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Brooke and Taylor planned dinner parties on the same night, and each woman invited Ridge. Ridge was given an ultimatum: decide that night whom he would stay with. Ridge made his decision. Macy was surprised to find Thorne had moved in next door.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 13, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, April 13, 1998

Ridge remembers Brooke's request of his presence at dinner tonight. If Ridge shows up, Brooke will know she and Ridge will be together and they can get back to being a family. Eric stops by and says he is ok from last night's encounter with Rush. Ridge admits he is struggling with a decision and knows he can't put it off.

Taylor wonders if she should have given Ridge an ultimatum like Brooke did. Maggie's experience with Sheila has told her she should have fought harder for James so she advises Taylor to fight for Ridge. Taylor says she can raise Thomas on her own but doesn't want to. Ridge sees Taylor as a strong, independent woman, but Maggie advises Taylor to give Ridge another option. Taylor heads out the door.

Brooke and Katie are planning for dinner tonight when Stephanie stops by. Stephanie blasts Brooke for giving Ridge an ultimatum when he is obviously not ready to make a decision. Brooke says her children depend on Ridge and have been asking a lot of questions. Therefore, she felt Ridge needs to make a decision. Steph reminds Brooke that Rick and Bridget have always had the family's support. Stephanie feels Brooke is using her children to force Ridge into making a decision he is not ready to make.

Ridge wonders what he should tell Rick and Bridget. The truth, Eric advises. Brooke has made Ridge the happiest he has ever been, but Taylor is the mother of his only child and he doesn't want his boy to grow up without a mother and a father living together. Ridge meant his wedding vows to Brooke, and didn't marry her just because he couldn't have Taylor. Ridge knows Brooke or Taylor will get hurt and wishes the one getting hurt was him.

Brooke tells Stephanie her dinner tonight is about Ridge making a commitment. Steph fires back by saying Brooke was the only one at their wedding who knew the truth about Thomas' paternity, yet she vowed to Ridge to be honest while she was keeping that truth from him. Katie interrupts and gives the Queen a piece of her mind. Brooke reminds Steph that the decision not to tell Ridge about Thomas was not her choice. Honesty is always a choice, Steph says. Ridge had the right to know he was the father of Taylor's baby. Before leaving, Stephanie warns Brooke not to expect Ridge for dinner tonight and certainly don't tell the children he is coming.

Taylor stops by Ridge's office. She knows he is confused but advises Ridge to make the decision for himself, not Brooke's children or Thomas. Taylor continues by saying she is not belittling Rick or Bridget's needs, but Brooke is forcing the issue by giving Ridge her ultimatum. Taylor invites Ridge to her house tonight for dinner with her and Thomas. They can have the love back beginning tonight, Taylor says. She and Thomas will be waiting.

Back at home, Taylor sets the table for dinner while Brooke sets her table. Both are sure Ridge will not let them down.

Tuesday, April 14, 1998

Brooke is getting ready for the dinner with Ridge when she calls him and tells him that Rick is determined to make it down the stairs to impress you. Brooke says she is not asking Ridge to give up Thomas, but when he walks through the door tonight, she will know Ridge is here to stay.

Taylor is also making last minute preparations when Stephanie stops by to check how things are going. Taylor admits she is nervous but this is the night she has been waiting and dreaming about. Stephanie is confident Ridge will do the right thing and choose a life with Taylor and his son. This is the perfect chance for Rick and Bridget to establish a better relationship with their real father, Eric. Stephanie leaves but wishes she could see the look on Taylor's face when Ridge shows up.

Rick tells his mother he wants to surprise Ridge tonight by being able to walk down the stairs. This is important to Rick after everything Ridge has done for he and Bridget. Rick wants to look his best and asks Brooke what Ridge would think is something cool to wear.

Bridget visits Ridge at Forrester. She fills Ridge in on what's going on in her life but admits her mother has been sad lately. Ridge assures Bridget that she will always be able to count on him because her family is so important to him.

Taylor gets a knock on her door and is disappointed when it's Maggie. Taylor says she's on edge because it is not a sure thing that Ridge will show up. Maggie advises Taylor to relax and enjoy the anticipation.

