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James set out to prove that Sheila was an unfit mother -- by moving in with her. Amber helped by hinting to Sheila that she could win James back. Thorne and Brooke arranged for Taylor to see Brooke and Ridge together. The plan backfired, and Taylor headed to Ridge to reveal her child's paternity.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 29, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, September 29, 1997

Eric thanks Stephanie for bailing him out of jail following his tirade at the Spectra showing. Eric tells Stephanie it was Sally who planted the picture, not Lauren. It doesn't matter who planted the picture, Steph says, the fact remains that you slept with Lauren. Thorne, Ridge, and Brooke meet with Eric and Stephanie to decide what to do about Spectra showing their spring collection. Eric phoned his lawyer Jonathan to see if there is any legal recourse they can take.

James tries to reason with Sheila. Sheila reminds James she is the baby's mother and she shares a connection with the baby that no one can break. James promises the baby will always no her biological mother and what an incredible sacrifice she gave when giving the baby up for adoption. James asks Sheila not to revert to her old evil ways by taking the baby. It's not about temptation, Sheila says, it's about a mother longing for her child.

Eric fills Jonathan in on the Spectra situation. Jonathan says the Forresters can bring Grant before a judge but the collection Spectra showed was a modified Forrester collection and Grant could prolong a trial indefinitely since he was not under contract while working at Forrester. That would force Forrester not to have a spring showing which would be professional suicide, Eric says. Thorne suggests Brooke's idea of an all out media blitz to every major market Forrester sells to. Eric has an idea that might be Forresters last chance...

Connor reminds Maggie that Sheila is within her legal rights to claim Margaret. That doesn't make handing over an innocent child to an evil woman right, Maggie counters. Maggie blasts the police for helping Sheila take Margaret away and warns if the baby is taken away, Margaret is the one who will suffer.

Eric admits his idea will be the biggest gamble in the thirty-five year history of Forrester. If Forrester misses a spring showing, it will kill the company. Eric says Forrester is going to put on a show, albeit late, but they are going to mount a collection and take the showing on the road. Forrester will put on a road show so spectacular, the fashion industry will have to take notice. The show will go to every major market. Only with everyone working together can they pull this off, Eric advises. Ridge, Thorne, and Brooke support Eric and his idea, but does Stephanie. After Eric convinces Steph that without her, Forrester will not be able to pull this off, she gives her support. Eric states this will be the biggest challenge of their professional lives but they will give the industry a showing they will never forget!

Sheila has come to a decision: she wants her baby back. James says she is not capable of being a mother while Maggie pleads for Sheila not to take away the baby. James has to move Maggie from the baby's crib so Sheila can take the baby. With Maggie screaming "No, No, No" Sheila takes her baby and heads home.

Eric and Stephanie worry that the delayed Forrester Spring Collection may be their last Eric and Stephanie worry that the delayed Forrester Spring Collection may be their last
Tuesday, September 30, 1997

Clarke is settling into his new office at Forrester when Eric stops by. Clarke shows Eric a design he made for the fall collection. Eric wants to concentrate on a spring collection. Clarke thinks it's too late to design a collection for spring. Eric says he's not paying Clarke to think, just to be creative.

Grant is upset because Brooke showed up at the Spectra showing with Clarke. Sally advises Grant not to let the Forresters get to him. Remember, after yesterday's showing, Spectra is now a major player in the fashion industry, Sally advises. Lauren shows up at Sally's office on Sally's request.

Maggie is terribly upset over losing Margaret. James promises he will do everything to get their baby back. What can he do, Maggie asks, Sheila was within her legal rights. Maggie urges James to do something to get Margaret back. Later, James calls Connor do see what legal recourse they have against Sheila. The only way to get your little girl back is to go to court, Connor advises. James admits he is afraid for Margaret due to Sheila history of mental instability. That is the angle they can take to court, Connor says.

