The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 7, 1998 on B&B
Stephanie was thrilled to be involved with James. Dressed as a delivery person, Sheila sneaked a peek at Mary in daycare. Macy learned that Grant was dying, and Thorne urged her to honor Grant's last wish. Amber accepted Rick's proposal but didn't tell him that Raymond could be her baby's father.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 7, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, September 7, 1998

Due to CBS coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's the Bold and the Beautiful will be pre-empted.

Tuesday, September 8, 1998

After Rick says he would never break his wedding vow, Amber agrees to marry him. Rick assures Amber he is doing what is right for himself and the baby, but let's face it. If it were not for the baby, Rick would not have proposed marriage. Not to say that Rick doesn't love Amber. He does, but he would not have proposed marriage since he is just sixteen years old.

Ridge is furious Taylor left to go see Pierce, and calls her at Pierce's office and asked her to come home. Taylor is surprised Ridge came to see Pierce and told him she was to leave the project. Pierce doesn't think it will do any good to try to explain their work to Ridge since he doesn't understand. Pierce tells Taylor he needs to know that she will not leave the project. Taylor admits she wants to continue to work with Pierce but she can't make any promises. Pierce reminds Taylor not to let Ridge's prejudices ruin their project. Taylor leaves and Pierce says he needs Taylor to be strong since he needs her.

After watching Thomas while Taylor went to see Pierce, Lauren heads home to find Eric at her apartment creating a romantic mood with candlelight. Eric explains he told Rick and Amber the best solution is adoption, but Amber won't hear of it. Eric hopes Rick can reason with her, but ultimately the decision is Amber's. Lauren suggests Eric compromise. If Amber agrees to give the baby up for adoption, then Eric should agree to let Amber see Rick. Eric nixes that idea. There is no way he wants Amber any where near Rick.

Rick suggest he and Amber marry tonight. Amber wants his parents to accept them before they marry. Besides, according to the state of California, anyone under the age of 18, must obtain their parent's permission before they can get married. Rick is sure his parents will come around if they show Eric and Brooke they are serious. Amber is thrilled with the idea of becoming Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr.

Taylor comes home and Ridge says after he learned Taylor was hypnotized, he wants her to quit her job. Taylor reminds Ridge she asked Pierce to hypnotize her. She has to keep an open mind, and the only way to do that was to experience hypnosis herself. Ridge doesn't trust Pierce and doesn't want Taylor working for him. Taylor says Pierce just wants to help people and she has already seen firsthand two cases where his technique worked. Taylor realizes Pierce's method will require long term study but so far she likes the results she has seen. Ridge is concerned the project will get Taylor into trouble. She can work at another practice where her reputation and relationship with Thomas and her husband is not ruined. Ridge asks her again to give up working with Pierce, but Taylor sticks to her guns. She likes working with Pierce and is not giving up the project. Taylor calls Pierce and says he was right, Ridge doesn't understand, and she is not quitting. Taylor thinks Ridge is just being overprotective and will come around. Pierce is relieved and says to himself she has no idea how much you means to him.

Wednesday, September 9, 1998

Brooke senses there is something going on with Ridge and Taylor when Ridge is distracted during a meeting. Ridge admits Pierce is interfering with his marriage by bringing Taylor down with him while working on a questionable project. The project is a scam but Taylor is defending him. Ridge asks Brooke how things are going with her. She tells him she and Eric thought adoption is the best solution to Rick and Amber's situation, but of course Amber wouldn't hear of it since this baby is her meal ticket. Brooke is determined not to let Amber get away with using Rick.

Before dropping Mary off at the Forrester nursery, James stops by Stephanie's office where Stephanie congratulates him on the article written about him in today's newspaper. The article mentions how he was married to Sheila and is now about to begin a new career as a professor at UCLA. The article also mentions that Sheila will be in prison for the next five years and that Stephanie is helping care for Mary. James and Stephanie take Mary to the daycare center where the woman in charge knows all about James' story. Stephanie mentions to take extra care of Mary. For the first time, Stephanie is beginning to feel that Mary is safe.

Mike mentions the article to Sheila and Sheila calls Stephanie but no one answers. Sheila is sure Stephanie is with Mary at the Forrester daycare center since James is beginning a new job. Sheila leaves and Mike wonders what Sheila is up to. Later, Sheila returns and changes into a uniform and puts her blond wig on. Sheila is determined to see Mary today. Mary means everything to Sheila. James and Stephanie took Mary from her and without her, Sheila is nothing. Sheila is going to get her as Mike warns her against running into Stephanie.

Brooke wishes she could spare Rick the pain he is going through, and Ridge says it's not to late and hugs her. Brooke advises Ridge that he is risking alienating Taylor by asking her to quit, but Ridge says the mistake is Taylor teaming up with Pierce. Brooke can't believe there is trouble in paradise.

Sheila gets by the Forrester guard by saying she is there for a rush delivery to the nursery. Stephanie realizes it's not easy for James to leave Mary at a nursery but he beat the odds and now has Mary all to himself. James is grateful for Stephanie being there for he and Mary, kisses her and leaves. Sheila arrives at the nursery and tells the woman in charge someone called for a rush delivery. The lady tries to find out what the delivery is while Sheila spots Mary and calls out to her.

