The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 29, 1998 on B&B
Sheila warned Stephanie away from James and sent Thomas a gift to back up the threat. Stephanie confused James with her mixed signals, and Lauren threatened to tell Sheila about Stephanie's feelings for James. Amber and Rick slept together, and Brooke fired Amber.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 29, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, June 29, 1998

James and Stephanie are at the Forrester pool where an unseen Sheila hears Stephanie blaming Sheila for James losing his license. Sheila becomes livid when Stephanie gives James a kiss. After James leaves, Sheila surprises Stephanie and says this time you have gone too far. Sheila advises Steph that she isn't leaving until I have dealt with you.

Eric and Lauren return to Brooke's house so Eric can talk to Rick about what happened at dinner tonight. Brooke doesn't understand why Eric is so upset until he informs her that Amber had on one of your dresses and had her hands all over Rick tonight at dinner. Brooke assures Eric that she will have a talk with Rick when he returns home but Eric insists on staying. Eric wants to straighten things out since Rick stormed out after their confrontation at the restaurant. Brooke hopes Eric handled things with Rick correctly.

Rick is upset at his father for treating Amber like trailer trash and takes her to the cabin at Big Bear for some privacy. Amber doesn't think she and Rick are right for each other and suggest the leave. Rick declares Amber is the best thing to ever happen to him and he gives her a kiss.

James returns home to find a babysitter with Mary and wonders where Sheila went since she did not leave a note or message. Sheila warns Stephanie she ought to be afraid of her since she caught Stephanie kissing her husband and Sheila is not letting her get away with that. James is a friend, Steph replies, but Sheila accuses Steph of trying to get him in bed. Sheila is tired of Stephanie interfering with her family and is not leaving until Stephanie promises to stay away from James. Stephanie isn't going to do that because James is her friend and he needs her support. Sheila is a master of masking the darkness inside her and every so often it bubbles up. It's just a matter of time...

Eric thinks Rick is in over his head and Amber is taking advantage of him. Brooke reminds him that Amber gave Rick a kidney and was instrumental in helping bring Bridget home. Eric still feels Rick shouldn't be dating the babysitter! At the cabin, Rick admits he doesn't want to be a kid anymore and wants Amber to teach him to make love. Rick wants Amber to take his virginity. Amber resists at first but gives in when she and Rick start kissing.

Stephanie accuses Sheila of being responsible for James losing his license to practice. Sheila grabs Stephanie and throws her to the ground. As Steph gets up, she and Sheila struggle and the both fall into the pool. Sheila holds Stephanie underwater until she almost drowns! Sheila lets Stephanie go with one final warning. Stay away from James or find out what happens! .

Tuesday, June 30, 1998

A concerned Eric informs Brooke that Rick stayed out all night with Amber. Brooke feels this is very unlike Amber while Eric says Amber has no excuse for letting Rick stay gone all night. At the cabin at Big Bear, Amber wakes in Rick's arms and fears what Eric's reaction will be. Rick says their love making was beautiful and it was his idea to come to the cabin. One more thing worries Amber though. They didn't use protection!

Stephanie tells Taylor's father, Jack, that seeing Eric with Lauren made her realize she has to move on. Sheila stops by again and overhears Stephanie say she cares for the man she brought home last night, but the situation comes with baggage. There is a dangerous woman who must be dealt with. Stephanie tends to a crying Thomas and says there isn't anything she wouldn't do for that baby. After Jack takes Thomas and leaves, Sheila startles Stephanie who threatens to call the police if Sheila doesn't leave.

Amber regrets not using protection but feels they should be ok. Amber just wants to get Rick home and is sure she will be fired. Rick has a plan to sneak in the back so his parents will not realize he didn't come home last night. While sneaking in through Rick's bedroom, Eric and Brooke surprise Rick and Amber. Rick quickly tries to cover saying he took Amber to the cabin but all they did was talk all night. Eric asks why they didn't call. No teenage son of Eric's stays gone all night, especially with a woman who is supposed to be watching over him. Amber admits she should have had Rick home sooner, but Rick accepts the blame and says he and Amber are in love. Eric fires Amber and orders her out of the house.

Sheila tells Stephanie she'll need proof when telling the police Sheila almost drowned her last night. Stephanie says she's not going to tell the police about their run in, but she is going to tell James. Stephanie feels James should know about his wife's abnormal behavior for Mary's sake. "You self righteous bitch," Sheila says. You are using this to get closer to James, Sheila continues, and she is not going to let that happen. Stephanie is going to inform James because he is a dear friend. James has lost his career, a woman who really cared for him, and he's not happy in his marriage. You are a threat to James and Mary and you can't do anything to stop me from seeing him, Steph says.

