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Amber revealed to C.J. that she was pregnant, and he advised her to get an abortion. Macy and C.J. told Rick, and the three rushed and found Amber at an abortion clinic. Grant confided in Darla that he was dying of cancer, but he couldn't find the courage to tell Macy.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 20, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, July 20, 1998

Although she didn't plan it, Amber admits she is pregnant. C.J. takes her to his mother's house and blasts her for being so careless. Amber thinks Rick should know, but C.J. asks if Raymond couldn't also be the father. Amber is certain the baby is Rick's, but C.J. wants to know how Amber can be so sure. After all, Amber did sleep with Raymond. Amber isn't certain she slept with Raymond. They were celebrating his upcoming concert tour in his hotel room while drinking champagne. Amber had too much to drink, pasted out, and the next thing she remembers is waking up the next morning to find Raymond gone. He left a note, but Amber felt used. Amber is sure that if she slept with Raymond, she would remember it.

Pierce focuses on his project he has planned for Taylor while Bailey reminds his boss that Taylor is married. If the project with Taylor doesn't work out, Pierce stands to lose everything. In that case, Pierce says he would have no regrets because this new project is exactly what he wants to do. Taylor arrives and Pierce is anxious to hear if Taylor has accepted his job offer. Before she can accept, Taylor needs to know more about Pierce and this new project. Taylor notes that Pierce is always so positive, uplifting, and spiritual, maybe there is a dark side to him that nobody knows about. Pierce doesn't have a wife or kids and he is willing to give up his enterprise for the project. He needs a critical honest mind, and that is where Taylor comes in.

Eric and Brooke note how cozy Rick was getting with Alexis, one of the girls at the pool party. Rick advises his parents not to read too much into it, since he is still trying to get over Amber. Rick is making improvement, but he still needs more time. Eric thinks Rick is finally out of the woods. Amber wants to tell Rick, but C.J. says Rick is moving on with his life. To prove it, C.J. calls Rick, puts him on speaker phone, and gets him to admit he had a great time at the party and that he will get through his feelings for Amber. C.J. warns Amber if she tells Rick she is pregnant, it will ruin his life. What about my life, Amber asks.

Taylor doesn't want any part of Pierce's project if it has to do with hypnosis or any mind control games. Pierce says his project is much more than hypnosis and he will prove it. Pierce's goal is to help this country rescue itself. If Taylor accepts his offer, it will be an adventure she will never forget. .

Tuesday, July 21, 1998

Ridge stops by to see Brooke for the first time since his wedding and asks her why she showed up at the wedding. Brooke didn't think Ridge would be able to look her in the eye and then say wedding vows to Taylor. It's not easy, Brooke says, but being at the wedding was the best thing for her. It brought a since of closure. Ridge has been and will always be the man Brooke loves, but she has to move on with her life. Right now, Brooke has other concerns, primarily Rick. Brooke informs Ridge that Amber tried to seduce Rick, but she stopped them from having sex. Brooke is sure Amber will not cause anymore problems, since she slipped out of town with a cool $50,000.

C.J. continues to warn Amber about telling Rick she is pregnant, but Amber is not about to raise this child alone. There is another option, C.J. says, abortion. Bridget urges Rick to let go of his feelings for Amber while Rick is distressed Amber hasn't called. Rick has his whole future laid out before him and being 16 years old and saddled with a child is not part of the plan, C.J. says.

Taylor is skeptical about Pierce's job offer but notes how much passion he has for his job. Taylor admires how lovely Pierce's secretary, Ms. Holiday, always is. Pierce shows Taylor a picture of a homeless woman who had been beaten and abused with no sense of self. Pierce surprises Taylor when he says the woman in the picture is Ms. Holiday. Pierce promises Taylor together they can change society the way he changed Ms Holiday. Taylor accepts his job offer.

Brooke feels guilty for Rick's mood since she is responsible for sending Amber away. Ridge offers to talk to Rick, but Brooke says not to concern himself with Rick's problems. Ridge has his own wife and child to worry about.

