The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 9, 1998 on B&B
Sally disbelieved Macy when she said her father, Adam Alexander, had visited her while she'd been sedated at the hospital after her accident. Ridge accepted Taylor's decision to continue to work with Pierce. Brooke and Pierce conspired to separate Ridge and Taylor.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 9, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, November 9, 1998

Sally and Thorne discuss Spectra's publicity schedule when Thorne wonders what is keeping Macy. Sally is sure Macy will show up for work, but Thorne is concerned and thinks something is wrong. The police find Macy bloody but conscious. Macy is rushed to the hospital and complains of head and chest pains. A nurse tries to contact her family as Macy calls out for Grant. Macy's doctor informs the nurse that other than a nasty bump on the head, Macy appears to be ok. A mysterious man overhears the doctor and is thrilled she will be alright.

Ridge apologizes to Taylor, but Taylor wants to know what really happened in the elevator. Ridge assures Taylor he did nothing wrong and didn't buy into Brooke's games. Ridge says the issue is how he and Taylor deal with this. They need to refocus on their marriage and family. Brooke stops by Pierce's house and tells him this time Taylor has pushed her too far. Brooke is tired of being blames for everything that goes wrong in Taylor's life and is not going to take it anymore! Brooke realizes she is a threat to Taylor's security and happiness, but what went in the elevator was not all her doing. The chemistry between Brooke and Ridge is not an illusion. Brooke tells Pierce that their decision to let Ridge and Taylor's marriage run it's course was a good one, because ultimately, it will self-destruct.

Darla calls Macy at her home but there is not answer. Thorne is convinced something bad has happened. The mystery man walks into Macy's room. Macy awakens and is stunned to see him.

Taylor tells Ridge she has decided to start her own private practice again but she is also going to host Pierce's motivational video. Taylor feels the exposure the video will give her will help bring in new clients since she is starting over. Ridge only wants to talk about their marriage and feels if they agree on how much their marriage and family means to them, there is not one thing that can come between them. Pierce tells Brooke it doesn't matter if Ridge and Taylor are unhappy since they are married. Brooke is surprised Pierce is giving up and suggests that he remain close to Taylor and offer his support. Ridge would never leave Taylor in a lurch but if Ridge felt Taylor had someone to turn to, then he might be more inclined to end his marriage, Brooke rationalizes. Pierce agrees to stay on the same side as Brooke.

Ridge says he is tired of the tension and wants to recommit to their marriage. Taylor knows there is nothing between Ridge and Brooke as there is nothing between Taylor and Pierce, but what about their differences? Ridge says their differences is what makes their relationship special. Ridge and Taylor have the same ideals and priorities. Taylor affirms her love and gives Ridge a kiss. Ridge says let's not look back, but forward. If Ridge and Taylor stick together, they can survive anything.

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

Pierce tells Brooke he is in Taylor's life to give her an option and thinks it was degrading for Taylor to watch her husband tumble out of an elevator half naked with Brooke. Brooke feels that ultimately Taylor will choose to spend her life with Pierce since Taylor and Ridge are so incompatible. Ridge will be hurt when his marriage ends, but Brooke can satisfy him like no other woman. Pierce wonders why Brooke waists her time on a man like Ridge. The same reason Pierce waists his time on woman like Taylor.

Taylor accepts Ridge's apology regarding the elevator fiasco but thinks he should apologize for Brooke because Ridge encouraged her. Brooke doesn't realize Ridge is serious about his marriage so Taylor feels Ridge needs to set her straight. Ridge says this past year has been much harder on Brooke than he realized. Taylor gives him that but he can't let Brooke hang on to nope. Taylor suggest that Ridge quit working at Forrester.

Sally receives word that Macy was in an auto accident and she, Darla, and Thorne race to the hospital. Meanwhile, Macy is shocked to see Myles Fairchild after all these years. Myles comforts Macy and promises never to leave his daughter again! Macy begs her father to take her to see Grant, but Myles encourages her to remain strong and promises her one day, she will feel joy and peace again. Myles never wanted to leave Macy or her mother, and has thought about Macy every day since he left, but he had no choice. Myles begs Macy never to forget he has always loved her. Sally, Darla, and Thorne arrive as Myles slips out of the room. Sally fears for Macy's life since she has been drifting away from them ever since Grant died. Macy's had to fight for ever piece of happiness in her life since she was abandoned as a child. Macy cries out for her father as Myles tearfully looks on.

