The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 2, 1998 on B&B
After Stephanie witnessed Brooke and Ridge tumble out of the elevator together, Brooke and Stephanie had it out, and Stephanie slapped Brooke. Amber warned Kimberly to stay away from Rick. Macy, who'd been tempted to drink, had an accident on the way to Spectra.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 2, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, November 2, 1998

Brooke uses the opportunity of being stuck in the elevator to make moves on Ridge. Ridge reminds Brooke he is too married to do anything, but Brooke advises him to stop worrying about Taylor and Pierce and concentrate on the moment with her. Brooke reminds Ridge they were once married and still love each other and would only be expressing that love. No one would have to know but them. Meanwhile Taylor calls Ridge and leaves a message that she is excited about Pierce's offer for her to stay on with him.

C.J. informs Amber that Rick is spending time with his new lab partner. Amber realizes Kimberly has an eye for Rick while C.J. suggests maybe Rick is the one after Kim. Amber wants to know where Rick is. Rick is with Kim at Insomnia as Kim talks about winters in Nantucket. Rick notes that Kim is different from a lot of girls in LA, but Kim just wants to fit in with the rest of the crowd. Rick reminds her that everyone at school thinks she is great. Kim suspects Rick is having the time of his life because he's a senior in high school.

Eric and Taylor look around Forrester for Ridge. A security guard says he Ridge is stuck in the freight elevator. Brooke is disappointed when the elevator starts moving. The elevator door finally opens and Ridge and Brooke fall out, laughing, half naked, with Brooke on top of Ridge. Taylor is stunned to find her husband in a compromising position.

Kim admits she is not used to seeing so many people kiss in public. Rick is surprised to learn Kim did not have a boyfriend in Nantucket. Kim admits at the prom last year she was disappointed when her date expected a kiss. Kim's saving her first kiss for the right guy. C.J. says he suspects Rick is at Insomnia working on his science project with Kimberly. When Amber walks into Insomnia, she finds Rick with Kim and it doesn't look like they are talking about homework. Amber is shocked to see Rick not wearing his engagement ring. While Rick leaves the table to talk to another friend, Amber sees this as the perfect opportunity to make her move. She has got to set this cheerleader straight!

Tuesday, November 3, 1998

While the press eats it up, Taylor is shocked to find Brooke on top of Ridge and lipstick on Ridge's neck and face. Taylor blasts Ridge and Brooke but Brooke claims she's innocent. Ridge catches up with Taylor in his office and she asks how he could degrade and embarrass her with Brooke, especially in front of the press. Pierce readies for his presentation while he hopes Taylor conducts the interview for his new motivational therapy video. Pierce realizes Ridge will try to stop her but Pierce believes Taylor is ready for the exposure this video will give her.

Kim has only been in LA for a week but is starting to feel something she has never felt before. Determined to stop Kim, Amber joins her at her table. Kim says she is working on a project and wishes her partner was her boyfriend. She wasn't happy about moving to the west coast, but Rick has made Kim feel right at home. Kim admits she hasn't told Rick how she feels because she believes feelings should come at their own pace. Amber tells Kim it will never work out between she and Rick and she ought to find a guy more like herself. Amber says she noticed Kim with Rick earlier and there is nothing going on for Rick. Amber shocks Kim by saying her boyfriend is Rick and warns Kim to back off. Amber starts to tell Kim about the pregnancy but notices Rick and leaves. Rick returns without seeing Amber and Kimberly leaves.

Ridge explains to Taylor how he and Brooke ended up in the elevator and assures her he was not even tempted by Brooke and to trust him. Ridge reminds Taylor that he is married to her and any number of women have made themselves accessible to him but he is totally committed to Taylor. When will she realize that? Back in her office, Brooke gets a call from Pierce who expresses his hope Taylor will work with him on his new video. Brooke advises Pierce not to get his hopes up considering what just happened in the elevator.

Ridge sees Pierce as a threat while Taylor sees Brooke as a threat. Ridge and Brooke have to work together, but Ridge feels Taylor is one of the best psychiatrists in LA and could get a job anywhere in the city. This video is just another way for Pierce to make his move. Ridge believes Pierce has fallen in love with Taylor and he doesn't want Taylor to continue working with Pierce.

