The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 22, 1997 on B&B
Before Taylor could tell Ridge that she was having his baby, Brooke announced that Brooke was pregnant. James told Maggie that he'd chosen to stay with Sheila and the baby, but Maggie and Mike teamed up to kidnap Sheila from the hospital.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 22, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, December 22, 1997

Sheila awakens to flowers from James and Mary. Mike stops by also with flowers. Mike is glad Sheila is getting better and feels terrible for what happened to her. Once Sheila is completely healed, Mike wants her to leave town with him and start a new life somewhere---anywhere away from James. Maggie asks Conner what are her chances of getting Margaret back now that Sheila tried to kill herself. Not good, Conner warns, since you attempted to kill Sheila. Conner advises Maggie to get her own life in order and says her obsession with Sheila has to stop.

James informs Taylor of the Maggie turning off Sheila's life support. James also says he is glad she hasn't told Ridge about the baby, since that would put the baby in the middle of two fathers. A situation similar to the one he is going through with Sheila and Maggie. Taylor denies the situation with Ridge and Thorne is anything like his situation with Sheila and Maggie. James advises Taylor to keep her secret from Ridge if she wants to marry Thorne. Taylor doesn't want Ridge to come back to her just because she is carrying his Child---especially if he loves Brooke. Taylor says if she is wrong about Ridge's feeling for her, that would change everything.

Conner suggests Maggie should go on a trip to get away from Sheila. Maggie says she can't leave her baby and husband to Sheila. James doesn't understand how he is being manipulated. Conner again warns Maggie drop her obsession with Sheila before it destroys her.

Sheila turns down Mike's offer to run away together. She doesn't feel she can leave James. Mike is flabbergasted that Sheila would choose to stay with someone who betrayed her trust. Sheila says she forgave him. How do you forgive a man who put you in the hospital, Mike asks. Because I love him, Sheila says. Mike forces Sheila to choose once and for all between he and James. Sheila picks James. Mike can't believe she would pick someone who put her in the hospital over someone who has stood by her. Terribly upset, Mike leaves.

Maggie sneaks into the hospital incognito and runs into Mike...

James visits Sheila who is upset over losing her best friend. James realizes it must be painful losing your best friend over someone you are not quite sure about. James promises never to let Sheila down again.

Maggie approaches Mike with a Kleenex. Maggie offers to work with Mike. She wants to get back with James and Mike wants to get back with Sheila. Together, they can make it happen. Mike doesn't think Maggie can pull it off. Maggie assures Mike she will do whatever it takes to be reunited with James. Mike agrees to help. He and Maggie shake hands on their newly formed alliance.

Tuesday, December 23, 1997

Ridge is telling Brooke what a miracle it is that Eric and Lauren survived the crash when Brooke finds the picture Stephanie gave Ridge of he and Taylor. Ridge explains his mother gave it to him in Greenland and did not want to give it back to her since she was already going through so much. Brooke wonders if Stephanie tried to convince Ridge that marrying her is a mistake.

Stephanie knows Brooke is up to something and is determined to find out what it is. Eric stops by and Stephanie shows him the letter he wrote to her in Italy in which he proposed. Eric thought Stephanie never got the letter. Steph explains how she intended to meet Eric at the Market Square but the boat she was on had engine trouble and it was an hour before she got help. All this time, Eric thought Stephanie didn't want to marry him. Stephanie says her worst fear was Eric dying and she not being able to tell him how much she loved him. Also, Stephanie realizes what Eric had with Lauren was an infatuation and is glad they can finally get on with their lives as is nothing happened.

Sally is elated to find Lauren in her home when she returns from Christmas shopping. Sally wants all the details of what happened with she and Eric. Nothing happened, Lauren explains. Eric stops by to find out how Lauren is doing and to wish her merry Christmas. Eric and Lauren share their plans for Christmas and Eric leaves. Tearfully, Lauren wishes him and merry Christmas.

