The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on B&B
Taylor had a hard time resisting Pierce. Bailey told Brooke what he'd been up to. Spectra was in trouble. Thorne tried to comfort Macy, but she told him that he couldn't. C.J. almost told Rick about Amber's secret.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, October 12, 1998

Thorne visits Brooke to inform her of Grant's death. Brooke reminds Thorne that Grant's dying wish was for Macy to be happy with Thorne after he was gone. Thorne says it's too early for that. Brooke has been thinking about what Bailey said on his visit. Bailey implied Pierce has a thing for Taylor and also Ridge will never be truly happy with anyone but Brooke. Thorne questions why Bailey is so involved in Pierce's life. Brooke says after what Bailey saw at their dinner last week, he feels Ridge and Brooke are better suited for each other than Ridge and Taylor. Thorne warns Brooke about being drawn back into this and wonders if Brooke can forget what Bailey said.

James and Stephanie can tell Ridge is upset and Ridge asks James what he thinks of hypnosis. James says hypnosis is relatively new and needs to be studied and tested before he would use it on patients. James also has respect for Pierce and if Taylor is involved with Pierce, the project must have some potential. Ridge replies that the problem is with Pierce and Bailey. Ridge just doesn't trust those two. The project is interfering with his private life and Taylor doesn't see it.

Bailey expresses his hatred of Ridge to Pierce and says it was revolting the way Ridge insulted Pierce at the dinner. Bailey says as long as Taylor is working with Pierce, Ridge will be threatened by Pierce and he should be. Pierce reminds his partner that Taylor loves her husband. Bailey wonders if that is really true. What if Taylor showed some interest in Pierce? Pierce leaves for a swim and Bailey says to himself when he comes back, his whole world will be different.

James feels that Ridge is jealous because Taylor has another love in her life, her work. Ridge says Taylor is just making bad choices when it comes to her career. Ridge asks Stephanie how does he fight Taylor's involvement in the project since she loves her work. Ridge plans to act on it soon since he is sure something more is going on over there than research.

Taylor is feeling great after she and Pierce's latest success. Bailey rings the bell and hypnotizes her. Under hypnosis, Bailey tells Taylor that Pierce is in love with her and she will feel it too. The next time she sees Pierce, he will seem irresistibly attractive and Taylor will be greatly aroused. She will yearn for him, will act on those feelings, and become desperately in love with Pierce. Bailey says Taylor will also forget everything he has just said to her. Bailey brings Taylor out of hypnosis and Pierce comes in wet in a bikini after his swim. Taylor stares at Pierce's great body and thinks he is so wonderful, sensitive, and caring. She just wants to reach out and.... Taylor asks herself what she was thinking? Bailey vows this is the end of Ridge since Taylor is no longer his.

Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Bailey hopes his plot to bring Pierce and Taylor together is working. In Pierce's office, Taylor asks herself what is wrong with her? She is having trouble concentrating on her work as she hears Bailey's voice says she will find Pierce irresistible. Pierce starts humming which further arouses Taylor. She wonders what kind of lover Pierce would be. Strong yet sensitive? Taylor tries to shake off her incredible desire of Pierce, but she has never known a man of such intelligence and beauty. Taylor tries to focus on Ridge and reminds herself that she is happily married.

James stops by to see Taylor but Bailey says she is busy with Pierce and can not be interrupted. Bailey becomes furious when James says Ridge discussed the project with him. Bailey defends Pierce's scientific methods by saying he has seen first hand what Pierce's hypnosis can do. James didn't stop by to discuss hypnotherapy and asks Bailey to tell Taylor he is here to see her.

Ridge explains to Brooke that he is not overreacting when it comes to Taylor's project. Pierce has convinced her that hypnosis is revolutionary, but it is threatening her reputation as a psychiatrist. Brooke asks Ridge if what he is really worried about is that Taylor might be vulnerable to Pierce. Ridge doesn't believe Taylor is vulnerable but Bailey has threatened him for insulting Pierce. Brooke notes that Bailey came by to see her to apologize for the tension between Ridge and Pierce and he went on about someone else in Pierce's life. Ridge agrees that Bailey is slippery and quite territorial when it comes to Pierce. Ridge is determined to find out what is going on with Pierce and Bailey.

