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Stephanie saw James about her anger issues. Tired of Thorne hanging around Grant's wife, Grant attacked Thorne. Ridge pledged to make a life with Taylor. Rick raged at Taylor for disrupting his family, and Sally and Lauren dropped Eric's boxer shorts off at Stephanie's house.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 4, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, May 4, 1998

Eric checks up on Rick who is more concerned about his mother and Bridget than himself. Eric blames himself for not spending enough time with Rick or Bridget. Rick blames Ridge for having a baby with Taylor while stringing along Brooke. Rick compares his living arrangement with his father to Ridge's living arrangement with Thomas. Rick's reasoning is even though he and Bridget don't live in the same house as their father, why is Ridge so concerned about making sure Thomas grows up with both parents living in the same household? Ridge made a promise to his mother when they married and he should be held accountable to that promise, Rick continues. While Taylor has Stephanie fighting for her, Brooke has no one supporting her. Rick vows to never forgive Ridge if he doesn't come back to Brooke.

Taylor wants to know what the real reason their dinner is about. She thought tonight was a celebration of finally being able to be together, but now that Brooke hasn't signed the annulment papers... Ridge says he told Brooke he could proceed with the annulment without her signature but hasn't because he doesn't want to get in a huge legal battle. Ridge assures Taylor that she and Thomas are his future and they will be together. Taylor feels Rick and Bridget have too much power over the situation. They are the ones keeping Ridge and Taylor apart. Taylor thinks Ridge should take control over the situation and questions his commitment to their future.

Grant and Macy look at her pregnancy test together and discover the test is negative. Grant wants to get busy and try again, but Macy is too upset. She wants some time alone to get her head straight. Grant had a meeting he had to go to anyway, so he leaves Macy alone. Thorne realizes Grant and Macy are trying to have a baby, but notices Macy on her porch by herself, upset. Thorne walks over to console her but she blasts him and orders him to leave. Macy quickly apologizes for yelling at him. She explains she just had a major disappointment and is quite upset. Macy reveals she was so sure she was pregnant, but the test was negative. Thorne reaches out to her...

Taylor knows she and Ridge will have a great life together, but he has to act on the issues at hand. Taylor wants Ridge to move out of Brooke's house now. She is tired of Ridge missing mornings with Thomas. Taylor is counting on Ridge not letting anymore time slip away.

Tuesday, May 5, 1998

To help Eric relax and forget about his problems with Ridge and the kids, Lauren orders champagne and caviar for the two of them at her penthouse. It doesn't work. Eric can't get his mind off Rick and Bridget. The one thing Eric desperately needs in some R&R. Lauren realizes what Eric is going through is difficult, plus with Stephanie feeding into his problems... Lauren advises Eric that he needs someone to pull him out of his problems. That someone is Lauren.

James doesn't think it is wise Stephanie visit Rick or Bridget because Bridget doesn't know what's going on, and Rick blames Stephanie for Ridge and Brooke's break up. Stephanie begins to blast Brooke when James asks her how her relationship with Eric is. James isn't surprised when Stephanie admits she and Eric are having some minor problems because of her attitude toward Brooke. James insults the Queen by saying her attitude toward Brooke is deplorable and unattractive. Once Ridge and Taylor are back together and everything settles down, Stephanie thinks her relationship with Eric will get back on track.

Thorne encourages a disappointed Macy not to give up hope of having children. At Spectra, Grant can't concentrate during his meeting with Sally and Darla, and decides to go home to Macy since he left her alone and depressed. Macy admits to Thorne she has never felt more ready to have a baby. Thorne is happy Macy knows what she wants out of life. Thorne knows what he wants too, but the girl he wants is taken.

James believes if Ridge and Taylor reunite, that will hurt Stephanie's relationship with Eric since Brooke would blame Steph for her breakup with Ridge. Brooke brings out the worst in Stephanie for good reason. James advises Steph if she wants to rekindle the romantic flame with Eric, to not discuss Brooke, Ridge, or Taylor with Eric. James wants Steph to control her anger by counting to ten, like a child. Stephanie realizes she needs to release her anger toward Brooke so Eric will she her as the woman he fell in love with 30 years ago. With Eric scheduled to come over for dinner tonight at Stephanie's, tonight is the perfect time to show him, Stephanie is still the woman he could never resist.