Ridge informs Brooke that Stephanie did not convince him he and Taylor belong together. The fact is, Taylor is pregnant with Thorne's baby. Even the Queen can't change that. Ridge says he can't live with a person who is dishonest the way Taylor was in sleeping with his brother while in love with him. Ridge reaffirms his love to Brooke and assures her he is marrying her because he wants to. Stephanie calls to invite he, Brooke and the kids to a welcome home dinner for Eric tonight. Ridge accepts, although the kids are with Brooke's parents who are in town for their wedding. Stephanie request Ridge come a little sooner than Brooke because there is something she wants to talk about with him.

Ridge assures Brooke she has nothing to worry about but Brooke wonders what Stephanie is up to. Stephanie is glad she is finally going to be alone with Ridge and Taylor, just the three of them.

Brooke calls Stephanie and tells her what ever it is she is up to, is not going to work. This proves to even more to Stephanie that Brooke has some secret she is keeping from Ridge. Stephanie is more determined than ever to find out what that secret is.

Wednesday, December 24, 1997

Stephanie is determined not to let Ridge and Taylor throw away the love they share. She is counting on the two of them being able to talk out their differences. Taylor arrives and when Ridge shows up, they both realize it is not a coincidence.

Maggie and Mike are planning to break up James and Sheila. Both of them feel it is not right that James and Sheila are together. Mike tells an uncertain Maggie that they can pull this off since he is a pro at what they are planning. Part of the plan is to take Sheila out of the hospital. Mike produces a document in which he has forged Sheila's signature to release her from the hospital. Mike also has a doctor waiting to take care of Sheila's needs. Just where is he planning on taking her, Maggie asks. You will find out soon enough. One thing is certain, there is no turning back now, Mike says.

James brings Mary by the hospital to a delighted Sheila. James' Christmas wish is for Sheila to get better and for the three of them to spend the holiday together. James plans on staying with Sheila through Christmas Eve night and all day Christmas. Sheila says the doctors are thinking about moving her to a rehabilitation center. James says there is no need for that, he will take care of her. Sheila feels so blessed because of her life with James and Mary.

At Taylor's, Thorne reads a note Taylor left for him explaining she went to his mother's house early because Stephanie wanted to talk to her about something. Thorne wonders what Stephanie is up to. He calls Brooke and she says Ridge left for Stephanie's early also. Thorne dashes out to Brooke's. At Brooke's house, Thorne tells Brooke that Taylor and Ridge are alone with Stephanie. Brooke says the Queen will stop at nothing to get Ridge and Taylor back together. Brooke and Thorne worry that Taylor will crack under Stephanie's pressure and tell Ridge the truth.

Stephanie wants Ridge and Taylor to focus on what is important. She knows they are in love with each other and nothing will convince her otherwise. If they are honest with one another, there is nothing they can't overcome. Taylor asks Ridge if this baby were his, what would he do? Would he still marry Brooke? Ridge says he would want to marry Taylor but asks her why she is asking him this since the child she is carrying is Thorne's. Taylor asks Ridge again, if the child she is carrying were his, could they share a life together?

Before Ridge can answer Taylor's question, Brooke and Thorne pop in. Brooke says now that her parents are in town for the wedding, all that is left is for she and Ridge to say I do. Stephanie toasts Christmas. She asks for each of them to put aside their differences. Stephanie wishes God to give each of them the wisdom to look in their hearts and take the right path in life.

Thursday, December 25, 1997

Due to the Christmas holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today.

Friday, December 26, 1997

The Forresters gather around the dinner table and enjoy Stephanie's usual excellent meal. The kids are visiting their grandfather Logan. Things are going smoothly until Thorne makes a toast to Ridge and Brooke's upcoming wedding. Eric then has to toast to Thorn and Taylor's child, which makes Taylor uncomfortable.

After dinner, as everyone is headed into the living room, Thorne mentions that Taylor and Ridge were into something heavy when he and Brooke arrived. He reminds her of the reason she is keeping the secret and that nothing has happened to change that. But Taylor is intent on finding out about that.

