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Brooke held Thomas and realized she understood what Ridge needed. Taylor mistook Brooke's words to mean she was giving up on Ridge. Brooke had a bad night, taking care of Rick and Amber. Eric and Johnny broke into Lauren's apartment to save her from
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 6, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, April 6, 1998

Stephanie hands Brooke the annulment papers. Since Eric is the father of Rick and Bridget, Brooke can end the children's confusion by signing the papers and ending her marriage. Ridge loves the children as if they were his own, Brooke counters. But now, Ridge has a child of his own, so if you love your children, you will sign the annulment papers, Stephanie says.

Lauren can't put a finger on Jonny's (Rush) strange behavior. Lauren begins to question if she ever knew Jonny at all. Rush, as Jonny, tries to blow off his behavior as nothing and anticipates the night ahead in bed with Lauren.

Amber wants Rick to know she didn't give him her kidney out of guilt. It was out of love. Rick realizes Amber has been using him, so he says she doesn't have to say something that is not true. Amber admits she used Rick to get her job, and has led him on, but more than anything, Amber wants Rick to be a part of her life.

Stephanie sees an annulment as an obligation for Brooke to straighten out the confusion is the children's life. Brooke reminds the Queen that Ridge vowed to love her for life. Ridge never would have married you if he knew Taylor was pregnant with his child, Steph says. Ridge should be with his child, so do the right thing and free Ridge from this marriage, Stephanie orders. Brooke rips up the annulment papers and orders Stephanie out. Steph notes that Ridge is already gone and not to me, but to his son. Now try to fight that, Brooke!

Rush realizes Lauren will notice his scar once he undresses. How is he going to make love to her and conceal his scar? Lauren wants to talk about Jonny's (Rush) erratic mood swings, but Jonny (Rush) wants to hop in the sack. As Jonny (Rush) kiss, Rush's scar is exposed.

Amber wants a chance to prove to Rick she has changed. She feels loved for the first time in her life. Amber has never told another that she loved them. The doctor tells Eric, Brooke, Ridge, and Stephanie he is releasing Rick and Amber but orders them to a week's bed rest. Stephanie says she, Eric, and Brooke will look after the two freeing Ridge so he can spend time the his son and Taylor.

Brooke admits to Ridge that she hates herself for withholding the truth about Thomas' paternity. She begs Ridge to come home with her since Rick and Bridget need him. Ridge wants more time to sort things out. Brooke cries into Ridge's arms as Stephanie looks on.

Tuesday, April 7, 1998

Taylor is shocked to learn Stephanie handed annulment papers to Brooke. Stephanie believes since Ridge has moved out of her house, their marriage is over. After years of chasing Ridge, Brooke isn't going to just sign annulment papers, Taylor says. None of Brooke's marriages have lasted so ended this one will be nothing new, Steph says. Now that Ridge knows the truth about Thomas, Stephanie thinks Ridge will want to be with Taylor.

Brooke leaves Katie to look after Rick and Bridget while she leaves to go talk to someone.

While Jonny tries to free his hands, he spots a knife. He kicks over the umbrella holder and tries to scoot one toward the knife.

Lauren and Jonny (Rush) get romantic while Rush's scar is exposed. Eric shows up wanting to talk to Lauren about Ridge and Thorne. Of all people, Lauren knows how important family is to Eric so she can't imagine what Eric must be going through with Ridge and Thorne estranged. Eric realizes Lauren is preoccupied and gracefully exits. Before leaving, Eric has a run in with Jonny. Angrily, Jonny wishes Eric goodbye and calls him "big shot."

Stephanie admires a picture of Ridge and Taylor on their honeymoon. Before leaving, Steph advises Taylor to keep the faith where Ridge is concerned. Taylor also admires the picture. Brooke surprises Taylor by showing up at her house. She came to see Thomas since he is Ridge's child. Taylor doesn't think it's a good idea but when Thomas starts crying, Taylor brings him out. Brooke holds Thomas and notes how he looks like Ridge. Brooke tells Taylor she is lucky to have a child with the man she loves. Brooke admits what's best for Ridge is for him to be with his son.

Lauren wants to know how Jonny (Rush) she had feelings for Eric because she never told him. Jonny (Rush) lies and says in the way Lauren looked at Eric. Jonny (Rush) wants Lauren to forget Eric and pick up where they left off. Lauren pushes him away.

At Forrester, Eric admits to Stephanie he is worried about Lauren's romance with Jonny. There's something strange about him, Eric says. Lauren can take care of herself, Stephanie says. Eric remembers Rush calling him "big shot" in Greenland and realizes Jonny might be Rush!

Wednesday, April 8, 1998

At Spectra, Sally and Darla marvel at how happy Macy looked on her wedding day. Both are relieved Macy's relationship with Thorne is over. Eric comes by and wants to talk about Lauren and Jonny.

Lauren pushes Jonny (Rush) away as he tries to kiss her. Lauren says whatever they had between them is no longer working. Jonny (Rush) blames Eric and accuses Lauren of still having feelings for Eric.

