The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 16, 1998 on B&B
C.J. challenged Rick to a drag race, and Amber egged Rick on until he accepted. During the race, Rick crashed, and he wound up in the hospital. Ridge bonded with Thomas, and Macy bonded with Grant.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 16, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, March 16, 1998

Amber is nervous about a possible chance to sing in front of John Quincy, who has made a reservation at Insomnia tonight. With Macy scheduled to sing, Amber doesn't think she'll get a chance though. C.J. says not to worry. He has devised a plan to get Macy and Grant out of Insomnia, clearing the way for Amber to sing.

C.J. informs Macy that their mother isn't doing too well these days. Sally doesn't show how she really feels because she is happy that Macy has Grant and Lauren has Jonny, but she is truly lonely these days. Macy had no idea. She feels terrible that she has ignored her mother's feelings while she has been so happy with Grant. C.J. convinces Macy and Grant to go check on Sally even though that means missing John Quincy.

Thorne stops by Sally's looking for Macy. Sally informs him, she's not here, but invites Thorne inside anyway. Sally has a warning for Thorne: back away from Macy. Thorne says he and Macy are just friends and she is helping him while he is going through a rough time. Sally isn't going to tell Macy that Thorne stopped by because Macy has a real chance at happiness with Grant. Thorne is happy for Macy, but reminds Sally that Macy is the one who filed for divorce. Sally tells Thorne he should have fought for the divorce because Macy really didn't want to end their marriage. Thorne is surprised. He thought Macy wanted out of the marriage. On the contrary. Macy's heart was broken because Thorne led her to believe he was having an affair with Claudia. Now Macy has a real chance at happiness, and Sally isn't about to jeopardize that.

With Grant and Macy gone, Amber must get ready for her chance to sing in front of John Quincy. C.J. volunteers Rick to sing backup. John Quincy arrives as Amber is rehearsing. Everything could change tonight, Amber says, and it's all because Rick believed in her.

Sally continues to berate Thorne. What about Macy's hard time? Where were you when Macy was hurt? Thorne was looking for greener pastures with a Dr. Taylor Hayes. Sally again warns Thorne to stay away from Macy.

After Thorne has left, Sally gets another surprise. Grant and Macy show up with dinner. They thought Sally would want some company so they decided to stop by. Sally is a little unsure what to make of all this sudden attention. While Sally takes a phone call, Grant and Macy are glad they stopped by. Sally returns and says while she is grateful they came to see her, it is really unnecessary. She has a date tonight. That was him date on the phone, and he is picking her up anytime now. Grant and Macy are left wondering if C.J. set them up.

Amber gets her chance to sing and impresses the audience. Afterward, John Quincy introduces himself to a delighted Amber.

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Sally shows off her evening gown to Grant and Macy as she prepares for her date. Grant is curious as to who Sally is going out with and suspects she might just be saying she has a date to stop Grant and Macy from worrying about her. Steve Garvey, Sally's date shows up and whisks her away to a fabulous Italian restaurant where they are going to enjoy a quiet, romantic evening. Grant and Macy are a bit miffed they gave up a chance to met a famous record producer, John Quincy, since Sally is far from sitting at home feeling sorry for herself.

At Insomnia, Amber is excited at meeting John Quincy who says she has a great voice but declines to hear her tape. John Quincy thinks Amber will do well and wishes her luck. Amber is thrilled after receiving those promising words.

Thorne visits James to bend his ear. Thorne wants to know why he keeps screwing up his life. He still can't believe Macy never wanted their divorce. James points out that Thorne felt unappreciated when Macy accused him of having an affair with Claudia, which led to the divorce. Thorne admits he has felt unappreciated his entire life.

Grant and Macy dish about Sally's love life while Macy shows Grant her childhood bedroom. Macy picks up her old diary and reads a page from it. She says she used to write about her hopes and fantasy's for her future husband. Grant wants to act out one of her fantasies.

Amber wants to celebrate their success with a bottle of wine. Rick doesn't think that is possible since he, Amber and C.J. are all under age. Amber devises a plan. She will distract Katy while Rick and C.J. steal a bottle of wine from Insomnia.

Thorne felt unappreciated his entire life because while growing up, he was always under Ridge's shadow. Stephanie showered Ridge with affection while Thorne competed for his mother's love. Ridge was always getting into trouble, the bad son, while Thorne was being the good son, in an effort to get some attention. It didn't work. Thorne felt he never got his mother's love. James says sometimes unresolved childhood issues have a way of returning to adulthood. In Thorne's relationship with Caroline and Taylor, he wound up helping both of them when they were badly hurt and then cast aside when they no longer needed him. Thus, continuing Thorne's feelings of being second rate. What Thorne needs is someone who loves him for who he is. Thorne admits he found that person but threw that relationship away.

