The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 15, 1998 on B&B
The medical board revoked James's medical license, and Sheila vowed to make Stephanie pay. Stephanie implored Brooke to help smooth things over with Eric, but when Ridge called his mother to announce his wedding, Stephanie put it on speaker phone for Brooke to hear.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 15, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, June 15, 1998

Brooke can't believe Ridge would ask her to sign annulment papers so soon, since she is just barely hanging on as it is. Ridge realizes Brooke's going through a difficult time but putting it off will not do any good. Brooke thinks it was Taylor's idea that Ridge bring the annulment papers to her office but Brooke has just as many memories of she and Ridge there, including the time they discovered Belief and the development of the Forrester men's line. Brooke believes what she and Ridge shared, she will never find with another man. The reality is Ridge is moving on with Taylor and as difficult as it is, Brooke must move on also.

Amber debates going to see Raymond at the hotel he's staying at. Rick comes home and Amber tosses Raymond's note into the fire. Amber invites Rick to go with her to hear Raymond sing at Insomnia but Rick snaps back wondering how Amber could think of partying while his mother's life is falling apart. Amber wanted to talk to Rick without him biting her head off but Rick accuses Amber of being selfish. How could Amber be selfish when she gave Rick one of her kidneys? Amber's been worried about Rick and didn't even think of her music during the whole crisis with Bridget. If you don't like it here, you can leave, Rick barks and orders her out!

At Insomnia, Raymond tells Grant that he and Amber go back to high school, while Grant informs Raymond that Amber now works for the Forresters. C.J. overhears and warns Raymond against entertaining any thoughts of romancing Amber since she has a boyfriend. Funny, Raymond hasn't seen him yet. Amber's got something real with Rick and doesn't need a player like you to mess it up, C.J. warns.

Later at Insomnia, C.J. advises Rick he is about to lose Amber if they continue to argue. Rick didn't mean to blow up at Amber but this thing with his mother has got him acting strange. Meanwhile, Raymond drops by Brooke's house to see Amber and marvels at the house. Raymond is pleased Amber made it now that she is living in Beverly Hills. Amber's real dream is music, this house is just gravy. Too bad Rick isn't home, Raymond wanted to see what the rich looked like.

Brooke vows never to give up on Ridge. She can't pretend to move on with another man like she has tried to in the past. That would be living a lie and Brooke wants her children to see her living her own truth. But Ridge is not coming back and he wants Brooke to take the first step with him. You need me as much as I need you, but you won't realize that until I let you go, Brooke says as she signs the papers annulling her marriage. .

Tuesday, June 16, 1998

James is preparing for his hearing when Sheila suggests she tag along and be his character witness. James doesn't want Sheila to get involved and is adamant she not go with him. Sheila leaves the room before Stephanie arrives and James notices Steph's not well. Steph informs James of her failed attempt to communicate with Eric. Eric doesn't mind if he and Stephanie are friends, but marriage in no longer an option. Sheila oversees James hug Stephanie.

C.J. scolds Rick for taking out his anger on Amber. Rick says Amber was on his case and he just wanted some space, but C.J. warns he is pushing Amber away and other guys are hitting on her. Meanwhile, Amber admits to Raymond that usually Rick is great but lately a lot of stuff has been going on with his family. Raymond advises Amber not to lose sight of her dreams and says he has to get Amber out of here.

Stephanie can't believe Eric is willing to throw away everything they have for one tiny mistake. Eric didn't care what Stephanie had to tell him, only that he saw her explode on Brooke. Brooke took Eric away from Stephanie once before and now she is doing it again! Sheila can't believe it when James tells Stephanie he is glad she confided in him. Sheila interrupts and says she appreciates Stephanie being James' character witness. They've had their share of trouble lately thanks to the narrow minds of the medical board. Is that who you think is responsible, Stephanie asks.

Amber doesn't want out of the Forrester house, but Raymond thinks Amber has lost her focus. Rick doesn't respect you because you don't respect yourself and your dream. Raymond offers Amber to come on tour with him. It would be a great opportunity and Amber could share the stage with Raymond. At Insomnia, Rick regrets treating Amber the way he did while C.J. urges Rick to tell Amber you're sorry and make her feel special. Raymond suggests Amber sing with Raymond tonight at Insomnia but Amber wants to talk it over with Rick first. Rick doesn't owe you anything, Raymond reminds Amber. Besides, I might not be here tomorrow since John Quincy has a new gig set up for tomorrow, Raymond says. Amber knows with John Quincy involved, Raymond will make it big and Agrees to go along with Raymond.

James goes before the board without a lawyer since he finds the whole proceedings ridiculous to begin with. James offers to show letters of support and a list of merits and honors but the board finds that information irrelevant since the issue at hand is a breach in ethics. James can't believe they have already passed judgment. James' work is not irrelevant and he vows not to let the board destroy his work!

