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Brooke and Ridge were happy when Bridget returned home. Eric, Rick, and Bridget urged Ridge to honor his commitment to Brooke, and Stephanie and Taylor pulled Ridge in the opposite direction. Ridge couldn't abandon his son, and he chose to stay with Taylor. Rick raged at Ridge to get out of the house.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 1, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, June 1, 1998

Sheila confronts Dr. Nunez, one of James' co-partners, and informs him he is mistaken if he thinks he can get away with having James' license taken away. Sheila reminds the doc she has come along way and it is all because of James' treatment. Dr. Nunez is adamant about is position. When James had a sexual relationship with a patient, he crossed the line and must be held accountable.

Taylor expresses her concern that James' may lose his license. James doesn't want Taylor to worry about it and advises her to go home since Ridge might be there by now. Taylor takes his advice and leaves while James wonders where Sheila is.

Rick calls his father and informs him he talked to Bridget and thinks she is coming home. Relieved, Eric heads to Brooke's house, but doesn't want Stephanie to come with. Given Stephanie's feelings toward Brooke, Eric feels Stephanie would be disruptive. Steph is surprised and hurt as Eric leaves for Brooke's house. Taylor drops by Forresters to see Stephanie and is thrilled to learn Bridget is on her way home. Stephanie mentions to Taylor that Eric didn't want her to go to Brooke's house with him.

Brooke feels Bridget is coming home because she talked to Ridge and realized how worried he was. Ridge reminds Brooke he will always be there for her. Brooke tells Ridge that Bridget will want him to stay once she comes home.

Sheila is desperately trying to control her anger as Dr. Nunez shows her the door. Nunez further insults Sheila when he claims James showed a lack in Judgement when his child was born and married a former patient. Sheila is boiling at this point! She picks up a glass paperweight and it is all she can do not to use it. Sheila vows if her husband loses his career, Nunez will pay for it.

Bridget returns home and has a tender reunion with Rick, Ridge, and Brooke. C.J. admits he found her outside a guitar shop and took her to Spectra, but going Amber is the one who convinced her to come home. Bridget realizes running away isn't going to solve anything. Bridget looks at Ridge and says she knows what will solve everything...


Tuesday, June 2, 1998

Stephanie warns Taylor that Ridge will be caught in the middle of emotional turmoil now that Bridget has returned, and Brooke is going to use the situation to guilt Ridge into staying with her and the kids. Taylor feels Bridget will be hurt more if Brooke isn't straight with her. Steph agrees, but Brooke and the kids are going to put pressure on Ridge to stay. Taylor realizes she can't let Brooke get away with that and heads over to Brooke's house.

Bridget promises not to do anything crazy again, and besides her bag being stolen, nothing bad happened to her while she was on the streets. Brooke thanks C.J. and Amber who realize if Ridge is still considering leaving, Rick and Bridget will be crushed. Eric wants to know why Bridget thought she had no alternative but to run away.

Sally holds a meeting at Spectra with Macy, Lauren, and Grant. Sally wants Spectra to get back to it's roots by returning to knock-off designs. Grant thinks returning to knock-offs will sacrifice quality, but Lauren agrees with Sally. "Not every woman can afford to dress like me," Ms. Lauren says. Sally remembers what Saul used to say. "find your niche and stick with it." That is exactly what Spectra is going to do, Sally vows. Spectra has got to get back to catering to the people. Darla interrupts the meeting with news that C.J. left the building with Amber and Bridget. Sally realizes Bridget was the girl C.J. was hiding in the storage room. Grant says Sally should be proud her son helped Bridget.

The reason Bridget ran away is because she was scared of what would happen when Ridge left. It's not the same without Ridge, Bridget admits to her father. All Bridget wanted was for Ridge and her mother to be together so they could be a family. Rick and Bridget beg Ridge not to turn his back on their mother now. Bridget vows to do anything to keep Ridge from leaving and wants him to promise he will stay so they can be a family again.

