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Pierce's hypnotism of Taylor yielded pleasing results for Ridge. After having dinner with Brooke, Pierce decided that Taylor couldn't be happy with a man that was in love with another woman. Sheila figured out how to escape. Amber begged C.J. not to tell anyone that she'd slept with Raymond. Grant needed to be admitted to the hospital.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 24, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, August 24, 1998

Eric and Brooke are convinced Amber took Rick to the cabin so she could pin her pregnancy on him, but Rick vehemently denies it. Rick says he took Amber to the cabin for privacy. Eric and Brooke believe Amber knew she and Rick would have sex and planned to pin her pregnancy on him. Meanwhile, Raymond tells a stunned Amber they had unprotected sex the night she spent with him. Amber asks Raymond to move on with his life since she is in love with Rick. Raymond wishes Amber well. Amber lets Raymond leave without telling him she is pregnant.

Ridge asks Megan if Bailey was really at Forrester for an appointment with a fashion consultant. Megan can't confirm why Bailey was at Forrester but says she is impressed with Pierce's work and believes his new project will be revolutionary. Ridge says Taylor is working with Pierce and he doesn't even know what they are working on. Ridge decides to call Pierce for some answers. Taylor wants to believe Pierce's method works. They only way for Taylor to be certain is to experience his technique first hand. Taylor agrees to go under hypnosis.

Ridge calls Pierce but can't get through which makes him more angry. Ridge heads out after Megan says Pierce's technique is about mind control. Taylor is put under hypnosis and starts to believe Pierce's method is not making a mockery of science after all. Under hypnosis, Pierce gives Taylor the gift of laughter. Tonight when she goes home, she will feel and act like she is sixteen years old again. Laughter and play will become her priority. Pierce brings Taylor out of hypnosis and as Taylor leaves for the day, she says she plans on working at home tonight. Pierce lets her believe that and says Ridge is in for an interesting evening.

Eric and Brooke tell Rick the three of them and Amber are going to sit down and have a discussion. Eric tells his son this situation is out of Rick's hands now. Eric and Brooke will correct the problem. C.J. gets Amber to admit she and Raymond had unprotected sex. Amber wants desperately to believe the baby is Ricks, and refuses to believe otherwise. Amber wants her baby to live as a Forrester and begs C.J. not to tell Rick the baby might not be his.

Tuesday, August 25, 1998

Brooke can't stop thinking about Pierce when Megan informs her the man that was with Ridge earlier, Bailey, works for Pierce. Megan tells Brooke she's read all of Pierce's books and he has had quite an impact on her life. After reading his books, Megan started trusting in herself again. After such a glowing description, Brooke is more smitten than ever with Pierce and wants to see him again.

Pierce thinks Bailey is up to something after learning he was at Forrester. Pierce makes it clear to Bailey that Taylor is only a colleague. Pierce informs Bailey that Taylor underwent hypnosis to give his technique credence. Bailey wonders what exactly Pierce did to Taylor. Ridge comes home to find Taylor dressed in '70's clothes, '70's hairstyle, with '70's music blaring from an eight-track. Ridge wonders what is going on while all Taylor wants to do is boogie!

Pierce explains he simply wanted to lift Taylor's burdens so he let her believe she is a sixteen year old again. Taylor gets Ridge to dance with her and then puts in a tape of Welcome Back Kotter. Ridge asks what is up with this strange behavior? But Taylor just wants to have fun. Ridge admits he is kind of turned on by Taylor bizarre behavior while Taylor says that is gross. After a run to the beach, Taylor agrees to make out with Ridge, but when Ridge puts his hand on Taylor's butt, Taylor reminds him "first base only." Taylor gives Ridge a hickey so everyone will know he is her man!

Bailey informs Pierce he learned something about Ridge that Pierce should find interesting. While Bailey was at Forrester, he saw Ridge in the arms of Brooke. Pierce dismisses Bailey's claim as gossip just as Brooke calls. Brooke invites Pierce out to dinner tonight at Mannequins. Pierce agrees. At Mannequins, Pierce admits he is not surprised Brooke called since he can tell she is in need of something. What Pierce didn't realize is that Brooke is a Forrester. And Pierce is very interested in the Forresters.

