The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 8, 1997 on B&B
The Spectra gang began to wonder what had happened to Lauren, and they deduced that she'd been on Eric's plane. Eric found Rush attacking Lauren, and Eric fired a bow into Rush's chest. Maggie switched off Sheila's respirator at the hospital.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 8, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, December 8, 1997

Eric is locked in a cage outside the cabin with his hands tied and mouth gagged. Two wild dogs are trying to get into the cage. Eric realizes Rush, a.k.a. Tony Carerra, put him in there once Eric found out Rush's identity. Lauren looks like Tony's girlfriend who he killed. Rush returns to his cabin and tells Lauren that Eric headed back to the plane to get a picture of Stephanie. Lauren finds it a little hard to believe Eric would hike all those miles to the plane just for a picture.

Ridge and Stephanie near the crash site in a military helicopter with the rescue team. Stephanie is determined to find Eric. The pilot informs them they are about ten miles from the crash site.

Grant pops THE question to a stunned Macy. Grant says he know she's in love with him after working all those late nights together. That doesn't mean I'm in love, Macy says. Grant wonders if Macy wants him to beg her to marry him. It doesn't matter, Macy says because she is not going to accept. Macy suggest the next time Grant proposes, to do a better job of asking. Grant promises he will not give up because eventual, Macy will become Ms. Grant Chambers.

Rush stops Lauren from going after Eric. It is Eric's choice to go back to the plane, Rush says. Everything happens for a reason in life, Rush continues, like you falling from the sky into my world. Lauren is still worried about Eric being alone out there and informs Rush she found a picture of a woman in his poetry books. Rush dodges Lauren's questions about the woman when Lauren hears a helicopter. Rush says it is probably an avalanche. All the more reason to go after Eric and warn him, Lauren persuades. Rush puts on some music from a tape recorder to ease her mind.

In the cage, Eric spots a metal object he grabs and uses that to start cutting the rope around his hands. Eric also hears the helicopter and is determined to break free before Rush kills he and Lauren.

Rush takes his shirt off as he tells Lauren how he wants to share his life with her. Lauren can't get her mind off the picture and the resemblance of she and the woman in the picture. Rush tells Lauren love is all that matters. He lost love once and he is not going to lose love again.

The helicopter lands and the rescue, Stephanie and Ridge spilt up to cover more ground. Stephanie stumbles onto something. It's the body of one of the pilots! Stephanie prays to God she doesn't find Eric the same way.

Tuesday, December 9, 1997

Lauren thinks Eric should have returned by now and is worried sick about his safety. Rush says he would look for Eric if he thought Eric's life was in jeopardy. Lauren wonders how long they will stop searching for she and Eric and what impact this must be having on her son. Lauren implores Rush's help to return her to her son.

Rush tells Lauren what an impact she has had on his life. Rush wants to have Lauren completely, just once, and starts kissing her passionately. Lauren stops things from going beyond kissing. She is attracted to him, Lauren admits, but she is in love with Eric. Rush advises Lauren to forget Eric. He is too old a man for such a young, vital woman to be wasting her life on. Lauren begs to differ and says nothing can ever become between she and Rush.

The rescue team, Ridge, and Stephanie try digging some of the snow from the plane to see if Eric is buried alive. If there is the slightest chance Eric is alive, Stephanie is not going to stop looking. Eric meanwhile, is trying to cut the rope his hands are tied to with the metal object he found in the cage Rush put him in.

Macy informs her mother that Grant did proposed but she turned him down. Macy wants to give the proposal more thought. Sally thinks that is a wise move. Sally is still concerned that no one has seen or heard from Lauren since Italy. Macy suggests Lauren is living it up overseas with some Italian stud. Sally enlists Clarke's help to locate Lauren.

One of the rescue team members advises Stephanie that someone could survive maybe a couple days in this frigid weather but no longer. Stephanie says we have to believe in miracles. Eric frees his hands and gets out of the cage. He is determined to find that helicopter he heard.

While Stephanie and Ridge are digging through the snow, the rescue team says they have to stop since the weather is getting worse and they need heavier equipment. Stephanie realizes that everyone thinks Eric is dead. Back in the helicopter, Stephanie thinks she was a fool in believing Eric could survive that plane crash. Eric is wandering through the snow looking for the helicopter.