Wednesday, November 4, 1998

Pierce calls Brooke to her thought on if Taylor will accept his job offer. Brooke says Ridge and Taylor are still in his office talking about what happened in the elevator and also the job offer. Taylor resents Ridge telling her not to accept Pierce's offer, while Ridge thinks the offer is just another ploy in Pierce's effort to seduce Taylor. Maybe, Taylor concedes but what about Brooke? She picking away at Ridge's resistance. Ridge says he isn't quitting Forrester and Brooke owns half the company so they have to work together. Taylor is fed up and says she will never be rid of Brooke, but Taylor is not going to quit her job with Pierce.

Rick is amazed at the gentleman type effect Kimberly is having on him. Rick feels there is something going on between them and wonders what it would be like to kiss her. C.J. thinks it's odd that Kim is a senior in high school but has yet to kiss a guy. Amber heads to Spectra to cool off and informs Darla someone is trying to move in on her guy. Darla says it shouldn't come as a surprise since Rick will be around those type of girls through college. Amber is bugged that Kimberly is so prim and proper, but vows if Kim tries to make another move on Rick, next time Amber will be all over her.

Brooke drops by Ridge's office and asks him what she can do to help. Brooke isn't taking what happened in the elevator seriously since she and Ridge have always fooled around. Ridge tells Brooke that Taylor is taking Pierce's job offer. Taylor opens up to Pierce about Ridge and Brooke's latest encounter. Taylor is further enraged that Ridge told her not to take it seriously. Taylor and Ridge just see things differently and probably will never see things the same way. Pierce says then it's time to break free of her relationship with Ridge.

Rick realizes his stupidity in having unsafe sex with Amber while C.J. is surprised at Rick's change of attitude. C.J. asks Rick if he is falling for Kim or is he still planning on marrying Amber? Amber busts in and says she wants to talk to Rick's parents again to gain their approval before Thanksgiving. Amber doesn't want to be showing before she gets engaged.

Brooke tells Ridge that Taylor will never accept her as part of his life. Brooke has been on her best behavior and has controlled her incredible urges but she couldn't resist in the elevator. Pierce is as much like Taylor as Brooke is like Ridge. So why are Ridge and Brooke doing this to each other?

Thursday, November 5, 1998

As Brooke selects ties for a suit on a mannequin, she relives the highlights of the elevator. Smiling a very self-satisfied smile, she says, "You never gave in entirely, Ridge, but you felt the chemistry and desire. It will always be there." She sighs. "You are the greatest love of my life. Through all that has happened, it has never changed. It will never be over for us, Ridge, never!"

Ridge is working at his drawing table when Stephanie comes in asking him to tell her that it isn't true. Ridge tells her that it isn't true, then tells her that he is too busy for her. She asks him again. "Did you and Brooke tumble out of the elevator half naked?" Ridge says that it was no big deal. Oh yes it is! Stephanie says. Ridge tells her that he told Brooke no, so what is the big deal? Stephanie is outraged and reminds him that he has a wife and child to consider. Ridge insists that he has done nothing wrong. Stephanie says that if he did nothing wrong, what about Brooke. She knows that he is a married man; does she think his marriage is a joke? She imagines that Taylor must have been devastated to see him tumble out of the elevator with a half naked Brooke. Ridge admits that she was devastated and she had every right to be.

Pierce tells a busy Taylor that Ridge has called for her three times; doesn't she want to stop for a while and call him? Taylor isn't interested in calling Ridge right now. As a matter of fact, she isn't sure she is up to this shoot. Pierce offers to reschedule it. She says that it might be a good thing; she must look awful. Pierce says that awful isn't the word that comes to mind for him. He thinks she looks enchanted, stunning, and beautiful. He tells her not to try so hard to be down on herself. Doesn't she realize that she has been a real inspiration for him? He suddenly becomes angry as he says that Ridge has no regard for her feelings as a woman or as his life partner. When is she going to see that?

