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Sheila readied herself for revenge. Brooke and Eric wanted to discuss Amber's pregnancy options, but Rick proposed to Amber instead. Pierce hypnotized Taylor again and planted subliminal thoughts in her head. Ridge demanded that Pierce remove Taylor from the project.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 31, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, August 31, 1998

Brooke is surprised to learn Stephanie is involved with James is is helping raise Mary. Stephanie is organizing a pizza party for Brooke's kids, Thomas, and Mary. Ridge is happy for his mother since her relationship with James has put a spring back in her step. Brooke can't imagine Sheila's reaction to learning Stephanie is raising Mary. Ridge says Sheila isn't a factor since she has just been moved upstate to a maximum security prison for the next five years. Brooke admits she has been miserable lately because of this situation with Rick. Rick becoming a father at age sixteen has been the most disappointing thing in her life, next to losing Ridge.

Sheila and Mike are hiding at a hotel. Sheila is worried she will not be able to walk the streets without a Forrester recognizing her. Sheila is furious that Stephanie is acting like Mary is her own child, and enlists Mike's help in getting her back. Sheila has a plan. She asks Mike to call his friend Sam. They might have gotten rid of Sheila, but you won't believe what's coming back in her place!

Pierce shares his news about Ridge and Brooke being married this year and Ridge leaving Brooke after he found out Taylor was pregnant with his child. Pierce is anxious to find out how Taylor's evening with Ridge went while she was under hypnosis. Bailey suggests Taylor cares for Pierce more than professionally and he would have to have ice water in his veins not to be attracted to her. Taylor comes in with ice cream still in her '70's clothes and hairstyle. Still in her hypnotic trance, Taylor suggests blowing off work. Pierce asks her is she remembers being put under hypnotic suggestion. Taylor can't recall, and Pierce wants to bring her back to her old self.

Mike's friend, Sam, stops by and Sheila asks him to make it so no one will recognize her. Sam begins and warns Sheila to take a good look at herself because this is the last time she is ever going to look like this. Sheila thinks that since nobody wanted her before, they are going to get exactly what they deserved.

Brooke assures Ridge that she and Eric are going to put Rick back on track after their talk with Amber. Ridge hopes Brooke is finding time to relax. Brooke says she did have dinner with an intriguing man last night. In fact, she isn't sure what woman could resist him.

Pierce brings Taylor out of her hypnotic state but every time she hears a bell, she will revert back. Taylor admits she doesn't feel hypnosis is a mockery of science anymore. Pierce assures her she is a valuable partner and colleague. Taylor tells Pierce she wants him to succeed. Pierce touches her face, and says that's all for now.

Sam makes Sheila look completely different. She's now sporting short, blond hair with a nose ring, bright blue eye shadow and heavy makeup. Mike is shocked at Sheila's new look. Sheila vows to punish everyone who tried to bring her down. She is going to punish them in a painful way. This time, Sheila is taking no prisoners.

Tuesday, September 1, 1998

After her meeting with Eric and Brooke, Amber hopes she and Rick can start making plans to for their family. C.J. warns Amber about Eric and Brooke accepting her into the Forrester family. The meeting is only about Eric making sure this baby Amber is carrying is Rick's. C.J. wonders what Amber will do when she gives birth to a beautiful black baby, but Amber denies the baby might be Raymond's. Amber is scared to death about being pregnant and the only way she is dealing with it is knowing her child will be a Forrester and be taken care of.

Lauren stops by Forrester to give Eric a preview of what she has in mind for tonight when Eric gives her the news about Rick. Lauren offers to go along with Eric tonight for support. Eric reminds Lauren she is the best thing in his life right now. He's worked so hard to help his son have every possible advantage in life and now Rick is not even out of high school and about to become a father.

Taylor looks at her '70's clothes and hairstyle and can't believe she thought she looked good. Taylor is anxious to explain her bizarre behavior to Ridge, but Pierce warns against it. Pierce feels Ridge might leak the news about his new technique, but Taylor says she has to confide in somebody. Besides, Ridge has been asking a lot of questions lately and it's starting to become a problem. The problem is Pierce wants Taylor to remain secretive about their experiment, while Ridge keeps asking questions. Pierce can't believe Ridge will not respect Taylor's professionalism, even though Ridge works with a woman who is in love with him. Taylor admits she doesn't trust Brooke since it seems like Brooke is always flaunting her history with Ridge. Pierce gets Taylor to see the difference between she and Brooke. Brooke is driven by emotion while Taylor takes a more cerebral approach at making decisions. Pierce is cerebral, but what about Ridge?