Stephanie also visits Ridge after Bridget leaves and advises him that things will get better. Steph admits Brooke makes a lot of her choices out of concern for her children, but they usually misguided. For instance, Brooke thinks Ridge is indispensable to her children. If Ridge lives with Brooke, there will be animosity between Thomas, Rick and Bridget, Steph says. If Ridge lives with Taylor and his son, Brooke's children will respect him even more for doing the right thing. Brooke's children and Thomas will relate to each other the way Ridge related to his sisters and his brother. Stephanie concludes that Rick and Bridget know Ridge loves them and will continue to love him even when he chooses to live with Taylor.

Brooke changes into a beautiful dress while Bridget comes home from Forrester. She saw Ridge, Bridget says but he didn't say anything about coming to dinner tonight. Rick walks down the stairs.

Eric and Stephanie compare notes on their talks with Ridge. Steph thinks that Eric will be the missing link in deciding which way Ridge will go. Ridge knows Eric will be there for his own children and that will tip the scale to Taylor's favor. Besides, Ridge loves his own child and Taylor. Eric thinks Ridge's decision will ultimately come down to which woman he loves more.

Ridge looks at himself in the mirror and says you know what you have to do, so go do it.

With everyone ready, all that's left is Ridge to show up. Brooke says he has to show up for the kids. The doorbell rings. Is it Ridge?

Taylor is ready for Ridge also. Everything is all set. Tonight, she and Ridge begin their life together. There's a knock on the door. Is it Ridge?

One thing is certain. Either Taylor or Brooke will be devastated.

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

Decision time for Ridge. Will he spend the rest of his life with Brooke or Taylor?

Eric advises Stephanie not to set herself up for disappointment since Ridge could go either way. Stephanie is sure Ridge will choose a life with his family and let Eric have the chance to get his young children back. Part of Eric hopes Ridge will choose Taylor. He isn't convinced Ridge will make the decision to live with his son since Eric doesn't live with Rick or Bridget and he has a wonderful relationship with both of them.

Taylor anticipates Ridge's arrival when there is a knock on the door. Please let it be Ridge, Taylor hopes. It's James. He brought some medical journals by he thought Taylor might like to read. Taylor is short with James and rushes him out the door since she wants to be alone with Ridge when he arrives.

Brooke nervously awaits Ridge's arrival and when the doorbell rings, Rick says he will answer the door to show Ridge how much he is able to get around. Rick opens the door. It's Ridge! Rick and Bridget hug him while Brooke is delighted and thanks him for showing up. Everyone gathers around the table for dinner. Rick says the blessing and gives special thanks for Ridge coming tonight.

Taylor puts Thomas to bed but wishes Ridge would have gotten there before Thomas fell asleep. There's another knock on the door and Taylor is sure it is Ridge, but it turn s out to be a messenger with an envelope. Taylor signs for it and hopes that it is not a letter from Ridge.

Rick asks why Ridge hasn't been around much lately, but Ridge says there has just been a lot going on. Rick and Bridget leave to give Brooke and Ridge time alone.

Inside the envelope is a letter from Ridge. He writes that he is sorry he couldn't make it tonight but he will explain later. Devastated, Taylor can't believe Ridge has let her down again.

Eric takes a business call while Stephanie answers a call from Taylor. Taylor needs Stephanie's support because Ridge didn't show up and couldn't make dinner tonight. Stephanie advises Taylor to stay calm and she is on her way over.

Brooke tells Ridge how happy the children are that he is back. Ridge says he's back because they are a family and he wants Rick and Bridget to feel he's there for them. Ridge tells Brooke he loves her and that he has thought a lot of the current situation. Ridge wants what's best for everyone and is grateful to Brooke for forcing him to make a decision. That made Ridge think of the future and what he needs to do. Ridge continues by praising the job Brooke has done with Rick and Bridget, but the kids are still fragile and need him in their lives. Ridge wants to tell Rick and Bridget about Thomas and his obligation to his son. Thomas needs me more than Rick and Bridget do, Ridge says, and they will understand that. Ridge wants Brooke to understand that Thomas needs him more than her kids do also. Brooke wonders what exactly it is that Ridge is saying. Is Ridge bidding Brooke goodbye?

Thursday, April 16, 1998

Grant is outside his new house admiring the view when Macy appears in her swimsuit. He thinks she is over dressed; she could say the same about him, but he tells her that he is planning on taking off his robe. And what do you have on under the robe, Macy asks. Grant just smiles and Macy is shocked. This is a public beach! She says. And Taylor's house is just down the beach. Suppose she goes for a walk. Grant doesn't think Taylor is doing much walking these days with Thomas to care for.