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

Sheila's furious that Stephanie accompanied James to his hearing and wonders if Stephanie is after James. Sheila concludes that the Queen is out to get her and is determined not to let that happen. She leaves Mary with the sitter and head out to the hearing where James presents his case to the medical board. James explains he's dedicated his life to his work and he fell in love with Sheila after he treated and cured her. The members of the board admit their decision is not easy but James' expertise does not qualify him from exemption.

Rick kicks himself for getting angry at Amber and plans to make it up to her tonight by taking renting a limo and taking her out for dinner. Bridget wonders what Rick will do if Amber doesn't show but Rick is confidant Amber will return home tonight. At Insomnia, Amber and Raymond arrive while C.J. wonders what Amber is doing her with Raymond since she is supposed to be out with Rick. Amber gets excited when Raymond's manager, John Quincy, comes by even though he doesn't remember hearing her sing a few weeks ago. John Quincy is setting up Raymond to tour with Janet Jackson. C.J. tries to get Amber to talk about Rick but Amber warns C.J. to back off.

Sheila lurks outside James' hearing room as James explains to the board he didn't have a sexual relationship with Sheila until after she was a patient. A member of the board brings up the fact that Sheila jumped off a roof six months ago which proves Sheila is dependent on James' approval and therefore is not cured. James thinks the point is irrelevant since was not a patient at that time. The board is ready to make their decision but Stephanie wants to be heard first.

Macy and Grant welcome a packed crowd at Insomnia for Raymond who takes the stage and dedicates a slow jam to Amber. Amber joins Raymond on stage leaving C.J. to wonder what Amber is doing since Rick is waiting on her. After the performance, John Quincy informs a thrilled Raymond he will be opening for Janet Jackson. Raymond and Amber take off to celebrate before C.J. tries to stop them. Raymond takes Amber to his hotel room for a private celebration.

Stephanie wants to truth presented and sets the record straight about Sheila. You make her seem like a helpless victim but she is really ill and very manipulative, Steph says. Sheila listens as Stephanie asks the board who could cure Sheila? She wants a sense of power and control and if they make the decision to dismiss James, they will allow Sheila's actions to deny people of a brilliant psychiatrist. The members of the board have made their decision. James has become a detriment to the profession and they suspend his license to practice effective immediately and indefinitely. Sheila watches Stephanie comfort James and thinks Stephanie could have helped him but she came after me, calling me the victim. Stephanie has no idea what Sheila does to her victims but she sure as hell will find out!

Thursday, June 18, 1998

Ridge finally returns home and tells Taylor that Brooke signed the annulment papers. She knows that this was hard on him but she has a surprise. The minister and the chapel are free tomorrow. How does that sound?

Rick is in his room but he is still planning on going out with Amber. Brooke knocks and enters. When she hears his plans, she isn't happy. Why are you going out with Amber? She is only the babysitter and she is older than you. After Rick says that it isn't that big a deal, Brooke relents, but only if he keeps it friendly and doesn't stay out late. He asks what Ridge wanted.

C.J. returns to Insomnia and finds the place empty. He isn't happy to see that Amber hasn't returned.

At the hotel, Raymond is plying Amber with champagne and pretty words. He is about to be a star and he wants her along for the whole ride.

Brooke doesn't want to talk about Ridge, but Rick insists. She tells him that Ridge wanted her to sign the annulment papers ending their marriage.

"Tomorrow?" Ridge asks. "Don't I have a say in this? Have you planned the reception and honeymoon too?" Taylor becomes worried that she is moving too fast, but she did leave the reception and honeymoon for him to plan. She tells him that she loves him and only wants to get back to what they had, but if he doesn't feel the same way, she needs to know right now. Ridge says that there is only one reason to get married and it isn't because you had an unplanned pregnancy.

Ridge picks up the baby and begins to talk to Taylor through him. He asks if Thomas has ever heard of a shotgun wedding where instead of the father holding the gun, it is the bride to be. He then tells Taylor that Thomas has something for her; come here and hold out your hand. Nervously, Taylor does and Thomas puts a diamond engagement ring in her hand. "Will you marry me, Taylor? Will you marry you tomorrow?"

Rick doesn't understand Ridge! Brooke tells him not to start in on Ridge; the marriage is over and she just wants to get on with her life. Rick promises that he will always be there for her and they hug.

Amber is getting a little tipsy, but Raymond continues to fill her glass with champagne. He wants to make her a star and they are half way there. Be with me tonight, he asks. Amber says that she is getting woozy from the champagne, but he says that she may be high but it isn't because of the champagne. They got high together on the stage and they are still up there; they need to come down together. Amber says that she isn't into one-night stands but he asks who is talking about just one night. They will be together all over Europe and Asia, raking in the money and living on love. When Amber says that she belongs to someone else, he doubts that she does. Otherwise, she would be with that other person. As Amber stumbles around the room, Raymond convinces her that he is the man for her. As they kiss, he gently pushes her down on the bed.