Basking in afterglow, Macy marvels at the difference in her life from this time last year. Grant is glad they went through their experiences with Brooke and Thorne because that enabled them to recognize true joy in each other. When Grant gets up for a drink of water, Macy reads the note Thorne wrote her and then throws it away.

Amber wants to hop in the car and celebrate but she can't drive because she's been drinking. She gives the keys to Rick but he can't drive because he only has his permit. Amber convinces him everything will be ok. Rick is unsure but gets behind the wheel...

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

While visiting Taylor and Thomas, Stephanie questions fi Taylor got through to Ridge at Big Bear. Taylor says they talked but Brooke got to him first. Stephanie reminds Taylor that Ridge is confused but once he processes everything, he and Taylor will be together and Brooke will be history.

Brooke summons James to her house. She knows he as talked to Taylor but she needed a friend to talk to. Brooke is relieved everything is out in the open and realizes she should have told Ridge the truth from the beginning. Brooke can't turn back the clock. She believes the strength of their love will get them through this crisis.

Katy congratulates C.J. on his performance with Amber. C.J. notes he and Amber make a great team. Katy realizes C.J. is developing a crush on Amber and asks how that crush will affect his friendship with Rick. C.J. doesn't think Rick is mature enough to handle Amber. Rick is making his move tonight, but C.J. is confident nothing will happen. With all the practicing and rehearsing he and Amber will be doing in the coming weeks, C.J. envisions how close he and Amber will become.

Amber has Rick pull over to look at a breathtaking view of Los Angeles. Amber says the lights of Hollywood are waiting for her and marvels at how Rick made her singing in front of John Quincy a reality. All Rick wants is Amber.

With Taylor doubtful Ridge will come back to her, Stephanie advises her to give Ridge more time. Family means more to Ridge than anything, and Taylor has given him a family.

Brooke realizes Ridge has a son with Taylor but thinks their marriage will survive. They've gone through so much already. From now on, Brooke vows to be totally honest with Ridge. James admires Brooke's strength but says Ridge has to make the choice between the woman he is married to or the mother of his child. Bridget comes home and Brooke wonders why Amber didn't pick her up. Bridget hasn't seen Amber and doesn't know why she didn't show up. Then again, where is Rick?

Rick wants Amber to stop calling him a kid. Amber makes Rick prove he is not a kid by taking a sip if wine. Amber advises Rick to trust himself and just have fun. After kissing, Amber says she never trusted anyone until she met Rick. Rick says they are a team now. Amber vows they will make headlines. Nothing is going to stop them now!

Stephanie thinks Ridge will come for Taylor once he realizes his top priority is Thomas. While Taylor says she doesn't want to push him, Stephanie hears a car pull into the driveway. She thinks it's Ridge!!

Thursday, March 19, 1998

Taylor opens the door for Ridge and he goes to Stephanie. He looks down at his son and Stephanie places him gently in Ridge's arms. "My son," he says in awe. "You are my son! A boy needs his father." He looks at Taylor and says that he has gained weight. She tells him that they do gain rather quickly. He is ten weeks old, after all. Ridge tells Taylor that since he is Thomas' dad, he should know more about him than his age. Stephanie leaves, giving Taylor the "thumbs up" sign.

Brooke is pacing the floor, worried about Rick and Amber. She tells James that she is going to have a talk with Amber. It was irresponsible of Amber not to pick up Bridget from cheerleading. James says he wouldn't have recommended Amber if he had thought she would be this irresponsible. Katie comes into the house excited about the performance at Insomnia. She is surprised that everyone is worried about Rick and Amber. She doesn't know where they are, but she is sure they will be home any minute.

Amber and Rick are still up on Mullholland Drive making out. Amber is really hyped; she drinks from the bottle then she kisses Rick. In between, she is planning her brilliant career. Suddenly, headlights from another car pull up behind them. Amber hurriedly stores the wine under the seat.

Ridge says it is hard to believe that this little fellow made it to maturity. Taylor says he wasn't supposed to make it past the first trimester. Thank God he made it, Ridge says. Now he wants to know the entire story about his son, starting with conception.

Brooke asks Bridget if she has any idea where Amber and Rick could be, but she has no idea. She answers a little hesitantly, so Brooke asks her if she knows something about Rick and Amber that she isn't telling. James also asks what their relationship is like. Bridget admits that Rick has a case for Amber, but no way is she interested in that dork. "If my son gets into trouble because of that girl, she is out the door!" Brooke declares.

