The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 27, 1998 on B&B
Macy took a home pregnancy test, and Sally warned Thorne to stay away from the married Macy. Brooke ripped up the annulment papers, and Rick vowed that Ridge wouldn't hurt his mother and sister again. Eric warned Stephanie to stop meddling in Ridge's life.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 27, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, April 27, 1998

James calls Sheila at her mother's but she isn't there. James leaves work with Molly to let Sheila know he called and that he loves her. Rick stops by James' office, needing some advice about his mother. Brooke's depressed and Rick hopes James can talk to her to bring her out of her depression.

Brooke begs Ridge to make love to her one last time as her final request as husband and wife. Ridge is adamant about staying true to the commitment he made to Taylor and Thomas. Brooke reminds Ridge that she will always be a part of him, and their love for each other is not just going to go away. Brooke continues by saying she has tried to move on before but they always find their way back to each other. Brooke thinks Ridge will regret the decision to stay with Taylor.

C.J. runs into Amber at Insomnia and notices she is down. Amber confides in C.J. the news that Ridge and Brooke are getting a divorce and that is going to destroy Rick. C.J. says he has to tell Rick the news since Rick is his best friend. Amber makes it clear not to say anything to Rick since Ridge and Brooke should be the ones to tell him the news. C.J. can relate to what Rick is about to go through since his own parents divorced when he was younger.

With everything finally going well, it doesn't make sense that Brooke is depressed, Rick says. At first, Rick thought it might be Stephanie getting to his mother, or that she was still angry at him about the accident, but he is unsure. Rick says Brooke deserves to be happy and he just wishes he knew what was wrong. James realizes Rick has always been close with his mother, but tries to get him to turn his attention to his own life and problems. Rick's only concern now is his mother.

Ridge admits he hates hurting Brooke, but he can't stay. Ridge wants Brooke to move on with her life and that is why he wants her to sign annulment papers to make a fresh start.

Rick doesn't want his mother to have to fight for happiness anymore. It's not always possible to protect the ones we love from unhappiness, James says. The reality is bad things happen to good people and when that happens, you have to give your support to the ones you love. Rick won't accept that and again says his mother deserves to be happy. Whatever it is that's got Brooke so upset, Rick is determined to put a stop to it.

Brooke's not signing the annulment papers because their marriage is more than a piece of paper. It's a feeling. Ridge reminds Brooke that he can have the marriage annulled without her signature. Brooke can't shut out her feelings. Ridge says the decision has been made and she is just making it harder for us by clinging to their marriage. Brooke takes the papers and burns them! Brooke is committed to Ridge and not matter what Ridge does, Brooke says she will always be inside of him. Ridge walks out and leaves Brooke devastated.

Tuesday, April 28, 1998

Amber spots Rick at the pool by himself. She hates keeping the secret that Ridge and Brooke are getting a divorce from him. Rick says he sought advice from Dr. Warwick about his mother. Rick thought James might know what is bothering her since she and James are friends, but was disappointed Dr. Warwick was unable to help. Rick doesn't buy the fact that you can't change your problems. He asks Amber to name one problem his mother has that can't be solved.

C.J. mopes into Sally's office depressed about what Rick is about to go through. Sally thought C.J. would want to spend his first day of freedom from being grounded with Rick. Since Rick is C.J.'s best friend, C.J. doesn't feel he could be around him and not tell him that Ridge and Brooke are splitting up. It's not fair that after everything Ridge and Brooke went through to be together, now they are breaking up, C.J. says. Rick's family is about to be torn apart, something C.J. can relate to. Sally tried to protect her son from unhappiness when she and Clarke divorced, but was unable to, like C.J. is unable to protect Rick from unhappiness.

Bridget visits her father at Forrester and has a cat she hopes to keep. Bridget knows how Ridge feels about cats, but she has him wrapped around her finger. Bridget notes that Ridge has been acting odd, but since he was at dinner last night, everything seems back to normal. Eric reminds his daughter that things change and sometimes things don't work out like we planned. Bridget says Brooke gave her the same speech last night about learning to appreciate what you have. As close as Bridget is to Ridge, she thought he would never stay with her mother. Before Bridget leaves, Eric reminds her that she can always talk to him about anything.

