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Darla's flirtations with Thorne irked Macy. Ridge presented Brooke with annulment papers, and Brooke asked him to make love to her one last time. Ridge struggled with telling Brooke's kids that he was leaving.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 20, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, April 20, 1998

Ridge is feeding Thomas and promises to be there for every step in his life. Taylor is happy she and Ridge are back together and they can be a family. She didn't think it would happen when Ridge didn't show up for dinner. Taylor realizes Stephanie thinks Ridge is staying with Brooke and phones Steph to give her the good news.

Unaware Ridge chose Taylor, Stephanie humbly pays Brooke a visit and admits defeat. Stephanie thought if Ridge knew what Brooke was capable of, he would leave the marriage. Steph is surprised but accepts that Ridge is staying with Brooke. Stephanie asks why Brooke isn't happy since she finally has gotten what she always wanted, Ridge. Brooke informs the Queen that she doesn't have Ridge. She doesn't have Ridge because you and Taylor made Ridge feel obligated to his son. Stephanie is shocked. She can't believe this is the end of Brooke's obsession with Ridge. Brooke fights back by saying her love is not an obsession. Taylor is the one who used her baby to trap Ridge, Brooke says. Stephanie blasts Brooke by saying Taylor has earned Ridge's respect be being the good-natured woman she is and didn't have to coerce Ridge into loving her.

Grant asks Macy why she didn't tell him that Thorne was at their wedding. Thorne surprises Grant by walking in and announcing he is their new neighbor. Grant asks Macy to give he and Thorne some time alone. Thorne admits it is odd the one house along the beach that opened up for rent is the one next door. Grant implies with such a high demand for a beach house, Thorne should have no trouble finding someone else to rent the house. Although he paid a huge deposit, Thorne says he will try to get out of his lease.

Stephanie doesn't answer the phone at her house, but Taylor says she will know she and Ridge are together soon. After all, Stephanie had more faith in them, then they did themselves. Taylor says the happiest time in her life was when they were married, but now she is even happier because of Thomas. Ridge hopes Taylor understands the reason he is going to stay at Brooke's for a few more days. So Rick and Bridget can get used to the idea of him not being there, instead of just dumping the news on them and then leaving. Taylor understands for Rick and Bridget's sake, but worries since Brooke will be there and will do everything she can to keep Ridge from leaving. Brooke will play on your emotions and make you feel guilty for leaving, warns Taylor. Ridge says he's not going to drag it out. He'll talk to the kids in the morning. Taylor has faith that Ridge will not do anything to jeopardize their happiness. Before leaving, Ridge promises to return soon so they can begin their new life together.

Grant is surprised Macy didn't tell him Thorne was at the wedding. Macy says he just came to talk, it's not big deal. If it's no big deal, why did you keep it from me, Grant asks. Grant thinks the reason Macy didn't say anything is because she believes Thorne wants her back. Macy apologizes for not telling her husband but it just didn't come up. They are supposed to be honest with each other and not hide things, Grant says and walks out as Thorne is outside listening.

Brooke tells Steph that Ridge made a mistake by choosing Taylor because he doesn't love Taylor the way he loves me. Steph agrees with Brooke on that point but for different reasons. Stephanie trashes Brooke saying her family had a good name until you came into the picture. You have a total lack of morals, Steph yells. You had your day and it's done. Stephanie is sure Brooke will keep pursuing Ridge, but no amount of persuasion is going to work because he doesn't love you. Brooke is sure Ridge still loves her. At long last, Stephanie says goodbye to her enemy what she thinks is the last time.

Tuesday, April 21, 1998

Brooke wakes up and remembers although Ridge stayed the night at her house, he slept in the guest room. Brooke fears that when Rick and Bridget learn that Ridge is leaving, they will be crushed. All she wanted was a loving family. Brooke refuses to let it end.

Ridge steps out of the shower and says to himself today is the day his marriage to Brooke ends. Amber walks in and stares at Ridge's gorgeous naked body. After getting over the shock of seeing Ridge naked, Amber advises Ridge to work out the problems in his marriage. Ridge tells her that he loves Brooke and the kids, but it's not that simple. Amber admits to not knowing everything Ridge is going through, but asks him if it is worth tearing apart his family.