Someone comes up to the car door and asks to see a drivers license, but it is only C. J. Rick rags him for scaring them, then tries to get rid of him. But C. J. wants to talk about their performance at the Insomnia. Amber tells him that he has a cool car. He answers that it is really cool when he has the right person as a passenger. Amber announces that she will ride with the winner. Let's have a race! C. J. thinks it is a great idea, but Rick isn't so sure.

Ridge and Taylor take a walk down memory lane. They remember the night Thomas was conceived. He was hiding out in that seedy skid row hotel room. Taylor will never forget the night. She didn't find out she was pregnant until after he had been convicted of the shooting. By then she was so confused. Ridge wishes he could have been there to support her and to share with her. She tells him about being bedridden for months. She wishes she had told him early in her pregnancy about the baby. Ridge says that Thorne had a significant role in her not telling him. She tries to take the blame onto herself, but Ridge knows that Thorne was always encouraging her not to tell. He tells her that at sometime, they are going to have to talk to Thorne about his part in keeping her away from him. Taylor wants the brothers to get back to their prior relationship. She also prays that all the things that have happened won't affect his feelings for the baby. "Nothing could ever keep me from loving my son---my precious little son," Ridge assures her.

C. J. wants a drag race, but Rick wants none of it. C. J. accuses him of not having the stones for it and tells Amber to come with him. Amber stands there pleading with Rick, but when he will not relent, she turns to go with C. J. Wait, calls Rick. Okay, fire it up, C. J. Amber excitedly jumps into the car with Rick.

After the baby is put to bed, Ridge wants to know how he sleeps. Taylor tells him that he sleeps just like his dad. Doesn't he wake up to be fed? Ridge asks. Of course, Taylor laughs, I told you he was just like his dad.

It has been a crazy year for you and me, Ridge says. We were almost married in January. But I systematically pushed you away. I can see why you wouldn't want to tell me about the baby.

I should have trusted you, Taylor admits. I should have remembered how you always wanted a child.

Ridge tells her that he gets angry every time he thinks about all that he missed, but tonight for the first time he is looking at things differently. "I have an incredible boy! All I did was spend one night with you; that was my only contribution. But you went through it all in pain and confusion. And despite everything, we have a son."

Brooke has been calling everyone she know looking for Rick. James tries to assure her that everything is okay. They will be walking in the door any minute now and wonder what all the fuss is about. But Brooke tells him that she has a strange feeling that will not happen.

The two cars are revved up and ready. Amber says she will call it. She counts out; one, two, three, GO! The two take off. Amber is screaming with excitement because they are winning. Rick takes a look back to see how far ahead he is. In that short moment, he comes upon a curve too fast. Amber tells him to slow down. He turns back and loses control of the car. "We are crashing!" Amber screams. NO-------she screams.

Friday, March 20, 1998

Stephanie arrives at Eric's office. After kissing her hello, Eric excitedly shows her the sales figures for every department. They have something to celebrate, he tells her. Stephanie tells him that they may have more than that to celebrate. She just left Taylor's. She left Ridge there bonding with the baby. She is sure that the baby will bring the two parents together. This doesn't seem to make Eric very happy.

Taylor is breast feeding the baby while Ridge watches with wonder on his face. "This must be rough on you," he says. "I am going to get you a nanny." Taylor tells him that she enjoys caring for her baby herself. It isn't time for a nanny yet. Ridge tells her that it isn't safe here alone. She needs someone to stay with her. Taylor agrees that she would like someone staying with her, but not a nanny. The baby seems to be full, so Taylor gives him to Ridge for burping.

Brooke is calling all of Rick's friends---again, but none of them have heard from Rick or C.J.. James and Katie remind her that Rick isn't alone. I know, he is with Amber and I could just strangle her, Brooke responds. James reminds her that C.J. is also with them. There could be any number of reasons why they aren't home. Brooke hopes to God that her son is safe.

At the crash scene, the car is shown demolished and smoking. C.J. rushes up to the site in a state of near panic. He hears moaning and finds Amber has been thrown out of the car. He helps her up, checking for any broken bones. She wonders what happened, and C.J. tells her that she was in an accident. Amber remembers the race and cries out for Rick. They rush around to the driver's side of the car and find Rick behind the wheel, his face a bloody mess. Is he dead? Cries Amber. C.J. pulls out his cell phone and calls 911.