Sally says Rick is lucky to have her son as a friend but C.J. says nothing he would say to him would help him. C.J. remembers how much Sally missed his father after Clark left. He felt terrible for his mother and C.J. knows that how Rick is going to feel once he learns Ridge is leaving Brooke. No one deserves to have their family torn apart, Sally says, but it happens. Rick is lucky he has C.J. to teach him to be strong.

Lauren drops by Eric's office with chocolate chip cookies, but admits she didn't bake them herself. Are you kidding? She brought them as a way to say thank you for saving her life. Jonny is making funeral arrangements for Rush, Lauren informs. She can tell the situation with Ridge and the baby are weighing on Eric and asks what's new. Eric fills her in with the news that Ridge is leaving Brooke for Taylor and Thomas. Eric main concern now is the effect that will have on Rick and Bridget. Lauren advises Eric to talk to Ridge about the way he is going to tell Rick and Bridget.

Rick can't figure our what is wrong with his mother. Brooke has Ridge, a great job, great kids. What could possibly be wrong? Amber suggest his mother is just trying to protect him and offers her support if he needs to talk. Rick realizes Amber knows why Brooke is upset and demands to know the truth. Amber didn't want to be the one to tell him, but she drops the bomb anyway. Rick can't believe his mother and Ridge are breaking up and thinks Amber is lying. Amber says she heard they were breaking up from Ridge himself and says maybe Ridge has his reasons. Rick vows Ridge will not get away with this or hurt his mother ever again!

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

Ridge knows he can't put off telling Rick and Bridget his marriage to Brooke is over. Ridge phones Brooke and tells her they need to talk to the kids tonight. Brooke wants to put it off but Ridge says he can't risk not telling Rick and Bridget because they might find out from someone else and that would be the worst thing possible.

Bridget comes home with her cat she hopes to keep. Brooke isn't sure about the cat because Ridge hates cats. Bridget tries to persuade her mother by saying Ridge would never be able to say no to you.

Amber tells C.J. that Rick knows Ridge is leaving Brooke because she kinda let it slip out. Amber worries that Rick might do something crazy because he was furious when she told him the news. At least the truth is out in the open, C.J. points out, plus maybe Ridge will be able to explain the situation to Rick so he understands. But it could get ugly...

At Forrester, Rick confronts Ridge. Ridge admits he's leaving Brooke. Rick can't believe Ridge is leaving his mother after vowed to love her when they married. Ridge does love Brooke but sometimes things happen. This decision to leave Brooke is not what Ridge wants but he doesn't have a choice. Doesn't have a choice?? Rick blasts Ridge by saying he doesn't get another chance to change his mind since he took a vow to love her. Ridge will never find another woman better than Brooke, Rick says. Ridge admits he has been the happiest he has ever been the past six months, but it has to end.

Amber asks what the big deal is with Ridge and Brooke breaking up since they have only been together for six months. C.J. explains Ridge and Brooke's tortured history. Amber thinks it is so romantic how Ridge and Brooke never forgot their love for each other and understands why Rick is so upset. Rick waited his whole life for Ridge and Brooke to find their way back to one another and now that they did, it's over.

Ridge tells Rick that when he told his mother he would always be there for her, he meant it at the time, but he was unaware of something. Ridge informs Rick that he was going to marry Taylor but didn't because he thought she cheated on him with Thorne. It turned out that Thomas was Ridge's child and that left him with a decision he should spend the rest of his life with. Rick says Taylor isn't family, just some woman Ridge went to bed with. Rick's demands that Ridge not leave his family.

Bridget urges her mother not to give up. Everything will work out since she and Ridge love each other. Brooke smiles but admits there are some things you can't control. Brooke reminds her daughter she will always be there for her no matter who comes in and out of their lives.

Ridge tells Rick he is not letting Thomas go through life without a father. Rick accuses Ridge of splitting up his parents. Ridge says Eric and Brooke broke up because they did not love each other the way a husband and wife should love each other. Ridge hopes one day Rick will understand why he is leaving Brooke. Rick accuses Ridge of being selfish, always doing what he wants no matter who gets hurt. Rick doesn't know why his mother ever loved him. After everything Ridge put his mother through, Rick demands Ridge not walk out on her!

