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Taylor lied to Brooke that Taylor wouldn't tell Ridge about Thomas' paternity. Taylor then told Thorne that she would indeed tell Ridge. Thorne turned to Macy, who revealed her engagement to Grant. Taylor finally approached Ridge with her news. Lauren and Maggie played mind games on Sheila.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 23, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, February 23, 1998

Taylor surprises Brooke by showing up at Brooke's house with Thomas. Taylor wants to talk to Ridge but Brooke says it's too late since her children are already in bed. Brooke demands to know what Taylor has to talk to Ridge about but Taylor says that's between she and Ridge. Brooke asks Taylor if she is going to tell him that he is Thomas' father.

Maggie and Lauren are plotting Sheila's downfall with the help of Sheila's contractor, Nick Fielding. Judy Johnson, the ex-Forrester nanny, wonders if their plan will do any good. Maggie assures everyone that Sheila needs to remember her true self. It's wrong for Sheila to think that she can forget about all the horrible things she has done to people.

James leaves Sheila alone in the house with the baby while he heads to the gym for a workout.

Maggie had Nick set up a video in Sheila's living room, bedroom, and nursery so they can spy on her. Sheila knows there is equipment in the house but she doesn't know about the cameras. There is also sound effects that can be played from the video room where Maggie and Lauren are able to watch Sheila. Maggie plays one and it sounds like a floor creaking from somebody walking. Sheila wonders where the noise is coming from.

Thorne doesn't hold much hope for a future with Taylor. He remembers the times they have shared and the love he has for her. Maybe there is hope after all, he thinks.

Brooke advises Taylor that telling Ridge about Thomas would be a mistake, and reminds Taylor what a wonderful man Thorne is. After Brooke pressures her into admitting if she is going to tell Ridge the truth, Taylor informs a delighted Brooke that she is not going to tell Ridge he is the father of Thomas. After Taylor leaves, Brooke phones Thorne with the good news. You and Taylor will be together after all, Brooke says.

With Maggie's plan in motion, Judy rings Sheila's doorbell and asks for help since her car broke down. Sheila doesn't recognize the woman at first. After Sheila notices the woman can't walk, Judy reveals herself. Sheila is rattled when Judy suddenly disappears. Maggie looks on from the video room and says Sheila should be afraid. This is only the beginning...

Thorne prepares for Taylor's homecoming by creating a romantic atmosphere in her house. Taylor arrives home and says they have a lot to talk about. She has made the decision. Thorne admits he already knows what Taylor has decided because Brooke called with the news. Thorne says he is sorry for spoiling her surprise but Taylor interrupts him. Taylor had no idea Brooke would call and say something like that. Thorne starts to get worried. Taylor told Brooke she has decided on keeping the truth from Ridge.

Tuesday, February 24, 1998

Eric wants Stephanie to focus her attention to their wedding instead of Ridge and Thorne's problems. Her sons are two grown men who can handle their own problems, Eric advises. Stephanie is not going to sit back and do nothing when she knows Brooke and Thorne are keeping something from Ridge. Steph is determined to find out their secret.

Brooke informs Ridge that Taylor was just here and now he has nothing to worry about because Taylor and Thorne have worked things out. The duo plans to marry. Ridge thought it was odd that at first Taylor would not want to marry the father of her child. Brooke says Taylor is one lucky woman and is sure she and Thorne will be happy together.

Thorne thinks Taylor made the right choice by deciding not to tell Ridge the truth about Thomas. Taylor is sorry Brooke called Thorne and told him that information because it is wrong. Taylor fully intends on telling Ridge the truth. Taylor regrets no being able to tell Thorne herself but realizes she could not keep lying to the people she loves. Taylor made her decision based on what she wants for herself and for Thomas and although Ridge might be married, she wants to be honest with everyone.

Maggie's plan to drive Sheila crazy is in full swing. Sheila calls James and tells him to hurry home. Lauren relishes seeing Sheila squirm for once. Maggie pops in another sound effect that makes Sheila believe she is hearing children's laughter coming from a room upstairs. Maggie says Sheila has no idea what she is about to walk into...

