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Brooke promised Rick that they could handle Amber's pregnancy together. Raymond gave Amber some shocking news. Grant decided that he wanted Macy to have a baby with Thorne. Bailey figured out that Pierce had feelings for Taylor, and Taylor decided to let Pierce hypnotize her.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 17, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, August 17, 1998

Sally was busy at work when Eric stopped by. They reminisced a bit about the time they had spent together in Holland for Thorne and Macy's concert. Eric's reason for stopping by was he needed Sally's help with Amber. Eric wanted to know Sally's idea about how to get in touch with Amber. Sally noted Eric's concern about the teen and tried to assure him Amber wasn't trouble. It would take more than some teenybopper to take down the Forresters.

Brooke tossed Amber out when Rick announced Amber was pregnant with his child. Amber admitted it had happened the night she and Rick had stayed out all night at the cabin in Big Bear. Brooke was shocked that her sixteen-year-old son was going to be a father. If Amber had kept her distance from Rick, none of that would have happened -- none of it, Brooke insisted. Amber replied that she hadn't forced Rick to have sex with her. Brooke promised to stand by her son during the ordeal, but that didn't change her opinion toward Amber. Amber accused Brooke of being the selfish one when Brooke ordered Amber out.

Thorne asked Darla to stop by and offer any information as to what might be going on with Grant and Macy. It had been too quiet at their house, Thorne said. Darla slipped and said maybe Grant had finally told Macy, but upon questioning by Thorne, Darla backtracked and said maybe Grant had told Macy he didn't want to go through with donor insemination. Grant asked Thorne to go over, and Thorne wondered if Darla might know the reason before he went there.

Grant wanted to talk to Macy, who refused to let Grant die without a fight. Grant didn't want Macy dwelling on the negative during his last few months. One thing would make Grant's life complete: a reason for Macy to go on with her life after he died. Macy offered to go to the doctor with him and urged chemotherapy as a treatment, but Grant didn't want to waste away in a hospital.

Grant's main concern was how Macy would handle his death, and he didn't want Macy to give up her future because he wouldn't have one. Grant's one wish was to see Macy pregnant with some hope for a future after he had passed. Macy couldn't think about moving on with her life as long as Grant was alive, and couldn't think about a baby and family since she was devoting herself to Grant's care. "How am I supposed to have a baby and family without you?" Macy asked as Thorne walked in.

Brooke felt sorry for the situation her son was in. He'd had so much going for him, and suddenly that had happened. Rick accepted his responsibility, since he had known the risks of having sex, but Brooke said he should not have had sex in the first place. Rick couldn't believe the one time he'd had sex, it had turned his whole life upside down. Brooke promised she and Eric would handle it, and they would get Rick through the crisis.

Tuesday, August 18, 1998

Macy asked Grant how she could begin to start a family without him. Thorne walked in. Grant had asked for Thorne to stop by, but Macy couldn't handle talking to him right then. After Thorne left so Grant and Macy could work out their personal problems, Macy rejected the idea of starting a family with Thorne. Thorne still loved Macy, and Grant could see that his wife still had feelings for Thorne. Grant loved Macy enough to make sure she didn't have to go through his death alone. Grant needed to see Macy happy so he could die in peace.

After a morning of lovemaking with Eric, Lauren showed up to work and reported she and Eric were planning a trip together. Sally warned Lauren not to let her guard down where the Queen was concerned. Lauren didn't fear interference from Stephanie, since Stephanie had a new boyfriend. Sally was surprised Stephanie's new beau was James, but was so happy for her that she decided to tell Stephanie herself. It would be too boring to let the opportunity slip by.

In prison, Sheila desperately wanted to be reunited with her daughter. Mike visited and had a picture of Mary, which led Sheila to tears. James offered to rough up James for her, but Sheila warned against it. James was all Mary had left, Sheila said. Sheila would not even be able to talk to her daughter for five years. In the meantime, James and Stephanie would have poisoned her mind toward her mother, and Mary would not even want to see Sheila once Sheila was released. Mike had a plan. He promised to break Sheila out of prison and reunite her with Mary that night.

Grant told Macy he couldn't be at peace with her hurting, and he started to feel dizzy. The thing that upset Grant was Macy giving up her dream of having a family. Macy said her feelings were not so shallow that she could just replace Grant with someone else. "It's you I love," Macy said. Grant didn't want to be the reason Macy gave up her dream of being happy and promised he would do everything he could to make Macy happy.