Stephanie arrives at Taylor's beach house to find Taylor in tears. She reads the letter that Ridge sent.

Ridge tells Brooke that he has to do this for his son, but he will always be there for Brooke and the kids. Brooke doesn't want him to be just a part-time father to her children. Brooke begins to talk so much that Ridge can't get in a word.

Taylor can't believe that Ridge would do this to her again. She thought he loved her and Thomas. Stephanie can't believe it; she was sure Ridge would do the right thing.

Macy can't believe Grant would do that (he took off her swimsuit in the ocean), and it was an expensive swimsuit, she laughs. Grant tells her that he is a designer and can design her as many swimsuits as she wants. Yes, but will you let me wear them? Macy asks. When she repeats that she couldn't believe he did that, he says that she wasn't saying that last night. She wasn't talking about his sense of humor last night, she tells him.

Grant thinks that they have the perfect house; it is a nice house for raising children. Macy asks how many children he thinks he can handle and he tells her that the sky is the limit. Macy can't believe that she is finally going to have a family with the man she loves. They make love on the chaise loungers by lamplight.

Ridge is sorry that he is hurting Brooke. Brooke insists that she doesn't know what he is trying to say. Ridge tells her that part of her has always known that if he found out about Thomas he would be telling her this. That is why you kept the secret, he says. Ridge tells her that he wants to be a full time father to Thomas. He is my son and I just can't leave him, Ridge says. Brooke doesn't want to hear this but Ridge says that this is the hardest thing he has ever had to do. Brooke begs him not to decide now; she was wrong to make him make a decision today. She asks him to give them just 30 days more. If he then feels the same way then she won't try to stop him.

Macy and Grant are wondering if they have just made a little boy or little girl. Macy thinks she is having her first craving, but Grant thinks it is a little early for that. But if she is the mother of his child, she can begin her cravings any time she wishes. What are you craving, he asks. A double chocolate malt crunch sugar cone double scoop, she answers. Grant says, "See you later," as he goes on his first ice cream run.

Taylor was sure that Ridge loved her and Thomas and Stephanie assures her that he does. Then how can he stay with Brooke? She asks. He must love her more than he loves me, she guesses. She is regretting not telling Ridge about the baby sooner; a year ago, he was ready to marry me, she cries. We would have been married and together all this time. We would have been a family. Stephanie tells her that Ridge is making a mistake and he will come to realize it. Realize what? That she is a liar and a manipulator? No, Taylor says, if he chooses her now after hearing about our child, then Thomas and I are alone; there is no future with him.

Brooke asks for just another week, but Ridge says that the decision has already been made. "NO!" Brooke cries. "I love you; I love what we have. Tonight at dinner, looking at all of you, I couldn't believe that I had to say goodbye. But I have another family and they need me even more." Ridge tells Brooke. Brooke says that that isn't true. "And I need them. I need to be a real father to my son. That means being there with him and being part of his life. I don't want to be just a visitor in his home." Brooke wonders if what they have built together means nothing. What about us? Ridge says it means everything---almost everything. Brooke can't believe this is happening. It has nothing to do with being angry or trying to punish her.

Brooke wonders why he even bothered to come to dinner tonight. Ridge says that it was for Rick and Bridget; he owes them an explanation. Brooke accuses him of letting the kids think that everything was okay; he didn't explain anything to them. Ridge says that he will stay on long enough to explain everything to the children and to help them adjust. Brooke says that she will never adjust and neither will he, because they are a part of each other. "You just cut out my heart," she tells him. Ridge says he knows that and he is sorry, but his life is with Taylor and his son. He tells her that he wants an annulment.

Macy is relaxing on the lounge when she hears someone whistle. You just can' t get enough of me, can you? She asks. Macy! Comes an astonished voice. Macy looks around and she is shocked. It is Thorne; he tells her that he lives here. He just rented the house next door!