Taylor tells herself she is just feel an enormous sense of admiration toward Pierce. Pierce can tell something is wrong and Taylor says she has a headache. Pierce says headaches are his specialty and starts to massage Taylor's head. Taylor can barely control her sexual energy and says his massage feels wonderful. Pierce turns the table and asks Taylor to do him. Taylor's hands wonder over Pierce's face and lips and she has to pull away before being unable to control herself. Taylor apologizes and rushes out flustered. Bailey notices Pierce saying the way Taylor looked at him and touched him that she is falling in love with him.

James stops by Forrester looking for Ridge but runs into Brooke. James asks her about her feelings toward Pierce, the project, and Bailey. Brooke says Bailey is a little creepy and James concurs. In fact, Bailey marched James out of the office just a little while ago. Whether Pierce is responsible for Ridge and Taylor's problems, something is wrong.

Taylor returns home and tries to get a hold of herself. She reminds herself that she belongs with Ridge and Thomas, and her feelings for Pierce are wrong. Ridge comes home and Taylor falls into his arms crying. Ridge asks her what is wrong.

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Taylor tries to suppress her attraction toward Pierce while Ridge wants to know what has her all worked up. Taylor can't explain her feelings but she does feel anxiety over what this is doing to her marriage and family. Ridge asks his wife what has her so worried and what does this have to do with their marriage? Meanwhile, Bailey is sure his suggestion to Taylor worked. Pierce tells him of this powerful connection he shared with Taylor and is beginning to think Taylor has real feelings for him

With the bank about to foreclose on Spectra's loan, Sally asks for more time to turn Spectra around. The bank gives her two days to show a profit otherwise the loan will be called in. Macy arrives dressed in black. Grant's death seems so unreal to her even though there was a memorial service and she poured Grant's ashes into the ocean. Sally offers Macy to stay with her and C.J., but Macy wants to be in the house she and Grant shared. Their time together was just not long enough. Sally vows to have her family come back from all the misery in their lives.

Taylor reiterates Pierce is not the one coming between them. It's about Taylor, Ridge, and Thomas. Even though Ridge does not understand what Taylor is going through now, he asks her to never doubt the strength of his love and their relationship. Nothing will weaken that commitment for Ridge. Pierce tells Bailey when his eyes met Taylor's, it was very spontaneous and magical. Pierce concludes that Taylor must have been repressing her feelings toward him while Bailey asks what he is going to do about it.

Thorne drops by Spectra to look for Macy but runs into Sally. Sally blasts Thorne for trying to use this opportunity to take advantage of Macy's vulnerability. Thorne reminds Sally that Macy needs a friend and he would never do anything to hurt her. After Thorne admits he has never stopped loving Macy, Sally asks him to love her enough to let her go. She needs time to heal. Grant wanted everyone to put their differences aside, Thorne replies, but Sally says he can help Macy by staying the hell away from her!

Bailey confirms Pierce's belief that Taylor is attracted to him and urges his boss to be honest with her. Bailey asks Pierce not to turn his back on Taylor and let her know how you truly feel. Taylor affirms her love to Ridge. Ridge says whatever Taylor is going through, they will go through this together. Pierce thinks back to the moment he and Taylor shared. The way they looked at each other, and the way Taylor touched him was real. Pierce vows never to forget that magical moment and feels Taylor will not either. Taylor tells herself that she loves Ridge and he is a wonderful husband, but what was she thinking to have feelings of attraction toward Pierce. Taylor is determined to block her feelings for Pierce from her mind.