Stephanie promises Sheila that she will not have James after what happened last night. Since Stephanie feels Sheila is dangerous, she is capable of doing terrible things, even to a child. There's another baby involved besides Mary. Sheila swears if Stephanie tells anyone about last night or if Stephanie makes a move toward James, she will kill Thomas.

Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Eric doesn't think he is overreacting by firing Amber. Eric and Brooke hired Amber to watch over their children not seduce Rick. Besides, what do they really know about Amber? What kind of person is she? What has she done in the past? Eric promises to play a bigger part in his children's life from now on. Amber's done great things for their family but she lacks judgment and responsibility. As much attention as Rick and Bridget need these days, Eric doesn't want Brooke to forget about herself. Now that Ridge is married to Taylor, Eric advises Brooke to concentrate on herself.

Amber packs her things and starts to leave. Rick wants her to stay but realizes that is unrealistic considering how his parents feel. Amber wants Rick to remember that her feelings for him will not change once she walks out that door. Rick feels guilty for dragging her to the cabin last night, but Amber's only regret is that they did not use protection. It's stupid to have sex without a condom. Rick professes his love to Amber.

Sheila doesn't want to threaten Thomas but feels she has no other choice. If Stephanie doesn't stay away from James, she will regret it for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, Stephanie realizes Sheila is certainly capable of harming Thomas and decides in order to protect him, she will just have to stay away from James. James drops by but Stephanie tries to rush him out. She tries to dismiss what happened last night between them but James reminds her with a kiss. Stephanie backs away and reminds James he is married. James realizes that but last night was wonderful and he doesn't want to let that feeling go.

Stephanie says James was reaching out to her last night because he's at a difficult point in his life since he just lost his license. James admits he doesn't know what he needs. Yes he has a wife and a daughter, but he liked what happened when he and Stephanie kissed. Stephanie agrees the kiss was great but they have to protect their families. Steph asks James to leave before they suffer the consequences.

Before leaving, Amber asks Brooke to give her one more chance. Brooke would like to and she sees a lot of herself in Amber, but Amber has been careless with Rick and Bridget too many times to dismiss. Brooke advises Amber to find some goals and show some restraint and respect for others. Amber wonders how Brooke will handle Rick since he will still want to see her. Brooke orders Amber to leave and never come back.

James returns home and admits he just got back from Stephanie's. Sheila remarks at how close the two of them have become. James says even though Stephanie is thrilled Ridge and Taylor got married, she is not quite herself. Stephanie looks over a picture of Ridge, Taylor, and Thomas when a package arrives. Stephanie opens it and finds a horrifying doll with it's head chopped off. Inside the package is a note from Sheila that reads, " Very good Stephanie, you kept your mouth shut. Stay away from James or else!"

Thursday, July 2, 1998

Stephanie is talking to Taylor; Taylor notices that something is wrong by Stephanie's voice. Stephanie assures her that everything is fine with Thomas; she wouldn't let anything happen to this baby. After hanging up, she remembers Sheila's threat. Then she wonders if after all these years of being friends she and James could actually be falling in love. She hears the sound of the door slamming; when she turns, there is Sheila. She congratulates her on being cold to James and hopes that she keeps it up. As she walks forward, Stephanie steps between her and the baby's crib. Sheila says that she doesn't enjoy making a threat against a baby's life. Stephanie challenges her to prove whether she has really changed or not.

With an avocado mask applied to her face, Lauren hesitates to answer the doorbell. It is James and he doesn't want to talk through the door. He is startled when she opens the door! He makes her swear before he tells her his good news. He has discovered feelings for someone; feelings he has never felt before. He is talking about Stephanie.

Macy, wearing an apron, sits on Grants lap. Thinking about Ridge and Taylor's wedding brings out the romantic in her. She wonders whom the baby will look like because she thinks that this could be the month! He wonders if she brought home another pregnancy test. She sure did and she goes to try it out. She is feeling lucky.

When she returns, she is disappointed; the verdict was negative again. Grant tries to console her, but she is tired of being patient; she just wants a baby of her own. She wants Grant to get tested, but he thinks she is jumping the gun. If they are infertile, she wants to know it now, not somewhere down the road.

Sheila assures Stephanie that she is healthy and normal; she feels like she is only protecting her family. Stephanie tries to convince Sheila that she isn't a threat, but she has to admit that James thinks he has feelings for her. She promises that she will stay away from James but she can't control his feelings for her.