Thursday, April 30, 1998

After issuing Ridge another threat, Rick rushes to his mother's office and finds her talking with James. He announces that he knows about the break up. Brooke reveals that Ridge is upset with her because she knew that Taylor's baby was not Thorne's before they were married and she decided not to tell Ridge the truth. Rick claims that doesn't matter. He insists that he is not going to allow Ridge to leave Brooke which impresses Brooke. Ridge calls Taylor to invite her to dinner at the Private Dining Room. She quickly agrees and assumes that he has finally told the kids about ending the marriage. She boasts to Stephanie that Brooke has probably signed the annulment papers which means she and Ridge can now be together. Eric pays Ridge a visit and learns about Rick's outburst and threat. Worried about how this is affecting his children, Eric urges his son to be cautious with them. He also suggests that Brooke is a one-of-a-kind woman whom Ridge will never forget. Stephanie reveals to Eric that Ridge and Taylor have big plans tonight but Eric warns her not to think that Ridge's marriage is over just yet. When Ridge arrives at the Private Dining Room, Taylor runs to him and kisses him passionately.

Friday, May 1, 1998

Taylor and Ridge embrace at the private dining room. Taylor says this feels good, being in his arms again. This is how it is supposed to be. Doesn't it feel right? We are a family now, she says as Ridge kisses her.

Stephanie says that Ridge won't change his mind; he would not do that to Taylor again. Eric says that he thinks that Rick got through to Ridge and convinced him that if he left, Brooke and the kids would be devastated. He then drops a bomb; the marriage has not been annulled.

Grant watches Thorn work out next door. Macy says that she heard he made Thorne a visit the other day. How did you know that? Grant asks her. She explains that she and Darla went over to say Hi. Macy then announces that she thinks they have struck Gold; she thinks she is pregnant.

Thorne's work out is interrupted by a visit from Sally who has a few things to say.

Sally says that Thorne's place has everything he needs, including an ex-wife next door. She says that she doesn't believe that in all of LA and it's surrounding areas, this was the only place he could find. She wonders when he became such an exhibitionist. Will this be the uniform of the day: stripped to the waist, working out?

Sally says that Macy is happily married now. She has found a real man who knows how to make a commitment. She doesn't want Thorne to try to pull anything. She knows that the Forrester way is to try for the elusive prize. They are only interested in people that get away from them---the people that they don't have.

Thorne wonders why Sally is so hostile if Macy is so happy. She says that it is because she can never trust him again. She doesn't want that little family to have any problems with him. They have plans. You know the old saying: First comes love, then comes marriage, next comes junior in a baby carriage. Thorne gets a sick look on his face.

Macy tells Grant that she is late. It isn't official, but she could be expecting. Grant is blown away. He wonders if she has one of those home pregnancy tests. Macy answers that she does so why not try it out?

Eric informs Stephanie that Brooke didn't sign the annulment papers.

Ridge and Taylor drink champagne after toasting to Brooke: the woman who made all this possible by stepping aside and allowing them to move on with their lives.

Eric asks what Stephanie expected, for Brooke to give up without a fight. He thinks all Stephanie wants is for his children to fade into the woodwork. She angrily tells him that she would never turn her back on his kids and asks that he dare not imply that! She accuses him of taking Brooke's side, but he says it isn't about sides. He just doesn't want Ridge to find himself down the road in two or three years miserable because he made the wrong choice.

Ridge says that he needs to tell Taylor something. Rick knows and he is very angry. He hasn't told Bridget yet. He didn't think it would hurt so much to do the right thing. Taylor reminds him that he knew it wouldn't be easy, but she and Thomas are there for him to lean on. And all of them would be there for Rick and Bridget.

Are Macy and Grant seriously trying for a baby already? Thorne asks. Sally confirms that they are and she doesn't want him interfering. She wants him to move. Thorne says he is not going chasing after Macy. Sally says she has a hard time believing him; she trusted him once, but never again. After Sally leaves, Thorne stands staring into the living room of Macy and Grant's house.

Eric tells Stephanie to back off! He wants her to stay away from Ridge! He leaves and Stephanie wonders what Ridge is doing. He can't be hurting Taylor again.

Ridge and Taylor talk about what they need to do. Taylor says that they will never turn their backs on the children; they will help as much as possible, but the majority of the help will depend on Brooke. Since she signed the annulment papers, she must see that this is the best. Ridge says that she didn't sign the papers; he hasn't moved out.

Then why are you here? If it isn't to celebrate your homecoming, why are we celebrating? You aren't planning on changing your mind, are you?

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