Eric unwinds in Lauren's hottub. Lauren thinks Eric needs this every night and she plans on giving it to him. Lauren informs Eric Jonny is back east. Jonny's sweet, but no one can replace you, Lauren tells Eric. Lauren promises Eric every night could be this wonderful.

Grant comes home to find Macy next door with Thorne. Macy feels better after talking to Thorne and decides to head home. Back home, Grant's not there. Macy is in a much better mood because of Thorne and is grateful for his friendship. Next door, Grant attacks Thorne. Grant warned Thorne to stay away and now he is dead!!

Wednesday, May 6, 1998

Stephanie is preparing for her dinner with Eric when Sally makes a surprise visit. Sally thinks Stephanie should realize Thorne is pursuing Macy, and wants Stephanie to tell Thorne to put a stop to it. Steph blows off Sally by saying Thorne is a grown man, capable of making his own decisions. Sally can't believe Stephanie refuses to meddle into her son's life. After all, Stephanie has made a career out of meddling and Sally demands Stephanie help her.

Eric and Lauren frolic in her hot tub eating strawberries. Lauren realizes Eric feels better now that he is with her. Eric admits he and Stephanie have been preoccupied with Ridge's problems, but is unsure exactly why Ridge's problems are getting in the way of their remarriage. Lauren thinks Stephanie's over involvement in her children's lives, and the pain she has inflicted on Brooke, Thorne and the kids is turning Eric off. Eric has always loved Stephanie's devotion to her family, but lately she just won't listen to him. Eric is frustrated to get so close to marrying Stephanie and not have it happen.

While Macy admits to Darla she feels better after talking to Thorne, Grant attacks Thorne. Thorne tells him he has nothing to worry about, Macy wants to have your baby. Grant warned Thorne to stay away from his wife and delivers another blow to drive his point home. Darla is glad Macy and Thorne are just friends and asks Macy if she would mind if she starting dating Thorne. Macy didn't think Thorne was Darla's type. Darla admits she is ready for the real thing, but thinks Macy has a problem with her dating Thorne. Macy assures Darla the Thorne is in her past and she doesn't have a problem with her going out with Thorne.

Stephanie can't understand why Sally encouraged Macy to pursue a relationship with Grant. Maybe it was because Spectra couldn't survived financially without him and Sally wanted to secure Spectra's future? Sally would never sacrifice her own daughter like that, unlike Stephanie who would sacrifice anyone. No wonder Eric is with Lauren tonight, Sally says. Stephanie orders her out of the house. Sally blasts the Queen by saying how pathetic she is waiting for a man who finds you resistible. Lauren is a real woman who offers more than you can, Sally continues. She offers one final warning before leaving: Eric will leave you and you are going to get exactly what you deserve!

Darla finds Thorne roughed up outside his house. Thorne informs Darla that Grant attacked him from behind. Darla wonders what Macy will think, but Thorne doesn't want Macy to find out. Grant returns home and avoids Macy's question about where he has been all night. When Macy mentions she feels better now that she talked to Thorne, Grant quickly changes the subject.

Stephanie calls Eric, gets his machine, but doesn't leave a message. Stephanie fears Eric went to Lauren if he thought all they would do is argue if he came over for dinner tonight. After Ridge's crisis, Lauren feels Stephanie's attention will turn to another crisis, but not to Eric. You deserve better than that, Lauren tells Eric. Lauren is not going to pressure Eric but wants him to know she will be there for him when Stephanie lets him down. Stephanie calls Eric at Lauren's and says she made dinner plans for them tonight. Eric says he is too tired to make it tonight. Stephanie apologizes for the way she has been acting lately and promises to devote more attention to him. Stephanie tells Eric he is her top priority. After they hang up, Stephanie hopes it is not too late for the two of them.

Thursday, May 7, 1998

Eric serves breakfast in bed to Stephanie and apologizes for last night. He decided to do this about 30 seconds after she called last night. She wishes he had come over then; it would have saved her from another sleepless night. This is affecting you that badly? Eric asks.

Remembering what Stephanie did to her in Italy, Sally hopes that Stephanie will get a very large serving of what she has been doing to Sally all these years and she, Sally, will relish every moment of it.

Lauren knocks at Sally's door. Sally comments that she has that "cat-swallowed-the-canary" look. Pulling out a pair of trunks from her bag, Lauren says, "They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words!"