Lauren can't believe it! Even James is a little stunned at the prospect of having feelings for James. Lauren wants to know how this happened. James doesn't know but she moves him; he felt it the first time he kissed her. KISSED HER! She reminds James of what he is getting into by reminding him of how much trouble Eric has with her. Lauren thinks this is great; he will be better off with Stephanie than Sheila. Stephanie should be doing cartwheels; no matter what Stephanie says she must be very happy. Then why is she building a wall between us.

Sheila accuses Stephanie of making moves against her husband. She reiterates her threat. As she leaves, Sheila looks down and says, "Goodbye, Thomas. He really is so beautiful. You take care of him, Stephanie."

Macy wants to eliminate any possible problems, but Grant knows that he is all right. We need to be sure, Macy insists. Grant isn't fond of all these trips to the doctor. They are supposed to be making a baby, not doing a science project. Macy didn't enjoy all the poking and prodding either, but if it gets them the baby that they want, it will be worth it. Grant has to do this for that little soul out there just waiting to come into their lives. Grant finally gives in.

Lauren just thinks that Stephanie is only having a hard time dealing with the change in the relationship. It was unexpected but exciting; she has to adjust. It is exciting, James says. When he woke up this morning, she was the first person he thought of. When Lauren goes to wipe the mask off her face, James looks at the phone.

"What are we going to do, Thomas?" Stephanie asks as she cradles Thomas in her arms. "Sheila has really lost it. She has threatened to do something to you and I can't let that happen. The only thing to do is to stay away from James." She answers the phone and finds James at the other end. He wants to apologize for kissing her this morning and he'd like to make it up to her. "No," Stephanie says. "You and Sheila are married and have a child. I am not interested, period." She hangs up.

James tells Lauren that Stephanie hung up on him but she tells him not to give up. He won't; life has been difficult recently but he is going to turn things around. There is only one person that can do that for him. He will not let her just walk out of his life.

Stephanie gazes out over the city from her terrace. "If only I could tell you how much I care for you, but I can't do that now. There you are all alone and I'll never be able to tell you---never."

Friday, July 3, 1998

Taylor and Ridge are on their way home from the honeymoon. They are talking about how it would be nice to live in the plane for the rest of their lives. Since they were in St. Barts, Ridge asks if they will be naming their next child Bart.

Lauren goes to see Stephanie about James. She encourages her to go for it! Stephanie tells her that she isn't interested in James regardless of what James has told her. When Lauren continues, Stephanie says that James is a married man and she cannot get involved with him. Lauren says that this is the perfect opportunity for everyone to get what they want. She gets James, Lauren gets Eric and Looney Sheila is out of their lives. She declares that she is going to see Sheila herself and tell her what James is feeling for Stephanie. This frightens Stephanie so much that she tells her about the threats against Thomas. She also shows her the doll that Sheila sent. Before Lauren can respond, Ridge and Taylor arrive home. Immediately they go to the baby; they are overjoyed to see him again. Lauren and Stephanie exchange knowing glances.

Sheila has been shopping for dinner. James is reading when she gets home and wants to speak to her. However, Sheila has a feeling what he wants to talk about. She tells him that it will have to wait, as she has to get the food prepared before it spoils. Later, as she is going out for something she forgot, James insists on talking to her now. He tells her that last night Stephanie kissed him. Sheila acts a little upset but she doesn't blame him; instead, she thanks him for being honest with her. He then tells her that this morning he kissed Stephanie. Sheila tries to say that James isn't responsible; it was Stephanie's fault all the way. She also reminds him of his promise to always be with her and asks if he is going to keep his promise.

Stephanie tells Ridge and Taylor that Thomas was an angel! As they thank her for taking care of him, they say that they knew she would be safe here. Stephanie and Lauren exchange another look. Lauren takes this opportunity to leave; she tells Stephanie to call if she needs anything. Ridge wonders what Lauren was doing there, but Stephanie says that it was nothing for him to worry about. After they are gone Stephanie tries to convince herself that she is doing the right thing.

Stephanie answers the phone; it is Sheila. Sheila tells her that she lied about James. Stephanie says that she didn't lie, but Sheila says that James told her about today's kiss. Stephanie says that she pushed James away and told him to leave her alone. "Don't you realize how serious I am?" Sheila asks. "If you do, then you stay the hell away from him!" Stephanie promises to stay away; it won't happen again. Stephanie is frantic with worry.

Grant and Macy are at the fertility doctor's office. Grant is not happy; he is humiliated by all the testing that has been done, because he doesn't think that all this is necessary. Finally, the doctor enters the room and tells them that all of their tests are finished and the results are in. There is a problem.

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