Thursday, October 15, 1998

Taylor is leaving a love note for Ridge in his office. She is sitting in his chair behind the desk. She turns the chair until her back is to the door. "This will knock you on your butt!" Brooke says as she comes in wearing a robe. She opens the robe to show that she is wearing a bikini just as Taylor turns to face her and says that she already has. Getting up, Taylor says that she thought that after Ridge's final rejection of her, she would move on and stop playing these little games. Brooke says, "Like that ever stopped you?" She says that she isn't coming on to Ridge. We design clothes, she explains. If I choose to show them in a flirtatious manner, then.... "So you admit that you were flirting with my husband," Taylor accuses. Brooke says, "Like you haven't flirted with Pierce!" When she sees the truth in Taylor's eyes, she smiles and asks how far it has gone.

C.J. is looking through a magazine, eyeing all the pretty girls, when he comes across Raymond's picture. He tosses the magazine aside and wonders why the guy is everywhere. However, seeing the picture, he is reminded that Raymond has a past with Amber. "What am I going to do?" he asks himself. "I can't let my best friend keep digging a hole for himself. If the kid is Raymond's and Rick finds out I knew, he will never forgive me. But if it is Rick's baby and I tell him about Raymond, then things would be worse. Maybe it is better if I don't tell." Just then, Rick pops into his room. He tells C.J. that Amber is better; she's had no more dizzy spells. We were lucky, he tells his friend, and in the long run it was worth it. Because she saved Stephanie's life, C.J. says. No, Rick tells him. It is because his parents look at Amber differently now. "At least they don't think she is Satan's spawn any longer," he laughs. He tells C.J. that during the ultrasound, he looked at his mom's face and she was praying that the baby would be alive. His dad, he adds, hasn't gotten there yet, but he will. "Things are working out for Amber and me!"

Thorne is trying to call Macy but there is no answer. While the phone rings and rings, he says that he knows she is home; he saw her car parked outside! He worries that she is in that house all alone with nothing but her memories. Hanging up the phone, he says that he has got to see if she is okay. Going to the door, when he opens it, he finds Macy standing there looking a mess.

Thorne brings Macy inside. She looks bedraggled and mournful. She tells him that she hasn't answered the phone because she doesn't want to talk to anyone about it. If she talks about it, it will too real. Thorne tells her that he is worried about her. As he is about to go on, she interrupts and tells him that she doesn't want to hear that she is letting Grant down! Grant wanted me to be happy; everyone wants me to be happy, but my husband is gone and I can't act happy. I can't act happy and I can't forget that I miss him.

Thorne tells her that she can handle it any way that she wants. She tells him that she sang to him. You sang to Grant? Thorne asks, stunned. She says that he was dying and he knew it. She was fighting accepting it; she was looking for that miracle cure, but he knew there was no miracles. He had the doctor to take him off the machines and the morphine; he dressed him in his best suit and got flowers for him to give to Macy. He wanted me to sing to him one more time before he left. How did you manage that? Thorne asks. "I don't know," Macy says. "I knew he was leaving and I would never have another chance to sing to him, so I did. While I was singing, he just . . ." She breaks down.

C.J. demands to know what Rick means by "working out." Rick says that they are in love and engaged; there is only one more step and that is to get married. Rick hopes that his parents will cut him some slack and let them get married before the baby comes. "Are you nuts?" C.J. exclaims.

Brooke is having a good time teasing Taylor about her relationship with Pierce. She wonders if it is just an innocent flirtation and how far it has gone. She says that with her and Ridge, there isn't anything more than what is between Taylor and Pierce. This doesn't make Taylor any happier. Angrily, she tells Brooke to go and put some clothes on. She is tired of this X-rated conversation.