C.J. offers Amber to stay at his place if things don't work out with Rick. Later, Amber heads over to the Forresters for her meeting with Eric and Brooke. Rick assures Amber he only wants her. He didn't expect to fall in love with her but he did. Amber wants Rick to tell his parents he loves her. That might make a difference. Eric walks in as Amber and Rick are kissing.

Taylor admits Ridge is more like Brooke. He's creative and let's his passions guide him, but that is what Taylor loves about him. Pierce says that most problematic marriages are those with different personality traits. Pierce also reminds Taylor that Ridge adores her so don't waist time with insecurities about Brooke. Taylor gets ready to leave and Pierce reminds her to not violate her professionalism because of Ridge. Ridge should respect your work and privacy, Pierce says. Taylor agrees not to let Ridge interfere with their work.

Wednesday, September 2, 1998

Ridge wants to know about the project Taylor is working on with Pierce, but Taylor is reluctant to disclose any information. Taylor admits she is a little embarrassed since she didn't believe in Pierce's technique at first. Taylor explains the reason she has been acting so strange lately is because is order for Taylor to support Pierce's project, she had to be convinced it worked, so she had Pierce hypnotize her. Pierce tells Bailey he feels guilty for planting the bell trigger while Taylor was hypnotized. It's immoral and unprofessional. Bailey concludes Pierce is feeling guilty for having power over a woman he has deep feelings for.

Eric, Brooke, Rick, and Amber sit down to decide what to do about the baby's future. Brooke says she doesn't object Rick and Amber having feelings for each other, but it's the way they handled those feelings. Eric mentions having unprotected sex can result in HIV. Rick is in high school while Amber has a music career, Brooke continues. Brooke doesn't think abortion is the answer but adoption is.

Ridge feels Pierce manipulated Taylor but Taylor reiterates she suggested Pierce hypnotize her. That was the only way she would commit to the project. Taylor reminds Ridge that she and Pierce are scientists and are experimenting, but Ridge can't believe Taylor can't see that Pierce is using her. Pierce tells Bailey his project is causing problems for Taylor and Ridge. Bailey reminds Pierce if any information leaked without results, people might think Pierce is a quack. Pierce admits he has never felt so attracted to a woman as Taylor. He thought about ending their association together but couldn't stand the thought of being apart. Pierce has fallen deeply in love with Taylor, but he can't have her because she is a married woman. Bailey asks why Pierce doesn't take his own advice and go after what he wants. You would be doing Taylor a favor, Bailey says, since Taylor will always have to compete with Brooke. Bailey urges Pierce to fight for Taylor otherwise he will regret it and wonder what might have happened for the rest of his life.

Amber nixes the adoption idea, but Brooke wants to do the right thing for the baby. The right thing is giving the baby to a family that will give him the best possible start in life. There are so many couples who can't have children and would welcome Amber's baby as their own. Eric wants Rick to make a decision now.

Ridge storms Pierce's office and says Pierce isn't leaving until they have it out!

Thursday, September 3, 1998

Lauren visits Taylor and is surprised that she works for Pierce Peterson. She has been a fan of his for the longest time; he helped her with her life after her husband, Scott died and later, when Scotty went away to school. She remembers that she was in an audience of hundreds of people and yet she felt that he was talking directly to her. It wasn't so much that he told her anything she didn't already know, it was that he reminded her of things which she already knew. Is that what it is like to work with him?