Sheila arrives home with the baby to the chagrin of Amber. Amber wonders how Maggie is taking losing her baby. Sheila reminds Amber that Mary is her baby, not Maggie's. Sheila admits she needs help with the baby otherwise, she would send Amber home. Mike advises Sheila not to trust Amber. Sheila doesn't trust Amber, but she trusts Amber with Mary. Sheila warns Amber is she crosses her one more time, she will send her butt back to Death Valley in a casket!

Sally realizes Lauren told Eric Spectra was showing Grant's collection. Sally isn't too upset because she knows why Lauren did it. If Eric found out by himself, he wouldn't forgive Lauren's part in it. Sally advises Lauren to take the direct approach to win Eric's heart. That means knocking out the enemy, Queen Stephanie. Stephanie is going to fill Eric's head with evil thoughts about you every chance she can get, Sally warns Lauren. Therefore, you need to counter by going after Stephanie, Sally suggests.

Lauren heads to the Forrester camp to set the record straight concerning what happened at Eric and Stephanie's wedding. Lauren explains to Steph that Sally is the one who planted the picture. The picture never was the issue, Stephanie says. Lauren says she knows Stephanie is filling Eric's head with all kinds of garbage about her. The only thing Eric and I talk about these days is business, Stephanie informs. Stephanie concludes that Lauren is going after Eric again. Why should you care is I become involved with Eric again, Lauren asks, you're not going to marry him. Lauren admits she wants Eric and vows to have him.

Connor says the only way to win Margaret back is to provide the court with evidence that Sheila is unstable. James has to start spending time with Sheila and observe her, Connor suggests. James realizes he has to get Sheila to trust him again. Not only that, Connor says, but Sheila has to be convinced that you love her while you secretly build your case against her. James is going to have to deceive Sheila but if he doesn't, she might harm the baby someday. James vows to do whatever it takes to get Margaret back, even is that means moving in with Sheila.

Sheila vows never to leave Mary again.

Wednesday, October 1, 1997

Thorne notices Clarke is working on three designs at one time. Clarke says he wants to make this the best showing Forrester has ever had. It will have to be, Thorne says, because we are competing with ourselves since Spectra showed Forrester's original collection. Clarke assumes Stephanie is planning a big, splashy wedding for he and Taylor. Quite the opposite, Thorne says. In fact, even family will be lucky to get an invitation to this wedding.

Doctor Santana realizes Taylor has not eliminated the source of stress in her life which is affecting her unborn child. The doc says Taylor is expecting too much from herself by keeping the baby's paternity a secret from Ridge. Santana urges Taylor to settle that matter once and for all.

Maggie wants to go to Sheila and reason with her but James won't hear of it. He tells Maggie he has devised a plan of his own in hopes of getting Margaret back. Maggie is upset to learn James is planning on moving in with Sheila. The only way to get Margaret back is to prove Sheila is an unfit mother, James says. The only way to prove Sheila is unfit is to observe her daily behavior. Maggie suggests using Amber to prove Sheila is unfit but James says they can't depend on a seventeen year old.

Eric is busy creating a collection when Lauren poses as a model. Lauren is there because she feels responsible for what happened at Eric and Stephanie's wedding. Lauren makes it known that she would never have let Sally ruin the wedding had she known. The point is the wedding was ruined, Eric says. Now he is concentrating on winning Stephanie back. If you don't win her back it is because you are not trying hard enough and deep down you still have feelings for me, Lauren informs Eric.

Thorne comes home to Taylor's and wants to discuss their wedding. Thorne wants to marry in a couple of weeks but Taylor wants to wait. Taylor uses the excuse of the doctor told her to limit her stress and a wedding would be stressful. It won't be a big wedding, Thorne says. Taylor admits she is just now taking control of her life and a wedding is not in the picture. Thorne thinks there is more to it but says the most important thing in her life now is to remain as comfortable as ever.

Maggie doesn't want James to move in with Sheila because he will have to convince Sheila that he is in love with her and doesn't want Maggie anymore. James reminds Maggie they have to get Margaret away from Sheila before Sheila does something to harm the baby. James promises to get Sheila to trust him and to think he cares. Maggie agrees for the baby's sake. James phones Sheila and says he wants to come over because he needs to see her.

