The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 24, 1997 on B&B

James and Maggie's plan to catch Sheila being an unfit mother failed, and a stunned James found himself married and honeymooning with Sheila. Mike told Sheila about the plan to entrap her, and Sheila leaped from the hotel roof. Eric continued to be suspicious of Rush, while Lauren grew closer to the man.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 24, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, November 24, 1997

Sheila leaves her house and Mary while Maggie and the social worker watch from the car. Maggie is sure Sheila has given herself enough rope to hang herself.

At the church, Molly and Damian fret that Sheila has not arrived and the minister has another ceremony to perform shortly. James doesn't believe Sheila will leave the child. Amber heads home to pack because once Sheila finds out what has happened, Amber will surely be kicked out of Sheila's house.

Maggie and the social worker enter Sheila's house with a key James gave Maggie. Maggie tries to get into the nursery but can't because the nursery door is locked. After trying to push the door open, Maggie is frantic she will not be able to get to her baby. Amber comes home and helps Maggie break the door down. Maggie is reunited with Margaret at last only the find Mike in the house.

James feels guilty for misleading his most difficult patient. It goes against everything his ethics stand for. Conner reminds James to focus on what is right for his daughter. Sheila arrives at the church. Conner reminds James they can't leave the wedding until they get a call from Maggie saying she has Margaret. The wedding begins...

The minister begins by saying how well James and Sheila compliment each other and how much he admires James for devoting his life to the emotional well being of others. Damian also offers kind words for Sheila. Conner hopes Maggie calls to end the wedding.

Maggie tells the social worker since Sheila abandoned an innocent baby, that is proof that Sheila is an unfit mother. Mike says Sheila didn't abandon anyone. He is there to babysit. He says he got a call from Sheila when Amber got stuck in traffic and offered to come over to watch Mary. Maggie says Mike is a criminal and can't be trusted. The social worker doesn't see it that way. She says the baby was left in capable hands.

Sheila and James exchange rings and vows. Conner gets a call from Maggie but informs her it's too late. James and Sheila just got married!

Tuesday, November 25, 1997

James and Sheila arrive at their honeymoon suite to Sheila's delight. James is still feeling regretful for deceiving Sheila.

Taylor is stunned to learn the James married Sheila. James never mentioned anything to her when the last talked. Maybe James is embarrassed, Thorne suggests. Taylor thinks there is more to the marriage than James marrying Sheila for the baby.

After leaving Sheila, James heads to over to Maggie's. He wants to know why she didn't call on time to stop the wedding. Maggie explains that Mike was babysitting Margaret so the social worker assumed the baby was in capable, adult hands. James admits he can't go on like this, deceiving a former patient of his. James wants Maggie to admit they have lost the baby. Maggie wonders why James is going soft on her. Does he have feelings for Sheila?

While James is away, Sheila talks to her mother on the phone then gets a knock on the door. It's Mike. He starts telling Sheila about Maggie busting in her house about 30 seconds after she left for the church. Mike informs Sheila that Maggie knew Sheila left the baby alone and Amber was part of the plan. Sheila says she will deal with Maggie and Amber after her honeymoon. James was in on it too, Mike says. Sheila thinks Mike is telling this to break up her marriage. Sheila throws Mike out for lying to her.

After filling in Taylor on the latest news regarding James, Taylor asks Thorne if he knows when Ridge and Brooke's wedding is. Thorne informs Taylor that they have postponed their wedding until Eric is found.

James says the feelings he has for Sheila are sympathy. James admits he can't stand the person he has become. Lying to a former patient goes against everything he stands for. Maggie asks him what he cares about more, his principle or his daughter.

Mike continues to provide Sheila with the truth. Sheila still can't believe James would deceive her and insists that he loves her. Mike offers proof of James' deception. He pulls out a camera he found in the vent in the baby's nursery and plays the tape James was planning on using. Sheila is stunned. James had to live in the house in order to get proof the Sheila was an unfit mother, Mike explains. Sheila remembers James locking himself in the nursery but he said he was planning a surprise.

Mike leaves and James returns to the hotel suite. He finds a note Sheila left with instructions to meet him on the roof.