Rush gets upset with Lauren and calls her Sharon. He says she is going to hurt him the way his ex-girlfriend, Sharon did. Lauren realizes Rush is lonely but ask him why he has to stay in such an isolated place, unless he is not telling her the truth.

Eric gets to the helicopter as it is taking off and cries out for help. Is he too late?

Wednesday, December 10, 1997

The Spectra crew is busy trying to locate Lauren. They are calling every airport and hotel in Italy to track Lauren down. After a run in with Clarke, Grant shows Sally a newspaper article about a tragic murder by a fashion photographer who killed his girlfriend. Macy notes the resemblance the woman has to Lauren. Eric arrives at the helicopter too late. It has taken off and no one sees him. Eric only hopes the rescue team will return but in the meantime, he fears for Lauren's safety being alone with Rush.

Lauren wants Rush to tell her what happened to Sharon. Rush avoids her questions by reminding her what stories she will have to tell her son when she gets back home. Lauren wants to try the radio again to call for help but Rush wants to take some pictures of her first.

Thorne stops by Brooke's house and gives her a report on the latest from Greenland. Thorne assures a skeptical Brooke that once Eric and Ridge return, she and Ridge will have the biggest wedding LA has ever seen. Thorne informs Brooke that Taylor realizes how important she and her children are to Ridge and is not going to interfere. Also, Thorne has made a decision regarding Taylor's pregnancy...

Macy finds out from an Italian airport that Lauren had reservations on a flight to LA but never made the flight. Also, Macy learns that Eric's private jet left the same time Lauren's flight was scheduled to leave. All but Sally deduce that Lauren got on Eric's ill-fated jet. Sally refuses to believe Lauren was on Eric's jet. Sally feels guilty for persuading Lauren to go to Italy with her in the first place. It is because of her, that Lauren is missing, Sal concludes. La Spectra refuses to give up until she finds her friend.

Thorne tells Brooke he is going to tell Taylor that she knows Taylor is carrying Ridge's baby, not Thorne's. Brooke doesn't think that is a good idea since Taylor already hates her and will accuse her of marrying a man who has fathered a child with another woman. Thorne says if he hopes to have any kind of relationship at all with Taylor, he has got to be totally honest with her. No half truths. Brooke hopes Taylor realizes what a good man Thorne is.

Lauren is not comfortable posing for Rush and is anxious to try the radio again. Rush suggests Lauren show more skin for his pics and thinks he sees his girlfriend Sharon. Rush blurts out he will show Sharon every runway in the world. Lauren then realizes Rush is the photographer who killed his girlfriend. Rush stops taking pictures and wants to make love to Lauren. Eric tries desperately to get back to the cabin.

Rush really starts getting crazy as he is thinks Lauren is Sharon. Lauren tries to get his mind back to picture taking and offers to take a pose by the door. Lauren heads to the door as Rush is getting his camera, grabs her shirt, and as she is opening the door to escape, Rush grabs Lauren from behind, throws her to the ground and starts attacking her. Eric barges in and screams for Rush to get away from her!

Thursday, December 11, 1997

Eric crashes through the door and demands that Rush get his hands off Lauren. Rush swings around and puts Lauren in front of him as a shield.

"Well, well," he laughs. "So you got loose."

"He killed Sharon Stills," Lauren says. "His name is Tony, not Rush."

"I didn't kill Sharon," insists Tony. "I loved her; I made her." He points the crossbow at Eric.

Ridge tells his mother that they will go back out as soon as the weather breaks. We can't give up hope! Stephanie tells him that she believes his father is still alive.

"I was just thinking of the day your were born," Stephanie tells her son. "Eric was working 18 hours a day trying to get the business started. I didn't want to bother him with the labor; I wasn't going to call him until it was time. But when I started contractions, I got scared. I called him and told him not to come home, that I would call him when they got close. But, instead, he hopped into the car and came right home. It was a good thing, too, because I was ready for the hospital. I barely made it in time. He went to the delivery room with me, even though they didn't do it back then. He was so proud. I will never forget the look on his face the first time he held you."

"Do you think he knows that we still need him?" Ridge wonders.

"Yes," Stephanie assures him. "He is still alive. I can feel it."

Taylor is going through a catalog of baby furniture when Thorne comes home. He tells her the offer still stands to help her convert the spare room into a nursery. I want you involved," she tells him.