Wednesday, June 3, 1998

Bridget begs Ridge not to leave. She asks Ridge to stick to his marriage vow to Brooke and not let her family down. After hearing Bridget's plea, Eric speaks to Ridge in private, and feels there is only one choice Ridge can make. Bridget poured out her heart and you can't let her down, Eric says. Make the right decision for Brooke, Rick, and Bridget and stay with your family. Ridge says he can't walk out on Taylor and Thomas. Brooke assures her children know matter what Ridge decides, he will always be a part of their lives.

Stephanie warns Taylor that Brooke is going to pressure Ridge into staying with her. Steph feels Ridge's choice is not just about Taylor, but Thomas losing his father as well. Steph and Taylor arrive at Brooke's, who finds it difficult they came to help Bridget. Taylor reminds Brooke she is a professional and has experience in these type of matters. Rick buts in and says he realizes Taylor is a doctor, but they can handle things just fine. Even though Rick has been through a crisis, that is not excuse to be rude, Stephanie says. Rick doesn't care what Steph thinks and asks Taylor to leave. Taylor doesn't have a problem with leaving, but Bridget asks her to stay.

Eric knows it won't be easy on Taylor or Thomas, but Brooke and the kids need Ridge more than anyone. Eric pleads for Ridge not to turn his back on Rick and Bridget and honor his commitment to Brooke.

Bridget warns Taylor that Ridge is not leaving his family. Brooke wants Taylor to prove she has compassion for Bridget and let them handle this on their own. Bridget needs counseling, Taylor advises, and Brooke is not helping her by nurturing unrealistic dreams. Ridge has already made his choice and has already moved out. All that is about to change, Brooke replies.

Stephanie interrupts Eric and Ridge while Eric wonders how she can help. By making sure the issues don't get confused, Steph answers. Eric knew Stephanie would not be able to stop interfering. Stephanie advises her son that you can't solve Bridget's problems by giving into her emotional demands. You can't let this change your decision, Stephanie continues. Eric will make sure Rick and Bridget are fine, your future is with Taylor and Thomas. Ridge has had it with both his mother and father. "This situation doesn't involve either of you," Ridge declares. "This is my decision, and although it is painful," Ridge says that he knows what he has to do.

Thursday, June 4, 1998

Ridge has just announced that he has made a decision and Eric wants to know what it is. Stephanie says, "You cannot let a child make that decision for you." Eric accuses Stephanie of interfering only because she hates his children's mother. Ridge tells them to stop arguing. Ridge tells his parents that the family has to be stronger than ever now. He has made his decision; but he won't tell them what it is until they give him their word that no matter what it is, they will support him. He understands their feelings but it all comes back to him. No matter who he chooses, he will ruin someone's life. He cannot do that until the two of them agree to accept his decision.

Brooke accuses Taylor of not having a right to be there, but she knows the reason she is: she is insecure. If she really believed that Ridge would choose her, she wouldn't be here where she isn't wanted. Taylor says she really only wanted to help Bridget. However, Taylor agrees that it is possible that Ridge could agree to stay with Brooke and her family; if he does, she and Thomas will find a way to live with it. But, she adds, he could decide to stay with Thomas and me. Are you prepared for that? Have you prepared your children for that? Brooke looks at her children who are talking together across the room.

Bridget tells Rick about all that happened on the streets. She was so frightened when those people stole her bag. She even tells him that she saw Brooke and Ridge looking for her. She didn't realize that everyone would be worried until she saw them in the alley. Rick guesses that she stayed away so long to get them back together. Brooke comes over and tells them that everything is going to be okay no matter what Ridge decides. Bridget knows he will decide to stay with them. If he doesn't, Brooke says, they will be okay.

Sally explains to Lauren what has been going on. Macy says that security has searched the storeroom and blankets were found in the corner as if someone has been using them as a bed. C.J. arrives just then and Sally tells him he has a lot of explaining to do. After telling them what happened, Sally says that she is glad that Bridget has him for a friend. She hopes that the Forresters don't hold it against him, but C.J. tells them that they were grateful when they heard about it. He says that Bridget just wanted to stay away long enough for Ridge and Brooke to get back together.

"Can you support me, Dad?" Eric asks. "If I choose to stay with Taylor, will you support me?" Eric says that if he goes with Taylor, he is endorsing a situation that nearly caused his daughter to ruin her life. Ridge asks how it will help the situation if he goes with Taylor and Eric fights him on it. He has to know that he has his support. Reluctantly, Eric agrees to support whatever decision Ridge makes.