Taylor isn't too surprised to learn Brooke isn't pregnant. Isn't it convenient that Brooke miscarried in Italy. Brooke thinks she's home free but Taylor knows otherwise.

After Sheila checks out the upstairs, she hears more laughter coming from a room downstairs. Sheila picks up the fire poker, opens a door to a downstairs room, and is shocked to see Jay Gravin, the psychiatrist that died suddenly while treating Sheila, playing with his kids. Maggie delights in watching Sheila's descent into madness.

Fed up with Stephanie, Eric leaves and Stephanie calls Taylor at her father's house. He informs Stephanie she has returned home. Stephanie calls Taylor at home.

Bidding adieu to Taylor, Thorne tells her she never will know how happy he could have made her. He was there for Taylor every time she needed someone but that doesn't matter now because all Taylor ever cared about was Ridge. Thorne says she can have him and storms out. Taylor picks up the phone. It's the Queen. Steph realizes Taylor sounds upset and Taylor asks Stephanie to come over now. There's something they need to talk about. Stephanie is on her way. Taylor vows everyone learns the truth, starting tonight!

Wednesday, February 25, 1998

At Forrester, Thorne is drowning his sorrows in liquor. After all these months, Thorne thought he and Taylor would share a life together. Megan notices Thorne drinking and offers a shoulder to cry on. Thanks, but no thanks, Thorne says. Megan asks him if their is anyone he can turn to for help. There is one person...

Just one more day and Taylor is will tell Ridge he is Thomas' father. Taylor remembers years ago when she thought she was pregnant and how excited Ridge was then. This time, it is for real.

Macy notes how easy it was for Thorne to move on with his life after their divorce and how she always hoped she would get another chance. Now with Grant she has that second chance at happiness. Grant reminds Macy how perfect they are together. Both were burned by someone they deeply cared about, but that's in the past now. They have the future to look forward to. All that matters is now, Grant says. Macy tells Grant she loves him as Thorne surprises her with a visit. Thorne wants to speak with Macy alone.

Stephanie arrives at Taylor's and is anxious to hear what Taylor has to tell her. Stephanie is not surprised to hear that Thorne has left for good. Taylor wants to clarify everything that has been going on in the past several months. Stephanie reminds Taylor that although it seems difficult because Ridge is married and Taylor has a son with Thorne, she and Ridge can find their way back to one another. Ridge will love Thomas as if her were his own son, Steph says. That's what Taylor is trying to tell her. Taylor suggests Stephanie sit down because what she has to say is going to shock her.

Grant leaves Macy alone with Thorne. Thorne says he needs help and didn't know who else to turn to because he has left Taylor. Macy says she is sorry if he and Taylor are having problems, but he can't just walk out on a commitment since Thomas is his son. That's where you're wrong, Thorne says. He isn't walking out on Thomas because Thomas is Ridge's child.

Stephanie is absolutely stunned to learn Ridge is Thomas' father. Taylor explains that because she had a difficult pregnancy and Brooke was going after Ridge, she couldn't put up a fight for Ridge without risking her pregnancy, so she decided to not tell Ridge he is the father. Stephanie kicks herself for not figuring it out. That's the secret Brooke and Thorne have been keeping. But why did Thorne agree to go along with it? Taylor explains that Thorne cares for her far more than she realized but all that matters now is Ridge learning the truth. Stephanie is thrilled with the news. Taylor vows tomorrow Ridge will know he and I share a son.

Thursday, February 26, 1998

The rusting freighter makes its way through the Atlantic. Below decks, Rush is thinking that his long wait is almost over. Three days and one to go, he says. I am coming, Lauren. I am coming to get you and when I do . . . The girl bringing food to the dogs interrupts his thoughts.

As the girl is busy with the dogs, Rush slips up behind her. He grabs her and holds his hand over her mouth. He tells her that he won't hurt her. He will move his hand if she promises not to scream. She nods her assent and he removes his hand.

She tells him that her name is Jane. She is the daughter of the captain; he is teaching her, as one day she wants to be a captain. "You are a stowaway," she accuses.