Taylor admits that Pierce forces you to look at yourself but not as you see yourself; instead you see yourself as he sees you. "And how does he see you?" Lauren asks. Taylor explains that they are working on a special project that she can't discuss, but Pierce does look at her as a pioneer, a daring visionary and an adventurer. "Well, isn't that how everyone sees you?" Lauren asks. Taylor says that most, including herself, see her as a person who goes strictly by the book; one who demands a lot from herself. She goes on to tell Lauren that she has just participated in something impulsive; she took part in an experiment that consisted of something that she didn't believe in. It wasn't anything unethical or questionable, it was something that she had never experienced before and didn't believe could even happen to her. But it did work and it worked very well. She says that nothing bad happened; in fact it was a lot of fun. "Then stop worrying," Lauren advises. "I'm sure that is what Ridge told you also." Taylor looks worried.

Ridge tells Pierce that his little stunts stops now. He says he is talking about hypnosis. So Taylor told you about it? Pierce observes. He says that he asked her to keep it confidential because the subject is so complex and so easy to misinterpret. "Are you calling me ignorant?" Ridge demands to know. Pierce tells him that he is only saying that Ridge is misinformed. "No," Ridge says. "You are using my wife as a guinea pig and it is over AS OF NOW!"

Pierce asks if Taylor knows that Ridge is here. He says that the hypnosis was her idea; if he doesn't believe him, go and ask her. Ridge says that Pierce is so manipulative that he could make anyone believe that his idea was his or her own. Besides what is Taylor going to do when her boss tells her to do it or else find another job? He goes on to accuse Pierce of taking over Taylor's mind. Pierce says that he isn't using mind control and for him to suggest such a thing is an insult. This is serious stuff and he looks at it from every angle and with a lot of scrutiny.

Ridge says that what he did to Taylor was not his wife. Pierce says that it was Taylor; it was just a side of Taylor that she suppresses. He reminds him that a hypnotist cannot force a person to do something that he or she doesn't want to do. He thinks that Ridge is afraid for Taylor to be free and fun; he wants to control her. Their relationship at the moment is that Taylor is an adult while he is the rebel of the family.

Ridge is surprised that Pierce is going to turn this back on him and make it his fault. Pierce says that Ridge doesn't want to see Taylor grow and develop her potential. He has to stand in her way to keep her from passing him by. Ridge calls him an arrogant person. "Do you believe that Taylor would choose her work over her family?"

"Absolutely!" Pierce gloats.

C.J. calls Rick's private number; when he doesn't get an answer, he thinks that he is still with his folks. Sally says that it is unbelievable that he is going to be a father but C.J. says that it isn't the end of the world. Sally says that it is going to be the end of the world as Rick knows it; it is the end of his youth and innocence. She also says that that young lady has a lot to answer for. C.J. objects. He says that everyone is putting the blame on Amber but he was there; he knows better. It was Rick that came on to Amber; it was Rick that drove her up to the cabin. Sally says that it was Amber's fault because she is older and more mature. C.J. says that she sounds like the Forresters but Sally tells him that when it comes to their children, they are exactly alike. She tells C.J. that he should be worried about his friend.

C.J. is afraid that they will throw Amber out into the streets. Sally assures him that the Forresters will do what is best for the baby. "What about what is best for Amber?" C.J. cries. He admits to his mother that his solution to this problem would be adoption but that isn't what Amber wants. Sally accuses Amber of planning the pregnancy and using the pregnancy for her own advantage. "It isn't like that," C.J. insists. "Amber has been there for Rick and Bridget. I was there when she talked Bridget into going home. I was there when Rick was in the hospital after the accident. She gave him her kidney! Rick better not forget all that stuff.!"

Sally tells him to be careful. If Amber isn't able to get what she wants from the Forresters, she might try to put plan B into action. He reminds his mother that she is usually on the side of the underdog. Sally says that she has learned to recognize the wolf in underdog's clothing. C.J. is angry at his mother's attitude and slams out of the house.

Brooke looks at her son and begs him to tell her that he understands what she is telling him. When he says that he does understand, Brooke breathes a sigh of relief. However, as they are telling him how proud of him they are, he tells them not to put words into his mouth. He understands what they are saying but he can see both sides of the situation. Amber says that she cannot believe that they think that adoption is a perfect solution. "How can you possibly want to hand your grandchild over to complete strangers? I can care for him and provide for him just like you can!" Eric asks her how she is going to provide the child with an education, with health, care for his well being, and instill moral values in him. This is a part of parenting; it isn't just changing the diapers. "You are not ready no matter what you say!" Eric says. Amber says that is only his opinion; it is not hers or Rick's opinion. Tell them, Rick!