Thursday, October 2, 1997

Ridge is hard at work. Stephanie enters and asks how it is going. He tells her that it is going good; "We're going to make it." he tells her. He asks about his father and Stephanie says she has made him take a break and she is here to see that Ridge takes a break. Later, he tells her. He asks if she has seen Clarke's work. She admits that she has and it is good work. He wonders where Thorne is. Stephanie says that something is wrong there. She never sees him and they haven't announced their engagement. Ridge doesn't want to talk about them, but Stephanie says that he should. He should find it curious that the two of them doesn't ring true as a relationship. She was all committed to you, she goes away for a day or two then comes back engaged to Thorne. She comes back pregnant, Ridge corrects her. So what? Stephanie asks. She thought you were going away for 20 years. She is depressed and vulnerable so she goes away with Thorne and in a moment of weakness, she gets pregnant. That is no reason to marry someone she doesn't love. I think she is marrying Thorne because she thinks it is expected of her. Someone has to convince her that it is the wrong thing to do---someone like you.

Taylor visits James in his office. She is sorry to hear that Sheila has revoked the adoption. He tells her that he will see Sheila later. He asks about the panic attacks; she claims that her panic attacks are no longer a problem, but her blood pressure is borderline. But I'm back working and going on with my life, she tells him. He warns her that she is making a mistake in not telling Ridge that he is the father of her baby. I think you will suffer every day of your life and if you go ahead with this marriage and deny Ridge his child, you will drive yourself to madness.

Thorne shows up in Brooke's office depressed over Taylor's delaying the wedding. Brooke, examining designs, says that everyone is on a mission; they are going to pull this off! Yes, Thorne says, Dad is amazing, isn't her? And so is Ridge, Brooke enthuses (no one seems to think Clarke is contributing here). I think this European tour is just what Ridge needs. Thorne wishes it were that simple where Taylor is concerned. It looks like we aren't getting married.

You aren't getting married? What is going on. Thorne tells her that he is sensing a change. She isn't interested in getting married. She is working on her career. This is only a temporary set-back, Brooke predicts. She is pregnant with your baby; of course she is going to marry you. There is no reason to feel insecure. I wish I could believe that, Thorne moans. Brooke tells him that Ridge is edging in her direction and Taylor will come around. Despite her reluctance, I am sure she loves you very much. Otherwise she wouldn't be carrying your baby, right? Lighten up, she tells him. Things will work out. So, how are things in the bedroom? Still great, huh? Thorne is floored by the question and tries to evade answering it.

You want me to tell Ridge that it is his baby when he loves Brooke? Taylor asks, aghast. James tries to convince her that she is overreacting. Taylor doesn't think so since she saw them in bed together. Again, James tries to reason with her. After all, she had been away with Thorne a number of days. And that justifies it? she wants to know. She tells James that she is tired of competing for Ridge. There is too much flip-flopping between her and Brooke. Sure, Ridge would marry her, but how long would it be before he went running back to Brooke? He has done it before and he would do it again. Look how it affects me, my health, my self-esteem. James says she still has to tell Ridge before she marries Thorne. Taylor admits that they have put off the marriage. James tells her that she still has to tell Ridge. Then she can do what she wants to. If she still wants to marry Thorne, then she can. Otherwise, if she doesn't, she will regret it. There won't be a day when you don't wake up thinking of Ridge. When you look at the child, you will remember it all the more. I know you; I know what you are like. You can't live with that kind of pressure. You will crack. Please, tell Ridge and let the chips fall where they may.

Ridge is dumbfounded that Stephanie wants him to convince Taylor not to marry Thorne. But Stephanie insists that he has to do this. She is convinced that Taylor will be making a huge mistake if she marries Thorne while she still loves Ridge.

