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Rick took Amber out for a romantic evening, but Eric insisted that she wasn't good enough for Rick. Brooke was devastated to watch Ridge marry Taylor. Sheila looked on as a tipsy Stephanie made a play for James.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 22, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, June 22, 1998

With Thorne gone and Ridge no where to be found, Brooke finds it hard to get any work done at Forrester. Eric assures Brooke that Ridge will return to work as soon as he and Taylor are married. Clark overhears Eric promise a distraught Brooke she will not have to go through this alone. After Eric leaves, Clark mentions to Brooke that Ridge and Taylor were kind enough to give him an invitation to there wedding. Clark tells Brooke she doesn't have to hide her tears from him because he can see she is going through a painful time and he cares.

Ridge stops by Thorne's house and asks him to be his best man in the wedding. Thorne's skeptical at first since he and Ridge are not on the best of terms. Now is the time to change that, Ridge says. Ridge and Thorne have had their battles, but now it is time to move on. Still, Thorne's history with Taylor is holding Thorne back. Ridge wants Thorne to prove he has put his past with Taylor behind him. Thorne agrees to be his best man.

Amber tears through Brooke's closet looking for that perfect dress for her date tonight with Rick. C.J. wants to know what happened last night with Raymond. Amber admits she spent the night with him but refuses to say if she slept with him. Raymond promised Amber he would take her on tour with him, but when she woke , all he left was a note saying goodbye. Raymond lied and Amber fell for it. Now, Amber can't believe Raymond used her. C.J. can't drop it though. He needs to know what happened and hopes if she and Raymond did have sex, they at least used protection. Amber admits she and Raymond kissed, then they started drinking, but is unsure if they had sex or not. Amber asks C.J. not to tell Rick what happened with Raymond last night.

Taylor is making last minute wedding preparations when Ridge informs her that he convinced Thorne to be his best man. Taylor goes over the guest list and realizes there could be some problems if everyone shows up. Mainly, Eric, Lauren, and Stephanie in the same room, and Macy, Thorne, and Grant. Also, Ridge and Taylor hope James doesn't bring Sheila. Lastly, Taylor hopes Brooke doesn't pull anything crazy, like show up to the wedding. Ridge doesn't think anything will happen.

Clark wants Brooke to remember that he is in her corner. Clark wants to become indispensable to Brooke and is willing to do anything to prove it. Anything? Brooke realizes Clark has proven himself over the past year and if he is willing to do anything..... Brooke tells Clark that he is going to Ridge and Taylor's wedding and is taking her as his date! .

Tuesday, June 23, 1998

Taylor calls James and invites him to the wedding but asks him not to bring Sheila. James hangs up and tells Sheila that Ridge and Taylor are getting married tonight. Sheila starts planning what to wear and what to do with Mary but James says considering how the Forresters feels about Sheila, he is going alone. Sheila feels it would be a good opportunity to show everyone how much they love each other but James feels differently. Taylor specifically asks James to go alone and he is not going against her wishes. James hopes Sheila understands.

Brooke informs Clark to not worry about the details, but she is going to the wedding as Clark's date. Later at Forrester, Ridge is getting dressed for the wedding in his office when Brooke walks in and comments on how Taylor has pushed for this wedding. We both want this, Ridge replies. Brooke came by to ask Ridge if he is really sure he wants to marry Taylor. Ridge says he is, but Brooke hears the resolve in his voice. Marriage is more than an obligation to Thomas. Even though their marriage didn't last, their feelings will not disappear, Brooke says. When the minister asks Ridge to swear his heart to Taylor, Brooke wants to be at the wedding to see if Ridge will be able to go through with it.

At the chapel, Stephanie joins Taylor and agrees to be her maid of honor. Steph helps Taylor do her nails and hair while Taylor can't help but think Brooke might try something. Stephanie reminds Taylor that she and Brooke have fought over Ridge for years and Brooke realizes Taylor won. Relax and don't be concerned about Brooke, Stephanie advises.

Clark comes by to get Brooke who is dressed for the wedding and wearing a hat with a veil. Clark wonders if Brooke is going to crash Ridge and Taylor's wedding. Brooke says she will handle everything, just get her inside that church!