He turns to his mother and asks her if she will support him. "If I remain with Brooke, will you be there for me?" Stephanie doesn't like it, but she finally gives in and says she will support his decision. Tell us, Eric says, but Ridge says that it is only right that he tell the people below first.

Sally asks what Ridge decided, but C.J. says that even though Bridget begged him to stay, Eric arrived and took him upstairs. Sally says that Eric is probably pressuring Ridge to stay and take care of his children. Macy feels sorry for Ridge; he has to choose between two families that he loves. C.J. can't see the problem; you keep your promises. Sally reminds him that when he married Brooke, he had no idea that he had a son with Taylor, but C.J. says that that doesn't make any difference. Thomas won't know the difference but Rick and Bridget will. Sally puts her arms around him and reminds him of all the years he lived without a father. Can you honestly say that it didn't matter? After thinking about it, C.J. only says that Ridge better not hurt Bridget. She has been through enough!

"Those poor kids," Taylor says while looking at Rick and Bridget. "They will have wounds that can take years to heal. That is, assuming Ridge says what I think he will say. He cannot back out on me now; we need him."

When Amber calls C.J., she tells him that Ridge has made his decision and is going downstairs right now to tell them. She is going to try to listen in and she will call him back when she knows something. She is so scared; what if Bridget leaves again? Don't let her do that! C.J. tells her.

Eric and Stephanie come down the stairs. Brooke asks where Ridge is and Eric says that he needed a private moment to collect his thoughts. Did he tell you his decision? Brooke asks. Eric tells her that he didn't. Just then, Ridge walks slowly down the stairs. Everyone in the room stares at him with bated breath.

Ridge tells everyone that he knows what he is doing to them and he is sorry, but he never wanted to hurt anyone. Taylor speaks up and says that they all are responsible, but Rick tells her that he and Bridget didn't do anything. Taylor says that she wasn't speaking of them, she was talking about the grownups. Rick blames Taylor for all the trouble; he says that she thinks that just because she has Thomas that everyone can just forget about him and Bridget. He is angry and rude. Ridge goes to him and tells him that he understands how he feels, and he is sorry. He respects him for looking after his Mom and Bridget the way he did, but he doesn't have to go after Taylor here. Taylor isn't the enemy, and she isn't Brooke's enemy. Again, Ridge says that this is the hardest decision he has ever had to make. There is one thing he is sure of, however, and he goes to Taylor and tells her that he has her to thank for that. When she came over here to help the other day, she showed that they were all in this together. You showed me that wherever I end up living, we are all family and we can work this all out together. Because of you, I know that no one is going to slip through the cracks. You showed me that I could do this, Taylor, not out of fear or obligation, but for myself. That is an incredible gift you gave me and for that, I will always love you. You know I love you, he tells her, caressing her face, and I always will love you. Bridget speaks up. You love Mom too, she says. Tell him, Mom. Tell him that you want him to stay. Brooke walks to Ridge and tells Bridget that Ridge knows how she feels. Yes, I do love your mother, Ridge says. Stephanie says that no matter what, Ridge will be here for you. Bridget doesn't want him to be there for them; she wants him to be a part of their family. Ridge turns to Brooke and tells her that he is so sorry that he had to put her through this, but he had to be absolutely sure. "I understand, Ridge," Brooke says as they embrace. Tell me whom you have decided to be with.

Friday, June 5, 1998

Macy visits Thorne and is surprised he isn't at Ridge's house. She tells him that Bridget is back and she is okay. He is so happy that he hugs her. She tells him all that happened while Bridget was gone; she also tells him that Ridge might have changed his mind about leaving.

"Tell me you are going to stay with us," Brooke begs. Ridge tells Brooke that he made his decision and it wasn't easy. He addresses the entire room. "I didn't want to hurt anyone," he begins. You have all told me what you want me to do; I listened to all of you, but there is someone who is not here, whose voice hasn't been heard: my son. He needs me in a way that no one else does; no one can take my place in his life. I cannot ignore that voice. I'm sorry, Brooke, so sorry."

