The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 10, 1998 on B&B
As Rick and Amber concocted a plan to get Brooke to accept Amber, Brooke learned Amber's secret. Thorne and Ridge mended fences, and a parole board determined Sheila's fate. Taylor was amazed by Pierce's groundbreaking techniques, but she was worried that they were too controversial.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 10, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, August 10, 1998

Amber tells Brooke she will be sorry for blowing her off, and compares Brooke's treatment of Amber to Stephanie's treatment of Brooke. C.J. catches up with Rick and warns him Amber is talking to his mother and he better hope Amber doesn't say anything about the baby. C.J. urges Rick to think about giving the kid up for adoption. That way, Brooke would never have to know Amber is pregnant.

Sheila's lawyer admits Sheila threatened Thomas but she didn't mean it. Sheila was driven to make the threat by her own husband and Stephanie. They knew Sheila's limits and made her slip after years of hard work toward recovery. Sheila shouldn't lose her freedom because of one mistake. The lawyer gets Sheila to admit she was happy in her marriage until about the time James' license got revoked. James turned his anger toward Sheila and started spending time with Stephanie. When Sheila saw James and Stephanie kissing, she felt she was losing her marriage, but she never had any intention of hurting Thomas. Sheila says she is a good mother, would never hurt her daughter, and begs the board not to take Mary away from her.

Amber realizes Brooke has doubts about her character, but wishes Brooke would see how much Amber cares for Rick. In time, Brooke will see how wrong she is. Brooke tells Amber she will never accept her in Rick's life. Rick will never get over me, so you might as well get used to it, Amber replies.

Sheila's lawyer thinks Sheila stands a good chance to retain custody of Mary, since Sheila was impressive under questioning. Stephanie knows they have proven Sheila is violent, but will that be enough to stop Sheila from having custody of Mary? The board returns and announces, they have reached a decision.

Rick finds Amber at Insomnia, and is happy she didn't tell Brooke about her pregnancy. If Brooke knew Amber was pregnant, she would have to accept her. Not if they give the baby up for adoption, Rick says.

The board says there is evidence to show Sheila intended to harm Stephanie which is in direct violation of Sheila's parole. The board can't overlook that. The Forresters shouldn't have to live in fear. Sheila is ordered to serve the rest of her sentence in prison! Also, given the violent threat Sheila made against Thomas, James is granted full custody of Mary! Sheila flips out and runs toward Mary. Mary screams for her mother as Sheila is escorted back to prison. .

Tuesday, August 11, 1998

Amber is shocked at Rick's request they give the baby up for adoption. Rick wants Amber to consider the facts. Rick is still in high school, Amber is a high school dropout, and neither one of them have jobs. The best thing for the child would be to give him to a different set of parents. This baby is all Amber has right now, and she couldn't live with herself if she gave the baby up for adoption.

Clarke displays his latest collection to Ridge and Brooke. Ridge asks Brooke why Clarke follows her around every where she goes, and warns her to keep her eyes open where Clarke is concerned. He tried to take over Spectra once, and could try the same stunt at Forrester. Brooke can handle Clarke but asks Ridge how Taylor likes her new job?

Taylor and Pierce ready for their next patient, an abusive husband and his wife. The husband wants to stop hurting his wife and child, but doesn't know how to stop. Pierce gives the man the option of receiving help now or wind up in jail. The man agrees to let Pierce help him. Pierce begins therapy when suddenly Taylor stops him. She wants to speak to Pierce alone. Taylor wants to know how Pierce can say this man will be cured when he walks out of here knowing that is not true?

If Rick doesn't want anything to do with the baby, Amber will raise the child on her own. That way, Rick will never have to see Amber or the baby. If they gave the child up for adoption, Amber says she will constantly wonder how the baby is doing, and it will kill her to be separated from her own child. Rick realizes he couldn't handle constantly wondering if the baby is ok and agrees adoption is not an answer. Rick and Amber will raise the baby together. First they have to get his parents to accept Amber, then they will tell them about the baby. Rick wants to start with his mother first, because Eric is a lost cause.