Brooke wants Ridge to be with his son and admits she is not going to stand in Ridge's way. Taylor is confused. She can't understand why Brooke is giving Ridge up so easily since she has fought so hard to have him. Brooke corrects Taylor. She has no plans on giving Ridge up. Brooke reminds Taylor that Ridge doesn't have to be married to you to be close with Thomas. The reason Brooke came over was to assure Taylor that she would not stand in Ridge's way of getting to know his son. As if you could, Taylor remarks. After Brooke mentions she will be assisting in Thomas' upbringing, Taylor tells Brooke she won't have any say in Thomas' upbringing.

Jonny manages to wrap one of the umbrella handles around a table leg that the knife is on. As he is scooting the table closer to him, the table falls scattering the knife out of reach.

Eric tells Sally and Darla that he just saw Jonny and he seemed to tense. Darla is surprised since Jonny is into yoga and meditation. Jonny was anything but relaxed. Sally doesn't feel there should be any reason why Lauren's boyfriend should be friendly toward her ex. Eric mentions that Rush constantly called him "big shot" in Greenland and Jonny just called him that. Eric gets Jonny's address from Sally and heads to his house.

Lauren notices the change in Jonny (Rush). She can't pretend everything is alright anymore and calls it quits with Jonny. Jonny (Rush) gets even more hostile and mentions that Rush is the one who saved her in Greenland. Jonny continues by saying Rush loved you and you used him to make Eric jealous. Rush tells Lauren she has trouble now and takes his shirt off to reveal his scar to a terrified Lauren!

Eric arrives at Jonny's house and hears his cries for help. Eric breaks down the front door and unties Jonny. Jonny fills Eric in on what Rush is up to and the two head for Lauren's penthouse...

Brooke promises Taylor that Ridge will never leave her and she just needs to accept that. Taylor reminds Brooke that she isn't married to Ridge because of Brooke's manipulation. Neither Brooke nor Taylor is willing to give up on Ridge and they conclude that Ridge will have to decide for himself who he wants to spend his life with.

Thursday, April 9, 1998

Grant and Macy are enthusing over their "incredible" wedding. Everyone enjoyed the wedding and the party to follow except for one person. Grant is still not comfortable with Johnny. He knows how much everyone wants him to get along with him, but he just can't trust him.

Eric and Jonny are on their way to find Lauren and Rush. Eric places a 911 call asking the police to hurry over to the penthouse right away. A woman's life depends on them getting there in a hurry.

In the penthouse, Rush tells Lauren, "That's right, baby. Rush is back in the world." Lauren can't believe he could have survived the crossbow. Rush tells her that he had a reason to survive; he had to get back to her.

Brooke goes to Ridges office. They talk about what a devastating week they have had. Ridge tells her that things will get better now that Rick is on the mend. But Brooke tells him that he was her strength during the ordeal. She still needs him; the separation is killing her and she begs him to come home.

Jonny and Eric continue to race to the apartment.

Macy tells Grant that he is over-reacting. The phone rings and Sally tells them about Eric stopping by for Johnny's address. Macy tries to calm her mother down, but when she hangs up, Grant observes that someone else is concerned besides him.

Rush observes that Lauren is afraid of him; he can see it in her eyes. Lauren asks what Rush did to his brother, but Rush only laughs at her. He wants to pick up where they left off in Greenland. Lauren tries to pull away from him. When she does, she runs to the phone. "You shouldn't have done that," Rush shouts angrily.

Brooke and Ridge talk about his coming home. He says it isn't so simple, but she reminds him that he has responsibilities; they are a family. Ridge tells her that he hasn't forgotten that they are married, but he needs more time. Brooke tells him that life is too precious and they are so fortunate that he shouldn't let so much time go by without making a decision. She doesn't think that they should just leave their life in limbo. Just listen to what your heart tells you, she advises.

Ridge reminds her that he has Taylor and Thomas to think about as well. Brooke reminds him of the vows that they took.

Macy explains to Grant what Sally told her; she says that Sally and Eric are concerned about Johnny. Grant says that it is Rush that they should be worried about. Macy exclaims that Rush is dead, but Grant tells her that they had better hope so or Lauren is in deep trouble.

Rush tells Lauren that she isn't going to call the police. He tries to get close to her, but she fights him off. Suddenly, Eric and Jonny burst in the door. Rush is angry; he grabs Lauren and places her between him and the other men. They tell him to take his hands off of Lauren.

Ridge tells Brooke that he can't say that he doesn't love her any more. Then what is holding you back? Brooke says. He answers that he has a son now and she should know what that means to him better than anyone. She tells him that she would never keep him from his son. She believes that she and Taylor can work something out.

As Brooke leaves the office, Stephanie comes around the corner and watches as she wipes tears from her eyes.

Jonny tells Rush to get his hands off Lauren as he rushes toward his brother. They start fighting and Lauren rushes to Eric. Rush grabs a vase and hits Jonny over the head, knocking him out. While Lauren pleads for him to stop, Eric strides in and begins fighting with Rush. Rush almost knocks Eric over the balcony. Eric dodges just as Rush rushes toward him. Missing Eric, Rush goes over the balcony screaming as he falls. Lauren rushes to Eric and Eric holds her, saying, "It's all over now."