To have am abortion is the hardest choice Amber has had to make in her life. C.J. urges Amber to go through with it or risk screwing up she and Rick's lives. Meanwhile, Rick says it makes no sense why Amber hasn't at least called. He remembers the time in the hospital when Amber donated a kidney and declared her love for him. Rick hopes wherever Amber is, she is ok. Amber walks into an abortion clinic and asks to have an abortion.

Wednesday, July 22, 1998

Clarke is giving Brooke an impromptu male fashion show; there are several gorgeous guys with only their boxers on---or is it swim suits? Afterwards, Brooke chastises Clarke for bringing her men to look at as a replacement for Ridge. Clarke says that the whole building is wondering who will be next for her. Brooke is not amused; she tells Clarke that she has her children to think about. Just then, Rick interrupts their conversation to ask something about Amber.

C.J. visits Macy at the beach house; he is really strung out and Macy notices this right away. He tells her that he has some serious things that he needs to talk about. He tells her about a friend who is pregnant; she and her boyfriend are just kids his age and their life is going to be screwed up. That is why he told the girl to get an abortion. Macy is shocked!

Susan, a counselor at the health clinic, interviews Amber. After a number of questions, she asks why Amber is there today and she answers that she needs to have an abortion.

Rick wants to know where Amber has gone; he thinks that it is so bizarre that Amber cuts out and doesn't let him hear any further from her. She isn't a girl he has a crush on; he cares for her. "If you and dad have a problem with her, that is your problem, but I should be allowed to keep in contact with my friend," Rick tells her.

Susan continues to ask questions relating to Amber's medical history. Amber doesn't mention the fact that she only has one kidney. Susan then asks if Amber has any questions about the procedure. Amber doesn't have any questions and she doesn't need to read the pamphlets; she just wants to get this over as quickly as possible. Susan then asks her if she knows what all of her options are? As she begins to relate these options, Amber says that she can't consider any of them; everyone will find out. She admits that her boyfriend doesn't know about her pregnancy and Susan asks, "Don't you think the father deserves to know?" Susan also tells her that she is too early in her pregnancy bring herself to come back. It is now or never.

Macy is livid. "What in the hell were you thinking?" Macy demands. "How could you tell your friend to get an abortion? I just hope that your friend didn't listen to you." Cut me a break, C.J. says. "Do you think that it was easy to tell her this? They are too young to be parents. This will ruin their lives." Macy tells him that having a baby is a gift from God. She asks if he even gave a thought to that precious life, whose heart is beating inside her. "Your friend is blessed" she continues. "It isn't about me not being able to have a baby, either. It is about all the people who want a baby and can't have one, but it is mostly about that baby who is alive and deserves a chance in life." C.J. says that he realizes what he has done, she doesn't have to tell him; it is tearing him up inside. Even if this affects her the end of her life, this girl will at least have the rest of her life. As it is, she is ruining two lives.

Amber admits that the father doesn't know about the baby. Susan says that she needs to tell him; he needs to find out before too late.

Susan returns with the results of their pregnancy test; it is true, Amber really is pregnant. Amber responds that she needs to get this over with as soon as she can; she has to have the abortion today. When Amber says that she hasn't eaten in the last four hours, Susan tells her that there has been a cancellation and she can have that appointment. Amber needs 20 minutes; there is something she has to do first.

Rick can't believe that his mom and dad don't know where Amber is. Brooke tells him that she is gone and she is sorry for how hard this is for Rick. Rick insists that Amber would have gotten in touch with him, but Brooke asks if he has thought about the fact that Amber may NOT want to get in touch with him. As she leaves to attend to business, Rick states that she isn't telling him the whole truth.

Amber is in a chapel, crying. Getting up from a pew and going to the altar, she begins to talk to God. She really needs his help; she needs forgiveness for what she is about to do. She doesn't know if it is right or wrong; she doesn't know much of anything any more. She is so confused but she knows that she can't have this child. She wishes that she and Rick could get married and raise their baby, but they can't. She loves him so much. He is kind and generous; she never thought she would meet anyone like him. He has done so much for me; now it is time for me to do something for him. His parents would never forgive him and she wouldn't want to mess up his entire life. Please understand and forgive me! Crossing herself, she sits back down and cries.