Together, Amber and C.J. pull Rick out of the car. C.J. protests that they shouldn't have moved him, but Amber was afraid the car would catch fire. Is he breathing? C.J. asks, checking for any chest movement. He is excited when he finds some movement.

"Where is that ambulance?" he asks. "This was so stupid! Why did I do this? It is my fault." Amber tells him that it isn't his fault, but hers. As they hear the first strains of the siren from the ambulance, C.J. tells Amber that she has to leave. When Amber refuses to leave, he tells her that she will be thrown in jail if she stays. She won't believe that until he reminds her that she had been drinking. She has to get out of here and right now! Hurry! The ambulance is almost here. Finally, Amber realizes her danger and runs away. Hurriedly, C.J. goes into the car and finds the wine bottle. He throws it off the hill just before the ambulance arrives.

Stephanie tells Eric that if he could have seen Ridge and Taylor together, he would agree with her. Eric reminds her that Ridge is married, but Stephanie just knows that there wouldn't have been a marriage if Ridge had only known about the baby. Regardless, Eric says, Ridge is still married. He is going to have to make a decision about whether to stay married or not. Wouldn't it be wonderful, Stephanie asks dreamily, if Thomas could be raised under the same roof with both of his parents?

Ridge thinks Thomas is ready for bed. Yes, agrees Taylor, until the next feeding. Ridge says that he is a growing boy, and considering his food source, he wouldn't blame him if he wanted to eat four or five times a night. Before she puts Thomas down, Taylor asks Ridge if he ever thinks about St. Thomas.

Brooke asks Katie to try C.J.'s car phone again. She decides that she is going to go check the schoolyard. As she gets ready to leave, taking James with her, Katie tells her that the car phone has been shut off. "Where is she with my son?" Brooke wonders.

At the scene, the paramedics are preparing Rick for transport. Talking to the hospital, one of the paramedics says that the boy appears to have internal injuries with kidney trauma. There is CSF---cerebral spinal fluid---in the nose and ears. There has been a lot of blood loss and he is now in hypovolemic shock. He tells the hospital that their ETA is 8 minutes. Another paramedic approaches C.J. and asks if he saw this happen and does he know this boy. He admits that he did; this is his friend, he says. The medic tells him that his friend is in bad shape. He should call the boy's parents and tell them to get to Memorial Hospital quickly. As C.J. just stands there staring at his friend, the paramedic announces that the blood pressure is dropping. Call the parents NOW and follow us to the hospital.

As Brooke and James open the door to leave, the phone rings. She rushes to answer it. "It's me, C.J.," she hears. She wants to know if Rick is there with him. When he says he is, she demands that he put him on the phone. "I can't," C.J. whispers into the phone. "There has been an accident. Rick is being taken to Memorial Hospital. It is real bad. You need to get over there real quick."

Brooke appears in shock when she hangs up. She tells them where Rick has been taken and James tells her that he will take her there. Katie should stay with Bridget. As she leaves the room, Brooke calls out, "Oh, my God, NO! Hold on buddy; I'm coming!"

Ridge tells Taylor that he often thinks of St. Thomas. As a matter of fact, when Taylor followed him up to the cabin, it reminded him of when he followed her to St. Thomas. They reminisce about the times they had on the island. They had some vigorous battles there. Taylor tells him that she was only testing him. Ridge remembers that when he proposed, she had to hear it over and over and over and over. Taylor says that it was the greatest treasure of her entire life. Ridge says he knew what he wanted and went after it. Taylor remembers the trip back on the plane. It was the only time in her life when she felt absolutely certain about something. She knew that she was more than just a diversion for him; she knew that he loved her and would always love her. And now we have a child, she says, and it means I was right.

Brooke and James rush into the hospital and find C.J.. He tells them that Rick is with the doctor. He says that the car ran off the road. He doesn't know what condition Rick is in, but it is bad. A nurse comes by and Brooke stops her. She asks if she knows where the Forrester boy is. She answers that he has been taken to the operating room. She tells her to come along and she will take her to see the doctor.

A nurse is demanding that OR 3 be cleared for immediate surgery. Another nurse tells her that the surgery going on now is almost completed; it is a gunshot wound in there now and it has gone over time already. The first nurse says that she has a boy here who is about to code. Just then, Brooke rushes up.

"Oh, my God!" she cries. "My boy! You have to save him!"

He has to have an operation, the nurse tells her. Dr. Sloan will do the best he can for him.

"It's Mommy, Rick. You will be okay. Just hang in there and don't give up. You are going to live; you are not going to die. I love you so much." She looks up at the nurse and says, "You cannot let him die! He has to be okay!"

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