Thorne knocks at Macy's door but there isn't an answer. He continues to knock but Macy, inside laying on the couch, ignores him. He tries the door handle and the door opens. He enters and calls out for her. She tells him to go away. Thorne walks in to the darkened house and looks around. On the coffee table there is evidence of fast food. He opens the curtains to let in the sunlight while telling he that it is a beautiful day outside. She screams at him not to open the curtains. When he opens them anyway, she wants him to close them. Walking back to the couch, he is surprised to find a flyer on the table from the Canyon Grove Spirits who offer free delivery. "Have you been drinking?" He demands. "Answer me, Macy. Have you been drinking?" Macy tells him that she hasn't but she has been tempted. "You don't know what it is like!" She says. "Grant is gone. I'll be alone for the rest of my life. The pain is overwhelming. I cannot breathe sometimes."

Thorne goes to her and orders her to take his hand. When she does, he drags her out onto the deck; she has no choice but to follow him. He tells her to take a deep breath. He doesn't want to trivialize her pain and loss, and he cannot imagine her pain, but he can see the hole it is leaving in her heart. "Look out there!" He commands. "Look at that sky. See the seagulls and listen to the waves. Take it in, Macy; that is life. You cannot shut it out!" Why not? She asks. It means nothing to me. Thorne reminds her of what Grant said to her, what he begged her to do. He wanted her to keep on living. You cannot give up, he tells her. For Grant's sake, you can't give up. If you can't live for yourself, then live for Grant. Gently he tells her that she will never be alone. If there is anything that she ever needs, he is just next door. As she nods to him, he kisses the top of her head and leaves. Alone, Macy looks around at her world.

"So you admit that you humiliated your wife?" Stephanie asks her son. He replies that it was unfortunate but it is no reason to push the panic button. She says that she isn't in a panic but she is concerned. "I didn't do anything wrong!" Ridge says. "I did not cross the line." Stephanie tells him not to tell it to her; tell it to his wife. Ridge says that he loves his wife but that isn't the problem right now. She is at Pierce's office at the moment. He has roped her into working for him. Stephanie says that Pierce is not the issue here. He has a lot of making up to do with his wife. He tells her that that is already in the works and she says that she hopes it is something spectacular. "Taylor and Thomas are my life. I will let nothing get in the way of that." Ridge tells his mother.

Pierce apologizes for his harsh words; he did not mean to attack her husband. Taylor says that she knows that he cares and he says he cares more than she can imagine. He asks her once again if she wants to try the photo shoot or call it off. She thinks they might as well try to get it done.

At Pierce's home they are preparing for the shoot. Taylor is in make up; the make up artist says that his job is easy with a face like hers. As they get ready for their poses, he offers once again to call it off. Taylor says that she has made a commitment and she will stick to it. They are positioned on the couch. The photographer wants a refined picture that isn't stiff but he also wants a glimpse into their personal relationship. He wants to see the spark that makes them work so well together. The shoot goes well; they get many different poses and it is called a wrap in no time. Pierce remarks that she appeared to enjoy herself and she agrees that she really did. He asks if she wants to talk a little about the project, but she says that she has to leave; there is someone she needs to see. He tells her that she will not regret signing on with him. He will see that her work is a safe haven for her.

Stephanie goes to Brooke's office and brook guesses that she is there to berate her. Stephanie says that that isn't why she is there. She is disappointed in her. Brooke looks surprised. Stephanie says that the two of them have her son's best interest at heart; she thought that they were finally getting to a better relationship than ever in the past. She thought that they were working together to do the best for Rick. But after this last stunt, she can see that Brooke is just as shallow and desperate as she has always been.

Macy walks back inside the house. She looks at a picture of herself and Grant. Suddenly she sees an envelope on the floor as if someone has thrust ti under the door. She picks it up and looks at it.