Taylor is so happy she doesn't know whether to kill Ridge or smother him with kisses. He prefers the later. He takes the ring and slips it on her finger. This is why he was so late returning tonight. He tells her that on his way home, he had a memory of two people who lived in a small guesthouse building a dream. They had everything until, through no fault of their own, they were ripped apart. But they are lucky; they got a second chance. He would be a fool to turn his back on that. "I love you, Taylor, and I want that life that we had---I want it all back, and it looks like I am going to get it starting tomorrow."

"No, starting tonight," Taylor says as they kiss.

Friday, June 19, 1998

Rick knocks at Amber's door, but he is confused when there is no answer.

Amber wakes up alone in the hotel room with a hangover and in a state of undress. Getting up and stumbling around the room, she finds a note from Raymond. He tells her that he had to split, but "thanks for the goodies." He talked to his manager and he said no to them touring together, so he is flying alone. "Maybe I'll call you sometimes," he ends the note. Feeling ashamed, she grabs her clothes and stumbles out of the hotel suite.

Taylor is gazing out over the ocean when Ridge comes out and kisses her. "Was it a dream or did something extraordinary happen last night?" She tells him that she has been up since before dawn; she doesn't want to miss a moment of her wedding day.

Amber sneaks back into the house and barely misses running into Brooke and Bridget.

Brooke is sending Bridget to school and an exciting field trip. As Bridget leaves, Stephanie is at the door. She wants to have a few minutes of Brooke's time. Inside, Stephanie tells her that Eric has called off the wedding because of the scene he witnessed the other night. She reminds Brooke that Eric didn't see the entire thing; she was trying to be sympathetic to her. Brooke says that Stephanie was thrilled; she was blasting her. Stephanie says that she came here to ask Brooke to do the honorable thing and call Eric to tell him the truth about what really happened, but how could she expect her, of all people, to do the honorable thing? Brooke says that she brought it all on herself; she will not call Eric and straighten anything our since Stephanie was only putting on a front for Eric.

Rick walks into Amber's room just as she comes out of the shower wrapped only in a towel. He begins by blasting her; he waited up until after one this morning for her. Where were you? Amber gets dressed, but says that it makes no difference where she was because he didn't care. He explains that he was a jerk and wanted to make it up to her. He was going to apologize and take her out to dinner. She says that he was a total bastard to her; he really hurt her and she was a wreck when she left the house last night. She is really crushed when she finds out that Rick had hired a limo and was going to take her to Café Russe. Taylor says that they have a lot to do before the wedding tonight. They haven't even invited anyone to the ceremony. Ridge tells her that the only important people he wants at the wedding is her and Thomas, but since he knows that she would like guests there, let's fill up the chapel!

Ridge tells Taylor that from now on, they are going to slow things down a bit. They have been running at a fast and furious pace for too long; now they are going to slow down and learn to enjoy life. His only interest is his life from now on will be seeing that his wife and his son are as happy as they can be.

Stephanie says that Eric didn't see everything; he didn't see Brooke threaten her and say that she couldn't see the kids. She accuses Brooke of ripping Eric out of her life once before; now she is doing it again. Brooke smiles at her with a look of satisfaction.

Brooke accuses Stephanie of tearing her family apart; of course she would offer an olive branch. She wanted Eric to come down and witness her being such a comfort. Only, Eric didn't come downstairs soon enough. When he did come down, he saw Stephanie in all her glory! She then tells Stephanie that she pressured Ridge into leaving her. Stephanie says that she could not have talked Ridge into leaving her if he had wanted to stay. You are angry but your anger is misdirected! Brooke says that Ridge will be back to her just as soon as he realizes just how precious their time together was. Stephanie is aghast that Brooke is still deluding herself.

Taylor is making a list of all the things they need to do for the wedding. She asks if Ridge is absolutely certain about this. He tells her that he wouldn't be there if he weren't absolutely certain. He realizes that he needs a best man. When Taylor suggests his dad, he says he has someone else in mind.

Amber is crushed! She thought Rick hated her. He tells her that he is just having a difficult time with his family, but that has nothing to do with them. He takes her face in his hands and tells her that he likes her----he really, really likes her. He suggests that they forget about last night; he will make the same plans for tonight. Theey will go out and celebrate. Yes, she says, we will celebrate something new and beautiful.

Stephanie says that Brooke cannot see what is honest and true when it is staring her in the face. She cannot see how destructive she has been to the family. Just then, Stephanie's cell phone rings. When she answers it and Taylor tells her that she has wonderful news, Stephanie says that her batteries are running low. She will call her right back. When she dials Taylor's number, she puts it on speakerphone. "Now, tell me your wonderful news," she says. Taylor tells her that she and Ridge will be married tonight. Why wait when they both want it more than anything? Ridge tells her that he is thrilled and can't wait to see her tonight. Hanging up, Stephanie asks what was it she was just saying about being convinced that Ridge would be back. GET OUT! Brooke tells her.

As he leaves, Stephanie wishes her a good day. Ridge is going to marry Taylor tonight, so the Forresters will have a glorious one.

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