The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 22, 1997 on B&B
A judge ordered the Warricks to return Mary to Sheila. Lauren told Eric that Sally had been behind the picture in the Bible, and Sally was showing his designs in her collection. At Sally's fashion show, Grant took all the credit for the designs. Eric leaped at Grant, but security dragged Eric off.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 22, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, September 22, 1997

Sheila surprises Maggie when she barges in her house demanding she get her baby back. Maggie tries to calm Sheila down but Sheila won't give in. Sheila demands either Maggie bring Margaret to her, or she will get her herself. I am the one who brought Margaret into the world, Sheila reminds Maggie. Yes, but you gave her up, Maggie counters. Sheila admits that was a mistake and she is here to correct that mistake. When Maggie doesn't move, Sheila tries to get past her but they wind up trading blows.

Brooke is happy to see Thorne when he stops by her office. She asks him how things are with he and Taylor. Brooke can't wait until Stephanie finds out about Thorne and Taylor because she was so convinced Taylor was in love with Ridge. Brooke admits Thorne must be quite a stud to be able to take Taylor away from Ridge. Thorne turns the table and asks how things are with Brooke and Ridge. Brooke fills in Thorne on the time she spent with him at Big Bear. She also has something in the works that will enable her to spend more time with Ridge, but Thorne will have to wait until the board meeting to find out what. After Thorne leaves, Brooke asks Megan to setup the itinerary for a trip to Paris, Tokyo, and Milan. Megan asks who is going on the trip. Ridge and I are going, Brooke responds.

Stephanie asks Taylor if she is really carrying Thorne's baby. Taylor insists she is doing the right thing for herself and the baby and doesn't want to talk about it. If you slept with Thorne that was a mistake, one that can be forgiven, Stephanie suggests. It was no mistake, Taylor says. Steph finds it hard to believe that Taylor would sleep with Thorne while in love with his brother. You don't have to marry Thorne just because you slept with him one time, Steph informs. In the long run, marrying Thorne will only bring everyone involved pain, Steph continues.

Maggie and Sheila are throwing punches and rolling around when James busts in. They stop fighting and Sheila admits she tried to live without her baby but she is her daughter and she needs her back. You're not ready to have a child and you're not taking our child out of this house, Maggie screams. James agrees and offers to help Sheila but states she is not leaving the house with Margaret. "I have my right," Sheila says. "It hasn't been six months and I am going to get Mary back." Sheila storms out and James asks Amber to go with her to keep an eye on her. We have to do something, Maggie implores. We can't lose our baby!

Stephanie says she realizes Taylor was vulnerable in Hawaii with Thorne and that things happen, but that's life. Steph offers to help Taylor and Ridge get their life back on track. Ridge loves you and wants a future with you, Stephanie reminds Taylor. You don't love Thorne and can't marry him, she continues. It's not your decision, Taylor says. How am I destroying my life by marrying Thorne, Taylor asks, Ridge has Brooke. To marry Thorne would be irresponsible and foolish, Steph says. Ridge has already divorced me once and Brooke said to my face she is going after Ridge, Taylor informs. How much self-respect should I sacrifice this time? Again, Stephanie says you can fill yourself with rage and bitterness, but Thorne will never fulfill you the way Ridge can. There are lots of reasons to marry someone, Taylor says, including friendship and loyalty.

Thorne walks in on Stephanie and Taylor. Stephanie tells Thorne what she has been saying to Taylor: you two will never work out because Taylor is in love with Ridge. Ridge only brings her pain and rejection, so what is so wrong with trying to start a new life with someone else, Thorne asks his mother. Besides, Ridge will never get over Brooke. Thorne asks Stephanie to leave and says if she wants to be a part of her grandchild's life, she is going to have to accept he and Taylor together.

Tuesday, September 23, 1997

Lauren phones Eric wanting to explain what happen at the wedding but he wants nothing to do with her. Eric finds Stephanie and wants to patch things up with her. Eric vows not to let one stupid mistake ruin everything they had. Stephanie doesn't want to talk about the aborted wedding and fills Eric in on the news of Taylor's pregnancy. By the way, Steph mentions, it's Thorne's baby.

Thorne, Brooke, and Ridge are upset that they can't find the collection for their upcoming fashion show. They don't know what they will do if Grant does not give back the collection.