I have to get to LA he tells her. There is a woman waiting there for me. Jane asks if she is in love with him and he tells her that she will be. Jane then remarks that he must be hungry since he has been down here for days. Rush tells her that she has been kind to him along with the dogs. It really wasn't bad, he says.

When Jane says she must go topside, he begs her not to tell anyone he is there. "I won't say a word," she promises, and leaves.

Once she is out of the hold, Rush pulls his knife out and says, "Oh, yes, it is our little secret."

When Lauren enters the office, Sally says she has been looking all over for her. I have been shopping, Lauren tells her. Do you like my purse? Sally raises her eyebrows and says it is okay if one likes burlap. It isn't burlap, Lauren laughs. It is hemp. "Makes sense only if you have been smoking it," Sally tells her. "Would this have anything to do with one Jonny Carrera?"

Lauren says that he has changed her outlook on many things. He is different from any man she has ever known. The more she gets to know him, the clearer she sees herself.

Grant enters the office and tells them that Macy is with Thorne. Thorne Forrester! An angry Sally responds. She is about to go interrupt the "meeting" when both Grant and Lauren convinces her that Macy is capable of handling Thorne.

By the way, Grant tells Lauren, that is the ugliest purse I have ever seen!

Once again, they begin to talk about Jonny. Grant is still concerned that he and Rush is the same person. Lauren tell him that they do look alike, but that is where the similarity ends. He makes her feel safe and secure; he has such great insight and awareness. As Lauren is about to leave the office, Grant admits that he sees a change in her since she has known Jonny. Perhaps he was wrong after all.

"You are admitting that you were wrong?" Sally asks.

"Maybe," admits Grant. "But I still have a bad feeling about that guy."

"Just accept that Jonny Carrera is not Rush," advises Sally. "Lauren has come back to life and she is finally happy, so please stop the character assassination on Jonny Carrera."

Jonny is talking to Lauren by phone. She thanks him for the lovely time they had the other night. You are a unique man, she tells him. He wants to see her again tonight.

Macy is stunned by the news that Ridge is the father of Taylor's baby instead of Thorne. Thorne explains about the complications Taylor was having during her pregnancy and how she had to be stress-free. She was also having problems with Ridge and Brooke, so the best thing was for him to pretend to be the father. Anyway, he thought he was going to marry her. But now all that is over. Taylor is going to tell everyone the truth. Maybe it is best; the marriage would have been built on a lie. But now he has lost everything. He thought they were going to be a happy family, but he sure had a wake-up call. What is he going to do with his life now? That is why he is here. Macy is the only person he could talk to about this. "Life sure can play tricks on you, can't it?"

Macy feels that he needs to know something; she is engaged to Grant now. Thorne looks like she has kicked him in the groin.

"Engaged? That is rather sudden isn't it?"

"It was time I moved on with my life," Macy explains. "Also, Grant and I have gone into business together. We bought Insomnia and I sing there."

"I know that Grant isn't very popular over at Forrester," Macy goes on. "But he is a wonderful man and we have been through a lot. I cannot believe he puts up with me sometimes, but he is always there for me and I am lucky to have him."

"No," Thorne says, sadly, "he is lucky to have you. Congratulations," he says as he hugs her. "Take care of yourself." He walks out of the office and leans against the wall. Back in the office, Macy looks down at her engagement ring with a sad expression on her face.

Friday, February 27, 1998

Taylor is busy dressing the baby for his visit with "Daddy," when Stephanie calls. She wants to be sure Taylor is still going to tell Ridge about the baby. Taylor says that nothing is going to stop her; Stephanie says she is thrilled for the three of them. Don't forget to call me the minute you get back from talking to Ridge, Stephanie tells her.

Hanging up, Taylor says that Ridge is finally going to meet his son. She begins to remember St. Thomas, for which her son is named. There is a kaleidoscope of pictures from that time: Taylor and Ridge on the dance floor, sipping drinks, touring the island, and Ridge placing the engagement ring on her finger.

Brooke goes to Ridges office. They play kissy-face for a while, then Brooke asks if Ridge has heard from his brother. Ridge isn't surprised that he hasn't heard from Thorne; things are no better for the two of them and he doubts that they ever will be better. He still has a lot of questions about Thorne and Taylor. Brooke says that Taylor is totally committed to Thorne and she and Thorne will soon be married.