Mike stops by Sheila's house and informs Amber he told Sheila everything. Amber says she only betrayed Sheila because she thought it was in the baby's best interest. Mike suggests now that Sheila now the truth, the old drive that makes Sheila, Sheila, will come back. Amber wonders what Sheila is going to do. Mike isn't sure but thinks Sheila is planning on being a widow before the night is over.

On the roof, James is looking for Sheila. Once she appears, she questions if he really cared where she was. Of course I care, James says. Sheila walks toward the edge of the roof, devastated and asks James how he could betray her??

Wednesday, November 26, 1997

On the roof of the hotel Sheila is devastated the James lied about caring for her. Sheila admits knowing about the conspiracy and at first she couldn't believe it but should have known James' love was to good to be true. James admits he lied to her but he does really care.

Stephanie and Ridge get word the storm has cleared where Eric's plane went down but are warned the rescue team must be highly trained. Stephanie is cautioned that because the plane went down in such a remote area, even if Eric survived the crash, it is unlikely he has survived. Stephanie is determined not to give up hope and prays for Eric's safety.

Eric wants to try the radio again but Rush says he tried earlier and got no response. Eric doesn't believe him. Lauren tries to calm Eric down and fills in Rush as to why Eric is missing Stephanie. Eric thinks the reason Stephanie didn't show up for the wedding in Italy has something to do with Lauren. Lauren denies that charge and says Stephanie just doesn't love you, not the way you deserve to be loved. Their bickering amuses Rush.

Amber is afraid Sheila might kill James and tries to call Maggie for help. Mike stops her and says whatever James has coming to him, he deserves.

Sheila is threatening to kill herself by jumping off the edge. James pleads for Sheila not to take her own life. Your daughter needs you, James cries. That's what Sheila thought, but Mary will be ok with James. It's too late to work things out, Sheila says. One of us is not going downstairs, Sheila says and walks over to the edge...

Rush says Stephanie must be an incredible lady for Eric to want her over Lauren. Lauren notices Rush has cameras and suggests he publish his poems with pictures to go along with them. Rush says he doesn't write about the wilderness but lets Lauren read a few of his poems anyway.

James begs Sheila not to jump for Mary's sake. Sheila only wanted James' love, he gave her life and now that's over. There is nothing you can do to help me, Sheila declares. Sheila can't take Mary away from James because she loves him to much to do that, but she can't live without Mary. That is why she is doing this, for James. Sheila asks James to take care of Mary and jumps off the edge...

Thursday, November 27, 1997

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and The Beautiful was not shown today.

Friday, November 28, 1997

Sheila stands at the edge of the roof, crying; the wind whipping her hair about her face.

"I cannot take Mary away from you, James, and I cannot live without her. I'm doing this for you, James. Take care of my baby." Sheila turns and jumps over the side of the building. James rushes to the roof's edge as Sheila lands on the ground below. A woman screams; a man yells for her to call 911.

"Oh, my God," James cries in horror. "Oh, my God!"

Ridge and Thorne greet Stephanie. Why did you call us here? they ask.

"I have made a decision," Ma Forrester says. "And it isn't up for debate. I am just informing you of my decision to go to Greenland and help search for your father. Mr. Friberg has agreed to take me along with the rescue party. Once we land in Greenland, we will go to the crash site by helicopter."

"How long will you be gone?"

"Until I find your father," Stephanie answers.

Lauren is reading Rush's work. "This is good!" she tells him. It is romantic, from the heart, sweet and sincere. She then reads one of the poems and tells him that this is not sappy; most women would give anything to hear words like these from her man. She looks up at him and tells him that she will never hear them from Eric.

"Eric is a fool," Rush tells her.

"Maybe I am the fool," Lauren responds.

"If you are a fool, then I am a madman," Rush says. "I see you as a worthwhile woman. You are beautiful and full of grace. If he can't see that, then he is a fool. It is unfathomable to me that you could be turned down by anyone. Don't ever forget that you are special."

Lauren tells him that when she hears his voice, she can feel neither cold nor empty.

"Is she alive?" James asks the Med. Tech.

"Just barely," he answers, as they rush the stretcher into the ambulance.

"Don't let her die," pleads James. "Do whatever you need to do, but don't let her die."

The Med. Tech. calls in on the radio to the hospital and he says that her vitals are weak; they may be looking at a code.

"You've got to live; you hear me? You have got to live!" James tells his new wife.