At Spectra, everyone is busy getting ready for their showing. Sally is sending out invitations to the Forresters. They will be stunned to learn that Grant is the new head designer of Spectra. Macy worries about the legality of showing Grant's collection since he designed them while working at Forrester.

Brooke informs Ridge that Eric hired a private detective to find the missing collection but so far he has not found anything. Brooke also wants Ridge to ready for the meeting. Something is going to come up in the meeting that you might not like, Brooke warns Ridge.

Eric is stunned to learn Taylor is pregnant with Thorne's child. Steph says Taylor feels secure with Thorne, and Steph can relate to the way Taylor feels. Afterall, loyalty is very important to a woman. Eric apologizes again for sleeping with Lauren and asks if there is anything he can do to make it up to her.

Sally wants Eric and Stephanie to have an unobstructed view at the Spectra showing. Lauren wants to speak to Sally about what happened at Eric and Stephanie's wedding. Sally admits she planted the picture in the minister's Bible for Lauren's own good. Besides, she loves to see Stephanie squirm, Sally admits. Lauren is upset because Eric thinks she is the one who planted the picture. Both have a laugh over Stephanie throwing Lauren in the pool. In a round about way, Lauren thanks Sally for stopping the wedding. Stephanie had her chance, Lauren says. Now she is going to make the most out of her opportunity to win Eric back, Lauren promises.

Tempers flare when all the Forresters gather for a meeting. Steph tries to calm down Ridge and Thorne. Eric reminds everyone why they are having a meeting: to find out what they are going to do about a collection this season. Forrester is one of the biggest fashion houses in the world and if they don't have a collection this season, by this time next year, they could be out of business.

Sally is glad Lauren is going after Eric again. Sally admits she is planning another surprise for the Forresters and introduces Grant as the new head designer of Spectra. Grant has given Spectra a collection that is so brilliant, it is going to put Spectra on the map with the biggest fashion houses in the world, Sally promises. Lauren wonders if Eric's missing collection is the one Sally is planning on showing.

Eric reports the private detective found nothing while looking for the missing collection. The Forresters realize Grant stole their collection but do not realize Grant is working at Spectra. They vow to find to designs within the next few hours.

Sally gives her crew a pep talk before their showing. This collection is going to give Spectra the power, success, and glory it so rightfully deserves. Spectra will be on top of the fashion world after the showing, Sally promises. Not only is Spectra going to take over the USA, but Spectra is about to take over the world!!

Wednesday, September 24, 1997

Everyone at Spectra is getting ready for the fashion show. Sally makes sure that two seats on the front row are left open for Eric and Stephanie. How appropriate that Eric and Stephanie will be there to watch Spectra great showing, Sally says.

Brooke admits she does not know what Grant might have done with their collection. Eric and Ridge feel awful for hiring Grant in the first place. Brooke has a solution she says Stephanie won't like. Brooke proposes an itinerary to every major market Forrester sells to: New York, Paris, Milan. With each market, Brooke suggests an all out publicity tour complete with billboards, magazine covers. The two people she suggests go on this six months publicity tour are, (surprise) she and Ridge.

Grant and Macy get ready for Spectra's big showing. Grant thanks Macy for her support while he has been working at Spectra and says nothing would be possible without her. Later, Grant gives the models a pep talk and says this is the year Spectra make it's mark on the fashion industry. Grant is adamant the show not begin until the Forresters arrive.

Sally can't wait for the moment of truth. Nothing is going to get in the way of Spectra's big showing, not even the Forresters, Sally says.

Clarke joins the Forrester meeting. Thorne and Brooke both want to hire him, but Ridge wants nothing to do with Garrison. Stephanie receives her invitation to the Spectra showing. Thorne reminds everyone Clarke was instrumental in getting rid of Grant. Clarke asks only to help on the spring collection and if his designs are not any good, he will leave. Eric realizes they need help in getting a spring collection out with their collection stolen. Eric hires Clarke on a trial basis. Brooke, Clarke, Stepahanie, and Eric head for Spectra.

Before leaving for Spectra, Lauren catches Eric alone in his office. She admits she taped their night in bed together but she had nothing to do with planting the picture in the minister's Bible. Eric is furious when Lauren tells him Sally is the one behind the picture. Eric can't believe Sally Spectra blew up his wedding. There's more news, Lauren says. She knows where his missing designs are...

