The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on B&B
Rick and Amber underwent major surgery. Stephanie pressured Brooke to end her marriage to Ridge. Thorne pulled away from his family. Thorne turned to Macy, but she'd moved on with Grant, whom she later married in a surprise ceremony.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, March 30, 1998

As Rick and Amber prepared to go under the knife, Eric assured C.J. that Amber would be able to lead a complete and normal life with one kidney. Brooke hoped there were no complications with the surgery.

Katie comforted a distraught Bridget, who was feeling guilty about the hard time she had given her brother the night before. Katie assured Bridget that Rick knew how much she loved him, even though they teased each other a lot. If Rick pulled through it okay, Bridget promised to be a better sister. C.J. phoned and requested their presence at the hospital.

James visited Taylor and took her a selection of recent medical articles. Some of James's colleagues weren't too thrilled he had married an ex-patient, especially one with Sheila's history. Taylor was doing well since Ridge was going over to see her and the baby. James wondered what Ridge's feelings toward Brooke were "these days." Taylor said Ridge was being supportive of Brooke with Rick in crisis, but that was all there was to it -- support.

After the operation, the doctor said Rick and Amber were in stable condition. Amber's kidney in Rick was functioning, but the next 24 hours were crucial.

Taylor was confident Ridge would want a future with her, since they were a family. James wasn't too sure, considering Ridge's history with Brooke. Ridge was not going to want to be a part-time father to Thomas while married to Brooke, Taylor said.

C.J. went into Rick and Amber's room and told them to hang in there. Amber woke as C.J. held her hand. He assured her all was well. After C.J. left, Amber reached out for Rick, who woke up briefly. Amber told him everything was fine and that she would always be here for him.

Back at the house, Brooke said she could not have gotten through the crisis without Ridge. Seeing Rick in the hospital had made her realize how important family was to her. There was nothing she and Ridge couldn't overcome. Ridge said they needed to talk, but after everything that had happened that night, it could wait until morning.

Brooke thought it was a good idea that they just go to bed. Ridge wasn't staying, though. He said he just couldn't. Brooke wondered what was going on. She demanded to know where she stood in his life. She wanted to know if she and Ridge had a marriage.

Tuesday, March 31, 1998

Stephanie was trying to locate Eric when Thorne stopped by to talk. He informed her that he had moved out of Taylor's house, which should delight his mother. Stephanie didn't want to get into it, but Thorne pushed the subject. Thorne said their problems went a lot further than a difference in opinion. Stephanie reminded Thorne of all she had done for him.

Thorne believed his mother didn't love him the same as she loved Ridge. Stephanie conceded her love for Ridge wasn't the same as her love for Thorne, but that didn't mean she loved Thorne any less. The reality was that Thorne wanted something his mother couldn't give him, so he was going to stop asking. Thorne was saying goodbye to his family.

Brooke realized Ridge was still angry at her for withholding the truth regarding Thomas' paternity but asked Ridge not to leave her. Ridge wanted to put off talking about it until the following day. Brooke wanted to know where she stood. She wanted Ridge to spend the night so they could talk and hold each other. Ridge said he was sorry, but he couldn't stay. It was too soon.

Brooke hoped it was not too late for their marriage. What they had was perfect. Brooke told Ridge to think back to their wedding, the vows they had shared. Yes, they had problems, but they had vowed to love each other in good times as well as bad times. Brooke was sure they could get through their problems and begged Ridge to stay.

Grant and Macy were excited about their surprise wedding the next day. Macy surprised Sally by spending the night at her mother's and not going home with Grant. Sally wondered if something was wrong. Sally would know what was going on in good time, Macy said.

Ridge believed Brooke was really pregnant. He had thought about their wedding a lot lately, how perfect everything had been. Ridge had waited his whole life to feel the bliss he and Brooke had shared, but he had grown unsure. Brooke felt Ridge still loved her. Ridge did, but he still had a lot to work out.

After a lifetime of living under Ridge's shadow, Thorne was taking a break from the family. Thorne wondered what his life would have been like if Stephanie had put one tenth of the energy into saving his marriage to Macy as she put into Ridge and Taylor's relationship.

After Grant left, Macy got a call from Thorne. He needed someone to talk to. Macy told him it was not a good time. Also, Macy said she couldn't be his confidante anymore. Their lives had moved into different directions. Macy asked a devastated Thorne not to call her anymore.

Brooke tried to persuade Ridge not to leave. Their love was a gift, but it took work to sustain the kind of love they shared, Brooke continued. Ridge said he was sorry, but he was leaving and that he was not going to Taylor's because he needed time alone. Brooke threw herself at Ridge and begged him not to leave.

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

Sally wondered why Grant had assembled a large gathering at Insomnia. Grant said little, as Sally would learn in good time that everyone was at Insomnia for his wedding to Macy. Macy was upstairs, preparing for her wedding as she thanked God for sending her Grant. Grant surprised her with a beautiful wedding gown.