Thorne confesses that there is something he wants to tell her. He has been hiding this and could easily go on hiding it, but he wants there to be honesty in their relationship. He then tells her that Brooke knows about the baby---that it is Ridge's baby.

Taylor is shocked! How long has she known? Thorne tells her that he has known since Italy. He didn't tell her sooner because she was so stressed out. He was afraid she would confront Brooke and he didn't want that in her condition.

"Stop protecting me," Taylor demands. "I am not some fragile thing that needs protecting."

"Brooke hasn't changed," Taylor continues. "She came here telling me all about how romantic her trip with Ridge was. She went on and on about how he loves her. All the time she knew about the baby. Well, in my opinion, she isn't confident at all. She is scared. She will do anything she can to steal a man. When did she find out? Before or after Ridge proposed?"

"She said yes to a man who is having a child by another woman." Taylor answers when Thorne tells her that Brooke already knew when Ridge proposed. "She is scared to death."

Ridge talks about how much Eric supported him during the past few months. He should have shouldered more of the responsibilities, but Eric knew he needed time to deal with his problems.

"He believed that you and Taylor belonged together," Stephanie tells her son. But, Ridge reminds her, he supported him with Brooke. "That is because he wants you to be happy," Stephanie tells him. "He thought there wasn't a chance with you and Taylor. But, if I thought you and Brooke . . . I won't go there. I still believe you belong with Taylor. You are a different person when you are with her. I know Taylor shouldn't have betrayed you with your brother, but it was only one moment and she was frightened. She gave into her fears. Are you planning to punish her for the rest of her life for just one moment?"

Eric promises that he won't do anything if Tony will put the crossbow down. Tony puts the bow down and tells Eric that he will have to watch while he makes it with Lauren. Eric can only stand by helplessly while Tony fondles and kisses Lauren. The crossbow is nearby and Eric keeps glancing at it.

"Don't do it, Stud," Tony tells Eric when he sees him looking at the crossbow. "I can snap her neck like a twig if you do anything. Just stand and watch. You are such a loser, Forrester. You would give up a wonderful girl like this." He lays Lauren down and continues caress her.

"Kiss me, Tony," Lauren says in a sultry manner. "Give Sharon a kiss. Show Sharon what she means to you. Show Sharon how much you love and want her."

As Tony bows his head down to kiss Lauren, Eric runs for the crossbow. As he grabs it, Tony is there and he hits him hard. Eric is on the floor and Tony is on top of him. They are fighting as Eric yells at Lauren to run.

As Lauren races past him, Tony grabs her by the hair and jerks her to him. Then he slaps her so hard that she falls to the floor beside Eric. Now Tony has a poker in his hands and he threatens both of them with it.

Thorne begs Taylor to let it go. But Taylor tells him that his "little friend" hasn't changed. When she was going on and on about the trip and the proposal, she was sending Taylor a message: Ridge is hers. If this is true, why is she starting her marriage with a big, fat lie? Brooke has been manipulating Ridge and manipulating her. She is going to stop it and stop it today! Taylor grabs her handbag and rushes out the door.

Stephanie changes the subject because Ridge doesn't need any more pressure. She can't bear to think of Eric out there in all that cold alone. I know he is alive, she says. But how long can he survive?

Using the poker, Tony smashes the radio into a million pieces. He walks around the house smashing things. "You are next, Forrester," he yells. "You are both dead. You aren't going anywhere. You are mine now."

Eric picks up the crossbow and points it at Tony. As Tony laughs at him, Eric fires. The arrow goes into Tony's heart and through the chest. Slowly, he falls to the floor. Lauren races across the room to Eric, who gathers her into his arms. Tony dies.

Friday, December 12, 1997

Brooke answers the door and sweetly invites Taylor in. How are you doing? she wants to know. You must be better to be out of bed. Very sweetly, Taylor wonders how Brooke thought it was necessary to go to her house when she came home from Italy to let her know just how stable and happy her relationship with Ridge was. You must have been terrified to do that, she tells her.

Maggie is looking at a picture of the baby. I am going to bring you home, she tells the picture. I promised. Conner arrives and Maggie is eager to hear if he talked with James. Conner tells her that James has his focus on Sheila right now. Maggie loses control. This is just like Sheila. Why can't anyone see that? She lures them in then springs the trap.