James stops by Taylor's since he heard the news and expresses his happiness for her. Taylor says Ridge is breaking the news to Rick and Bridget over breakfast today. No matter how it is handled, the real tragedy is the kids, James says. They will be devastated.

Ridge notices Brooke glancing through a photo album. Brooke asks Ridge if he has to tell the kids that their marriage is breaking up. The sooner the better, Ridge says. Brooke doesn't think she can let them down again, the two people she loves most in the world. Ridge reminds Brooke what a great mother she is but Rick and Bridget need to know he is the father of Thomas, not Thorne.

Rick and Bridget prepare a special breakfast for Ridge and Brooke. Rick says he is restless since he is still recovering from his accident. Amber realizes Rick and Bridget don't know that Ridge and Brooke's marriage is about to end.

Brooke tells Ridge he doesn't have to tell the children their marriage is ending. Ridge has made his decision and can't walk away from his responsibilities to Thomas. Brooke fears Rick and Bridget will be devastated. Ridge knew someone would get hurt in all this, but Rick and Bridget will still be a part of his family and his love for them will not change. Again Ridge says the decision has been made. Rick and Bridget must be told.

Taylor reminds James that Eric is Rick and Bridget's father. Doesn't matter, James says. Ridge means the world to those children and it will be a great impact on them. Taylor realizes it will be difficult for them, but Rick and Bridget have Eric and the rest of the family to help them.

Ridge, Brooke, Rick, Bridget, and Amber sit down for breakfast. The kids prepared a special breakfast for Ridge and Brooke. Bridget tells Ridge she got an A on her history test because of his help with her homework. Ridge asks everyone to move to the living room. There is something he wants to tell them. Amber excuses herself as Ridge prepares to tell Rick and Bridget the news. Brooke hopes Ridge won't say he is leaving them. Ridge starts by saying what he has to say won't take long, but it is very important.

Wednesday, April 22, 1998

After Grant walked out last night, he says he went for a walk along the beach to clear his head. Grant makes it clear to Macy he doesn't want Thorne in their house. Macy asks Grant to forget about Thorne. What matters is their love and marriage. No one, not even Thorne, can take their love for each other away, Macy says.

Eric is surprised Thorne left his job at Forrester. Stephanie has been trying to tell Eric she and Thorne had a disagreement and he is taking a break from the family. Steph thinks her youngest son just needs some space. Eric is going to talk to him to work things out. Stephanie has other news for Eric. Ridge has made his decision and is going to reunite with Taylor. Eric is happy for Ridge and Taylor but expresses his concern for Rick and Bridget.

Before Ridge can drop the bomb on the kids, Brooke stops him. Brooke reminds Rick and Bridget although they might not always be together, she will always love them. Even if they are not all living together, Brooke tells her children not to lose sight of how important they are to she and Ridge.

Grant admits Thorne is starting to get to him. Macy reminds her hubby she is married to him, not Thorne. Besides, Macy's biological clock is ticking and she is hoping to get pregnant soon. Grant and Macy decide to make the most of their time together. Basking in afterglow, Grant tells Macy he has a dinner meeting tonight, but promises to make it up to her. Before leaving, Grant advises Macy that if Thorne comes by for a cup of sugar, tell him we are out.

Stephanie realizes what Rick and Bridget are about to go through is not going to be easy on them, but they will survive. Eric wants his children to do more than just survive. Thomas deserves to grow up with his father and mother, Steph says. Eric is sure his children will be devastated because he knows how they feel about Ridge. The children will cope with our support, Steph argues. Besides, Brooke is the one who got those children in this mess and now she is suffering the consequences. Eric disagrees about the children's problems being all Brooke's fault, and vows to help Rick and Bridget get through this.

Rick interrupts Ridge's announcement with one of his own. He's well enough to go back to school. Ridge and Brooke don't want him to over do it, but Rick misses his friends too much to miss another day. Amber agrees to drive Rick and Bridget to school and says they better get going if they don't want to be late. Ridge lets them go although he did not get the opportunity to tell them he is leaving.

Thorne is working out when Grant pays him a visit. Grant waists no time in getting to the point by warning Thorne he and Macy's place is off limits. Grant knows Thorne is up to something and demands an explanation now.