Brooke arrives at the Spectra showing with Clarke. What an odd pair, Sally remarks. Grant notices Brooke's arrival and says she is about to witness her worst nightmare.

The show starts with a dazzling, brilliant collection. Finally, it is payback time for Brooke, Grant says.

Thursday, September 25, 1997

The Spectra fashion show begins! Model after model wearing Grant's designs strut their stuff down the runway. Flash bulbs go off and the crowd is pleased by what they see.

Clarke and Brooke sit in reserved seats at the very front. As the models parade by, they are astonished by what they see. Where did these come from, Clarke wants to know; Brooke is speechless. Standing in the shadows behind the curtain is Grant. He is not only watching the show, but he is watching his "honored guests." He appears pleased by what he sees on both counts. Finally, he whispers. Finally, Brooke, it is pay back time.

Backstage all is organized madness and mayhem. The main topic of conversation---except for the fashions---is the guests of honor. Sally is as high as a kite on excitement.

Brooke continues to be impressed but puzzled by the designs she is viewing. Are they yours? she asks Clarke. No way, Clarke answers. He says that he left Spectra with nothing. He doesn't know where these designs came from. They are really good, Brooke admits.

As they supervise the show, the Spectra women are elated.

Back in Eric's office, Lauren has just told him that it was Sally who put the picture of them in the minister's Bible. But there is more, she says. This had better be good, Eric tells her angrily. I know where your designs are, she tells him. Eric is hopeful as he asks her where they are. They are at Spectra, Lauren tells him, Grant is their new head designer for Spectra. I don't believe Grant would do this; why would he be that stupid. He has to be stopped. Eric reaches for the phone but Lauren stops him. It is too late, she tells him; the designs are on the runway as we speak. Eric is angry. He goes to the phone and calls Jonathan. He yells into the phone that Grant is showing the designs at Spectra. He can't get away with this, he tells Jonathan. He tells Jonathan to call him in the car; he is on his way to Spectra. Lauren tries to stop him but it is no use. She follows Eric out of the office.

The show continues. More and more wonderful designs are shown. Many of the designs have a dramatic Oriental look. Suddenly the fashion designs change to shorter, more traditional wear. One of these designs is a beautiful tangerine lace slip dress with an open back. Brooke is interested in all the designs but this particular one catches her eye. Clarke, could Sally have designed these? she asks. No way, Clarke tells her. I know Sally's work and she couldn't even touch this. That dress---Brooke begins----there is something familiar about it. Then she gasps! Oh My God! she says. This is our collection!

Clarke and Brooke look angry. A reporter is on the phone telling someone that this is big. It is going to be the lead story. I don't yet know who this designer is but whoever it is, he is the next star of LA Fashion.

In the limousine, Eric is very impatient. It seems it is taking forever to get to Spectra. Eric checks his watch. I don't believe this. The show must be half over by now. Let Jonathan take care of it, Lauren tells him. No! it is my collection! Eric responds.

I can't believe Grant would do this, Brooke tells Clarke. He is a weasel, Clarke tells her. He actually stole our collection, Brooke continues, unbelievably. I can't believe he would do that.

The fashion parade continues with more gowns; these are long, sexy and ultra feminine mostly in soft but vibrant colors. Brooke's eyes are about to pop out of her head and her mouth hangs open.

Backstage, Sally approaches Grant. How do you feel Genius? she asks him. This is a total success. You should see the press; they have been bombarding me with questions. Darla hurries up. Elsa Klensch wants an interview with you, she exclaims. There you are, Sally says as she pats Grant on the back. You are now an International Sensation! Brooke walks backstage. She and Grant stare at each other across the room. Eric arrives with Lauren. As the guard tries to stop them, Lauren tells him it is okay; Eric is with her. They rush into the crowded room. Grant approaches Brooke. Are you enjoying the show? he asks. How could you do this? she asks him. Do what? the innocent designer asks. You stole our designs, Brooke accused him. No, no I didn't steal your designs. These are my designs. You may have changed the fabrics, the colors and put a different aspect to them, but they are still Forrester designs, Brooke tells him. You were an employee of Forrester so the designs belong to them. No, Brooke, I was the CEO and working without a contract. These are my designs. "So I guess you got your revenge," Brooke says. "Now we are even." "No, Brooke, we aren't anywhere near even. I have lost much more here than you have and I will never, ever be even. You will excuse me now, as I have a show to finish," he tells her sadly and walks away.