Thorne stopped by Lauren's as she was getting ready for the wedding. He wanted to talk about Macy. Thorne knew Macy was moving on, but he had done a lot of thinking about their relationship, and he wanted to explain himself to Macy. Lauren thought Thorne should leave Macy alone, since she was doing fine without him. Thorne wanted one last chance to talk to Macy to at least give closure to their relationship.

Jonny tried to break free as Rush taunted him. Since Rush was going to be at the wedding, he needed to find out about the people there and their relationship to Lauren. Lauren phoned and advised Rush, who she thought was Jonny, to meet her at Insomnia. Rush asked Jonny what Insomnia was, but Jonny didn't say a word. Rush warned Jonny if Lauren found out who he was, her blood would be on Jonny's hands.

At Insomnia, Lauren admitted to Macy that Jonny had been acting weird lately. Sally wondered who the man with Grant was. It was the minister, but Macy evaded her mother's question. Macy got everyone's attention and thanked them all for going to Insomnia on such a special night for her.

Macy sang, "I'm everything I am, because you loved me, " to Grant. Thorne arrived, and as he heard Macy sing, he noticed that Insomnia was closed due to a private party. After the song, Macy went upstairs to change. Thorne knocked on her door.

Sally pressured Grant into admitting the night was special because he and Macy were getting married. Sally was thrilled.

Macy told Thorne his timing was bad, but Thorne didn't leave. He had made some changes in his life and wanted to share them. James had helped Thorne understand how his life had been a mess. He had quit his job and was taking a break from his family. Macy was surprised.

Thorne said he felt like a weight had been lifted, and he had been thinking about what he had done to their marriage. Macy told him she couldn't talk right then because... Thorne noticed her wedding dress. Macy told Thorne she was getting married to Grant -- right then.

Thursday, April 2, 1998

Stephanie stopped by the beach house to have tea with Taylor. She updated Taylor on Rick's condition and reassured Taylor that Ridge would end his marriage to Brooke and be with Taylor and Thomas.

Sally welcomed Grant into the family with a huge hug. When Darla wondered what was going on, Sally inadvertently let the cat out of the bag. She was just welcoming Grant into the family, she said. Some day soon, she said, trying to cover her faux pas. However, it was too late; Darla guessed the truth and threw herself into Grant's arms.

Thorne was surprised that Macy was getting married, but she reminded him that she had told him she was engaged. He was just surprised it was happing then, he explained. He asked if it was a little soon. Macy told him that the timing was right. She said everyone was waiting for her, so maybe she could talk to him in a few days. Thorne started to leave, but before he could go through the door, he closed it again. He asked if it was what she really wanted.

Macy reminded Thorne that she and Grant had been together for a long time -- longer than he had been with Taylor when he proposed to her. She described how she felt for Grant and admitted to Thorne that she really loved him. It had been a surprise, she explained. She hadn't been looking for love, but it had just happened.

Macy said she could not imagine life without Grant. He was very kind and patient; he had helped her buy that place. He had made her dream happen. Grant wanted her to be the best that she could be. "When you find someone like that, you would be a fool to let it get away," she said.

Macy admitted that it was she who had proposed. "Grant is exciting and gentle. He makes me laugh, and he makes me happy. And I deserve that. I deserve to be happy!" she said. "Yes," Thorne told her, "yes, you do."

Grant knocked at the door and told Macy to hurry up. "I have to get ready," Macy told Thorne. Thorne asked her if she was sure it was what she wanted. He only wanted what was best for her. "Then be happy for me," she told him. He hugged her and wished her good luck then he walked out the door.

Lawrence thought everyone should take their places. Clarke walked up and said all the tables should be on the left because Grant didn't have anyone there for his side. Sally told him that everyone was on Grant's side.

Grant asked for everyone's attention. He then announced that everyone was invited to the wedding of Macy Alexander and Grant Chambers.

Checking her makeup, Lauren was about to go to her table when Rush saw her cell phone. He grabbed it, saying "these things" were so cool. Lauren grabbed it back with a puzzled look. "You hate these things," she reminded him.

The music began, and a beautiful Macy slowly walked toward Grant, who had a very big grin on his face. They could not take their eyes off each other.

Stephanie and Taylor continued their tea. Stephanie told Taylor about her conversation with Thorne and how he felt that he had lived his whole life in Ridge's shadow. She wondered if things would have been different if she had been more supportive of him and Macy when they had broken up. "Maybe if I had been more supportive, they would still be married," Stephanie said.

Macy and Grant met at the altar, and the "mystery guest" performed a beautiful ceremony of marriage. From the shadows, Thorne watched. Lauren read from the book of Colossians. The couple exchanged their vows.

"Maybe it isn't too late," Stephanie said, "Maybe I can improve relations with Thorne and get him and Macy back together." Taylor was sorry to tell Stephanie, but Macy was about to marry Grant Chambers.

"You may kiss your bride," Lawrence said. Macy and Grant kissed while the audience cheered and while Thorne sadly looked on.

Friday, April 3, 1998

Brooke wondered why Ridge would just walk out. She wondered where he was and where he had spent the night. She wondered how it would affect their marriage. She grabbed her purse and started out the door to see Rick when Ridge called. He told her that he had been staying at the guesthouse. He was planning on going to see Rick later in the day.