Brooke admits she found out about Taylor's new job when she met Pierce the other night at Café Russe. Pierce is an amazing man, Brooke says. He gave Brooke a reason to move on with her life. Brooke holds Thomas and is happy Ridge finally has a child of his own. It's what Ridge always wanted.

Wednesday, August 12, 1998

Ridge expresses his concern over Taylor working late again with Pierce. Brooke notes Taylor must love her job and says Taylor is lucky to be able to work with Pierce everyday. Pierce's name is appropriate, Brooke says, because his eyes penetrate right through you to your soul. In the brief time Brooke was with Pierce, he changed her life. Taylor has a problem with Pierce trying to get Richard Randolph to believe he's cure from his abusive ways after one therapy session. Pierce reminds Taylor that if Richard is committed to change, Pierce will allow for nothing but success.

Rick and Amber are convinced they have to get his parents to accept Amber as part of Rick's life before they drop the bomb about Amber's pregnancy. Rick has a plan. He will try to soften Brooke up tonight while Amber cooks dinner for Rick and his mother. Sooner or later, Brooke will have no choice but to accept Amber because she will be the child's grandmother. Rick calls Brooke at Forrester and she agrees to come home for dinner, just the two of them, since Bridget is over at a friend's for the evening.

Taylor is worried Pierce's therapy will leave Richard's wife, Leanna, in jeopardy. Pierce assures Taylor he would never put a patient in harm's way and begins his therapy. Pierce gets Richard to pretend he is a kid again with his father. After Richard remembers his father abusing him and his mother, he vows never to hurt his family again. Taylor is amazed at how well Pierce's therapy seems to be working.

It's not Amber's age that makes her bad news, it's her integrity, Brooke says. Brooke heads home to talk to Rick but tells Ridge that Amber must prove she is trustworthy. Right now, Amber is a far cry from being trustworthy. Once Brooke returns home, she finds a beautifully decorated table and the smell of something wonderful cooking. Rick proposes a toast to putting all the negativity behind them. Amber looks on in hopes Rick will be able to change Brooke's mind about her. Brooke wants Rick to understand where she's coming from. Brooke says Amber is irresponsible, self-centered, and she will not accept Amber into this home. Brooke vows that Amber will never set foot in her house again.

Thursday, August 13, 1998

Ridge is home with Thomas. As he puts him to bed, he wonders how late his mother will be tonight. He thinks that she will be very tired when she gets home. Picking up a picture of them on their wedding day, he relives the making of their wedding vows. As he is remembering, Thorne arrives and tells him that he sure has it bad. After embracing, Thorne admires the picture and tell his brother that he is over Taylor---as much as anyone can be over Taylor. He wants to fulfill his best man duties and be there for his brother.

Taylor tells Pierce that his treatment of Richard seems to be moving in the right direction but they have to keep watching and observing him to see that the treatment lasts. Pierce is very excited and says that now they have to extend the treatment to more people and more problems. He thinks that they will have the treatment perfected and ready for presentation the next time the International Psychiatric Association meets. IMPOSSIBLE! Taylor tells him. You won't be ready from publication for at least five years!

Thorne tells Ridge that he needs someone he can talk to and Thorne wants to be that person. He wants to be a brother again. With his sisters living out of town Ridge and Taylor only have his dad and mom as support. He wants this to be a new start for the two of them. Ridge says that he wants the same thing. Thorne asks where Taylor is and Ridge explains that Taylor is working again. There is something about Taylor, Ridge says. She has such energy and passion for people. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't find more and more about her to love. She has this prevailing personality that gets under your skin. I love my wife so much!

Amber watches from the kitchen as Rick and Brooke talk. "You've got to get through to her, Rick," she prays. "You've got to get her to accept me."