Thorne tells Brooke that he needs Taylor to see Brooke and Ridge together. Brooke is surprised but between the two of them, they cook up a plan to do just that. Brooke agrees to have Ridge take her to Mannequins for dinner. Thorne is sure he can convince Taylor to go out with him. Once there, Taylor will see Brooke and Ridge together. This will show Taylor that Ridge wants to be with Brooke; then Taylor will forget Ridge and turn back to Thorne. Brooke doesn't think this is necessary but goes along. She continues to question Thorne's sex life and is surprised that they do not have a sexual relationship.

Brooke visits Ridge and is disturbed when Ridge begins voicing doubts about the relationship between Thorne and Taylor. Something is not right here, he says. With some difficulty, Brooke finally gets him off the Taylor/Thorne subject and asks him to dinner. He tells her he has too much work to do, but she finally convinces him that he will be more productive if he takes time off for dinner. She wants to treat him to dinner at Mannequins and he finally agrees.

Thorne convinces Taylor to go out to dinner with him. Don't you owe it to me after canceling our picnic? he asks. Once she has agreed to go out with him, he goes to his office and calls Brooke. He tells her that everything is set; he has made the reservations. Now all I have to do is put on a really good show, Brooke jokes. I hope it isn't just a show, Thorne says to which Brooke tells him that of course it "isn't a show." It has to be a good "show" he tells Brooke, because if Taylor thinks there is any chance for her with Ridge, it will be all over. How could it be all over when she has your baby inside her? Brooke questions. Never mind, he tells her. Just be there and do it. This has to work, he says as he hangs up the phone. " If it doesn't, it is all over for you and me, Taylor. And it is all over for the baby."

Friday, October 3, 1997
by Gladys

Thorne and Taylor arrive at Mannequins. As they sit, Thorne is looking around so obviously that Taylor asks if he is looking for someone. No, he answers; he then excuses himself and goes to the phones. He calls Brooke at her office. Why are you still there? he wants to know. Don't worry, she assures him. We are leaving very soon.

Amber visits James. She has told Sheila that she is in the park sketching. I'll draw a few trees and bushes on the bus ride home, she tells James. Sheila is all wrapped up in that kid; she'll never know the difference. James wonders how things are going for her. He and Maggie want her to keep tabs on Sheila so they can prove she is unfit. Amber will have none of it. Sheila threatened to kill her when she found out about the last time Amber visited James. But if you were just close to her, she might learn to trust you and open up with you. You could then report back to us, James tells her. Amber becomes evasive. I know you need help, but I have problems too. Now that I don't work for you, I need money. I have to look for a job, otherwise, how am I ever going to have the money for the car? She walks away with a smile on her face. The car? James asks. Oh yes! she says excitedly. Then she goes on to describe the car she already has picked out. It is a red convertible with a white top. It has everything. Again she turns. all right, James says. The car is yours. Really? The day Margaret comes back to Maggie and me you will get the car, James assures her. Amber bounces out of the office on a cloud. James picks up the phone and calls Sheila.

Sheila is playing with the baby when James calls. He tells her he is on his way over. Sheila tells him that she has changed her mind. I am in no mood for a confrontation, she tells him. James assures her that there will be no confrontation. I miss her terrible, he tells Sheila. Sheila relents and tells him to come on over.

Ridge is working in his office. A very sexy Brooke walks in, skirts up to there, and poses. Ahem, she says getting his attention. His mouth drops open as he surveys her from top to bottom. When he finishes giving her a long "once over," his mouth closes in a slow smile. Did you really have to do that? he asks. Don't you like it? she asks. Yes, but it makes it harder to tell you I have changed my mind, he tells her. He explains that he is up against a brick wall. You're just tired, Brooke wheedles. You need to relax. Go out with me for just an hour and when you come back you will be relaxed and refreshed and inspired. She tells him that she is going for the car; be ready in 10 minutes.