Stephanie had a friend at UCLA who might be able to help James get a temporary teaching job. That was one way Stephanie could repay James for supporting her after her fallout with Eric. James and Stephanie kissed to their new beginning. Meanwhile, Sheila told Mike it was impossible to break out, and even if she did, Stephanie had James so brainwashed that Sheila would never stand a chance with him. Mike urged Sheila not to give up.

Sally dropped by La Forrester's house and spotted James and Stephanie embracing. Stephanie offered to help James raise Mary, but James wasn't sure he wanted Mary to form new attachments, especially ones that might not be long-term. James was sure of his feelings, but admitted it would be a lot asking Stephanie to help raise his daughter. Stephanie gladly accepted being part of Mary's upbringing as Sheila looked at Mary's picture.

Wednesday, August 19, 1998

Sally dropped by Stephanie's house to congratulate her royal highness for her victory over the evil Sheila. The two ladies traded barbs, with Sally applauding Stephanie for swatting away the Queen of Darkness and snagging her handsome husband. After Sally warned Stephanie that people might think James was Stephanie's paid companion, Stephanie halted Sally's visit and ordered her out. Hurt once again by Stephanie's snobbish ways, Sally left.

Sheila and her cellmate, Sybil, who looked alarmingly alike, swapped pictures of their loved ones. Even the guard had trouble telling Sheila and Sybil apart. Once Sybil was released from prison the next week, she planned on visiting her mother in Hawaii. No one had told her that her mother had died five years before. Sheila realized Sybil had nothing and nobody, but Sybil was getting released while Sheila had a daughter who needed her, and Sheila was locked behind bars. She felt it should be the other way around.

Thorne was blown away when Grant revealed that he had cancer and was dying. Grant shared his dream for Macy to finally have the family she had always wanted with Thorne. Grant explained that he needed to know Macy would be all right. Thorne agreed to be there for Macy when she was ready. Later, Macy stopped by Thorne's house, and Thorne admitted he was just realizing what an amazing man Grant was. Macy asked Thorne not to argue with Grant's crazy idea that they start a family. In Grant's own way, Macy and Thorne reuniting gave Grant peace. Grant noticed Macy and Thorne embrace.

James said it was time for him and Stephanie to relax, since Sheila was behind bars. Stephanie promised to love and protect Mary and never let Sheila anywhere near her. Sheila, meanwhile, started plotting her escape. "Mommy's coming home," Sheila promised.

Thursday, August 20, 1998

Pierce Peterson was reading a book called Hypnosis Therapy when Bailey entered the office. It seemed that Pierce had sent for Bailey because he wanted to tell Bailey to just forget the conversation they'd had the night before. When he told Bailey to forget it had ever happened because it had only been trivial irrelevancy, Bailey said that those were two words that he would never associate with Taylor. As they talked, Pierce kept calling her Dr. Forrester while Bailey called her Taylor.

Bailey was getting a kick out of teasing Pierce about Taylor but there was also some seriousness in what he said. He encouraged Pierce to think "that way" about Taylor. Pierce said that he did not get involved with married women; he was not going to interfere with her life at all. Pierce left, but on his way out, he said that Taylor might be married, but maybe that marriage wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. He had heard a lot about Ridge Forrester and, from all reports, Ridge had quite a reputation with the ladies.

Brooke stopped by Ridge's office because she needed to talk to someone really badly. She told him that it was about Amber. The dinner that Rick had invited her to the night before was prepared by Amber to soften her up. There had been a huge argument and then it was revealed -- Amber was pregnant by Rick.

Brooke said that it was the worst possible thing that could have happened; her son's life would never be the same. Ridge assured her that they would find a solution, but Brooke continued to bemoan the fact that her sixteen-year-old was about to become a father. He had just taken his college boards. She wondered if he would ever be able to attend. When Brooke began to cry, Ridge put his arms around her without knowing that Bailey was standing at the door, watching.

Pierce was in his office alone, doodling Taylor's name on a pad. When Taylor appeared at the door, he guiltily threw the note into the trash. She wanted to talk to him about the Randolph case. As she was making disparaging remarks, Pierce asked if he could make a deal with her. Since the Randolphs were due any minute, Pierce wondered if there were any sign of any kind of abuse, whether she would at least acknowledge it. Backed into a corner, Taylor agreed.