Eric, Ridge, and Thorne bond as the three of them get ready for the wedding. Eric says it's nice to see Ridge and Thorne relate as brothers and feels the Forrester family is coming together. The guests start arriving at the chapel as Lauren joins Grant and Macy. James arrives without Sheila, much to Lauren's delight. The last thing this wedding needs is a surprise visitor, Lauren says as Brooke arrives.

Stephanie is happy all of Taylor's hopes and dreams for a life with Ridge are about to come true. From now on, everything will be perfect. Clark wonders what Brooke is up to.

Wednesday, June 24, 1998

Thorne wonders if Ridge is having second thoughts about marrying Taylor considering his feelings for Brooke. Ridge says his only thought right now are about he and Taylor. The wedding is ready to begin, but Taylor wants to wait until her father shows up who is running late. Stephanie assures Taylor nothing will go wrong. Later Stephanie runs into Eric and Lauren. Lauren congratulates Stephanie on her son getting married and says she is glad she is here. Hurt that Eric showed up with Lauren, Stephanie seeks solace in James.

Unaware that Brooke is Clark's date, Stephanie starts to introduce herself when Taylor's father, Jack, arrives. Taylor is thrilled her father could make it to her wedding but wishes her mother could be there also. Jack brought a pair of gloves Taylor's mother wore at her wedding and Taylor says their perfect. Stephanie joins Ridge and Thorne and is happy the two of them are relating as brothers. Brooke urges a reluctant Clark to sit down. Elsewhere, Amber asks Rick if he still wants to go out tonight considering Ridge is marrying Taylor.

The wedding begins with Stephanie marching down the aisle. She notices Eric and Lauren, but smiles when she sees James. Taylor marches in while Brooke doesn't think Ridge will be able to go through with it when he has to look into Taylor's eyes and say those vows. Jack gives Taylor away and the minister begins the ceremony. He gets to the part where if anyone can show just cause for Ridge and Taylor not to be married, speak now or forever hold your peace. Thomas lets out a little cry and Ridge notices Brooke. Their eyes meet but he looks away.

Taylor cries as she says her vows. Each gives the other a ring as a symbol of their vow and the minister pronounces Ridge and Taylor husband and wife! Brooke is devastated and sits alone in the chapel long after everyone has left. Brooke believes Ridge made the worst mistake of his life. Then Brooke realizes her life isn't over. She has to keep going for herself and her children. Ridge will always love me, Brooke says and someday they will be together. Until then, Brooke is not going to turn into a lifeless shell. Life is too precious and short. With or without Ridge, Brooke vows to make the most of her life.

Thursday, June 25, 1998

Rick and Amber arrive at Café Russe and are seated. Amber is impressed that Rick knows the waiters by name. He reminds her that he has been coming here all of his life.

Eric and Lauren arrive without reservations, but Simpson is sure he can find them a table.

Ridge tells Taylor that he is taking her aboard a private jet and taking her away on a honeymoon but he won't tell her where. She doesn't need to know what kinds of clothes to pack but he tells her not to worry about that. Taylor says, "If you think you can just whisk me away from my family and my work to someplace I know nothing about, well, you sure can!"

Lauren and Eric recall the wedding. Lauren got chills when Taylor's father announced that he and Taylor's mother gave her away. Lauren catches sight of Rick and Amber and says that they aren't the only Forresters there. He is sure it isn't Ridge and Taylor so who could it be? He is shocked when he turns in his seat and sees Rick and Amber holding hands across the table. What the hell is going on over there? Eric says.

Sheila calls the church and finds out that the wedding has been over for an hour. She just knows that he is with Stephanie!

Stephanie, who is drinking champagne and getting a little tipsy and giddy, tells James that he has no idea what tonight means to her. It has never been about getting back at Brooke. It is about taking care of her family. Looking at James, she tells him that she has never been happier. He asks if she is sure about that. Wouldn't she be happier if Eric was sitting across from her? She tries to convince him that she hasn't given Eric a single thought tonight, but finally admits that she has given him one or two thoughts. However, she wouldn't be happier because if Eric were here, he would be lecturing her. He doesn't understand her the way James does. She tells James that she has only wanted three things in her whole life. Her marriage to last, her children to be happy, and the business to go on as a legacy for the children. But what happened? Brooke ruined her marriage, she took the business and almost---ALMOST--- got her hooks into Ridge. But, tonight, Ridge married Taylor and now they are off on a wonderful honeymoon. She then tells him that she is disappointed that Eric would bring "that" woman to the wedding, but she isn't surprised. She isn't surprised at anything Eric does anymore. He has changed; he accuses her of being the one who has changed---and she knows that she has---but he isn't the same man she used to know. The man she lived with for 30 years would never have done that to her. But it made her realize that it is over; it is finally over. Tonight is a night for champagne, starry skies, honeymoons and wonderful friends.