Rick is sure that his mom knows where Amber is; there is no way she would let her go without getting some kind of information. He begins to search Brooke's desk. He finds an address book with Amber's address in it. Then he sees the checkbook with a copy of the $50,000 check. As Brooke comes back in, Rick angrily accuses her of paying Amber to leave.

"Your friend has a right to know about this baby; he has a right to be a part of this decision," Macy reasons. "How could you put so much pressure on this girl by telling her she has to get an abortion?" C.J. replies that he was just trying to help, but Macy says he should have made sure that his friend thought this through before making this decision. There are doctors and counselors out there who could have helped her. "You are right!" C.J. suddenly says, as he heads for the door. When Macy asks where he is going he says, "I am going to take care of this before it is too late."

Amber approaches another health care provider and tells her that she is ready now. "Wait here and I will be right back," the nurse tells her.

Thursday, July 23, 1998

At the clinic, Amber waits and paces. Her cell phone rings. Answering, she hears C.J. on the line. He tells her that he gave her some bad advice. He came on really strong, but he thinks that she should give it some more thought. She wonders if he knows what he is doing to her. She has spent the whole day talking herself into this. She can't deal with this. She tells him not to call her again; she is turning her phone off.

"What is this, Mom?" Rick demands. "You wrote a check for fifty thousand dollars? You lied to me; you knew why she left and you lied to me." Brooke admits that she did write the check for Amber to get out of their lives but she had no choice. "That girl is trouble" she warns her son. If they didn't get her out of his life and out of their house, there would have been disaster!

Bridget is practicing ballet when C.J. knocks. Opening the door, C.J. rushes into the house looking for Rick. When Bridget tells him that Rick isn't home, he yells that he needs to know where he is at and he needs to know it now!

The nurse brings Amber some papers to read and sign. The papers explain the procedure as well as the risks; her signature will give them permission to go ahead with the abortion. The nurse tells her that it isn't a dangerous procedure but if she is scared, she has time to wait and do it at another time.

Brooke says that she did the best thing she could for Rick. Rick reminds her that he wouldn't be here today if it weren't for Amber. Why couldn't you just show her some gratitude instead of showing the door? She cares about me, Mom, and she thinks that I can make my own decisions." Brooke says that those decisions that Amber thinks he is old enough to make were the wrong ones. "I knew you were going to Big Bear and you were going to have sex," Brooke continues. "I was trying to prevent Amber from dragging you into some kind of trouble." Rick realizes that his mother was the reason that Amber never showed up at the cabin. "No wonder she took the money and ran," he says. "You fired her and she had no money, no job and no where to live. I don't blame her for taking it; what else could she do?" Brooke tells him that she offered a lot less money but she wasn't satisfied; she demanded her own price. "That is extortion, Rick," she says. "That is a criminal offense. She saw an opportunity when she met you and she used it to her own advantage." Rick will not believe her. He accuses his mother of doing the one thing she has taught him never to do---use your checkbook to get what you want. "We could have had a happy life together," Rick shouts at his mother. "Amber didn't ruin my future, Mom, you did."

Amber reads and signs the papers. Just then, another patient joins her, a girl named Judy. Judy tells her that she is there with her mom who is talking to the nurse. She is so glad that everything will be over today. Her pregnancy is the result of being raped. She wants that all behind her so that she can get on with her life. She asks about Amber. Amber tells her that the father of her baby was a wonderful guy, but it was his first time and he is too young to be a father. However, she says, he would be a great father---he is generous, romantic and loving---but it wouldn't work out. Their time together was like a fairy tale---he was the Prince Charming who sweeps the girl away and makes her a Princess. He takes her to his palace and they live happily ever after. When she comes out of her dream, she says that Rick is the only person who has ever seen right through her past to see the girl beneath. "He really loved me."

"This is the best thing for you and your future," Brooke tells her son. "There will be other girls. I know that you are hurting now, but that is normal. Eighteen year old girls don't take advantage of sixteen year old boys." Rick says that isn't what happened. "I have told you over and over again that it was my idea. I love Amber and she loves me. Is that what ridge do to you?" Brooke angrily tells him not to bring Ridge into this; it is not the same thing. When Rick repeats that he and Amber love each other, Brooke tells him once and for all that he and Amber are finished; that is it! "When you are old enough to make sensible decisions, you will live by my rules!" Rick storms out of the office.