Oh, I think I have touched a nerve, murmurs Brooke. "You wish!" Taylor tells her. "You would love it something happened between Pierce and me, but it isn't going to happen!" Brooke goes on and on about Taylor being so perfect; she would never step out of line. Taylor says that she isn't perfect but she doesn't sleep around to get men. Brooke tells Taylor that she and Ridge are too different to be together; they are complete opposites. Ridge is fun loving and spontaneous---just right for me, but Taylor is studious. She says that Taylor needs someone more in tune with her, like Pierce. You are a scientist, she says. You and Pierce have so much more in common than you do with Ridge. She tells Taylor that someday she will meet her soul mate and then she will have true happiness. Taylor tells her to stop sniffing around her husband because she isn't going to break her vows just because . . . Brooke's eyes light up. So you have been tempted! She says. She tells Taylor to go with her feelings; that would be the best thing for all of them. Angrily, Taylor leaves the office. Alone, Brooke smiles. "It is happening. It is really happening!

Rick can't understand why C.J. doesn't want him to marry Amber. C.J. says that he knows they will be married---some day when they are old enough. What is he going to do, get a note from his parents saying that he can get married? Rick says that he doesn't need this and heads for the door. Wait! C.J. calls out. His face is full of conflict.

Thorne tries to comfort Macy; he wants to be there for her. She pulls away and tells him that she can't think about that right now. She came here to tell him that she can't use his help. She says that she knows what Grant wanted of them but it was wrong. She loves her husband; he may be gone, but that doesn't change the way she feels. Thorne begs her not to close the door on them but she says that she doesn't have a choice. Her feelings didn't change when he died. All that happened is that her life got ripped out of her. He tells her that with time the pain will go away. "When?" she asks. "In one year? In twenty years?" Thorne tells her that she will get through this; he wants to help her get through it. Macy tells him that she doesn't want him to wait of her; she has friends that she can lean on. When Thorne tries to hold her, she pushes him away and says that she means it. She runs out of the house while Thorne cries our her name over and over.

C.J. tries to convince Rick to wait until after the baby is born to think about getting married; this could save him from making a huge mistake. He wonders what would happen if he and Amber got married and then he found out something bad about her; he says that it would be too late to do anything about it then. Rick says that that is the lamest excuse he has ever heard to keep him from marrying the girl he loves. He isn't supposed to get married because some time down the road he finds out something about her? C.J. says that it could happen. Rick says that C.J. is his best friend. Is there something that he needs to know?

Pierce is dictating in his office but it is hard to keep his mind on his work. The phone rings and it is Brooke. She tells him that she just had to call him and tell him about her interesting conversation with Taylor---about you, she adds. She then asks what is going on between the two of them. When Pierce tries to deny that anything is going on, Brooke tells him that his denial is as good as a confession. She tells him that now is the time for him to take some action. She says that Taylor and Ridge do not belong together but he shouldn't worry about Ridge; she will take care of him. She goes on to tell Pierce that he and Taylor are a perfect match. Taylor is confused at the moment; now is the time to tell her how he feels. Now is your chance, she encourages.

Just then, Taylor comes into the office and begins to work. She is reading some reports as Pierce says good bye to Brooke. Looking at Taylor, Pierce thinks that maybe Brooke is right. Yes, it is time Taylor; time to let my feelings be known.

Friday, October 16, 1998

Pierce wants to talk with Taylor but she doesn't want to talk. She can't even look at him and he can't understand why.

Sally is looking at some of Grant's work and says that he sure was a genius at designing. She says that she hopes he is happy and asks him to talk to his new boss about her. She really could use an angel about now---yes, an angel is what she needs. The door opens and Amber comes in looking for C.J.. When Sally says that he isn't there, Amber starts to leave, but Sally calls her back into the room. She says that she has heard about her incredible act of heroism; you are quite the media darling, she says with a smile. Amber says that Sally would have done the same thing in her place. "Risk my neck to save Queen Stephanie? I don't think so!" Sally mentions that Stephanie must be very grateful to Amber but she had better be careful. The Forrester's gratitude has a short shelf life; she should know, she has had a lot of experience with them. Their gratitude never lasts; their theme song is "What have you done for me lately?" Amber reminds her that she is talking about her future family. Yes, they are my future family and nothing can stop me now! Stephanie warns her that any little thing---one wrong step, one little mistake, or one error in judgment---and she will be Miss Untouchable again. Amber says that she doesn't intend to make any mistakes. She wishes Sally a good day and leaves. After she is gone, Sally thinks about her and says that she almost wishes that she wouldn't make any mistakes!