"I can't believe that we are in our own flying love nest and off to paradise," Taylor says. "It can't get any better than this!" He tells her that he can improve on this; he has another surprise for her. He gives her a gift box with a lace teddy inside. He says that he has been picturing her in this for a couple of days. "No wonder you were sweating at the altar," she says. She goes to change.

Amber looks at her food and starts to cry. Rick says that if something is wrong with the food, they can send it back. She says it is because it is so beautiful. It is just steak, Rick says. She says that she has often had to eat ugly food and pretend it was something special. She never thought she would be eating fancy food in a fancy restaurant. "You are some kind of flaky lady, you know that?" Rick says. She leans across the table and tells him to shut up and kiss her.

Watching from across the room, Eric is furious. Lauren says that they are only kids out on a date playing grown up, but Eric says that she is older than Rick is and she is taking advantage of him. What is the harm? Lauren asks. Then Eric says that it even looks like she is wearing one of Brooke dresses. Maybe Brooke loaned it to her, Lauren suggests, but Eric is convinced that Brooke wouldn't do that. He doesn't believe Brooke would approve of them being here together. Lauren reminds him that this is the first night out they have had in a long time. "Can't you forget it for tonight? You could have a little father-son talk with him tomorrow, but let tonight be about us, okay?" Smiling at her, he opens his menu to order, but with a sign he glances back at the kids.

Sheila opens the door for her neighbor who is going to look after Mary. Sheila leaves. She has a determined look on her face. James says that he is impressed that Stephanie is handling things with grace , dignity and optimism. It shows on her beautiful face. She thanks him for the compliment. As he starts to leave, she asks him to stay.

Ridge, in his robe, dims the lights and puts on soft music. Taylor comes into the bedroom dressed in a robe, but slowly pulls it off. "Do I live up to your imagination?" she asks seductively. "If my imagination had lived up to this, I wouldn't have made it through the ceremony," Ridge assures her. She always remembered him as being creative, she says. He says that if it is creative she wants he will give her creative. He says that this is the way life will be for them from now own, but she tells him that she doesn't count on the future anymore. She just lives each day as it comes and enjoys what she gets; she doesn't count on any more than that. She promises that she will make sure Ridge never regrets choosing to be with her. He says he doesn't know what he did to deserve her. He wishes that everyone in the world would get the opportunity to feel what he feels---to have what they have. He thinks their future is going to be incredible---especially the day their daughter is born---Ridgina, he says. She laughs and says that she loves him. This is only the beginning, Doc, only the beginning.

Friday, June 26, 1998

Sheila is driving toward Stephanie's house. She tells herself to relax; she doesn't know for sure that he is there. But since both of them were at the wedding, it is a good bit. If Stephanie thinks she is going to get my husband, she has another think coming!

Seeing a plane fly over, Stephanie giggles that that could be Ridge and Taylor's plane, she says. Although she doesn't know where they have gone on their honeymoon, she is going to have a wonderful time with Thomas. James begins to talk about his daughter. She is going to be a real charmer one-day, he proudly says. She doesn't get that from her mother, Stephanie says. Sheila is a very good mother. Can we please stay away from that topic?

Rick thinks he scored big time by picking this place for dinner. Next time, Amber says, it will be my treat. I'll be wearing my own dress and celebrating my first album. Rick says that maybe she will even be singing here. She looks around and says she doubts it; this place is too high class for her. "The way you look tonight, you could be at home in Buckingham Palace," Rick tells her.

Lauren is trying to talk with Eric, but he can't keep his mind on what she is saying---or his eyes away from Rick's table. "She is just a teenager," Lauren tells him. "I am sure it is harmless." Eric looks at her and asks, "Just how harmless were you when you were a teenager?" Lauren thinks about it and she has nothing to say.