Brooke tells Rick that she will not accept Amber in this family or in this house. She doesn't have an ounce of integrity. Rick says that she does have integrity; she has more than he does. If his mother feels that way about Amber then she must feel the same way about him. Brooke says that there is no comparison between the two of them. "You know right from wrong," Brooke tells her son. "You were raised with morals and principles." Rick wonders where Amber's lack of principles was when she gave him her kidney. Brooke points out that she was only feeling guilty because she was responsible for the accident. If she had been doing her job, the accident would never have happened. Crazy things happen when she is around. She trusted her with her children and she betrayed that trust. Rick suggests that they cool down; he will go and get dinner.

He finds Amber crying and tells her that he is sorry but things will work out.

Taylor explains to Pierce that they have to go carefully. She realizes that he is striving for perfection, but he cannot take short cuts in his treatment or he is bound to fail. She tells him that that is her reason for being here; she is to make sure that he goes about this in a scientific way using the methods that have served generations of scientists. She compares what he did with Richard Randolph as going from point A to point Z by cutting out all the steps in between. Pierce tells her that Richard is cured of his wife abuse; what difference does it make if he cuts out some of the steps. Taylor says that they have to prove that he is cured; they can't just say that he is cured and the rest of the scientific community will believe him. He is in danger of becoming the laughing stock of the psychiatric world. Proof takes time, she warns him.

Taylor tells Pierce that he has amazing power and he might be on the verge of a breakthrough. She is charged to be in on this with him, just so long as he continues to test his theory over and over again. Another thing that bothers her is whether other people will be able to duplicate his method. She talks about his eyes being like lasers; they can see right through a person to his soul. While she goes on and on, Pierce drifts away. "Oh, God," he thinks. "What an amazing woman---she is utterly amazing." Taylor regains his attention and he tells her that anyone could do the same thing that he is doing if they just have the proper training. Seeing the time, Taylor says that it is late; Ridge must be going out of his mind. She hurriedly leaves.

As they are finishing their meal, Rick asks permission to prove to his mother that Amber has integrity. He hands her an envelope. Opening it, Brooke is astonished to find a cashier's check for $40,000. "Where did you get this?" She demands. Rick explains that Amber is returning most of the money; she had spent some of it, but she will pay it back. Just then Amber comes out of the kitchen and tells Brooke that she is giving the money back. "What are you doing here?" Brooke demands. "Did you do all this?" Amber says that she made the meal; she is working on her cooking skills. "I heard what you said about me and you are right. I have done some bad things, but I have also done some good things. I want a chance to prove it to you. All I am asking for is a second chance."

Friday, August 14, 1998

Amber has asked Brooke for one more chance to prove that she is trying to be good and can be trusted. Brooke wonders how many chances she needs; she has been given one chance after another and she has proven herself undeserving. "I just want to be able to see Rick," Amber says. Well we have a problem, then. I will not let you go on seeing Rick!

Taylor arrives home, sorry for being out so late. Ridge shushes her, telling her that he just got Thomas asleep. He has a glass of red wine ready to mellow her out. She asks about his day; he tells her that it was a doozy of a day since the Fall showing is not that far away. He asks about her day and she tells him that she also had a tiring day. "Problems?" He asks. She tells him that one minute she thinks that Pierce is a visionary in the field of psychiatry and other times she thinks he is a quack! Ridge says she is talking about this secret project again; why can't he be told about it? Taylor says that Pierce is obsessed with the project, but she can't talk about it yet. It is so controversial that she is afraid that PP is putting his career in jeopardy.

Pierce is pouring himself a glass of champagne when Bailey stops by to say good night. He is surprised at the champagne and wonders what Pierce is celebrating. Pierce says that as Bailey knows, he doesn't usually drink but tonight he felt like celebrating his good luck at having Taylor on his team. She is still skeptical and doubts his conclusions but having her on the team is working out perfectly. Bailey can't figure out how Taylor can be constantly on PP's back and yet he is happy. He is happy because everything is finally coming together and having Taylor with him is critical. She is his guide along the way; she is his exact opposite. She is his other half; she tempers his over enthusiasm with her logical interpretation of facts. He begins to tout Taylor's praises as a caring psychiatrist with true talent. Raising an imaginary glass, Bailey toasts Taylor Forrester then leaves the office.

