The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 9, 1998 on B&B
Ridge accused Brooke of faking her pregnancy because she felt insecure about Taylor, but Brooke insisted that she'd been pregnant. Taylor pleaded her case to Ridge, too. Rush was shocked when he saw Johnny having sex with Lauren. Rush pretended to be Johnny and confirmed a date with Lauren.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 9, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, March 9, 1998

Brooke is in the car on her way to Big Bear, desperate to talk to Ridge. Ridge is discussing the situation with his mother. Stephanie acknowledges he deserved to know the truth a lot sooner than when he found out. All Stephanie has ever wanted for Ridge is his happiness. Her hope was that he'd find a woman someday that would make him happy. Ridge says Brooke has made him happy but Stephanie says Brooke's love only serves her purpose. Stephanie blames Brooke for the wedge that has come between them.

Rush is just outside Lauren apartment complex and is on his way to see Lauren while Lauren is getting romantic with Jonny.

Stephanie remembers the talks she and Ridge used to have when he was growing up. Ridge says everything important he ever learned was from his mother and he is the man he is today because of their talks. The moment Brooke came into your life our relationship went south, Steph says. If Brooke really loved you, she would want the problems between us to go away, Steph continues. Ridge reminds his mother that he loves her and no one is going to come between that. Stephanie leaves Ridge to work out his feelings.

Rush climbs the terrace outside Lauren's apartment and is shocked to find Lauren and Jonny making love!

Brooke surprises Ridge by showing up at the cabin. They waist no time getting into it. Ridge blasts Brooke saying she should have be honest with him when she found out about the pregnancy. Brooke regrets having kept the truth from him but she was going by Taylor's wish not to reveal the father's identity. It was Taylor and Thorne who told Brooke not to say anything to Ridge because they didn't want Taylor to lose the baby. You could have told me after the baby was out of danger, Ridge says.

Stephanie tells Taylor about her talk she just had with Ridge. Steph thinks Ridge is starting to realize all the damage Brooke is brought to their lives. Taylor is desperate to talk to Ridge before Brooke does. Stephanie thinks Ridge and Brooke's marriage is over. Taylor isn't so sure. What if Ridge really still loves Brooke? Again, Stephanie reminds Taylor that Ridge is beginning to see to light about Brooke and assures Taylor that Ridge will call her.

Brooke reminds Ridge she isn't the only one who kept the truth from him. Ridge blames Brooke for hiding the truth because she felt threaten. Ridge questions if Brooke was ever really pregnant and demands to know the truth!

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

Taylor hopes she can salvage her relationship with Ridge. Stephanie doesn't think her son will choose to stay with Brooke. If only I can talk to him before Brooke does, Taylor says. Stephanie blames Brooke for driving a wedge between her relationship with her son and Eric. Sure she and Eric are engaged again, but the damage Brooke did to their marriage will never go away. Rick and Bridget are a constant reminder of Eric's infidelity with Brooke.

Brooke denies faking her pregnancy and miscarriage but Ridge still has doubts. It was too convenient that Brooke announced she was pregnant on Christmas Eve right when Taylor was about to tell him something. Ridge thinks Brooke only said she was pregnant to stop Taylor from telling her news. Brooke can't believe Ridge is taking Stephanie's side but Ridge blasts Brooke for bringing his mother into this. It's not about Stephanie, it's about you playing me for a fool, Ridge says. Ridge had so much emotion invested in Brooke's supposed pregnancy and now it is killing him to find out that was a farce. Brooke continues to deny she faked the pregnancy. She found out Christmas Eve day she was pregnant and when she saw he was talking to Taylor, Brooke saw her life slipping away so she felt she had no choice but to tell him she was pregnant. The truth is out now and the decision is Ridge's.

Rush is shocked to find his brother and Lauren together. He can't allow this. Rush is determined to put a stop to this. Lauren is mine, Rush vows.