Ridge says Brooke is not a threat to their marriage while Taylor claims Pierce is not a threat. Taylor makes a deal with Ridge. She will quit her job if Ridge quits his. Ridge suggests they stop talking and go to the bedroom. Pierce says once he and Taylor are together, she will finally know what it's like to be with someone who respects you and not have your love constantly put to the test. Pierce feels Ridge is lucky Brooke is giving him a second chance. Brooke reiterates she would give anything to have Ridge back and feels she is halfway there.

Wednesday, November 11, 1998

Sally thinks Macy is dreaming as she calls out for her father. Sally explains Macy has not seen her father since she was a little girl. Macy tells Sally that her father was here but Sally says the pain medication has gone to her head and caused her to dream. Myles watches from outside the room and asked himself if it was worth it to abandon his family all those years ago.

Kimberly wonders why her father hasn't called when Rick calls and leaves a message. Kimberly wishes Rick had just told her he has a girlfriend. Amber tells C.J. she met Kim but doesn't think she will be a problem anymore. If she told everyone Rick was about to become a father, then all the high school girls would stay away from him, Amber rationalizes. C.J. thinks Rick likes Kim, but Amber says Kim is not Rick's type. Amber wants to hurry up and get married so she won't have to worry about girls coming on to him.

Dressed like she is going on to a club, Bridget asks Rick to borrow money for a trip to the mall. Rick is surprised at the way she is dressed, but Bridget says you're considered a dork if you don't dress sexy. Rick reminds his sister that Kim doesn't dress provocatively and she is not a dork. But you are engaged to Amber, Bridget replies. Rick says it's not sexy to be in high school and expecting a baby. Bridget asks her brother what sex is like. Rick says it made him feel good for a few minutes but it has not been worth the embarrassment it has caused him. Rick tells Bridget to change before heading to the mall.

Lauren is thrilled when Dionne Warwick stops by to help her push Eric along with a marriage proposal. Ms Warwick received Lauren's song she wrote but wonders why Lauren is not planning on singing it herself. Lauren would get too nervous plus Eric loves Dionne Warwick and when she sings, Eric will not be able to resist Lauren. After all, that what friends are for =). At the Café Russe, Eric admits he might not be the best of company since he is so worried about Rick. Lauren promise to take his mind off his worries as Ms Warwick prepares to sing.

Macy tells Sally everything her father said but Sally feels something got into Macy's head and reminded her of when her father left her. Sally leaves Macy alone and later, Myles runs into Darla at Insomnia.

Kim returns Rick's phone call and says she can't make it over tonight. Rick doesn't get an answer as to why so he decides to find out for himself. Kim is surprised when Rick shows up at her house. Rick is not leaving until Kim tells him the truth.

Thursday, November 12, 1998

Sally arrives at her apartment and invites Thorne in for a nightcap, something that she can really use right now. She tells him that she has just had a wakeup call. Macy came too close to dying tonight. She underestimated her ability to deal with Grant's death; she is in deeper than she ever imagined and she has to get her some help. Thorne says that he will help her all that he can. She says that he is doing enough just helping to keep the business afloat. Thorne tells her that he just realized something; every time Sally looks at him, she sees the husband who deserted her.

Miles joins Darla at Insomnia and says that he overheard her talking about her friend. He recently had someone he loved involved in the same kind of accident. Darla says that this person didn't deserve this to happen to her on top of everything else. She had just lost her husband to cancer after only a few months of marriage and she is such a good person! Miles says that Macy is lucky to have a friend like her. "How did you know her name?" Macy asks, surprised.

Rick is standing at the front door and Kimberly tells him that he can't just barge in to other people's house any time he wants to. He says that he isn't leaving until he knows what is going on. Why have you been blowing me off? He says that they were getting along so well and he wants to know what happened to her. "Me?" Kimberly asks. "Alright I will tell you. I met your girlfriend."

At Café Rouse, Lauren gives the high sign to her friend, Dionne Warwick, to start with the song. She and Eric are drinking champagne when the Café manager introduces Dionne. When Eric hears her name, he perks up since she is his favorite singer. Dionne takes the microphone and before she starts singing, she tells the audience that she is singing a song that was written by one of her best friends for her man. Eric looks at Lauren and she nods that what he is thinking is true. Taking her hand, they listen as Dionne sings "The Bold and The Beautiful."