Everyone looks at Rick and he looks like he has just been put under a spotlight. However he comes through for Amber and tells his parents that he promised Amber that she wouldn't have to give the baby up. "This is my responsibility," he tells them. "No," Eric objects. "It is your responsibility to give this baby the best that life has to offer and that means the best parents. You are only 16 years old. Do you really think that this is the best you can give your child?"

Rick says that if they give the baby away, they will never know what happens to it or how it is. Brooke assures him that they will choose very carefully who will adopt the baby. She is more frightened of this child being raised by children. "Why would you want to do this?" Eric asks. "Why would you want to transform yourself into the perfect woman? Why would you want to do this? There is only one reason that I can think of."

"Money!" Amber spits out. "You think I want the money. Rick, they think you are a sap who got taken in by a money-grabbing bitch!" She starts to leave but Rick grabs her and tries to keep her from going. She tells him that she has nothing more to say. She says that she made her decision a long time ago and she isn't what they think she is. She isn't a person to run away from her mistakes. "I love this baby," she says. "But that never occurred to you, did it? No, I'd have to be a real person to care. You see me as only an obstacle in Rick's way. This may not be what you planned but it is reality. If I have to, I will do this on my own." As she leaves, Rick says that he wants to talk to her alone. He takes her arm and they walk out by the pool.

"Oh, Eric," Brooke says with a sigh. Eric reminds Brooke that they got through to Rick; now they have to hope that he can get through to her.

Outside, Amber is angry that his parents don't even care about this baby. "How can they hate me so much that they take it out on a baby?" She tells him that she loves this baby. "You can decide what you want to do and let me know." She begins to leave. Rick stops her. "I have already decided what I am going to do," Rick tells her.

Friday, September 4, 1998

Ridge tells Pierce that he is nuts! Does he really think that Taylor would choose this project over her family? Pierce says that Taylor is dedicated to the project but the question is why would Ridge force her to have to make a choice? "Because you are a quack," answers Ridge, self-righteously. "Taylor doesn't think I'm a quack," Pierce answers. "Can't you understand that this therapy could eliminate crime, psychosis and all manners of psychiatric illnesses?" Or it could land you in jail, Ridge says. One thing he knows for sure and that is that his wife is off of this project as of now! "That isn't your decision to make," challenges Pierce. Ridge tells him that he is only manipulating Taylor and he is going to put a stop to it but Pierce tells him that he is the one trying to control Taylor. "I'm not about to let you and your stubbornness and ignorance stand in the way of this project," Pierce shouts at him. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS!"

"Oh, yes I can!" Ridge shouts back. "Just watch me! Stay away from my wife!" At that moment Bailey enters and shouts out for them to stop. Ridge walks out, leaving Bailey perplexed and Pierce in a foul temper. Bailey is worried because he has never seen Pierce like this. Pierce tells him that Ridge is trying to take Taylor off the project. Didn't you tell him how important she is to the project? Didn't you tell him how important this is for all the thousands of sick people out there? "Ridge doesn't care about healing the sick of the world. He is consumed with his own bias and superstition. How could a levelheaded woman like Taylor be married to a Neanderthal like that? Taylor will see right through him!" Bailey says that Taylor loves her husband and she just might see it as him protecting her. "I cannot lose her!" Pierce says. He walks behind the desk and calms himself down before reaching for the phone.

Lauren asks Taylor if Ridge is okay with her work. Thinking about it, Taylor says that he seems to be. He is good about taking care of the baby when she is late; he is understanding of all the overtime she has been putting in, but she doesn't think that he is happy with this experiment that she and Pierce are working on. She says that she has told him over and over about how exciting it is working on the project with Pierce. Lauren wonders if it is jealousy but Taylor thinks that Ridge only thinks that she is in over her head. She says that until tonight, Ridge liked Pierce. Lauren tells her that Ridge will get over it. "Look at Eric. He doesn't like that I am still working at Spectra but I'm still there." Taylor mentions that her marriage and family are her priority; they have gone through so much to be together and nothing and no one will come between them. Just then, the phone rings and Taylor goes to answer it. It is Pierce; he tells her that there is an emergency and she needs to come in right away. Taylor tells him that she can't leave; she is alone with the baby. Pierce says that the entire project depends on her coming. Taylor thinks that it is something with the Randolphs but he says he can't talk about it until she gets there. Lauren overhears and tells Taylor that she will stay with the baby until Ridge gets home.