Ridge couldn't bring himself to tell the children he was leaving seeing that Rick was on such a high about going back to school. Ridge has had a lot of jobs, but sitting the kids down and telling them he is leaving is the hardest thing he has ever had to do. It's difficult because the house has so many wonderful memories. Brooke wants Ridge to stay and finish breakfast which would give them a chance to talk. Ridge leaves but is clearly in anguish over what he is going to do.

Thursday, April 23, 1998

Taylor is in Ridge's office and they are kissing. Ridge says, "Wow!" Taylor says, "I thought you could us that right about now." She then asks Ridge about his morning. Ridge begins to tell Taylor about his disappointing morning; it sure wasn't what he expected. First the kids made breakfast for him, then Rick made the announcement that he was going back to school. With everything that was going on, he just couldn't tell the kids that he was leaving. Taylor is shocked and disappointed to hear this.

Macy takes a break from unpacking and gives Darla, dressed in cutoffs and short top, a tour of her new home. Darla is wowed at the house and the surroundings. "The thought of living here with my new husband and starting a family is more than I ever dreamed," Macy says. So you guys are working on having some kids, Darla muses, to which Macy responds, "If you want to call it work." She tells Darla that there are even other children and expectant mothers in the neighborhood. When Darla asks who lives in the house next door, Macy asks her if she would believe that it is Thorne Forrester. "Oh, my," she says. "The plot thickens. What does Grant think of this?"

Grant accuses Thorne of not being able to let go. Out of all the houses in LA, Thorne just happens to end up next door to him and Macy. "Pretty amazing, isn't it?" Thorne laughs. Grant wants to know how he just happened to show up on their wedding day, but Grant says he only wanted to talk to Macy; he didn't know it was their wedding day. Thorne wonders if Grant feels threatened by him, but Grant says Thorne doesn't threaten him; it bothers him that Thorne is following his wife around and that bothers him. Thorne insists that he isn't following his wife around; he had no idea that they had bought the house next door or he would be living on the other side of the country. That sounds like a good idea to Grant, but Thorne says he can't just leave; he signed a lease and put 50 grand down and it is non-refundable. Thorne thinks that Grant should be the one to move, but Grant says that they bought their house. This is where they are going to raise their family, and he and Macy plan to have a large family. Thorne tells him that his large family will have "Uncle Thorne" living next door, because he isn't going anywhere.

Thorne says that he is not going to hit on Grant's wife even though the thought is interesting. He doesn't think Grant is the right man for Macy, but that isn't his problem. Grant thinks that Thorne doesn't get out enough. He asks whom, beside Taylor, Thorne has dated since divorcing Macy. Before they can argue further, there is a knock at the door and Thorne introduces Grant to Kim, his date. After Grant leaves, Kim wonders what that was all about? Grant says, "He is a jealous husband who thinks I am after his wife." So now he thinks I am your girlfriend? Kim asks. Give the poor fool a break, Thorne says. Thorne asks Kim where she wants to "do it." She says that the deck works for her. Thorne says, you don't know how bad I need it, to which she responds, I think I do!

Macy admits that Grant was not thrilled to find Thorne living next door, but Macy defends Thorne, saying that she doesn't believe he knew that they lived here when he rented the place. Darla feels sorry for Thorne, calling him a "lonely man." Macy says that he only wants some solitude, as well as some answers to his life, and that is why he moved to the beach. Darla asks how Macy would feel if she started dating Thorne; Macy tells her that she doesn't think Thorne is ready for dating. As Macy looks over toward Thorne's house, she says, Wow! Check it out!

Taylor can't understand it; Ridge didn't tell the kids that he was moving in with her and Thomas. Ridge says that the timing wasn't right. The kids were in such a carefree mood that he didn't want to spoil it for them. So what does this mean? Taylor wants to know. Ridge says that it means that it is going to be a lot harder than he thought; Taylor reminds him that it won't get any easier if he keeps putting it off. Taylor wonders if he is still committed to telling them at all.

Ridge assures her that he is still committed to her and Thomas; he will tell the kids---soon. Taylor says that the kids need to know the truth; until they do, they are living in an unreal situation that is unhealthy. Meanwhile, it is killing her to see Ridge have to go through something so difficult. The thought of how devastated Rick and Bridget are going to be when they hear the truth is horrible---depressing---to imagine. But, she says, the act that he and Brooke are putting on will only make it worse when they do hear the truth. Taylor also thinks that Brooke is going to take advantage of this time to try to lure him back every way that she can.