Just then, there was a knock at the door, and it was the Randolphs. When Richard and Linda walked into the office, they seemed a little embarrassed to be so happy. They acknowledged that it had been an incredibly happy few days for them. They were on their way to Santa Barbara to pick up their son and take him home. Taylor was taken aback a little and wondered if she could make a suggestion. She suggested that they go to Santa Barbara for a long weekend -- do some hiking, some fishing, and lying out on the beach, but leave the child with his grandmother for another couple of weeks.

Linda said that Richard had also suggested that, but she didn't see why they should leave him there any longer. Even when Richard had a reason to lose his composure, he hadn't. She explained that Richard had been laid off from work that week. If ever there had been a reason for him to return home drunk, that was it. Richard said that he hadn't gotten drunk because he would have hurt her. Linda said that he had returned home with a positive attitude and had even taken her out for the most romantic evening of her life. He was even talking about finding a better job.

Richard told Linda that he loved her, and the job didn't mean anything to him. He was just very sorry for all the wasted years when he had acted like his father. He thanked God and Dr. Peterson that he would never hurt Linda or another woman ever again. They thanked Pierce again and left. When they were out of the office, a happy Pierce picked up an astonished Taylor and swung her around. "Linda says that what you did is a miracle," Taylor said with a puzzled look on her face.

"Don't you see?" Pierce says. He continued, "He was angry and paranoid, but today I didn't see even a hint of that. Imagine the effect for millions of people with problems of anxiety, depression, and pain management." Taylor agreed that the therapy had potential. Pierce said that he was happy with the results; she should be happy because it was her project also. Shaking her head, Taylor said that she couldn't get excited about it. She was a scientist. "I am a scientist, and you are a poet," she said.

C.J. and Amber were sharing a coffee at Insomnia while they waited for Rick. Amber told C.J. that Rick had told his mother about the baby, so everything would turn out okay. C.J. didn't see where she got that idea, but she said that she was carrying a precious Forrester baby. She said that she wanted the very best for the baby and that would mean that what was best for the baby was also good for Amber too.

"You sound like the baby is a meal ticket," C.J. remarked. Amber insisted that wasn't so; she was just facing reality. When C.J. said that she had a lot of money already to live on, she replied that she had given the money back. Amber said she wouldn't need it because she was going to be rich. "I am the mother of a Forrester child!" she told him, adding, "That means that anything I want will be mine any time I want it."

A disgusted-looking C.J. told her that the happy father was there. Getting up, Amber threw her arms around Rick. She asked how thing were with his mom, and Rick said that she had been pretty freaked-out the night before. Amber said that she had thought Brooke was going to kill her, and Rick agreed that the news "blew her away." Amber was sure that soon things would get back to normal, but C.J. didn't know what she meant by normal.

Amber says that things could be worse, but they had a healthy baby -- a true blessing. She predicted that they would have a wonderful life, and his mother and father would see how well they could do. It was, after all, their grandchild. C.J. went to the bar for more coffee and left the lovebirds alone. Amber promised that things would get better, but he didn't see how they could: he was a high school kid having a baby. He said that his dad didn't know yet, and he wouldn't be as easy on them as Brooke had been.

"The bottom line here is that I am having your baby, Rick," Amber said. Rick said that his dad would question that. Amber was shocked. "This baby is yours!" she said, adding, "We know that, Rick. We know the truth, so smile." Watching the lovey couple, C.J. didn't look too happy himself. Just then, someone walked up and put their hand on his shoulder. It was Raymond. He said that he was back from his big tour, and he had some unfinished business with Amber. C.J. told him that Amber didn't want to see him, but Raymond said he would find her.

Friday, August 21, 1998

Brooke was pouring out her worries about Rick to Ridge. She was afraid that he would miss out on all the plans that she had for him. He was too young to be a father. Ridge pulled her into his arms to comfort her. Bailey was watching from the doorway; he let himself be heard. Ridge asked why Bailey was there, and Bailey said that he was there to see Brooke. He explained that he had wanted to see her about redressing his boss, Pierce Peterson. He thought that Brooke would be the perfect person to assist him. Ridge rudely told Bailey that they were really busy, so maybe he could find a fashion consultant to help him out.