Wednesday, August 26, 1998

Brooke tells Pierce she never thought she would date again. Ridge is her destiny, while Pierce is beginning to see his. Brooke recounts the first time she met Ridge and admits although there were many obstacles, what she and Ridge shared was magical. Pierce learns that Ridge found out about Taylor's pregnancy after he married Brooke and concludes that Ridge left Brooke out of a sense of obligation toward Taylor and the baby. Taylor deserves a man who loves her for who she is, Pierce says. Brooke still loves Ridge and can't deny those feelings for the rest of her life. Brooke even said herself she and Ridge are destined to be together. How can Taylor be happy in her marriage, Pierce asks. Bailey explains Pierce's good mood is due to Taylor while Ms Holiday reminds him Taylor is married. Pierce always gets what he wants.

Sally overhears Thorne tell Darla about Grant's plan for Thorne to give the life Macy always wanted. Sally is shocked to learn Grant is dying and asks why Grant would talk about Macy having a baby when he is terminally ill? Thorne explains Grant wish for him to become the father. Macy can have her dream come true with me, Thorne says.

Grant's condition is getting worse while he realizes his life is ending. Macy wants to help her husband fight this disease by seeking other sources of treatment. Grant collapses and Macy dials 911. Sally blasts Thorne's plan to father a child with Macy since he nearly destroyed her life before. Sally gets a call from Macy who informs her that Grant has been rushed to the hospital. Sally, Darla, and Thorne race to the hospital. Grant's doctor says the reason for his collapse was due to pneumonia. Macy begs Grant not to leave her yet. They deserve more time together. Grant takes Macy's hand as Macy vows to always be there for him.

Thursday, August 27, 1998

Macy is at Grant's bedside when Sally, Darla and Thorne arrive. Sally looks at Grant and asks what is being done for the cancer. Grant says that nothing is being done; it is too late for treatment. Sally can't believe that there is no treatment available, but she begs him to tell her what she can do for him. He tells her that he wants them to wipe those sad looks off their faces. If they can't do that, the he wants them to take their grief to the waiting room. Stephanie has Mary with her in her office. She seems to be having just as good a time as Mary when James comes in. He mentions that Mary should be downstairs in the day care center, but Stephanie says that she is having the time of her life. She says that thanks to James and Mary, her life is totally different. She has waited so very long to be happy again but she never thought it would happen.

As Sheila watches Sybil sleep, she worries that her plan may be only a long shot. "But I have to try," she tells herself. "If it works, I will be able to be with my daughter again. You've just got to help me Sybil!" Going over to Sybil's bed, Sheila asks her if she is looking forward to going home. She is surprised when Sybil tells her that she can't go home; her mother sold the house a long time ago. Sheila says that she will be homeless without a home or money. When Sybil says that she is going to Hawaii, Sheila asks how she is going to do that without any money; plane tickets cost a lot of money. "I can help you," Sheila says kindly. "I have a lot of money." Why would you do that for me? Sybil asks. Sheila explains that if she does something for her, she will do something for Sybil in return. She explains about her baby needing her but the hospital won't let her go to her. She would be grateful to anyone that helped her to be with her baby. When Sybil asks how she could help her, Sheila explains that she could switch places with her. "You pretend to be me and I would be you," Sheila explains. "You would go to the big hospital in my place. I know that five years is a long time to wait, but at the end of that time, you would have a million dollars." When Sybil looks doubtful, Sheila tells her that if she chooses not to do it, she would be no better off in a few years than she is now. It is her future; how does she want to live it? Would you like to live it on the streets or in Hawaii? Sheila goes on to tell her about how a million dollars would buy a home on the beaches of Hawaii where she could spend the rest of her life. Think about it, she advises. Just then, the guard comes in and calls for Sheila Warwick. As he is looking between the two women, wondering which is which, Sheila tells him that she is Sheila. He tells her that she has a visitor.

James tells Stephanie that Sheila will be transferred upstate later on today; she is going to be a patient of one of the doctors practicing psychiatry. Stephanie wonders why since Sheila is beyond rehabilitation. James doesn't want to hear talk like that but he tells her that he has to go and see Sheila one last time. He has to have closure, he tells Stephanie, if they are to begin a new life together. "And I do want to have a new life with you and Mary. But I do have to see Sheila first." Stephanie tells him to do what he thinks is best.