Stephanie says that she must have only been kidding herself to think that she had learned anything. She is a mother with a child in crisis but does she put her child's needs first? No, she has to flaunt herself half-naked in front of a married man trying to seduce him. "Can't you keep your hormones in check?" Brooke says that she was modeling the lingerie but Stephanie asks if she was modeling a new brand of lipstick also. She says that she is still an insecure little girl but she wants her to stay away from Ridge; stay out of his life! Brooke tells her that she is just like Taylor. "Both of you blame me because you can't fulfill your men. If you kept them happy, they wouldn't be running after me!" Stephanie gives her a hard slap across the face. "Don't you ever speak to me in that tone again," she threatens. She turns and leaves the office.

Macy opens the letter and begins to read. "Macy," it begins. "I know that you are in despair; I know you are in pain. But all loss is only uncertainty; it is another mystery of life. Wait! Your loss has left you empty but it also gives you a chance to begin anew. Look around you; you may not see us, but we are here all around you. We all love you and pray today for a new tomorrow for you." As Macy reads the note, someone watches her with binoculars. "Macy," he whispers. "Dear, sweet Macy."

Brooke has barely sat down from her encounter with Stephanie when Taylor walks in. I've been expecting you, she says. Taylor tells her that she has sunk to an all time low. Not according to Ridge, Brooke replies. "Oh, don't try to make me jealous," Taylor says. Brooke says that she is shaking in her boots. It isn't her fault if she can't make her man happy. "My man," Taylor tells her. "That is the key word. Ridge is my man. Your cheap flirtation is over with today. I'm here to tell you to stop it now!"

Friday, November 6, 1998

Spectra is a beehive of activity as Sally tries to whip her business back into shape. Everyone has an assigned task when Thorne arrives. Sally sees his face and knows that he doesn't have good news. She excuses herself and goes to him, asking if he has been with Macy. Thorne tells Sally that Macy's depression is worse and he fears that she has been tempted to drink. "That is it then," Sally says. "Something has got to be done." She tells everyone to hold down the fort; she is going to get Macy and bring her back.

Ridge is carrying Thomas around and telling him all about his most recent escapade. "I've been a naughty boy," he says. "Your old dad messed up pretty bad and hurt your mommy. Do you know how much I love your mommy? I have to apologize, but just saying it isn't enough. Daddy has an idea but he needs your help. Together, we can put a smile back on Mommy's face."

Brooke tells Taylor that if she is there to vent or unload on her to save her breath; Stephanie has already done it. Brooke says that she doesn't intend to defend herself; there is nothing to defend. She and Ridge was just horsing around. She wasn't trying to seduce him. As she laughs, Taylor asks if she thinks it is funny horsing around with another woman's husband in a trapped elevator. She says that Brooke's attempts to seduce Ridge are obvious but this tops the list. She tells Brooke that she has absolutely no impulse control and she tries to pass it off as being a free spirit---a flower child. Brooke is offended and tells her that she doesn't know the first thing about her. Taylor says that she does know about her; she has convinced herself that Ridge has a secret longing or her. She puts him in an uncompromising position then deludes herself that it is sexual tension. Brooke stops her. If you think he is uncomfortable, you are the one who is deluding herself. She says that Ridge was laughing and having fun but that is what she and Stephanie can't understand. Ridge enjoys it. He is driven by passion and sensuality; that is what made their marriage so special. "Then why did he leave you if your marriage was so special?" Taylor wants to know. Brooke tells her that there is only one reason that they are no longer to gether---Thomas. "It isn't because of you that he left me; he left to take care of his son."

Sally arrives at Macy's and knocks at the door. Walking in, she tells her daughter that it is long past time for her to get up off the couch, take a shower, and change her wardrobe. She tells her that she has to do that and she is there to see that she does. She says that as soon as she gets cleaned up and dressed, she is taking her to Spectra. Macy looks at her and says that she isn't going to take no for an answer, is she? Sally says that she and all her other friends sympathize with her and her feelings, but they can't let her fall deeper into a pit of dark depression. If she won't pull herself out of it, then someone will have to do it for her. She tells her that life isn't in here in the dark with the blinds closed; it is waiting for her out there and all she has to do is reach out for it. Macy agrees to go to the office but when Sally sends her to get her shower, she tells her mother that she will drive herself. Go on ahead, she says. Tell everyone that I will be in soon. Sally says that it may not seem like much but she is taking an enormous step in the right direction.