Alone in the guestroom, Ridge is thinking that this will be his last night in this house. He must tell Bridget, but hopes she doesn't react in the same way that Rick did. Bridget knocks at the door; she has the day off because of a teacher's conference. Maybe they can do something together? She rushes out of the room while Ridge tries unsuccessfully to stop her. Brooke is watching.

Stephanie and Eric have a heart to heart talk. She says that she spent a sleepless night and Eric realizes that she is really bothered. Stephanie tells him that he means more to her than anything else and she is going to prove it. Things are going to change around here. What brought this on, Eric asks.

Rick is outside pacing. He will not let Ridge do this to them. Bridget comes out and Rick snaps at her. What is wrong? Are you still worrying about Mom? I should have told you that I know what it is. Rick’s mouth drops open as Bridget says these words.

Brooke comes into the bedroom and pleads with him not to do this. He begs her for her help; if she would only help him, it would be easier on the children. So for the sake of your son I have to lie to my children? She asks. I won’t do that; anyway, they would see right through me.

Stephanie tells him that she went to see James. He showed her that she was being insensitive to Eric and his needs. He was the only one who would tell her the truth; he was totally honest with her---brutally honest. Now she wants to be honest with Eric. "I am happy that Ridge is going to be with Taylor, but for your children, this is a very painful situation. For that, I have been dismissive and I am really, really sorry. They are going to be my step children and I want them to know that I will be there for them and I will support them." Eric reminds her that the children know how she feels about their mother and this is the last thing they need right now. Stephanie agrees and says it does have to stop.

Eric has to wonder if Stephanie can stop; she has so much anger toward Brooke. Stephanie says that the anger will never go away, but she promises to control it for his and his children's sake. Eric wonders how she will do it and Stephanie tells him about the trick that James taught her. However, she laughs, it may be difficult in Brooks case; I may have to count to a thousand. Eric tells her that Brooke is not a threat to their relationship but her anger toward Brooke is a threat. They embrace and smile at each other.

Lauren describes her evening with Eric. Sally is shocked that they only talked; this was a golden opportunity and she didn't seize the day? Lauren says she would have but Stephanie tracked him down and called him at her place. Sally is chagrined; it was her fault that Stephanie knew where to find Eric. Lauren thinks someone should go over there and give that woman a clue to what she is losing. "Do you want me to drive?" Sally asks. Yeahhhhh, Lauren says mischieviously.

Brooke tells Ridge that she isn't ready for this and neither is Bridget. But it has to be done, Ridge tells her. Brooke wants a couple more days; she thinks Ridge will change his mind, but Ridge says that he is sure. Please don't make me do this to her, Brooke pleads.

"You know what is going on?" asks a shocked Rick. Bridget thinks that it has to do with the miscarriage and her mom’s inability to get pregnant again. What else could it be? She thinks she should talk to Ridge about it; he knows how to make Mom happy. Rick tries to discourage her from doing this and Bridget wonders what is wrong with him today. He tells her not to go see Ridge, but Bridget says he is still in the house. Rick realizes that he could only still be there because he wants to tell Bridget. Rick tells her to hang in there for a while; he has to see someone. As he goes back into the house, he says, "Damn you, Ridge." Bridget hears him and yells, "What are you talking about, Rick?"

Ridge says that if they wait any longer, Bridget will hear this from someone else just like Rick did. Brooke reminds Ridge that he is doing to Bridget what her own father did to her. She knows what kind of pain Bridget will be feeling. How can he to this to her baby?

Ridge tries unsuccessfully to assure Brooke that it will be all right. They have to do this together for Bridget's sake; they have to be strong for her.

Sally and Lauren are at Stephanie's door. As they push their way into the house, they are unaware that Eric is at the top of the stairs watching and listening. Sally announces that Eric left something behind at Lauren's and she was anxious to return it to him. Stephanie suggests that they keep it as a souvenir. As she hands the trunks to Stephanie, Lauren asks if she will have him autograph them for her.

Standing outside Taylor's door, Rick says, "You had better be home, Taylor. I am not going to let this happen. If Ridge won't stop it, you will!" There is an angry determined look on his face.

When Ridge and Brooke come downstairs, Bridget tells them that she has a craving for waffles. Can they go out to Julians? They tell her that they can't do that today; there is something they need to talk to her about.