In the visitor's room, Sheila greets Mike. He says that he is sorry that he can't do much for her; he doesn't even know if he can get upstate to visit her but he will miss her. Sheila tells him that she has found a way out; it is a long shot but she thinks it will work. She tells him to bring the car to the guard house tonight and call for Sybil Weller. He tells her that the plan sounds dangerous; if she tries this and gets caught, she would lose Mary for sure. Sheila tells him that she has already lost Mary. If she has to do the five years, Mary will not know her when she returns. Stephanie will have poisoned her mind against her mother.

At the hospital, Grant once again brings up his wish for Macy and Thorne to have a family together. Sally immediately objects; this is the one thing that she cannot and will not do for him. Macy also objects but Grant tells her that she still has time to realize her dream of a family. Macy says that that is impossible but Grant says that he wants something good and positive to come from his passing. "It is not the end of the world," he assures everyone. "I am not the one giving up, you are. You have your entire lives ahead of you but what do I see on your faces but fear, sorrow and defeat. You don't have to abandon hope! The one thing I have learned is that life is finite and fleeting; you cannot waste a minute of it. Please Macy, don't stop living because I am dying. I cannot give you a future but you can give one to me." Before anyone can answer his plea, the doctor comes in and announces that Grant needs his rest. Everyone leaves but Macy. As she bends over to kiss him, he tells her to think about what he has said.

Sheila is anxious for the guard to take her back to her cell; she has to know what Sybil has decided. Just then, the guard brings in another visitor---James. If James was hoping for her to be happy to see him, he was thinking wrongly. She asks what he is doing there; hasn't he seen enough sorrow on her face? James says that he knows that she is angry but Sheila says she isn't angry, she is devastated. She thought he was smarter than this but she guesses that there is no one that Stephanie can't get to. "What is this, Doctor? An exit interview? I haven't been your patient for a long time in case you haven't noticed." James acknowledges that he isn't her doctor but she is his wife and the mother of his child. Where is Mary? Sheila asks. When James looks contrite, she guesses that Mary is with Stephanie. She begins to come apart, asking if Stephanie is now raising her daughter. Mary will be all right, James assures her. "No!" Insists Sheila. "Stephanie is exposing my daughter to poison. Stephanie hates me; she will not tell my daughter that I love her! Stephanie cannot have my little girl!" The guard comes in wondering what all the fuss is about. As Sheila insists that Stephanie cannot have her daughter, he drags her out of the room.

Thorne takes Macy home. He begins to tell Macy that they can make Grant's last hours happy by fulfilling his last wish. Would you deny him that? He asks. "Can you deny him what he wants and deep down inside you want it too." He grabs her and kisses her.

Back in her cell, Sheila is desolate. As she stands there in deep sorrow at losing her daughter to her enemy, Sybil lays a hand on her shoulder. Shaking it off, Sheila says, "Not now Sybil; I am not in the mood."

"Don't call me Sybil; my name is Sheila Warrick." Sheila turns around and watches as Sybil takes off her large glasses. They look just alike as they look deeply into each other's eyes.

Friday, August 28, 1998

Ridge can't get over how radiant his mother looks since she and James have become involved. Stephanie says that even though they each are carrying a lot of baggage into the relationship, they are committed to a life together. No matter what baggage they carry, it is nothing now that Sheila has been incarcerated.

Sheila and Sybil are talking about their plan. Sybil wants some assurance that Sheila will keep her promise. Sheila promises that the day she gets out of the big hospital, she will be waiting outside the gates with the money. She tells Sybil that if she isn't sure, she can still back out, but if she goes through with the plan, she will say a prayer for her every night. She and her daughter will never forget what she is doing for her.

Sally returns to the hospital and sits by Grant's bed while he sleeps. When he wakes up, she tells him that she wanted to sit with him for a while. She wanted to talk to him but she is at a loss for words---a first, for me, she admits. She cannot believe that this is happening to someone as vital and young as he is. She asks if he really meant what he said to Macy; she wants to know if this is the way he feels down deep in every fiber of his being. He tells her that he meant every word he said. I wish I could agree with you, Sally admits. "But, I can't believe in your plan. You are the man that Macy loves, not Thorne. If you really love Macy, how can you do this?"