C.J. is waiting for Rick and he only hopes it won't be to late. Bridget wants to know what is going on. He tells her that she wouldn't understand; she is too young. Besides it is none of her business. Bridget is offended and runs upstairs. "Where are you Rick? Time is running out man. We have gotta find Amber soon!"

As Amber hands in the signed papers, Judy says that her boyfriend sounds like a good catch. What happened? Did he dump you when he heard about the baby? Amber tells her that she didn't tell him about the baby; she didn't want to ruin his life. "Besides," she says. "His parents hate me. I am not allowed to contact him. His mother even threatened to have me arrested. When they found out about us, they fired me on the spot. They don't think that I am good enough for their son." The nurse tells Amber that they are ready for her.

Rick comes bursting through the door and immediately, C.J. tells him that there is something he needs to tell him about; it is about Amber.

Amber gets undressed and into a hospital gown. Dr Larson comes in and talks to her, giving her a chance to ask questions. She says that she is ready. "All right then," he says. "Let's get started."

C.J. tries to tell Rick about Amber but Rick won't let C.J. say anything. Rick just HAS to tell C.J. about the check his mother wrote. C.J. says that he knows about it; Amber told him. He assures Rick that she didn't want to take the money. "I'm not angry with Amber," Rick is quick to tell his friend. C.J. says that he knows that Rick is pissed off, but what he has to talk about is serious and he can't wait for him to calm down; and I don't have time to lay on you easy, he adds. "Amber is pregnant!" He blurts out. "She found out about the pregnancy after she got the check." It only happened just once, Rick says in shock. Why didn't she tell me. C.J. admits that he talked her out of telling him. He was so blown away by the news and he knew that Rick would be too. "I was only trying to protect you," he goes on. "I knew you would go into Superman mode and fly off to save the day. I was wrong then, but now I need you to do just that now. You have to talk to her, man. She is at an abortion clinic; she doesn't know which end is up. She could be having it done right now." "Let's get out of here!" Rick says as they head for the door.

The doctor explains that he is going to anesthetize her cervix before the procedure. If the general anesthesia hasn't taken effect yet, all she will feel is a little pinch. He tells the nurse that he is ready to begin. Amber is uncomfortable and the nurse tells her to relax; it will be over before she knows it.

The two guys are in the car driving fast through the streets of LA. C.J. thinks that Amber is using the clinic that is near his mom's offices. That is all the way across town, Rick says. Rick urges C.J. to go faster but C.J. says he is doing the limit; you don't want to get pulled over, do you? "Let's go, man," Rick says. "Punch it."

In the clinic, Amber is laying on the examination table, crying.

Friday, July 24, 1998

Amber flinches in pain and asks what they are doing. The nurse explains that the doctor is inserting an instrument to open her cervix.

Rick calls the clinic but they won't give him any information. C.J. tells him not to worry; they will make it in time.

Grant is sitting in his office in the dark when Darla brings in some papers. She is surprised when she sees him and she tells him that Macy is looking for him. Grant doesn't want Macy to know that he is here. When she sees his condition, she knows that something is wrong. She wants to get Macy, but he tells her that she can't go to Macy; he is dying with cancer. He doesn't know what to do and he isn't ready to tell Macy. Darla says that Macy has to know, but he can't tell her yet. "Is there no chance?" She asks. When he doesn't answer, she gets her answer and puts her arms around him as he begins to cry.

Sally doesn't believe that C.J. would advise a friend to get an abortion. Macy says that she read him the riot act; he went looking for his friend, but she is afraid that he might be too late.

The doctor says that he is ready. He turns on the suction machine, but when he inserts the instrument, Amber sits up. "No!" she says. "Wait!" Irritated, the doctor turns off the suction machine but he kindly tells her that this is a big decision; if she isn't absolutely sure, they should wait. "Is that what you want to do?" Amber says that she doesn't know what she wants.