Eric watches as the models make one last walk down the runway and back to the stage. That is ours! he says. A change in fabric but still ours.

The show-stopper appears. It is a dramatic gown with a magnificent headpiece. At first all you see is a solid full cape of soft, solid aquamarine. As the model swings around the full cape swirls dramatically and falls open to reveal the gown. It is a full-skirted, strapless gown of cream antique brocade with a pattern of aquamarine roses; there are also inserts of aquamarine with cream roses. The bodice is covered with small fabric roses. The headpiece of aquamarine netting stands tall and cage like with roses floating inside.

As the show ends, all the models come onto the stage wearing their beautiful dresses and gowns. Sally then makes an entrance. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Spectra. You have just seen our Spring '98 collection and it is HOT! Pstttt!! And now, I want to present the creative genius who designed this collection---Mr. Grant Chambers. Grant appears and is greeted by thunderous applause.

Eric rushes up on the stage and grabs Grant. The flashbulbs pop! Guards rush up and grab Eric as he is shouting that these designs are his. The guards drag him off the stage and into the back of the room. He watches helplessly as Grant takes his bows. Sally is looking at Eric as she tells the audience that these are designs of Spectra. Forrester has been left behind. This is a new day in fashion. As the saying goes: "The king is dead; long live the king!"

Friday, September 26, 1997
by Gladys

Brooke is shaking her head over the news in the morning paper. Thorne enters and says he has already read the paper. If only I had waited until after the fashion show to throw Grant out! Brooke laments. Yes, but then Taylor wouldn't know that you are free for Ridge, responds Thorne. I can't believe my life this past year, Brooke moans. First I marry Grant, then the shooting happens, I find out my marriage is phony and now this!

Taylor is moping around her house. Let's see if I can hold this down, she tells herself. There is a knock at the door and it is Ridge. She lets him in when he tells her he needs to talk. She mentions the newspaper story and he says his dad is strong; he will bounce back. But he isn't sure about himself. If you are her to vent . . . Taylor begins, but Ridge says that is not the reason. Then why? Taylor wants to know.

James, Maggie and Margaret enter their home attended by Scott. The sad looks on their faces tell it all. I love her so much, Maggie says as she places a kiss on Margaret's head. How could the Judge do it? We didn't even have the chance to tell him about Sheila. There was nothing else he could do, explains Scott. We should have told him how dangerous Sheila is, Maggie insisted. I'm her father, James shouts. Don't I have any rights?

Picasso is pacing the floor at Sheila's house. Mike is resting on the sofa; he tells her to settle down---her pacing is getting on his nerves. I'm just so nervous, Amber tells him. What is going to happen now? Well, babe, Mike tells her, the old Sheila is back. Things are gonna start happening now! The door opens and Sheila enters with her attorney. She introduces the attorney to her friends. She happily announces her news: the Judge has given her back her baby. There is nothing the Warricks can do? demands Amber. There ensues a few moments of dead quiet as everyone stares at Amber who is obviously upset by the news. Just at that moment, the doorbell sounds. It is a delivery from Babyland. Sheila tells Amber to show them to the spare room. But . . . that is my room; where will I sleep? Amber wants to know. Sheila tells her that they will work something out. Mike wants to know when they will get the baby and Sheila says just as soon as the Sheriff's deputy arrives. At this, Mike decides he has to leave. I'll be back later, he tells Sheila. Amber returns and asks if the baby will be back tonight. Sheila tells her that she will pick the baby up in just a little while.

Yes, you have rights, James, Connor says. But the Judge tends to lean toward the natural mother. You will have to prove that Sheila is an unfit mother and that isn't easy to do. While Maggie can't adopt the baby, you can fight to get custody. There is no way to keep Sheila from taking the child today.

Thorne and Brooke are talking about the World Publicity Tour. It is exactly what this company needs, Thorne admits. Brooke says it is exactly what Ridge needs to get you and Taylor off his mind. He will take some convincing, she says, since all he can think about is Taylor. He has been very focused on Taylor and we haven't had a chance to talk. No time like the present, Thorne tells her. Brooke calls Ridge but Megan tells him that he is at Taylor's.