Maggie and Mike complete their arrangements by phone for the kidnapping of Sheila. As Maggie is on her way out, James comes to the door. Maggie thinks he is interested in getting back with her and the baby, but James says his place is with Sheila and the baby. Maggie calls Sheila insane, but James is not staying with her as a therapist, he says. Sheila has not shown any signs of being a lunatic, James tells Maggie. Maggie is afraid that Sheila will destroy James. She is the woman who truly loves James. As Maggie touches James' face, he pulls away.

James tells her honestly that he has not seen any sign of demons. He leaves, but Maggie is still sure that Sheila will hurt James if she doesn't stop her---and that is exactly what she is going to do.

In the hospital, Mike awaits his brother's arrival.

Sheila signs the permit papers for her transfer, including a responsibility waiver because the center she has chosen is one that they are not familiar with. The doctor also gives her a sedative to make the transfer more comfortable. She relaxes with her teddy bear and a picture of Mary.

Taylor and Ridge talk. He wonders what is bothering her. She says it is so difficult hearing him talk about his wedding next week. She has been trying to do the right thing for everybody, especially the baby. She wonders about the answer to her earlier question. What she needs to know is if he would marry her for love or obligation. Answer it honestly, she pleads. It is the most important question she will ever ask him.

Mike and his brother arrive for Sheila. Sheila expected Dr. Zimmerman, but he explains that Dr. Z. is busy. Sheila can call her husband from the Recovery Center. They move Sheila to the stretcher, but the nurse wonders why the aide is wearing a mask. Mike gives a cough to prove he has a cold. As they leave the room, Mike stays behind and leaves the forged letter on the bed.

As Taylor and Ridge talks, Brooke and Thorne look on worriedly. Before they can interrupt the conversation, Stephanie offers them coffee. "Mother, you don't know what you are doing," Thorne tells her.

"I am hoping the truth will come out," Stephanie answers.

James arrives at the hospital to help in the transfer of Sheila to the Recovery Center. He is confused when the doctor tells him that Sheila has already left.

He walks into Sheila's empty room with flowers and finds the letter. "Dear James," he reads. "First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me this past week. You saved my life, but more than that, you gave my child back her mother. I'll always be grateful, more than I can possibly put into words. Now it is time for me to recover my strength and try to put my life back together. This is something I must do on my own. As much as love and appreciate your support, I must ask you to respect my need for privacy. This is essential to my spiritual and mental well being. So take care of yourself and our precious baby and don't try to contact me. One other thing, as you know, I have completely forgiven Maggie and I feel it is time for you to do the same. So look within your heart for forgiveness. Be well, Sheila." James is totally bewildered.

Bates Motel: It is a scary sight to behold the "Recover Center" atop a high hill with a series of steps leading up to it. Thank goodness, we don't see Sheila having to walk up those steps, but inside she is forced to walk up the stairs with only James and his brother supporting her by her arms. The doctor is pretty rough and when Mike calls him on it, he answers that he knows what he is doing. Sheila almost collapses to the floor.

Sheila finally arrives at the bedroom, which is outfitted pretty decently for a hospital or kidnapping. Maggie is there with a mask on. A sedated Sheila wants to call James, but the doctor tells her that she isn't allowed to use the phone. Maggie tells her that phones are off limits. Sheila discovers that this is no recovery facility. She recognizes both Mike and Maggie when they remove their masks.

"Welcome to your worse nightmare!" Maggie tells her.

Ridge decides to answer Taylor's question. He has misunderstood. He thinks Taylor is worried that Thorne is with her only because of obligation. When Taylor realizes this, she tries to tell him her reasons.

"I haven't married him because . . . ." Brooke interrupts with her own announcement. She is pregnant! "I did a home pregnancy test this morning and they are going to have a child."

Ridge is speechless and unbelieving. Taylor is devastated.

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