Macy pulls back from Thorne's kiss and says, "How dare you? What has gotten into you?" Thorne says that he got carried away. Macy asks if he is buying into this crazy plan of Grant's. Thorne says that it makes sense to him. He reminds her that it is something that they can give to Grant and if she will only admit it, she will agree with him.

Ridge asks his mother if James has talked to her about Sheila and their history together as a married couple. Stephanie says that they do talk about it sometimes, but that is all in the past. Between the two of them, they are going to see to it that this precious little girl has a wonderful future. As he holds Mary, Ridge observes that it must be strange to have a kid in the house again. Stephanie says with a laugh that it is strange but she is loving every minute of it.

Sheila tells Sybil that she thinks that this is going to work. Sybil is still nervous about the switch but Sheila emphasizes that from now on, Sybil is Sheila Warwick and she will be SW for a long time. Now, I am Sybil Weller, she says. You can't let anyone know who you really are, she warns. Once you are on that bus, you can't change your mind. If you don't want to go through with this, now is the time to say so. As they stand there looking at each other, the guard comes into the cell asking for Sheila Warrick. Breaking eye contact, Sybil turns to the guard who grabs her by the arm and starts hustling her out WAIT! Sybil says. Sheila gets a frightened look on her face as Sybil goes to her. The guard warns that if she doesn't come willingly, she will drag her out. "I just want to say goodbye," she says as she throws her arms around Sheila. "Good luck," Sheila tells her as they walk out of the cell.

"Lighten up, Sally!" Grant says. "There is no reason to be so grim. Death is just as much a part of live as birth." He reminds her of giving birth and how it was a painful and frightening experience. Yes, she agrees. It is frightening but at the same time, it is wonderful. Grant agrees. "That is how I feel about death; it gives one a tangible sense of God. Death is not a tragedy; it is an adventure, an incredible journey that I am not afraid to take. Soon I will be experiencing all the mysteries of the universe. I'm not afraid but I am worried; I'm worried about Macy. I don't want her to be alone." Wiping away a tear, Sally says that she came here to try to comfort him but he has comforted her instead. "You are quite a man, Grant. It has been a privilege to know you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart." She bends over and kisses him on the forehead while she caresses his head.

Thorne tells Macy that he didn't just kiss her because it was Grant's wish but because he wanted to. "You know how I feel about you---how I have always felt about you. We could have kept ignoring the truth about how we feel, but I wouldn't be telling you this if Grant had not asked me to do this." Macy tells him forcefully to stop it. She says that they are both very emotional right now but her only concern is Grant. "Grant asked us for a favor, Macy," Thorne says. "If you cannot give him that, can you at least let him think that we are giving him what he wants?" Macy says that if he is talking about pretending to be together, she will try. That is the best she can do and pretending is as far as it goes. "I really think there is a chance for us," Thorne tells her. "I can make you happy and Grant believes this also." Macy just looks at him and leaves.

Sheila is pacing the cell thinking that if there was going to be a problem she would have heard about it by now. Soon this will be over and Mike had better be there waiting for her. The guard comes in and throws some clothing at her and tells her to change. Before she can change, the guard tells her that they need to fill out some forms. She asks how long she has been here and Sheila mumbles an answer. The guard mentions that she has been there longer than she, the guard, has. Once Sheila has signed the form, the guard asks if there is someone to pick her up and Sheila says that there is. The guard says that her ride had better be there on time or she will have to stay. Sheila takes off the glasses and there is a mean look in her eyes.

Later, Sheila paces the guardhouse while the guard warns that if nobody shows up within the next couple of minutes, Sheila will have to stay another night. She says that she wants to go home on time for a change. As Sheila tries to reason that she can leave because she signed the release, there is the sound of a horn blowing. Opening the door, the guard asks why he is there. Mike says that he is there for Sybil Weller. Turning back to Sheila the guard says that it looks like they both will get out of here on time tonight.

In the car, Sheila wonders what took Mike so long; she told him to be there and to be prepared. Mike offers his excuses and tells her that she should show less attitude and more gratitude. On the way up he saw a cozy little motel; why don't they go there and celebrate? Sheila tells him that the first thing she is going to do is see her daughter. Then she will deal with Stephanie. "You thought you had outsmarted me, didn't you, Stephanie? Well, Sheila's back and she is going to make you pay!"

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