Thursday, September 10, 1998

Sally is in Grant's hospital room; she has sent Macy home for some rest because she has been there day and night. "Talk to me, Grant!" Sally tells Grant. "Tell me what you need or want and don't hold back. You can tell me anything." Grant says that seeing Macy and Thorne together is harder to take than he ever imagined it would be; it is harder than the cancer. Sally is amazed that he can stand it at all, especially when he doesn't have to. All Macy wants is to be by his side, to comfort him during his last days. She tells him that it takes a special man to push his wife into the arms of another woman so that she won't be alone. Grant says that knowing that Macy will have Thorne to help her is all that he wants; he just wants her to have a chance for a fulfilling life.

Macy is getting ready to return to the hospital. She tells Thorne that Grant has been feeling better and she thinks that he may be coming home today. She admits that no one told her that he would; she is just optimistic since he has been feeling so well. She tells Thorne that as much as it hurts her to do it, they have to keep up appearances in front of Grant. Thorne is angry; it isn't an act as far as he is concerned! Grant has asked them to do this and they owe him to take it seriously. Macy tells him that she can't take it seriously. Thorne says that he doesn't like to put her on a spot but this is not easy for him. He realizes that she is married so it is wrong to have these feelings, but he just cannot shut them down. He shut them down once before so that they could remain friends and it was the hardest thing he ever had to do! Now those feelings are resurfacing. "This is what Grant wanted," he tells her. "This is what I want!" Macy can't take any more of this and tells him that they have to leave for the hospital.

Eric is working with his back to the door when Stephanie comes in. Closing the door quietly and tiptoeing over to him, she puts her hands over his eyes and says, "BOO!" Eric pretends not to know who it is but gets up and greets Stephanie warmly. He says that he heard that she took in James and Mary; that was kind of her. Stephanie says that she didn't do it out of kindness; this isn't an act of charity! She tells Eric that James and Mary have become very important to her and her life. Eric knows that they have always been friends but he has heard a rumor that they are now more than friends. Stephanie smiles at the thought of her and James being a rumor item. She says that she has been spending a lot of time alone lately and she doesn't want her life to be spent like that. Now she has found someone who gives her life purpose and she just hopes James feels the same. Stephanie says that she is happy and excited about the future; she is also excited about having Mary. She is such a bundle of joy; it is hard to believe she is Sheila's child. Mary has given her life purpose. Eric says that it becomes her. Stephanie says that one never knows why life takes such twists and turns, but she believes that there is always a purpose. She now believes that there is a reason why she and Eric are no longer together and there is a reason God put James and Mary in her life. She firmly believes that God sent Mary to her to protect and she won't let that little girl down.

In the day care center, Sheila talks to Mary in a whisper. Mary doesn't look up but she continues to talk to her. She begs her to look up so she can see her beautiful blue eyes. The worker comes over and tells her that there was some kind of mix-up; there is no pickup from the nursery. Looking at her form and showing it to the worker, Sheila says that the Forrester put in this order themselves. She goes back to the phone, leaving Sheila to stoop down and stroke her little girl's hair. As Mary looks up at her and recognizes her, she can't help but pull the little girl into her arms. Mary hugs her; without thinking, Sheila stands with the child in her arms. What are you doing with that baby!" Demands the worker.

Macy and Thorne arrive in Grant's room and Macy goes to him. He is delighted to see her. He looks at Thorne and thanks him for helping Macy through this. "You have no idea what this means to me!"

The doctor comes in and checks on Grant. Grant asks him when he can go home. The doctor gives Macy a significant look and abruptly says, "You will go home when I say you can!" He walks out of the room abruptly. Macy follows him out of the room and talks to him in the hallway. She says that Grant is such a fighter; he is doing so much better. The doctor sadly tells her that despite what Grant says, he is in incredible pain. Macy realizes that it may take more time than she thought, but can the doctor give her some idea of when he can go home? "Possibly never!" The doctor says and walks off.

Macy goes back into the room. Grant asks what is with the tears; he wants to see her beautiful smile. Macy tries and finally succeeds. "That is the most beautiful face I have ever seen!" Grant says.

Sheila turns to the worker and tells her that the baby was choking; that is why she picked her up. She introduces herself as Sybil; the worker says that she is Amanda. She acts like she doesn't believe or trust Sheila and calls for another worker to come and get Mary. As the worker pulls the baby forcefully out of Sheila's arms, the baby begins to cry uncontrollably. She continues to scream as the worker tries to soother her. Amanda wonders what on earth the child could have found here to put into her mouth and Sheila holds out a penny. "How on earth did that get in here?" Amanda gasps. Sheila assures her that it will be their little secret. She hears Stephanie's voice coming into the room. Looking at her form again, she says that it looks like she was wrong; the order was for Ridge Forrester. She leaves the room as Stephanie picks up Mary and begins to talk to her. From the outside, she listens as Stephanie talks and plays with Mary. Walking down the corridor, Sheila says that it isn't Stephanie that she wants; she wants her momma. "I've got to keep my calm!" she tells herself. "I'm gonna have my baby back one day; I'll have you forever. And as for you, Stephanie, there's nothing too severe that I could do for you. YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS AND YOU WILL PAY DEARLY!"

Friday, September 11, 1998

Due to CBS coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's the Bold and the Beautiful will be pre-empted.

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