Ridge is at Taylor's! Thorne gasps. He is probably just looking for some closure, Brooke tells him. Don't worry; you are with Taylor now and she is carrying your baby. Taylor has made her decision; if she cared for Ridge, she never would have been intimate with you. By the way, you never did tell me exactly how it happened. Thorne is evasive; he acts like he doesn't know what she is talking about. But Brooke won't let it go. She wants to know the intimate details of their night of love in Hawaii. Give me the details. Did it happen in the bedroom, on the beach, where? Thorne continues to evade but Brooke pushes on. You and Taylor created a life. The best thing for you, for Ridge, for all of us is to get Ridge out of the country as soon as possible.

Why are you here? Taylor asks. Ridge tells her that he isn't sure. He keeps thinking---well not thinking as much as reeling---I keep bouncing all over the place; he is furious, miserable; he hates Thorne, he hates her, he hates himself. He can't make sense of any of it, but he didn't want to leave things like they were the last time they talked. He tells her he was out of control and he is sorry. Taylor says she can understand why he does a lot of things but that doesn't mean she likes it or can live with it. I don't want that to be the way you remembered me. You make it sound like I'll never see you again, Taylor says. Are you going away? Ridge says he doesn't know what he is going to do. Taylor says he will figure things out; he did pretty well when she thought she was dead. Ridge is hurt and she apologizes to him. Ridge admits that he has failed. When he thought she had died, he was angry---at fate, God; but this time, it is even harder---maybe because he is so angry with himself. But he has been learning to do better; he thought he was doing better. When she told him she was pregnant, he was so happy! I just keep making myself crazy, thinking that's the way things would have been if I'd just . . . I am sorry. Taylor reaches out to him.

The delivery men keep bringing in baby things. Amber says she just thought Sheila would give the Warricks a chance to say good-bye. Sheila tells her she has been without her baby for too long. My daughter belongs with me and the State of California agrees. The deputy arrives and they are ready to leave.

As they leave, Amber wants Sheila to give this a little more thought. Sheila has had enough. She tells Amber that she is running out of patience. She should either get with the program or get her little butt back to Death Valley. But then again, maybe James and Maggie will take her in and treat her like one of their own. She turns and strides confidently out the door. After thinking for a second, a snide smile appears on Amber's face.

Don't beat yourself up, Taylor tells Ridge. If you had to work that hard to make me happy, we weren't meant to be. But Ridge insists that they were meant to be and he just screwed it up. Lets move on, she says. Easier said than done, Ridge admits. But maybe not in your case. This decision was not easy for me, Taylor tells him. That was then; what about now? Ridge asks. If you have any regrets at all, you don't have to do anything just because of the baby. It's not just about the baby. It is about me; what I can handle and what I can't. Ridge starts to leave but Taylor says she can't let him leave; not without telling him . . . But Ridge stops her. I know there is a lot unsaid, but maybe we need to leave it that way. You are with Thorne now. How can I expect you to hang around waiting for me to get my act together when you have Thorne. He'll be good for you and the baby. Good-bye. Taylor bites her lips and lets him walk out. She tells the baby that she is sorry. Outside, Ridge gazes into the distance.

Connor tells Maggie and James that she would move heaven and earth if he thought he could help. The doorbell rings. Oh no, no, Maggie cries as James goes to the door. It is Sheila, her attorney and the deputy. James gives Sheila an "if looks could kill" look. Sheila is happy to see her daughter. She says she will take her now but Maggie turns away and implores James. James wants Sheila to reconsider but she tells him she has made up her mind. James yells at Sheila as he moves to Maggie's side. The deputy tells Maggie to turn over the baby. James roughly grabs Sheila's arm and tries to drag her away. The deputy steps between them but Sheila tells him it is okay; just keep an eye on the baby. James and Sheila go into the nursery. James tells Sheila she is making a terrible mistake. Sheila says her mistake was in agreeing to the adoption in the first place. James says she can't just take the baby away from it's home but Sheila says the baby's home is with her. How can you be so selfish? James asks. Me, selfish! You take away the most beautiful thing I ever do in my life and I am selfish? James begs from the bottom of his heart that she don't do this. There is a close-up of Sheila's face, but she doesn't answer.

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