Grant says that he only has about 6 months to live. They only just got started with their life; he doesn't know if he can do this to Macy. He made her so many promises that he won't be able to keep. "She would want to know," Darla insists. "She would be there for you."

"No," Grant tells her. "I cannot stand to see that look on her face. Promise that you won't tell her; I will tell her soon, I promise. We just need some time to be happy. Promise me, Darla, you have to promise me! Reluctantly, Darla promises.

"How could C.J. do that?" Sally wonders. "What was he thinking?" Sally says he is just a foolish young boy who doesn't realize the importance of something like this. And what was this young girl doing coming to him; didn't she have some other adult she could have gone to? "She could have come to me," Macy says. "I would have told her not to kill her baby. I could have told her what a precious gift a baby is."

Sally wishes that C.J. had come to her or to his father, but Macy is glad that he did come to her. Sally hopes that the girl does more thinking, but she is more concerned for Macy. She can see that Macy has not fully accepted her situation. Macy agrees, but says that she will find a way to deal with it. She has been considering donor insemination from a carefully screened donor. "How do you think that Grant will take this?" Sally asks, shocked. "How will he feel if he finds out that you want to have a baby with some other man?"

"It would be his," Macy says. It would be his in every way that counts. We'd just be using the genetic material from some other source. We could copy his height, his weight, his coloring; people would never know it isn't Grant's child. Grant wants a child that he can guide through its life; he isn't just eager to pass on the family genes. But Mother, if we decide to do this, I would really like to have your approval." Of course you have it, Sally says as she gathers her daughter into her arms. "I trust whatever you decide to do."

Rick and C.J. arrive at the clinic and Rick asks for Amber. However, Susan says she cannot give out any information about their patients. "But I am her boyfriend---the father of the baby!" Rick objects. "That makes no difference," Susan says. C.J. pulls Rick over to the side; they are feeling badly about not arriving in time. Just then Amber comes out of the procedure room carrying her chart. When she sees Rick she begins to cry and she calls out his name. He rushes to her and they embrace. Rick wishes she had come to him when she first found out that she was pregnant, but she says that she couldn't; she didn't want to do anything that would have ruined his life. "Oh Rick," she cries. "You are going to be so mad at me when I tell you what I did!"

Sally says that Macy has to talk to Grant as soon as possible, but Macy says that she doesn't know where he is. Just then, Grant comes in. Sally goes to look for C.J. and give that young man a talk; she tells Grant and Macy to take care of each other.

"Where were you all afternoon," Macy asks. Without a word, he goes to her and holds her closely. Macy says that she thought he was getting through this, but it appears that he is still upset. She tells him that she has an idea she wants to talk to him about. She wants to go to see Dr. Heinz and talk about donor insemination. Grant tells her to stop; he needs to talk to her about something. Macy continues trying to talk to him but he walks out on the balcony. Macy follows him and she continues to talk about having a baby. "Isn't that what we both want?" She asks. "Just picture it; me swollen out to here. You could go along for the sonograms and the Lamaze; you wouldn't miss out on anything. It would be your baby and this is our one way of having a family. Isn't this what you want?"

"Yes," Grant answers in a tortured voice. He says that is what he wants more than anything. He holds her while they both shed tears---hers of joy; his of pain and longing.

"You had an abortion?" Rick guesses, but Amber tells him that she couldn't go through with it. Rick grabs her and hugs her tightly. "Why are you so happy?" Amber asks. "I thought C.J. said . . ." "I don't care what C.J. said, I love you. The life inside you is my responsibility as much as it is yours. I won't let you go through with this alone, no matter what anybody says."

"I can't believe you are here saying this to me" Amber says. "And to think that I came so close." What stopped you Rick wants to know. She tells him that she was telling someone how this happened. She could remember the night so vividly. This child was conceived on the most special moment of her life and here she was about to put an end to it. "I couldn't do it," she cries. "This baby is already the most precious thing in my life because it is your baby. You are the most precious thing in my life---you taught me how to open up and to trust. This child is a blessing because it is our child. I was not about to let it die. Tell me I did the right thing today." You did! Rick answers.

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