The couple break their embrace as Rush tells Lauren that he wants to protect her. She tells him that she feels safe with him but he cannot protect her.

"I can do it better than he can," Rush says of Eric. "He is a shallow, selfish man. All he can think of is being rescued. He is self-centered and blind. Your love is too pure and perfect to waste on someone who doesn't deserve it or cherish you. Whether you go or stay, I will always cherish you." They kiss.

Just then, Eric returns carrying a crossbow.

When Thorne objects to Stephanie going to Greenland, Stephanie tells him that he has nothing to say about it. Ridge offers to go with her; Thorne then says that they will both go. Ridge objects to him going and they begin to argue, but Stephanie interrupts and tells Thorne that she would like him to stay and handle the business. Ridge can go with her.

As they rush Sheila into the emergency room, the attendant reports that she has massive internal injuries. When the doctor asks about a head injury, the attendant reports that her pupils are equal and reactive, which is a good sign. They go into the trauma room. As James tries to enter the room, the doctor stops him, but James says that he is a doctor and he has to be with her.

The nurse reports that he BP is 90/60 with a pulse of 92, weak and thready. Sheila begins to groan. James calls out to her. She continues to groan intermittently and finally opens her eyes.

"James . . ." she says.

"Don't talk, Sheila. Save your strength," James tells her.

"Let me die!" Sheila begs.

The blood pressure begins to drop. "We are losing her!" shouts the attending physician. "Talk to her, for God's sake. We are losing her!"

"Fight, Sheila," James tells her. "You've got to fight. Don't give up. Please, Darling, speak to me."

Rush wants to know what Eric has been doing outside. You should not play around with that, he tells Eric, referring to the crossbow. Eric informs him, hauntily, that he has taken archery. As he holds the crossbow in a somewhat threatening way, he demands that Rush try the call again.

When Rush tells him that he can't make the call just now, Eric tells him that he doesn't trust him. He is wondering just how much he wants to save them. What is his excuse going to be this time?

Rush waves a paper in front of Eric's face. This is the reason I can't make the call. When Eric wants to know what it is, Rush tells him it is the schedule of when the satellite will be overhead.

"You are pushing me beyond my limit, Big Shot!" Rush tells Eric. You really do not want me to lose control!

The doctor informs James that Sheila isn't doing good. They still don't know the full extent of her injuries; she may have paralysis and a neurologist is coming in to see her. There is only one person who can save Sheila and that is Sheila. Right now she doesn't want to live.

"She will live," James says with emphasis.

You have to get along with this guy, Lauren tells Eric when they are in their section of the room.

"It's the beard," Eric mumbles. "If I could see him without the beard, I would know who he is. I know I've seen him before. He is a dangerous man."

Lauren reminds him that he is only a mountain climber, but Eric is sure he is not. He is a fake. He is a threat to them. He won't help them to get out. He then tells Lauren she can help him prove it. All she has to do is get him to shave off the beard. If he could see him without the beard, he know who he was.

On the other side of the screen, Rush is helping himself to a drink. He watches the silhouette behind the screen. He is going to be trouble for me, he says. I know he is trouble unless I can do something. But then there is her. She has been dropped from heaven; like manna from the sky. "Like you, sweetheart," he says, looking upward. "This time it will be different. But first things first. Right now I have to take care of Mr. Big Shot."

James sits at Sheila's bedside, holding her hand. Why are you here, she asks. Because you are here, he answers.

"Just go . . . it's for the best," Sheila tells him.

"You are wrong!" he answers. "This is where I belong. I am sorry I lied to you."

"You are the best thing for the baby," Sheila tells him. "Mary is your daughter. You cannot live without her, can you? I know, because I can't either. Things are happening as they should. I gave my daughter away; I cannot go on without her. We both want her and she cannot be with both of us. You are the best thing for her. You are a good father. . . .Don't let me live, James. I do not want to take her from you. I want to do this for you, please, for you and Mary. Take care of her; love her."

Sheila begins to choke. The doctor rushes up and orders suctioning. Start a morphine drip. Hold her still, nurse," he shouts as Sheila begins to seize.

Rush continues to drink and watch the curtain. He wonders what they are talking about. He has to stop them. He rises and picks up the crossbow. He begins to caress it. Suddenly, the arrow shoots across the room and through the curtain. There is a scream.

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