Brooke told Ridge that Rick might return home that night so Ridge could wait to see him at home. It would be great if he could be there when Rick got home. She reminded him that he had a wife and children who loved him very much.

Stephanie stopped by Jonathan's place for some papers he had drawn up for her. He wondered why it was she who had requested the papers. She told him that if she didn't do it, she didn't know who would. She left saying that she was going to get them signed by using "sweet talk."

Taylor stopped by the guesthouse with Thomas after visiting with Grandma. She asked Ridge how Rick was doing. When he told her that Brooke had said she was fine, Taylor wondered why he wasn't at the hospital with them. He told her that he had spent the day thinking.

Rick was talking with Eric. He was stunned that his parents had watched the whole operation. Brooke arrived and gave her son a huge hug. She looked around and wondered where Amber was. Eric explained that she'd had to go for more tests. Rick wondered why Amber was there in the hospital. Brooke and Eric explained that Amber was the reason he was alive.

Ridge took the baby and was talking to him. Taylor told him that he had slept through the night for the first time. Taylor told Ridge that no matter what he decided, she and Thomas would make it work.

Ridge asked if Taylor had a picture of Thomas; he would feel better if he had one with him. Taylor was sorry that she didn't have one to give him. There was a knock at the door. Ridge opened it to Stephanie. He asked her if there was a camera there in the guesthouse. She told him there was a Polaroid around somewhere.

Ridge looked around and found it. Meanwhile, Taylor had posed the baby on the sofa. When Ridge returned, he said it was perfect and took the picture. Stephanie wanted a picture of the three of them. She posed them by the door and took the picture.

Once Stephanie had left, she looked at the picture and smiled. "Perfect," she said.

Eric and Brooke explained to Rick how he had needed a kidney, and no one in the family had been compatible. Then Amber, who had the same blood type, had taken the test and was compatible with him. She had given him her kidney. Actually, she had insisted that they take it. It had been a heroic thing for her to do.

Rick was concerned for Amber. They assured him that they could live with only one kidney. He was sorry about putting them through all that. They told him that they still had questions, but that wasn't the time.

Amber returned. Rick asked his parents to allow him some time with Amber. After his parents left, Rick and Amber gazed deeply into each other's eyes.

Ridge and Taylor talked about the kind of life they wanted for Thomas. Ridge wanted it to be a perfect life; Taylor wanted his life to be happy and secure, and he would have that with Ridge as his father. Regardless of what Ridge decided to do, Thomas' life was going to be fine. Believe it or not, she said, she knew what Brooke meant to him. She saw things differently since she had a child. "You have changed too," she told him, "and it is all because of this little bundle."

Rick and Amber talked. She told him that she was sorry; it was all her fault. He told her it had been stupid of him to drive, no matter what she had said. She told him that his parents didn't know the full story, but she wouldn't blame him if he told them the truth.

Rick told Amber not to feel guilty. She had given him a part of her body. It was a little extreme, but he appreciated it. He just wanted to get better and go home. Amber told him that she hadn't given the kidney out of guilt -- she had done it for love.

Brooke was leaving for the hospital with Rick's clothing when Stephanie stopped by. She asked about Rick and was happy to know that Rick might be home that night. "If that is all you stopped by for, then I need to get to the hospital," Brooke told her. Stephanie said that she had wanted to tell Brooke that she understood why Brooke had kept Thomas' paternity from Ridge -- she had wanted him to have a decent chance with two parents. "Am I right?" Stephanie asked.

Ridge talked to Thomas; he told him he had made a difference in Ridge's life and didn't even know it. Taylor said the fresh little soul had delivered wisdom straight from heaven - "and he is ours," she said, "All ours."

Stephanie continued to tell Brooke that she understood what Brooke had done. "You wanted to give Thomas a decent chance at life with two live-in parents," Stephanie said. Brooke admitted that Stephanie was right, but she didn't expect her to really believe it. "You really did have that child's best wishes at heart, didn't you? Well now Taylor isn't going to marry Thorne," Stephanie continued.

"Now Ridge knows that Thomas is his baby, so don't you think that the best thing is for Ridge and Taylor to give Thomas the family he deserves?" Stephanie asked. Brooke reminded Stephanie that Ridge already had a family; she wouldn't interfere with Ridge being a father to Thomas. Stephanie waved the picture in front of Brooke's face. "I just took this today. This is a real family. If you really want Thomas to have two parents and a chance at a decent life, then you can make that happen," Stephanie said.

Stephanie assured Brooke that she and Eric would always be there for Brooke and the children. It had never been about cutting Brooke out of the family. It was about doing what was right.

Stephanie showed Brooke the annulment papers. "Do us all a favor and sign these," she said. "I know it will be the most difficult thing you ever do, but look at this family. Ridge has a child whom he loves dearly. Don't stand in the way of his happiness. Don't destroy his family the way you destroyed mine. If you love him, sign the papers and end your marriage today."

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