Rick wants to know what C.J. knows! He tells him that he is a lousy liar and he knows that he is in on some secret about Amber and he wants to know what it is. "Tell me what you know about Amber; if this is something that I should know, then tell me now!" C.J. says that he knows that Amber really loves him and she really wants things to work out with him. That is the reason that he didn't say anything before. He shows Rick the picture of Raymond in the magazine and Rick recognizes him. He admits that he knew that he and Amber went to high school together. C.J. says that Rick doesn't understand what he is talking about. He should have told him sooner but he was so afraid! "This guy and Amber?" asks Rick, suddenly understanding what C.J. is talking about. "How far has it gone?" C.J. says that he thinks that they slept together. Rick seems relieved. He tells C.J. that he knew Amber wasn't a virgin and of course she had boyfriends before him. C.J. is about to set him straight when the doorbell rings.

Amber is at the door and she is happy to see Rick. Rick tells her that C.J. told him about her secret. Why didn't you tell me about you and Roy?

Ridge is trying to convince Brooke that even though he doesn't know what the problem is with Taylor, they will work it out. When he begins to come down on Pierce Peterson again, she tells him that he can't blame it on Pierce. She tells him not to look on this as a marriage that is broke and needs fixing; instead, look on this as a sign. Ridge can't believe that she would say something like that, but she goes on to tell him that the two of them don't have anything in common. It is time he realized that this marriage is doomed; what is meant to be will be. She tells him that he deserves so much better. When Ridge won't listen, she says that she is shocked at Taylor's behavior lately. Ridge says that so is he; it isn't like Taylor at all and he is determined to find out what is behind it. After he leaves, Brooke assures him that he isn't going to like what he finds.

Pierce wants to talk about what happened yesterday but Taylor tells him that it is over and she just wants to forget it happened. He insists that he wants to talk; they can't just pretend it never happened. She tells him to drop it! She tries to walk away, but Pierce follows her. "What if I were to tell you that I feel the same way?" He asks. Taylor says she doesn't want to hear this; she wants to maintain a professional relationship. What happened yesterday means nothing to her. It did to me, Pierce says. "When you touched my face, I felt the same way you did. He says that they just cannot ignore the effect they have on each other. Taylor insists that it is only normal transference but Pierce says that it is no. He says that they had one brilliant honest moment and it has set him free. Because he has been talking to her face to face and getting closer to her face as he speaks, Taylor begins to feel the effect of the hypnotic suggestions. She tries to pull away as he leans in to kiss her.

Brooke is busy when Bailey calls and asks to see her. She tells him that she has a very busy afternoon but he tells her to clear her desk; she will want to hear this!

Rick says that C.J. told him about her and Raymond. Amber is shocked speechless. She begins to cry and tell him that she was hoping that he would never find out about this. She asks him to forgive her. He says that he isn't mad; why should he be mad because Raymond was her boyfriend in high school? He assures her that she can tell him anything and he will understand. He isn't jealous of her former boyfriends because he knows that she loves him now; she is carrying his baby and that is all that matters. They are together now and they will always be together. He has to leave for class and offers C.J. a lift, but he says he will catch up with him later.

After Rick leaves, C.J. gives him hell for trying to tell Rick about Raymond. She says that he has never understood how she felt. This was her chance to be part of a great family---her baby also. Her baby is so lucky to be born into this family; he will have a family that will take care of him forever. "You cannot let him lose that because of one stupid thing that I did," She pleads. Putting his arms around her, he promises that he won't tell Rick anything more.

When Bailey arrives, Brooke is short with him and asks what is so important. He says that he has some advice for her. "Why don't you give Ridge a call and make plans for dinner," Bailey says with a smile. Brooke asks sarcastically if she should also invite his wife. Bailey says that won't be necessary. Taylor will not be Ridge's wife much longer!

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