationship! If that isn't reason for revenge, he doesn't know what is. Grant says that they have both been hurt by the Forresters and he wants to get back at them. He goes on to talk about what he has learned. The number one rule is never to get involved with anyone he works with. Macy reminds him that they work together, but of course, he says, he didn't think of her in that way. He makes a joke that he knows what it must be like for his dinner companion to struggle with temptation.

Thorne comes into his office and gazes at the photo of Taylor from Hawaii. As he goes about his business, Clark shows up demanding "his reward." You owe me a job and now you are going to pay-up, he yells. He says that he is sorry if things didn't work out for him with Taylor, but that wasn't his fault and he did accomplish what the Forresters couldn't do: getting rid of Grant Chambers. Thorne picks up the phone, dials a number and hands it to Clarke. It happens to be Clarke's voicemail and there is a message from Thorne that by tomorrow he should have news about the job after the board meeting. Clarke has to swallow his pride. "I should have known you wouldn't have let me hanging. You will go to bat for me?" Clarke even apologizes for his little 'Taylor' remark and says that she would have been a hell of a lot better off with Thorne than Ridge. Of course Thorne tells him that he and Taylor are going to be married. Clarke offers his congrats. He then questions Thorne if he told Macy the good news yet.

Stephanie is visiting with Maggie. She doesn't want to talk to Eric. It is too hurtful so she asks about Maggie instead. Maggie. Maggie fills Stephanie in about Sheila. She is obsessed with the baby, she tells Stephanie. Stephanie is bottle-feeding Margaret as Maggie tells her friend how much she loves this child. "I couldn't ever give her back to Sheila," she tells Stephanie. I know that Sheila really loves the baby, she says. I just hope to God she does the right thing. All we can do is wait and see what Sheila is going to do, she sighs.

As James is leaving his office, he runs into Sheila. "It's been a long time," Sheila says as she pushes past him into the office. She tells James that she is not disappointed with herself. She really thought that she could do this. James tells her that he respects the courage and sacrifice she has made for the child. Sheila says that she thought it would be easier. She suddenly spies a picture of Margaret on the desk. She picks it up and examines it. Mary is beautiful, she says. James accuses her of "backsliding" in her recovery. He accuses her of being obsessed. This is very hurtful to Sheila. Sheila informs James that she is not obsessed with the baby or unhealthy. She is simply a mother who is unhappy and misses her baby. I don't think I can do this anymore, she tells James. I am sorry; I don't think I can do this anymore. I am sorry. I didn't think it would be this hard.

James tells her that he should have gotten her professional help to deal with the loss. Sheila tells him that she didn't do this for the baby, she did it for him. . . I never thought it would be like this. It is like a black hole inside of me. It is not fair. I really thought I could make you understand." She rushes out of the office and to the elevator. But now it is time to take action, she says to herself.

Back at Manniquins, Grant tells Macy that he spotted Thorne coming into the restaurant. Oh no, she exclaims, he can't see us together. He jumps under the table; there he has a good view of Macy's legs and thighs. He begins caressing her legs. Macy is hardly able to breathe. You can't do this, she insists. What is the matter? Didn't you shave this morning? Grant asks as he continues to rub up against her legs. You can always get up and walk away, he tells her He then gets out from under the table. Thorne was never there, he says teasingly. I was going crazy wondering what you would feel like and what you would taste like. He gets up and pulls her to her feet. I want you right now, he says as he pushes her back over the dinner table. Umm, this is so good, Grant says. Macy looks across the table at Grant who is going utterly crazy at the taste of buffalo wings. Macy fans herself and takes a peek under the table. It was only a fantasy, wasn't it?

Friday, September 19, 1997
by Gladys

Sheila is gazing down at a picture of her newborn baby. Mike tells her that he is worried about her. She is a miracle, Mike, Sheila tells him. And James and I made her. This maternal instinct is stronger than anything I have ever felt. Mike tries to tell her that he understands, but Sheila tells him he cannot understand. He tells her he is afraid for her and she admits that she is afraid also. Every time I see her, she begins, but Mike interrupts. He is horrified that she has actually seen the baby.

I've seen her, I've felt her little heart beat next to mine, and I have fed her from my breast. I don't know if I can go on without her.

Amber apologizes to Maggie for what she's done. I know I got off on the wrong foot, but you have to believe me. I got sucked into this whole thing. Sheila and I were friends but I never meant to hurt you or Dr. Warrick, and especially your beautiful little girl. Maggie tells Amber that she once thought Sheila was her friend and she nearly ruined her life. James visits Taylor at her home. She tells him that she is pregnant. She also tells him that she is not going to tell Ridge that the baby is his; she has told him it is Thorne's baby. She tells him about seeing Ridge and Brooke in bed together. Taylor tells James she's tired of competing with Brooke; she still loves Ridge, she admits, and at least the child will be a reminder of that love. Taylor says she feels like she's finally taking her life back and assures James she'll make it. James tells her he will be there for her.

Ridge visits Stephanie. He is looking scruffy from lack of personal care. He tells Stephanie that Taylor is pregnant. When Stephanie's face lights up with joy, he tells her that the baby is Thorne's. He admits that Thorne and Taylor are planning to marry.

Stephanie doesn't believe it. There is more to this, she says and I plan to get to the bottom of it. I don't know why, but Taylor is not telling you the truth. As she starts to leave, she tells Ridge that she is going to see Taylor. Taylor has to look me in the eye and say it, she says.

Maggie fills Amber in on Sheila's past and even shows her newspaper clippings. She tells her of the kidnapping back in GC. She then says Amber can keep her job, but she has to understand how important protecting Margaret is---which means keeping Sheila away. And now it is time for Margaret to be put to bed, she tells Amber. Amber gathers up Margaret and goes to the nursery.

Stephanie arrives at Taylor's house; I want the truth, she blurts out. Is this Thorne's baby?

The doorbell rings. Maggie opens the door and her eyes get big. It is Sheila. I want my baby back! she tells Maggie.

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