Taylor realizes Brooke might be at the cabin, leaves the baby with Stephanie and heads for Big Bear. Taylor is desperate to talk to Ridge and straighten everything out.

Jonny arrives home and gets a surprise visitor when Rush knocks on the door. Big brother is back and he is going to put down Eric and claim his lady. Jonny warns Rush not to touch Lauren but Rush says you'll have to kill me to keep me away from Lauren. Jonny tries to call the police but Rush knocks him out. The phone rings. It's Lauren. Rush answers and pretends he is Jonny. Lauren says she can't wait until they see each other tomorrow. Rush, as Jonny, says "tomorrow it's just you and me!"

Brooke wants Ridge to get past this latest crisis and start over. Ridge can't because he has a child to consider now. Brooke claims to only thing that has changed between them is during the past few months, they have become closer than ever. Ridge can't get past Brooke stopping him from knowing his son. Brooke was going to tell him in Italy on the hillside, and again at dinner a few weeks ago but each time, Ridge didn't give her a chance. Ridge needs time to sort out his feelings. Brooke leaves and asks if Ridge believes her about her pregnancy. Ridge offers no answer.

Stephanie holds little Thomas and tells him his parents are together right now and everything will work out for the best.

Ridge is left alone to sort through his feelings until there is a knock on the door. It's Taylor....

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

Taylor stops by the cabin at Big Bear and realizes she should have given Ridge more space before they saw each other, but she wanted to talk to him before Brooke did. Too late, Brooke was already here. Ridge thinks Taylor wants him to believe she was not responsible for her actions when she kept the truth from him. Yet, Taylor is such a strong woman, Ridge has a hard time believing Brooke and Thorne persuaded her from telling Ridge about Thomas.

At Insomnia, Macy reads the note Thorne gave her. She gets a call and makes a reservation for a John Quincy. Grant wants Macy to perform tonight since John Quincy will be there, but Macy declines. Rick and C.J. are sitting near by and Rick thinks this could be Amber's big break. He has to get her to sing tonight.

At Mannequins, Amber notices Thorne sitting alone, and introduces herself. He doesn't feel up to chatting but tells her his troubles anyway. Amber's surprised to learn Taylor is still in love with Ridge. Thorne warns Amber not to mention anything to Rick or Bridget.

Taylor explains that she was afraid of losing the baby. The doctors said she might never be able to have children again, and when Brooke told her that she would never be able to have Ridge, Taylor decided to back off for fear of losing the baby. That's when Thorne brought her to the cabin. Ridge still thinks Taylor could have told him the truth. Taylor tried, but when she was at the cabin, the phones were down because of the storm. When she did return to LA, she found Ridge in bed with Brooke. That was the final straw. Taylor couldn't risk anymore stress, so she decided to steer clear of Ridge.

Rick informs Amber that John Quincy has made a reservation at Insomnia. With C.J. on guitar, Rick wants Amber to sing tonight. Delighted, Amber realizes tonight could be her big break.

Taylor contines to explain that Brooke and Thorne were telling her even if she told Ridge the truth, Taylor would only have part of Ridge, since he is so in love with Brooke. Taylor didn't want her baby to grow up with a part-time father. She just wanted the best for her son and realizes now she should have been truthful with Ridge from the start. Everything changed when Brooke lied about being pregnant. It was then Taylor knew that Brooke realized how much Ridge loves her. That's why she had to lie to keep her marriage. Taylor wishes she could take back all the excuses but she's not prefect. What she offers Ridge is love and family. Before leaving, Taylor leaves Ridge with a thought. She kisses him and tells him how much she loves him. Ridge is left alone to sort out his feelings.

Taylor even mentions the times she called Ridge but realizes Thorne must have intercepted those messages.

Thursday, March 12, 1998

Due to coverage of the NCAA Basketball tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful will not be shown.

Friday, March 13, 1998

Due to coverage of the NCAA Basketball tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful will not be shown.

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