Brooke is shocked; an annulment! She can't believe that Ridge wants to annul their marriage. He says that there is no other way. Love is not always enough, he tells her, sadly. Brooke tries to convince him that this is wrong for her, for the children, but most of all for Taylor and Thomas. How can he be a good husband and father when his heart belongs somewhere else. Ridge says he would agree if he didn't also have feelings for Taylor, but he has loved her all along. Brooke reminds him of their vows, and predicts that Taylor will soon see that he meant those vows of love. Ridge doesn't want to talk about Taylor with Brooke. He tells her to get Katie to be with her so she doesn't have to go through this alone. He then tells her that he has to go now. She follows him to the door shouting, "Oh, Ridge; oh, Ridge." Coming back into the house, she tries to ascend the stairs, but she collapses on the stairs sobbing and crying out Ridge's name.

Friday, April 17, 1998

Brooke sits alone, crying. Katie comes in and wonders what is the matter. Ridge left me; he is going to Taylor. "No," Katie says, "he came to dinner. I thought that meant he was staying with you." Brooke says that that is what she thought, but Ridge left her. He said that his decision was the best for everyone.

Taylor is crying. "I can't believe he could give us up. I thought he really loved Thomas and he said he loved me." Stephanie doesn't know why he chose Brooke, but she is going to find out. Taylor tells her to leave it alone; don't get involved. I'm already involved. He is my son and that is my grandson. Taylor tells Stephanie that if she were alone, she could have lived without Ridge. But now that she has Thomas, she will always be reminded of Ridge. There is a knock at the door; Stephanie looks out and says, "My God, Taylor; it is Ridge." Taylor tells her that she doesn't want to see him.

Sally thanks Darla for sitting with C.J. to make sure he didn't "try to break out." Darla wonders how long C.J. will be grounded and Sally tells her that C.J. is grounded from two to ten years for drag racing. She hopes that is enough time for him to think.

Thorne says he came to celebrate with his new neighbors; he didn't know that would be Macy and Grant. Macy wants him to get out of his lease and Thorne agrees. He can't see how this arrangement will work out. Noticing that Macy is using her robe to cover herself, he guesses that she wasn't expecting him either!

Sally and Darla are talking about Thorne. Darla reminds Sally that she used to like him, but Sally says that was only because he was married to her daughter. She thought he cherished Macy and was going to make her happy. She thought he had escaped the family curse. "What curse," asks Darla. Sally says that a famous magician put a curse on the Forrester's making it impossible for the Forrester's to be happy; for them to always ruin the lives of their mates, making it impossible for them to have a decent life with the one that they love. I guess I should be grateful to Thorne for letting my daughter go and for leaving her in such a cruel way, because she is definitely doing much better without him, she says..

Macy tells him to turn around, but he says they were once married; he's seen her without clothes. She tells him to turn around anyway. He says that he is going to hate giving up that house next door; it was perfect. He asks what she did with the condo and she tells him that she sold it. He wouldn't have wanted it anyway, too many memories, he says. Thorne apologizes for intruding on her honeymoon.

Grant has returned, but he stands outside listening to their conversation.

Thorne asks about the wedding; he is sorry he couldn't stay. He shouldn't have been there in the first place, but he hopes Grant wasn't upset at his showing up. Macy admits that she didn't tell Grant.

"Then why did he even show up?" Katie asks. Brooke tells Katie that Ridge only showed up because Rick was counting on him. "How could he just sit through dinner and not say a thing? How could he do this to you?" Brook answers, "He told me that he loved me and didn't want to leave; he said that he was only leaving for the baby." Katie says that he doesn't have to leave to be a father to the baby. "I know, and that is what I told him," Brooke says. "But he said that he loves Taylor. He doesn't love her in the same way as he loves me, he said, but he loves her. Oh, Katie. How am I going to tell the children; how am I going to tell them that he is gone?"

Stephanie tells Ridge that Taylor doesn't want to speak to him and "you don' t want to talk to me either because I am so angry at you. It would be best if you just went home!" Ridge tells her, while looking at Taylor, that he wants to explain. Taylor turns her back. Stephanie asks if he had dinner at Brooke's. When he admits that he did, she says that that is all Taylor needs to hear. "How could you choose that woman over Taylor and your son?" she asks. Still, she adds, he is a grown man and can make any choice he wants to make, but having made it, he should leave Taylor alone. Ridge says that this is between him and Taylor; please leave, Mother he says. Ridge tells Taylor that he has to talk to her. If she won't listen to him now, he will camp out on her front porch until she will listen. Taylor tells him to go ahead and say what he came to say. Ridge asks Stephanie to leave and give them some privacy. Stephanie asks if that is what Taylor wants. Taylor says she will be all right; go ahead and she will call her later. Stephanie gives her son a hard look and leaves.