Friday, May 8, 1998

Lauren and Sally have arrived at Stephanie's house and Lauren drops a bombshell; she shows Stephanie Eric's boxer shorts and intimates that she and Eric slept together last night. Sally says that it didn't show much class for her to call her ex-husband at another woman's apartment. Lauren said that Stephanie interrupted a private and special moment between her and Eric; don't do it again, she orders. "Control your temper, Stephanie," Eric whispers from his front row seat at the top of the stairs.

Lauren really blasts Stephanie for being so selfish and for treating Eric so badly. She tells her that Eric told her everything and he is through with her. Stephanie assures her that she and Eric have patched things up and now things are right on track, but Lauren just laughs at her. Stephanie asks how many times Eric walked away from her yet she persists in chasing after him. She wants them to leave. Get out now and take that redheaded witch with you, she says.

Stephanie holds her temper. When things get really bad, she begins counting. What is she doing? Lauren asks Sally. When Stephanie reaches a slow count of "eight," Lauren says to Sally, "Do something!" Sally tosses a glass of water in Stephanie's face and the two troublemakers quickly run out of the house laughing.

Stephanie continues her count until she reaches eighteen and a half then she begins to wipe herself dry. When Eric comes down Stephanie says, "You could have stepped in at any time, you know. Or were you waiting to see if I could handle the situation? Well, I held my temper." Eric says he is more concerned how she handles it with Brooke. "Now about those shorts," Stephanie begins. He says, "I left them at Lauren's to dry after I went in the hot tub. I will go over there and talk to her." Stephanie says, "No, you know what happens when you go over there; you just encourage her more. See, I have changed; it's a beginning." As he holds her, she admits that the real test will be if she can hold her temper with Brooke.

Taylor is planning a special dinner for Ridge's first night home when Rick comes to her door. "Surprised to see me?" Rick asks. Taylor admits that she wasn't expecting him, but isn't surprised that he is there. Rick really gives Taylor hell, telling her that he knows everything. Taylor says that she knows he is upset and confused, but he tells her that he is NOT confused. You are in a lot of pain, I know, Taylor says. He tells her to quit telling him how he is feeling. Then, will you tell me how you are feeling? Taylor encourages.

"Oh yes, there is that conscientious caring psychiatrist talking," Rick sneers. I used to believe that but not any more. You are a selfish person. I am selfish for wanting my son to know his own father? Taylor asks. "Yes, when you want him to leave his other family for you, yes I call that selfish. It was your fault that he didn't know about Thomas in the first place." Yes, admits Taylor, I made mistakes and . . . Rick interrupts. "And you want us to pay for them. Don't you know what you have done? Ridge is telling Bridget right now. This is going to kill her. She has waited all her life for Ridge to live with us, for us to be a real family. Now you are taking all that away."

Taylor reasons that Ridge has a right to know about his child, but Rick counters that he didn't have to give up his family because of that child; he made that decision out of guilt, not love. He tells her that Ridge really loves his mom. She says that the decision was Ridge's alone. He made the decision because he loves Thomas, not out of any sense of guilt.

Going into the other room, Taylor brings out Thomas and introduces him to his "Uncle Rick."

"Cute kid," Rick rudely tells her. "But you could have a million babies by Ridge and it wouldn't matter. He still loves us. If you really loved Ridge, you would let him stay with the family that he loves.

Why are you guys looking so serious, Bridget asks. Ridge says that they have something serious to talk to her about. There is going to be a lot of changes, but one thing will never change and that is the way he feels about her. Bridge is very worried; she thinks that someone is sick or dying. No one is sick, Brooke tells her, but Ridge tells her that something has happened and he is going to move out.

Bridget can't believe it! Do something, she begs her mother. I thought we were happy, she says to Ridge. I thought we loved each other. Is it Rick's fault? Is it my fault? Did I do something? Ridge assures her that it isn't anyone's fault. She and her brother mean the world to him. Then why are you leaving me? Bridget asks.

It has taken forever but Ridge finally tells Bridget that he is Thomas' father. He wants to be with him, so he is going to marry Taylor. Angrily, Bridget asks how he could do that to Mom; Mom didn't know! As Ridge and Brooke exchange looks, Bridget comes to realize that her mom did know. Brooke verifies this when she tells her that she knew even before marrying Ridge. "I should have told Ridge right away. I was wrong."

Bridget is devastated. "You knew?" she screams. "You promised that we would be a family forever. How could you do this to us? I hate you! You are a terrible mother!" Bridget slaps Brooke. Both Brooke and Ridge are stunned!

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