"You are leaving?" Bridget cries as she runs to her mother. "You are really leaving?"

Macy says that Bridget begged Ridge not to leave them. He is torn, she says. He loves that family, but now he has a child of his own. If he does stay with Brooke, Thorne tells Macy, this won't be the first time Ridge has disappointed Taylor. He should do right by Taylor and her child, but he lets her down every time. If he is going to break her heart, it is best to do it now; not later when both Taylor and Thomas have grown to depend on him. Macy reminds him that Taylor could still be available; that could change things for him.

"You are leaving us?" Bridget cries out. When Ridge tries to gather her up into his arms, she yells at him to go away; stay away from me! Ridge tells her that she and Rick can see him anytime that they want; they can do things together. We don't want to spend time with you, Bridget cries. We want you to be part of our family. She rushes into his arms and begs him again not to go.

"Liar!" Rick shouts at him. "Who the hell do you think you are to treat us like this?"

Bridget runs out of the room in tears and Eric, after giving Ridge a look full of hate, runs after her. As Rick starts after them, Stephanie tells him that she will be all right. "Yes, she will." Rick says. "Dad will see to that. But, what about Mom? Who is going to take care of her?"

Bridget flings herself onto her bed. "It's not fair," she tells Eric. "Why does he have to go? I hate Thomas!" Eric tells her that this isn't Thomas' fault, but she says that it is. They were fine before Thomas came. Well, if Ridge isn't staying, neither is she! Eric grabs her and tells her not to even think of leaving! He tells her that Ridge still loves her; he loves her as much as he loves Thomas. He just feels that it is his job to take care of Thomas. Bridget begs him to stay up there with her; she doesn't want to be alone. He promises that he will stay as long as she wants him; she doesn't have to be afraid.

Ridge goes to Brooke and tells her that he told her what he had to do, but Brooke says that she never believed he would actually leave them. This is wrong, she says. You belong here with my family and me. How could one night with Taylor that produced a baby make you forget about all we had? I don't care if Thomas is your child---you belong here. We have worked so hard to overcome all the obstacles and we were almost there. If you do this, you will live to regret it, but it will be too late. We trusted you and loved you and you have done this to us. You will have to live with that and the pain you are causing us. She throws herself into Rick's arms and sobs.

At first, Thorne doesn't understand what Macy is getting at, so she reminds him that he once wanted to marry Taylor. Thorne tells Macy that Taylor's love for his brother wasn't the only thing that stood between him and Taylor. Macy reminds him how much in love with her he was, but he says that he didn't love her. He has been seeing James and James made him see that he was just playing the White Knight rescuing the "damsel in distress." Caroline, Macy says, understanding. Yes, he says, James showed him that this was his way of competing with Ridge by playing the good son. He was making decisions on old feelings and old resentments. Now I am paying the price, he says.

Macy reminds him that she never had a thing with Ridge and she wasn't a damsel in distress. What was his attraction to her? "James says that we were really in love," Thorne tells her.

After an awkward moment, he asks how the baby making is coming along. She says it is going very well. As a matter of fact, she is going to take another home test tomorrow. Let me know how it turns out, he says as she leaves.

Taylor goes to Ridge and suggests that maybe they should go now. Okay, he says, but he walks over to Brooke. I have to do this, he tells her. I cannot abandon my child any more than you could abandon one of yours. Rick angrily tells him to leave them alone. "Do you think we are fools? You screwed us over!" Ridge tells him that he has every reason to be angry. "I'm so glad you approve," Rick sarcastically tells him. "I will never forgive you; neither will Bridget and neither will Mom. Don't come back here. If you do, I'll slam the door in your face. You are not family; you are just a jerk that threw away the best thing you ever had! And don't think that you won't regret it, because you will, but you don't need to think you can come back here and take up where you left off. It just won't happen!"

"Brooke?" Ridge says, but Brooke will not answer nor will she look at him. He and Taylor start to leave. Before he walks out the door, he turns around and Brook is looking at him with hatred. He goes outside where Taylor is standing. He puts his hands on her shoulders and she tells him that she will wait in the car. He stands there just looking around.

Inside, Stephanie watches with pity while Brooke breaks down and sobs!

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