Katie can't believe Ridge would do this to Brooke; she knows that Ridge loves her so much. So what if he had a baby with Taylor; that can't erase everything he had with Brooke. Brooke says that he only felt obligated, but Katie says that he and Brooke belong together. They are a family; anyone can see that. Not everybody, Brooke answers. Not Stephanie and not Taylor. Then they are clueless, Katie proclaims. And Ridge is making a terrible mistake. The man adores you, that is so obvious. I know he thinks he is doing what is right for Taylor and Thomas, but this is the worse thing he can do for his son because he is going to realize that he can't live without her. You cannot let him go through with this, she says.

Ridge puts his hand on Taylor's shoulder, but she pulls away. "Let's get this over with," she says. "Man, I should have handled this differently," Ridge says.

"Would it have mattered?" Taylor asks. "Because anyway you cut it, I am going to be raising my son by myself." "No you won't" Ridge tells her. Taylor says, "Oh, right! You will always be there for Thomas. You probably think I should be happy with that, but I am not. I love you." Ridge tries to tell her that that isn't what he is there to tell her, but Taylor continues to talk. "I am tired of this constant rejection, Ridge. I just want to know one thing, where is the man who told me he would never leave me and that nothing would ever come between us?"

I am right here, Ridge tells her. "Then what was that man doing at Brooke's tonight," Taylor wants to know. Ridge says that the children needed him tonight. "Don't even tell me that your father's children needed you and that is the reason you are staying with Brooke!" Taylor tells him. Ridge says, "No, I am not telling you that. Will you please listen to me. Brooke 's kids don't even know that Thomas is my child. They have no idea of what is going on other than that I haven't been staying there. They are scared. If I hadn't shown up tonight, Brooke would have had to answer all those questions alone---and she didn't have all the answers."

"So you went to Brooke's for Rick and Bridget's sake?" Taylor asks. "That, and to tell Brook my decision," Ridge answers. "I told her that I would stay there long enough to let the kids understand," Ridge says.

"Understand what?" Taylor asks. Ridge answers. "That my place is not with them; it is with you, Taylor, you and our son." Taylor is astounded. "Me! Oh my God!" Ridge tells her, "Yes, yes, you!" She grabs him and holds him as tight as she can.

Katie says that Brooke has to convince Ridge that marrying Taylor is not going to help Thomas, not when he really wants to be here with Brooke. He will never be able to forget you; Taylor has to know that. That child will be raised in an atmosphere of tension, bitterness and arguments. Brooke agrees, but doesn't know how to get through to him. Katie tells her that she just has to keep trying. Brooke says she has gone through too much to lose Ridge now.

Taylor can't believe it! "You mean you are going to stay with Thomas and me? We are going to be a family?" Ridge answers, "Yes, Doc, we are a family." They kiss and Taylor starts crying. "Why did you make me think that you didn't want me?" She asks. Ridge says that he didn't want to tell her on the phone; he thought he would be back to the beach house sooner. "So Brooke knows?" Taylor asks. "What did you say to her." Ridge answers that he told Brooke that he was a man with two families, but one needed him so much more than the other.

Taylor tells him that his decision can't be made on what she and Thomas want, but what will be right for him. Ridge says that he has wanted to be a father for so long; now that he is a father, he doesn't want to do it halfway. He wants his son to grow up with two parents in the same house who love him. That is all that matters. Taylor disagrees. While she is thrilled that he cares for Thomas so much, he can't be the only reason for them to be a family. Ridge tries to speak, but Taylor tells him to wait and let her finish. She tells him that his happiness and hers are also important. She says that she can't be happy that he is with them if. . . if. . . Ridge interrupts. "Wait, hold on here. Do you remember the night that we conceived our beautiful little boy? Remember us talking about all our dreams; remember all the plans that we made? A lot has changed since then; we have hurt each other, but the way I feel about you, Taylor that hasn't changed. I still want it; I want it all!" Taylor "You mean we are going to be a family me you and the baby". They come together with hugs and kisses; Taylor is laughing and crying all at once. She is so happy!

Brooke is alone once again. "I can't give up. I am going to have you back, Ridge. I AM NOT GOING TO LET MY MARRIAGE END!"

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