After Brooke left, Ridge asked about the "special project" that Pierce and Taylor were working on. Bailey asked if he had asked his wife, but Ridge said that they didn't talk business at home. He said that Bailey could tell him about it. However, Bailey said that it was inappropriate for him to discuss his boss's business. The two seemed to be dancing around something, as if everything they said had two meanings. Bailey asked about Brooke having the same last name, and Ridge said that she had once been married to a Forrester.

Finally, Bailey asked if it would be okay if he saw Mrs. Forrester. Ridge thought he was talking about Taylor, but Bailey said he was talking about Mrs. Brooke Forrester. "Why do you want to see Brooke?" Ridge answered. Bailey said that he still wanted her to help him select a new wardrobe for Pierce. Ridge said that they were too busy. Bailey asked if they were working on a "special project" together, but Ridge said that they weren't. However, Ridge still felt like Pierce should see the fashion consultant and leave Brooke alone. Bailey agreed and left.

Rick and Amber were still at Insomnia, talking about their situation. Amber was optimistic. She thought that in time, everyone would grow to accept her and the baby; they would be proud grandparents. Rick wasn't so sure about that. He was especially worried about his dad's reaction. Just as Amber reminded him that they loved each other, Raymond walked up to the table, interrupting their conversation. Amber was open-mouthed with astonishment. C.J. was right behind him and remarked that he had told Raymond that they wouldn't want to see him. However, Rick was fine with it; he shook Raymond's hand and said that he and C.J. would leave and let them talk.

Raymond apologized for the way he had left Amber the last time. Amber let him know that she wasn't bothered by it, but it was easy for Raymond to see that she was bluffing; she was really hurt. She asked how his tour had gone, and he answered that it was cool. "Cool!" Amber responded, and added, "You were on the same stage with Janet Jackson, and all you can say about it is cool?" Raymond said that he had been thinking about how he had left her and about what they had done. He said it hadn't been very nice of him, or smart.

Amber agreed that being in his hotel and drinking too much hadn't been very smart for her either. They had gone back to his room and passed out, the way she thought she remembered. Raymond said that was what he wanted to talk to her about. Just then, Rick walked over and said that he had to leave. Amber offered to go with him, but he said that he had a lot of errands to run.

Brooke went to Eric's office after leaving Ridge. She told him that Amber wouldn't be chasing Rick anymore. Eric was overjoyed, but it was short-lived when Brooke told him that it had gotten worse. Eric asked how it could be worse. Brooke told him that Amber was pregnant. Eric exploded. He wanted to know how Rick knew that it was his kid; Amber could have gotten pregnant by someone else and blamed it on Rick. "No, Dad," Rick said from the doorway. He explained, "I am the father. I am sure of that, and it wasn't just Amber. It was me too."

Pierce and Taylor were once again discussing his new therapy and how it affected people. Taylor couldn't see it as foolproof yet. She wanted to see years of data on it. It had only been a week since Richard had been hypnotized. She wondered what would happen if it didn't last. Also, she asked what would happen if, after using the treatment on a lot of people, they found that it not only didn't last but also had some detrimental side effects. She couldn't be a part of something that put a time bomb in people's heads.

Pierce said that she had been negative from the beginning. He wondered if she was going to be able to put anything into the project. Taylor said that she had been thinking about that also, and she didn't know if she wanted to be a part of a runaway train. She was going to leave the project.

Pierce asked if she was sure. He wondered if there was anything he could say or do to change her mind. Taylor said that there wasn't, so Pierce wished her well. He went behind his desk and began to study a report. Taylor stood there gathering up her papers. She was thinking about something very hard. "Is there anything else?" Pierce asked from his desk. "No," answered Taylor. However, she turned back into the room and said that maybe there was. She wanted him to hypnotize her; she needed to see what it was all about firsthand.

After Rick left, Amber wanted to know what Raymond had to say. While it was true that they had passed out, she had woken up later, and they had made love, he revealed. Amber stumbled out of her chair and walked around the table in shock. She ran into one of the waiters without even knowing it. "You did use protection, didn't you?" Amber asked.

Raymond said that he hadn't been planning to have sex with her, so he hadn't been prepared. No, he hadn't used any protection. He told her that it had been a stupid thing to do. It had bothered him a lot, and he knew it would never happen to him again. He had just thought Amber deserved to know. Amber wasn't able to hear anything he was saying; she was in shock just realizing that the baby could be Raymond's after all.

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TWO SCOOPS: It ain't easy being sleazy
TWO SCOOPS: It ain't easy being sleazy
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