Brooke tells Ridge that she is still feeling so good after what he did for her last night. Now, she wants to do the same for him. She has a surprise planned for him in her office where there is less traffic. She tells him to come up in about fifteen or twenty minutes and find out what she has planned for him.

Stephanie is waiting when Thorne enters his office. I want to talk to you, she says. Thorne tells her that they have nothing to talk about. If it is about Taylor, then they are finished and she will hear about it sooner or later. Stephanie tells him that she knows already. She wants to know if Thorne is so angry and resentful of his brother that he would raise Ridge's son as his own and never let him know he is a father. "I am ashamed to admit that you are my son!" Stephanie tells him.

Taylor is still at the beach house, but she is giving instructions to James who will be babysitting with Thomas. She tells him that she is going to tell Ridge today that he is the father. What about Brooke? James wants to know.

Brooke hung herself on this one, Taylor says. She should have backed away when she found out that I was carrying Ridge's child.

Taylor is sure that this will be the best thing for the baby and herself. She reminds James to let her have some time alone with Ridge, then he is to bring Thomas into the office. She then calls Ridge and tells him that she has to see him. He asks when and she tells him that she is on her way to the office right now. She will be there in a few minutes. When he asks if she is bringing the baby, she says that she needs some time alone with him; she has some wonderful news for him.

After hanging up, a sad Ridge says that yes, she has some wonderful news all right. She is going to marry his brother.

Thorne isn't surprised that Stephanie feels the way she does; after all, he has never been her favorite. Stephanie will hear none of this; she loves him just as she has always loved Ridge. This is about the way he has manipulated Taylor and kept the truth from his brother.

What about Ridge? Thorne shouts at her. How about all the times he has hurt Taylor? My brother has had ample opportunity to marry Taylor, but he has always bailed out on her. No matter what Ridge does, you side with him.

Stephanie admits that Ridge is not blameless in all of this, but he didn't conspire with Brooke to keep the paternity of his child a secret. Keeping the paternity of a child from it's parent is not just wrong, it is morally wrong. "Were you going to keep the truth from Ridge forever?"

Thorne admits that he was going to raise Thomas as his own son. I loved Taylor and I would have been a father to her son. Stephanie says she doesn't know what he was thinking in all of this, but Thorne says he couldn't care less what she thinks of him. He admits to her that he hasn't told Brooke that Taylor is going to tell Ridge. Stephanie asks him not to say anything to her.

After Stephanie leaves, Thorne picks up the phone and calls Macy. He wants to come over, but she doesn't think that would be a good idea. He just wants to get together as a friend, he tells her. He needs someone to talk to. Okay, she says. Come on over to the office.

Brooke is finishing her preparations for Ridge's surprise. She sprays herself with perfume just as there is a knock on the door. Thinking it is Ridge, she lowers the lights and opens the door in a sexy pose. She nearly falls on the floor when she sees it is Stephanie. This is not a good time, she tells Stephanie. She is waiting for Ridge. Stephanie pushes her way into the office and tells her that she is the same cheap little girl after all these years. "Is there anything under that robe," Stephanie asks.

Yes, answers Brooke. Would you like to see? Opening the robe, she stands there in a black lace teddy. "I am satisfying my husband," she tells Stephanie. "Something I have been doing every day since I married him."

Stephanie taunts her, saying that now she must feel so self-assured since there is no more threat from Taylor. How she had to work to keep Ridge from finding out the secret she and Thorne was keeping from Ridge. How she had to make her own little announcement to keep Taylor from telling Ridge her secret---a secret that she, Stephanie, now knows. It must have been hell in Italy, knowing that you had to come back here and face the truth, Stephanie tells a shocked Brooke.

Taylor arrives at Ridge's office. They greet each other with a hug. Ridge tells her that he has an appointment with Brooke in her office, but he can spare him a few minutes. This will take a little more than a few minutes, she tells him. "It is Thomas that I want to talk to you about. Ridge, I have something to tell you."

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