Stephanie tells Ridge that she saw Brooke leave. Stephanie reminds him that he is married and she knows he doesn't take that lightly. She realizes that he is concerned about the children, but they are Eric's responsibility. Even though he has been a wonderful influence on them, Eric is more than capable of looking after his children. Ridge tells her that he loves those children, and Stephanie acknowledges that they love him back, but now he has his own son. Ridge needs to focus on him. She hopes Brooke isn't using the children to fight for him. When Ridge tell her that she isn't, Stephanie remarks that she is still fighting for him. It is a marriage that should never have taken place, she says. She knows that he will do the right thing and no matter whether he gets a divorce or an annulment, the family is counting on him to take care of Taylor, the woman he really loves, and his son. "In my heart I know you will do the right thing," she says as she leaves.

Friday, April 10, 1998

It is night and Ridge stands by the window deep in thought. He holds picture of Taylor, Thomas and himself. "I'm married to Brook; but I have a son with Taylor," he remarks. "I can't live like this much longer. I have to make the most difficult decision of my life, and soon."

The phone rings and it is Taylor. She asks if she can stop by in the morning and bring a special little someone. Ridge says sure, but he has to stop by to see Rick. So, Taylor offers to stop by first thing; she has a reason. She wants to give him more Daddy lessons. It is time he changed Thomas' diaper for the first time.

Brooke is trying to sleep, but Rick calls out for his mother. He is having pain and needs a pain pill. Once Brooke has him settled down, Amber calls out. She was trying to get a glass of water. After Brooke gives it to her, she tells Brooke that she is the best. No, Brooke answers, you are the best. You saved my son's life. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call.

Once she is back in the bedroom, Bridget comes in asking if she can stay in the room with her mother. She wonders where Ridge is; she hasn't seen him for days. Brooke tells her not to worry; everything will be just fine.

In the morning, Katie comes in with a breakfast tray for Brooke. She sends Bridget out to get dressed for school. Brooke tells her that she didn't get enough sleep. Katie can't believe that Ridge would leave her alone like this to handle everything alone. Brooke makes a feeble excuse, but it doesn't appease Katie. Here her sister is, playing Florence Nightingale and becoming sleep-deprived while Ridge is out somewhere getting his head together. The only thing Brooke is worried about is Taylor and Stephanie using this time to turn Ridge against her.

Taylor and Thomas arrive at Ridge's door. Taylor tells him that Thomas just made a present for him. She then gives him a lesson on cleaning up the baby. Stephanie stops by. She tells him that taking care of a child is a lifetime job; you learn plenty, but you never get tired of it. As Ridge takes Thomas on a tour of the house, Stephanie and Taylor exchange satisfied smiles.

Rick and Amber are having breakfast in his room. He tells his Mom that he can not wait to get out of the bed. Bridget walks in and tells him that she can't wait either. Mom was up all night, she says. She had to sleep in the bed with their mother. Rick is surprised; where was Ridge? Was he out of town? Brooke hastens to tell him not to worry about Ridge; worry about getting well, she says. Rick announces that he is going down the stairs to dinner tonight. When Brooke sees Ridge, he wants her to tell him. He will freak out! Brooke tells Amber that she needs to go out for a while, so she should look after Rick. Rick says, "Don't forget to tell Ridge!"

Ridge looks down at Thomas and says he loves holding his little boy; he is a miracle. He is mine; he is a part of me, he says; the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Rick thinks that his mother was really out of it. What is going on?

Taylor is preparing to leave; she knows that Ridge has plans for the day. What plans? Stephanie asks. He tells his mother that he is going to stop by to see Rick. "Rick will appreciate it," Brooke says from the door. She tells Ridge that they need to talk. In private, she says pointedly to Taylor and Stephanie.

Rick is worried about his mother and Ridge. "You know, relationship stuff," he explains to Amber. "Something is not right."

Taylor tells Brooke that they are busy right now. Brooke once again tells Ridge that she needs to talk to him alone. Stephanie suggests that she wait until they are finished, but she refuses. Then say it in front of us, Stephanie tells her. Brooke turns to Ridge and says, "This is the most difficult time of my life. I know Rick is getting better, but before, at the hospital, you were so loving and supportive to me. I understand that you need time, but life goes on. I have children at home and I need you there! My children are asking questions. They wonder where you are. What do I tell them? Do I say that you are debating whether you want to spend your life with us? Or do I make up something until you decide? We are husband and wife; we said vows. You have an obligation to me and to my family."

"What are you saying, Brooke?" Taylor asks.

"Before I came here, Rick asked me to tell you something. He is determined to come down to dinner tonight. He is doing this for you, to see the look on your face. He is excited! We all want you there with us, all the time. Dinner is at 6:30. We expect you to be there. When you walk through the door, I will know that you are willing to put all of this behind you and let us be a family again. I will see you tonight," she finishes and walks out the door leaving Ridge just standing there.

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