If what Taylor is saying is true, Ridge doesn't want her working for PP and risking her good reputation. Taylor tells Ridge that it is difficult to understand PP. He is so eager to get his project into motion that he often acts before he thinks; she is there to make him stick to the straight and narrow and keep him from leaving out one or more of the steps toward proving his theory. This is a professional challenge that she is enjoying. As to PP, she imagines he is still at the office hard at work. He is literally married to his work; he is both a slave to the work and the work is his mistress. Ridge tells her that he has the feeling that PP can take care of himself.

Brooke tells Rick to show Amber to the door. Amber says that she will do anything to win back Brooke's trust. Brooke wonders how she can do that; she is on to Amber big time. She begins to enumerate her many betrayals starting with the theft of her tennis bracelet. She knows that Amber stole the bracelet no matter what anyone says. She says that Amber is at fault for the accident. How can you say that? Rick asks. I was driving the car; it was my decision to race. Brooke says that he wouldn't have been there in the first place if it hadn't been for Amber. She concedes that Amber isn't an evil person but she isn't to be trusted. Amber says that she truly cares for Rick and Bridget and the family; all she wants is a chance to make up for her mistakes. Just one more chance, she begs. I promise not to disappoint you again.

Brooke tells her that she is not the right person for Rick. Amber says that she doesn't blame her but she does care for Rick. That is why she gave Rick her kidney. No, Brooke tells her, you gave the kidney because you felt guilty for being involved with the accident. She says that it is Amber's fault that she kept Rick at the cabin in Big Bear all night---and she knows that they weren't just playing monopoly! Amber is a bad influence on Rick and she is not welcome in this family. "And before you start that 'poor me' routine, it isn't because of your background and because you don't have money. If you want to know the reason, just look at yourself in the mirror."

"Don't talk to her that way!" Rick shouts. "There is so much that you do not know."

Taylor says that she is starved so Ridge takes out the Chinese food that he has ordered in. Telling her to put the lights out, he lights the candles. Taylor laments the fact that Thomas is in bed; she missed him and would like to be with him for a while. He tells her that Thomas had a wonderful day getting to know all the Forrester models who fawned all over him. "Just like his dad in the gene department," laughs Taylor. Ridge tells her how proud of her he is. She is the perfect wife, mother and doctor.

As PP pours himself a second glass of champagne, there is a knock at the door. He thinks it is Bailey but it is Taylor. She tells him that she went home but just couldn't get her mind off of work. She sees that he is having a drink and asks if she can share with him. He pours her a glass and brings it to her. With his hands too full, he accidentally spills her champagne on her. He is helping to wipe the drink off of her clothes when their eyes meet. They share a deep and passionate kiss. He opens his eyes and realizes that it is only a fantasy. Raising his glass he says, "Until tomorrow, Taylor."

What do you want to tell me? Brooke asks her son. Tell me! Rick says that she doesn't know anything about him and Amber. They mean a lot to each other. Brooke offers a bargain. Since Rick is only 16, she wants him to spend the next two years going out and enjoying life---expand your world and take your time. At the end of two years, if you still feel the same way, then I won't object. However, during this time, they cannot see each other. They can write to each other and email, but cannot date. When the couple object to this arrangement, Brooke says that she will not let Amber gamble with Rick's future or take advantage of him. She is sick and tired of Amber's games. Amber is angry. "It is about the wrong side of the track," she insists to Brooke. "You see yourself in me and that scares you to death." It is over, Amber, Brooke tells her. She grabs Amber's arm and begins to drag her toward the door. Get out of here, she shouts. "Stop, Mom," Rick shouts. "You can't do this to her. She is pregnant." What? What did you say? "She is pregnant with my child," Rick tells a stunned Brooke while Amber smiles at her.

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