Sheila arrives at Stephanie's place and sees James' car there. Dammit! She says pounding on the steering wheel. Sheila begins to pound on the door. "James, I know you are in there," she says.

Meanwhile in the back by the pool, a pretty drunk Stephanie is chanting, "No more talk of Sheila, no more talk of Sheila." Becoming serious, she wonders what he is going to do now that he can't practice. He thinks he might write a book or just sit there and lick his wounds. Stephanie isn't going to just sit around waiting for Eric. Maybe she will join the circus. She begins to play the part of a lion tamer, as well as other circus parts. She is so funny that James laughs and Sheila hears him.

"Regardless of what I was like as a teenager," Lauren begins, Amber is the reason your son is alive." Eric agrees that Amber made a brave sacrifice but that doesn't give her the right to take advantage of his son. "This hasn't just started," he says. "You can tell that just by looking at them. She has been doing all of this behind our backs." Eric declares that he is going to put a stop to this. As he gets up to go to Rick's table, he sees them on the dance floor. Lauren begs him not to make a scene. He sits back down and watches as Amber and Rick does a very close, intimate slow dance.

Amber wonders why he isn't a spoiled brat with all that he has. He acts like he doesn't know how special his life is. She is so glad she found him and so is he, he tells her.

Lauren notices that they are sensually caressing each other on the dance floor. When Eric sees, he throws his napkin on the table and says that is all he can take. As Amber walks toward the Ladies Room, Eric catches up with her and grabs her arm. "Hold it right here!" Eric says to surprised Amber.

"What the Hell is going on?" Eric demands. "I have been watching you all night. Brooke hired you to watch the kids, not to seduce my son. You are responsible for my son; you were hired to protect to protect him. Now I see I have to protect him from you! How far has this gone?" She tells him that she is only on a date with Rick; they have done nothing wrong. She tries to explain that she is helping him through a rough time, but Eric says that Rick is very vulnerable right now; she is taking advantage of that. She says she would never hurt Rick; she reminds Eric that she gave Rick a kidney. Eric says that he is grateful for that, but one thing has nothing to do with the other. When Amber tries to leave, he roughly grabs her and tells her that this whole thing is over right now!

Rick sees Lauren and stops by the table to speak with her. She mentions that she has been watching him with his date. He asks her to do him a favor and not mention it to his dad.

Sheila walks quietly around to the pool area and watches as James and Stephanie talk. It is all foolish banter, especially considering Stephanie's condition, until suddenly Stephanie becomes serious; she wants to warn him of something. He asks her not to talk about Sheila but she insists. She remembers when he was brutally honest with her a few weeks ago; now she has to be brutally honest with him for his own good. She honestly thinks that he can't stay with that woman!

Lauren says that she can't keep it a secret from Eric. Not understanding, Rick says that so far he doesn't know, but he is going to tell his father soon. She points to Eric and Amber and he sees Amber in tears.

Eric says to Amber that what he just saw on the dance floor was more than just being a friend. Rick rushes up and asks what is going on. Eric tells him to go sit down, but he won't. "What have you been saying to her?" Rick asks. Amber answers; she says that Eric says that they can't see each other again, that she isn't good enough for him. Eric tells Rick that they will talk about this at home, but Rick reminds him that he isn't a child any longer. He tells Eric to keep out of his business where Amber is concerned. He grabs Amber by the arm and says, "Come on, Amber, let's get out of here." The two of them leave with Eric standing alone and angry.

James patiently explains to Stephanie that he lost his license because of his own mistake; it had nothing to do with Sheila. He was the one who had sex with his patient, but Stephanie argues with him saying that Sheila took advantage of HIM. She was the one who was sober; she seduced him. She reminds James that he is a father; you have to protect that little girl. James says that Sheila is a wonderful mother. James assures her that he wouldn't let his daughter stay in that houses if she were in any danger. Stephanie insists that Sheila is only living a charade; soon she will explode. She grabs his face and kisses him lightly on the mouth as she tells him that he is very important to her; she doesn't know what she would do if she ever lost him. They kiss again, this time deeply with both participating. James pulls back and looks horrified; he tells her goodnight. He leaves Stephanie alone wondering what she has just done. She hears a splash and turns to see Sheila there; she has thrown something into the pool. "HOW DARE YOU? This time you have gone too far!"

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