"You don't mean you think she faked the suicide?" asks Connor. "She could have died." Maggie answers that of course Sheila faked it. She may have jumped from the top of a building, but she landed on soft grass. She knew what she was doing. She is insane. She has brainwashed James; James even accused her of stealing Sheila's baby. It is not Sheila's baby; it is hers. It looks like she is the only one who can see what Sheila is. She will stop that woman. Maggie grabs her coat and rushes out of the house.

James is sitting by Sheila's bedside, holding her hand. "My wife. What have I done to you? What have I become?" he whispers as he kisses Sheila's hand.

Sheila wakes up. She can't believe it; she must be in heaven.

Brooke tells Taylor that Ridge loves her and wants her. There was no reason to tell anyone the truth. Brooke knows that Taylor loves Ridge; she loves him enough to let him go and be happy with her. She thinks that she will marry Ridge, Taylor and Thorne will marry and the children will grow up as cousins. They will be one big happy family.

"You don't care about me or this baby," Taylor tells her. "You are desperate for me to keep this secret."

"Tell Ridge anything you want; he won't leave me," Brooke declares.

Sheila tells James that she cannot feel anything. He tells her that it is only temporary. They have done all kinds of tests and the paralysis will go away soon. there is no neurological damage.

James shows her some pictures of the baby. "She almost lost me forever," Sheila says. James tells her that Amber and Molly are taking care of Mary.

The doctor comes in and tells Sheila that they have good news. All her tests show that she is improving at a rapid pace. But, she cannot get off life support for a few more days.

After the doctor leaves, Sheila is thankful for having a second chance. We both have been given a second chance, James tells her. She needs to sleep, James says, so he will just sit by her bed until she wakes up. No, Sheila says, go home and take care of my baby. He kisses her and leaves.

Taylor wonders why Brooke didn't tell Ridge about the baby is she is so sure of Ridge and his love. Brooke says she was going to tell him, but he proposed. Once Ridge told her that nothing could come between them ever again, she didn't see any reason to tell him. "If you love Ridge, and I am sure that you do, you will want him to be happy," Brooke declares to Taylor.

"Can you live with that?" asks Taylor. "I don't believe you can look at my child every day and live with the lie."

"I can do it!" Brooke tells her.

In her hospital room, Sheila is sleeping. It is dark and silent except for the sound of the machine that is breathing for her. The door opens and quietly a pair of feet come into the room. It is Maggie.

James arrives home to find Connor pacing the floor. He tells James that he went to see Maggie and she was acting irrationally. She was going on and on about Sheila. She said that she was the only one that could take care of her. "I tried to stop her, but I couldn't," Connor tells James.

"Maggie is emotional but she is rational," James tells his friend. "I'll talk to her. She isn't going to do anything desperate."

"WAKE UP, SHEILA!" Maggie shouts. "I know you were expecting me, so wake up."

Sheila opens her eyes to see Maggie.

"You underestimated me," Maggie tells her. "But I also underestimated you. I never thought you would go this far. SHUT UP!" she yells when Sheila tries to speak. "Spare me the innocent protestations. You are so sick! So depraved! Did you think I would ever let Margaret have any contact with you, not to mention live with you?"

"James wants her with me," Sheila says.

"Don't even mention what James wants," sneers Maggie. "It all comes down to you and me. You just lay there and congratulate yourself on everything going according to plan! You've got James' baby, his name, everyone's sympathy. You thought of every detail except one; me! At this moment, I am thinking of a helpless, vulnerable little baby. I will protect my little daughter. And look at you; you are in the same position----helpless and vulnerable. As I stand here, I realize that your life is in my hands."

"What are you going to do, Maggie? Shoot me?" Sheila reasons. "You aren't going to do anything but walk out that door. You don't have it in you to commit murder."

"If it were only you and me, then you would be right. I would just walk out. But it isn't about you and me. It is about my baby. Only I can save her from a mother such as you---you are so evil! I will not let you ruin her life as you have ruined mine and everyone else's. I promised her I'd protect her from you and I intend to keep my promise.

Maggie slowly moves her hand to the respirator and her finger rests on the ON/OFF switch. Sheila follows with her eyes.

"Maggie---no!" Sheila says. The two women look deeply into each other's eyes.

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