There is a knock on the door and Jonathan says that he has what Ridge wanted: the papers that will end his marriage to Brooke.

Kim is giving Thorne a massage and he is enjoying every bit of it. She says that he still has the best body she ever worked on. Thorne says it feels pretty beat up; he wants her to work her magic and don't go easy on him. Since when have I ever done that? She asks.

Macy asks what Darla is looking at; Darla says it is Thorne and WOW! What I wouldn't give to be that lady right now! What a job! This is like a scene out of Baywatch! Macy tells her that she shouldn't be watching; this is a violation of his privacy.

Kim continues the massage. Darla comes out of her clothes; wearing only her bikini now, says that she can't take this any more; she is going over to Thorne's place. When Macy tells her that she isn't going to do that, Darla marches off in Thorne's direction. "You might not want to watch this," she warns. Macy stands there looking dismayed---or is it jealousy?

Kim places a cool wet cloth over Thorne's eyes then continues the massage. Darla comes up beside Kim and motions for her to step aside. Darla then begins to rub Thorne's chest. Thorne offers to pay for another hour, but Darla offers to pay him. Thorne grabs for the cloth; seeing Darla, he is confused and asks what she is doing there. She definitely isn't dressed for a night at the theatre, she laughs. She tells him that this is the first time she has ever seen him without a shirt on. Thorne tells her to take a good look, because she may never see him like this again. They begin to converse and, later, laugh together. Back on her deck, Macy is watching and wondering, "What is she doing over there?"

Ridge reads over the annulment papers; what if Brooke doesn't sign? Jonathan says that if she won't sign, they still have enough for the annulment, it will just take a little longer. Ridge is sure that she will sign. After Jonathan leaves, Taylor says that after all this time, they are going to have a life together. Ridge says that he made a commitment to her and Thomas and he is not backing away from it; the only thing standing between them is a signature on this paper. Taylor asks him to get her to sign it soon; don't drag it out any longer than he has to. She wants him to be happy and she thinks he will be once they are together. So do I, Ridge agrees; all I have to do is get over this hurdle and we will be with our beautiful baby. We can watch him grow up together; we won't shut out Rick and Bridget, as they can still be part of our family. They embrace.

Friday, April 24, 1998

Picking up the annulment papers as he is leaving the office, Ridge says that the time has come; there is no sense putting it off any longer.

Brooke is once again looking at her wedding pictures. "He loves me, but these pictures mean nothing to him. Do I mean nothing as well?" She remembers how Ridge gave her the ring during the wedding ceremony. "With this ring, I thee wed and with this token I pledge our constant and everlasting love," he said to her. Then the minister pronounced them husband and wife. "He does love me," she whispers. "He is going to come back to me." As she puts the pictures away, there is a knock on the door and Katie enters. She wonders if her sister is okay, but Brooke insists that she is fine. Katie tells her that she is there for her for as long as she is needed. We can make the kids understand why the marriage didn't work out, she assures her sister. Brooke insists that she is not giving up on the marriage. She has to come up with a plan and quickly. She has to do something before Ridge tells the kids about Thomas. If Ridge leaves me and marries Taylor, she says, it will be the biggest mistake of his life. Katie observes that he is trying to do what is best for everyone but himself. Brooke says that Thomas isn't going to benefit by having Ridge live with him while he still loves her. She has to get through to him today.

Taylor is in Ridge's office leaving him a note when Stephanie comes in. She tells Stephanie that Ridge hasn't told the children yet that he is leaving and that he has a child with her. Stephanie observes that Brooke has bought herself another day, but Taylor points out that time is running out. He is still sleeping there, but only for another day or two. She tells her that Ridge had annulment papers drawn up and this pleases Stephanie.

"What is going on over there?" Macy wonders as she looks toward Thorne's house. "This is so embarrassing! I have to get over there!"

Brooke tells Katie that her marriage was good; it was the purest, deepest unconditional love. She is sure that Ridge has never shared this deep experience with Taylor, no matter how close he says that they are. If she could have just one more night with him, they could share their love the way it has always been for them. Since they are still married, it isn't that much to ask for; they need to just set aside their troubles and rediscover that love again. Then he wouldn't leave her; she knows that!