Brooke says that she hates this situation. Rick was so responsible until Amber came into their lives. She can't understand why she didn't see the signs as they were happening. Eric tells her not to blame herself; none of them saw the signs and the situation isn't irreversible. Brooke understands what he is saying but she reminds him that if the adoption takes place, there will be a child out here---our grandchild---and they won't have any idea what happens to it. Every time she holds one of her grandchildren in the future, she will think and wonder about that first one. Eric says that the baby will go to good parents, people who will see the child as a gift from God. It is the only right decision that can be made.

As time passes, Brooke wonders if they should go out to where Rick and Amber are. Eric says that Rick knows that he messed up but he has a good head on his shoulders. He also knows that he isn't ready to be a father. Brooke says that the decision isn't really his to make, it is Amber's decision. Eric feels that the only person who can get through to Amber is Rick. But what if Rick agrees with Amber? "Then we won't let up," Eric declares. "We will do whatever it takes! I WON'T LET THAT WOMAN RUIN MY SON'S LIFE!"

Ridge arrives home and is surprised to see Lauren there. He asks where Taylor in and Lauren says that she had to go to work; there was an emergency there. "DAMN IT!" Ridge exclaims. Lauren is surprised by his reaction.

Taylor walks into the office and is surprised that it is so calm. Where is the emergency, she wants to know. Pierce tells her that Ridge was just there and he doesn't want Taylor to continue to work for him. Taylor had no idea that he would come here and says that she is sorry. Pierce says that he told Ridge just how important this project was and just how important she was to it, but he won't listen. "He wants you to leave and I WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!"

Rick tells Amber that he has made his decision. Amber looks at him in fear; she is afraid to hear what he has decided since he could be agreeing with his parents. He tells her that he didn't base his decision on what his parents had to say or what she had to say, but on what he wants. "What do you want?" Amber timidly asks. Rick says that he has been pretty confused but he isn't confused any longer; all of a sudden, he knows what they have to do. What my parents had to say made perfect sense about us and about the baby. They were right on with their advice. Amber is looking dejected as he tells her how a couple like them doesn't stand a chance to make it; the odds are against them. He says that he can't argue with a single thing that they said, but he doesn't care. "So what if statistics aren't on our side? So what if it isn't logical? We don't have all the answers but I know that you are the best thing to ever happen to me." Amber reminds him that his parents think that she sabotaged his life but he tells her that the only thing that matters is how much he loves her. "I want you!" he says as he kisses her. Pulling back from him, she asks, "What about the baby?"

Rick asks her if she has really thought about what it means to take care of a baby. It is a full time gig; you will have no more freedom. "You are so much fun, so spontaneous and wild; you aren't afraid of anything. I don't want to see you turn into this stressed out mother who resents having to give up her career. I'd hate myself for doing that to you." Amber tells him that no body believes that she can do this. Six months ago, she would never have believed that she could do it, but now she knows that she can and she wants to because she thinks that it will be worth it. "But you have to believe that too," she tells Rick. "I don't want you to feel trapped; you would end up hating me for that." Rick says this is what he wants; he could never feel trapped by her.

"What are you going to tell your parents?" Amber asks. Rick says that his parents will learn to accept his decision. Amber shakes her head and tells him that he is dreaming; his parents hate her. Rick says that they are only scared. His parents keep talking about all that he will miss but what is the point? Dating and proms are only for finding someone to love. He has already found that and they haven't. He bets that they would give up everything---all the dates and proms of their past to find someone they really love. Amber was by his side to see him through that ordeal when Ridge left them. "I feel like I have just made the most incredible deal! You have given me a family all of my own! You are a miracle!" Amber says that she has never been anyone's miracle and he tells her that she is now. "Everyone feels so sorry for me but I don't feel sorry for myself. I have the most incredible woman and I have never, NEVER, felt this way before. I never want it to stop. Amber, will you marry me?"

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