Sheila is caring for the baby when Amber returns. She demands to know where Amber has been and Amber gives her the ready-made excuse. Sheila tells her that she needed some help; this is the third time she has changed the baby's clothes after she spit up on them. Babies do that, Amber laughs and takes over. It isn't that, Sheila explains. I am a nervous wreck. James is coming over and he will blame me for anything that is wrong. He will hold it against me and try to take my baby away from me. I don't need this kind of pressure, she says. I am going to call him and tell him not to come. But Amber suggests that it will be good to see James. Just fix yourself up a little and remind him of the old Sheila. After all, he must have been attracted to you once, otherwise how did you make this little baby. Sheila decides it wouldn't hurt to go up and fix her hair. She leaves and Amber smiles. "So far, so good." she says.

The waiter brings an extra plate of pickles and Taylor eagerly begins biting into one. "Pickles?" Thorne laughs. I know, she says, I could have been a little more original, Taylor concedes. Taylor becomes serious. She needs to talk to him. Her conscious is hurting her. She wants to tell Ridge about the baby. Thorne protests. He reminds her that Ridge has lied to her; he has betrayed her. It isn't about me, she says. It is about Ridge and his baby.

Ridge and Brooke enter Mannequins. It is really crowded, he says. Looks like a lot of people had the same idea we had. He asks if she wants to leave. Brooke looks around and sees Thorne and Taylor. No, she tells Ridge. I'd like to stay.

Thorne continues to rant at Taylor about all the things Ridge as ever done to her. Taylor tells him that it is more complicated than that. I have accepted that Ridge is with Brooke, she tells him. Thorne spies Brooke and Ridge. Now is your chance to prove it, he tells Taylor.

Ridge isn't hungry. Brooke cajoles him into ordering and forgetting the office. He tells her that he has never felt this way before. Always before he could lose himself in his work, but not now. Brooke looks around and suddenly wants to leave. Why? Ridge wonders. Without telling him why, Brooke looks in Thorne and Taylor's direction and continues to insist that they leave. Ridge follows her look and sees his brother with the woman he loves.

Taylor wonders what Thorne is talking about. Then it won't bother you that they are sitting right over there? Thorne asks. Taylor looks across the room and locks eyes with Ridge. They stare at each other.

Amber is singing to the baby and swing her about in her arms. "Baby you can drive my car," she sings. The doorbell rings and she opens the door for James. James is happy to see his little girl. He is cooing over her when Sheila enters the room. He speaks to her softly and she smiles at him.

James and Sheila sit side by side on the sofa playing with the baby. James is talking to the baby and calls her Margaret. Sheila corrects him; her name is Mary. Amber is watching. She tells James that the baby is doing really well. She is eating and sleeping. I know you are worried about your little girl, especially because of Sheila's past history of instability. She continues to go on about Sheila's past while Sheila tries to get her to be quiet. James tells Amber that he has always known that Sheila has a loving and nurturing side. Sheila offers to let him feed the baby. She goes for a bottle and leaves James alone with the baby. He tells Mary that her "mommy" misses her. Amber corners Sheila. It is going great, isn't it? James can still be attracted to you. If you work it right, you could have your baby and her father. I'd give anything to unite my family, Sheila admits wistfully.

Ridge won't leave the restaurant and give his brother the satisfaction. Brooke remarks that they are all wrapped up in one another.

Taylor says that it didn't take Brooke long; it didn't take Ridge long, Thorne reminds her. Now, do you still think Ridge needs to know about the baby? Taylor tries to reason with him. It doesn't matter whether he is with Brooke or not, he still has the right to know his child and be involved in it's life. Thorne says he will be involved. But only as an uncle, Taylor says. Ridge has always wanted a baby of his own. Look at them, Thorne almost shouts at her. Ridge will never let me raise his child---not the brother that he hates. He will do everything he can to get you back. And once he has you, he will betray you. He will betray you and your baby. Is that what your child really needs? But Taylor can't continue to lie. I am going to tell him. She says. I am going to tell him everything. She rises from the table and heads in Ridges direction as Thorne watches in desperation.

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