The doorbell rings. As Katie goes to answer it, Brooke tells her that if it is Ridge to tell him to come up here.

Taylor tells Stephanie that Ridge has gone to Brooke's house to ask her to sign the papers. If she won't sign, Ridge can still get the annulment. Stephanie reminds her that since he is still sleeping there, Brooke isn't going to let him go. She will pull every trick in the book. Taylor assures her that even if she tries, Ridge is committed to her and to Thomas. He just told her this less than an hour ago. No matter what Brooke tries to pull, he would never give in because, if he did, he couldn't come back to her and he knows it.

Brooke tells Ridge that she wanted him to come up because she wanted them to have some privacy. Ridge agrees that he wants the same thing.

When Thorne apologizes for giving Darla the once over from head to foot, she says that she liked it. Let's go out and have some fun, she says. Before Thorne can answer, Macy walks up. She tells Darla that she thought she would be on the beach by now, but Darla answers that she was just hanging out with Thorne. I thought you were on your way to work, she says. Macy then lies and says that Sally called and wants her, Darla, back at work right away. As she leaves, Darla tells Thorne to "think about it." Thorne laughs and thanks her for the offer.

"The offer?" Macy asks. Thorne says, "You know Darla, always working." Macy tells him that she tried to keep Macy away; she told her that he needed his privacy. Thorne says that she doesn't have to feel responsible for him. He also tries to reassure her that he really didn't know that she lived here. When Macy says she believes him, Thorne makes a point of pointing out that her husband didn't buy it.

Brooke tells Ridge that Bridget was at gymnastics and Rick was at a student council meeting; they won't be home until late. She observes that Ridge seems kind of down; Ridge answers that he is. Brooke suggests that if he is down about the kids, then they don't have to say anything to them tonight. Ridge disagrees; the kids have to know. Brooke tells him that the kids will never be ready to hear what he has to say, but Ridge tells her that at the present, he has something else on his mind. "This is the last thing I thought I would ever be asking," he begins. "But, he is. The time for finding fault is over; things are what they are. U gave a beautiful little boy that needs me. The last six months with you has been a blessing and I have never been happier. But, regardless of all that, . . ."

Brooke interrupts. "What do you meant, regardless of all that? You just said that things have never been better. We have never experienced such joy in our lives. There can't be anything more important than the things we have shared."

"But there is, Brooke," Ridge tells her. "There is a little baby that needs to have his father with him. That is more important. Because of that, we have to end our marriage. I don't want a divorce; there aren't any grounds for a divorce. We are perfectly matched, but if I had known about Thomas, there would never have been a marriage. That is why I am asking you to do the right thing and sign this." He hands her the papers. "An annulment!" Brooke is shocked as she looks at the papers Ridge has just handed her.

Thorne tells Macy that Grant came over earlier. He isn't going to try to come between the two of them, but he isn't going to lie and say he is over her. He isn't; he will always love her. Letting her go was the biggest mistake of his life. Macy touches his face, sadly and walks away.

Handing the papers back to Ridge, Brooke says, "If I sign these papers, that will mean that our marriage never existed. All the things you just spoke about, the happiness we shared, our family, all of that never existed. Can you look at me and tell me that that is true?"

When Ridge admits that he can't, she tells him that he shouldn't give up the happiest time of his life. If this is all about Thomas, then there has to be another solution. Ridge tells her that he has looked at this in every possible way and this is the only possibility. He can not be at peace living anywhere but with his child. He asks her if she could be at peace living away from her children. He can't bear to think of his child being raised by one parent and that is not him. He can't just sit back and watch is son grow up without a father. That is one thing he doesn't want to live with. The only solution is this, he says as he holds up the papers again.

Brooke asks him if Taylor can fulfill him, especially after all the love that they have shared. Without answering, Ridge begs her not to make this any harder than it already is. Just sign it, he pleads.

"No," answers Brooke. "I have just one last request before you walk out of my life. If I have to, I can raise Rick and Bridget alone, but I need love to heal the pain of what is going to be the biggest sacrifice of my life. I want you to heal that pain, Ridge. I need to share our love one last time. So my last request, the request of a wife to her husband is to please make love to me one last time."

Kissing her hand, Ridge just stands there looking at her.

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