From a distance, Macy and Sally are being watched by someone with binoculars.

Taylor says that she should have seen that coming. She says that as usual she is rationalizing Ridge's decision and blaming Thomas. She says that Brooke is the Queen of Denial. She tells her that she and Ridge are happily married and Ridge has no intention of leaving her. Brooke insists that she and Ridge are friends. Taylor says that friends respect one another; they don't put them in embarrassing positions. She says that Brooke has no concept of right or wrong and her behavior borders on being sociopathic. Brooke is unmoved; she tells her that she doesn't need psychoanalyzing. Taylor tells her that she is serious. "You have serious problems," she says. "Stephanie knows it, Eric and Ridge can see it, as do all the other people who have had the misfortune of meeting you. You manipulate everyone. How many people have you hurt? How many more are you going to hurt? This time, you have gone too far. You have embarrassed Ridge in front of his colleagues. It wasn't funny, Brooke, it is sad." She tells her that she has nothing left to stand on but her sexuality. She pushes Ridge further and further but he is never coming back to her---never! With that, Taylor walks out. Brooke stand there for a few minutes then she smiles. "Oh yes he is, Taylor. Ridge is coming back to me!"

Ridge calls Brooke's office; he knows that Taylor was headed there and he asks if she is still there. Brooke says that she just left. When Ridge asks if she was headed home, Brooke says that she could care less where she was heading. She proceeds to tell Ridge that Taylor came there to jump all over her after Stephanie had just finished doing the same thing. "You know Taylor," she says. "She has to kick me when I am down!" Ridge says that he will talk to her later. Right now, he has special plans for him and Taylor tonight and he has a few preparations to get to before she arrives. When Brooke continues, saying that Taylor was really angry, Ridge tells her that she had a right to be angry. He cuts her off and hangs up.

As Macy leaves the house and gets into her car she is unaware that she is still being watched. It is difficult but she finally is able to get into the car and start out for Spectra.

At Spectra, everyone is excited that Macy is coming in to work but Sally reminds them that it is still a struggle for her. Don't expect too much, Sally warns, but she would appreciate any thing that they can do to cheer her up. She says that it is going to take a lot of courage for her to walk through that door but she has to take that step and begin connecting with all the people who love her.

Taylor arrives home and there doesn't seem to be anyone home. She calls out but there is no answer. She sees Thomas lying in his playpen and she goes and starts talking to him. Using the baby monitor, Ridge speaks as if he were Thomas. "Daddy is hiding from you Mommy," he says. "He made a silly mistake and he wants you to forgive him. He is really, really sorry." He continues to tell Taylor through Thomas that he has tried all day to find a way to show her just how sorry he is. He knows that he was inconsiderate and thoughtless. Taylor tells Thomas that his daddy makes her feel that she doesn't matter, that her feelings do not matter. He makes her feel like she isn't important. What does that say about our relationship if he doesn't have any respect for me? In the other room, Ridge closes his eyes in pain at her words. "You've got it all wrong; Daddy respects you a lot," Thomas says. "Give Daddy a chance to explain," Thomas continues. "He really loves you and this family is the most important part of Daddy's life." Coming into the room, Ridge says that the thought of losing his family, of damaging it, terrifies him. Me too, agrees Taylor. "Can you give me another chance? Please don't let this get in the way of the feelings we have for each other. I love you so much and I need for you to forgive me."

Macy tells herself to pull herself together; it is only a few miles; it isn't all that stressful. They care about me, she tells herself. They want me to get better; they want to see me happy again. I wish that it were that easy. I've got to snap out of this! Suddenly she hears her mother's voice telling her that life is just outside that door. She hears Thorne telling her that he will be there for her. Darla's voice mingles with those of Sally and Thorne. The echoes of their voices bounce around in her head. She begins to writhe around in the car trying to get the voices to stop. She lays her head down on the steering wheel. Suddenly she hears the sound of horns. Looking up, she sees headlights and suddenly, there is only the sound of a crash.

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