Miles tells Darla that he must have heard her mention it to the waitress and she accepts this explanation. Miles asks her about Macy's family and she answers that she has a mom and a younger brother. There is no father? Miles wants to know. Macy makes a face and says that her father deserted the family a long time ago, the big jerk! He just took off one day and it nearly killed Sally. She was left all alone with a struggling company and a child to raise.

"What?" Sally asks. Thorne repeats that she considers him to have deserted Macy just as Adam Alexander deserted her all those years ago. Sally says she wants nothing to do with his amateur psychology. But she goes on to describe Mr. Alexander as leaving her with a tiny little girl, a girl who adored her father. She didn't tell Macy much about her father as she was growing up; she didn't want her to know that she had been deserted. She was afraid that if she remembered him, she would think that it was her fault that he left.

Why did he leave? Thorne asks. "That is the million dollar question," Sally says, bitterly. "And it is a question that I never got the chance to ask."

Rick is surprised and dumbfounded. "Amber? What did she tell you?" Kimberly says that Amber told her that she was his girl friend and told her to back off. She says that if she had known that he already had a girlfriend, she would never have . . . What? Rick asks. She answers that Amber accused her of running after him or something. Rick says that Amber is a little insecure at times. Kimberly asks if she has a reason to be insecure and Rick says that she doesn't. She asks if he is close with Amber and he reluctantly answers that he is. Kimberly says that all she wants to do now is to focus on getting the science project off the ground and go from there. He says that he is glad that Amber told her; now they can get back to the way things were. Kimberly only answers that her father will be home soon and Rick leaves.

When Dionne finishes the song, she is given a standing ovation. As she is leaving the floor, Lauren invites her to join her and Eric; she tells her that they loved the song. Dionne says that she can't sit with them; anyway, they will want to be alone. As she leaves the Café, she looks back and Lauren and Eric are kissing.

When Darla tells Miles that Adam Alexander dumped his wife and child, leaving without a trace, it was devastating for the family. Miles surmises that maybe he had a good reason for leaving. Darla can think of no good reason that he would have left his family like that and hopes that wherever he is, he is getting what he deserves. Sadly, Miles says that he knows that he regrets it and is probably devastated. As Darla is leaving, he asks her name. She tells him that she is Darla and he introduces himself as Miles.

Sally tells Thorne that Adam and she were so much in love with each other; he was her whole world, her passion. They were struggling to get the business going, but they knew that they would make it. Adam was a rocket on fire; they were going to be at the top of the heap. "Oh, yes, Adam knew where he was going! Oh, he knew where he was going alright; he just forgot to take Macy and me with him." Thorne wonders if she ever had an inkling that he was going to leave her. She answers that she should have; the signs were all there. There were the late meetings, the "wrong numbers." Then one day he was gone. He just vanished without a trace. "One day you think that you have everything; the next day you wake up with nothing but a pile of debts, a family business on the brink of bankruptcy and a little girl with a broken heart. DAMN YOU, ADAM ALEXANDER! DAMN YOU TO HELL!"

Miles comes out of Insomnia and stands on the street alone looking unhappy. "Sally," he whispers. "How do I make you understand?"

Friday, November 13, 1998

Brooke and Megan are making plans for the new showing of their "fabulous" collection but Brooke is worried. She says that they used to be the leaders of fashion; they had all the new ideas long before the other fashion houses. But now, everyone has caught up with them and everyone else has a fabulous collection; they are just cruising on their reputation. Just then, Lauren stops by with a sly smile and Brooke tells Megan that she needs to think on this some more. When they are alone, Lauren shows Brooke the magazine with THE picture in it; the picture of Brooke and Ridge falling out of the elevator has been blown up and is shown in full color!

Ridge is also looking at the picture but he doesn't seem concerned. As he throws the paper down, Stephanie tells him that he should be concerned. If not for his wife, then he should be concerned for the business. The business in down and publicity like this will not help any. Ridge says that this isn't serious; it is just Brooke being Brooke. She reminds him that "Brooke being Brooke" could cost him his marriage. He tells her that he doesn't need her telling him how to run his personal life.

Pierce and Miss Holiday are making plans for the press conference announcing his new video. She brings up the magazine with Brooke and Ridge's picture and he tells her to get rid of it. He doesn't want Taylor to have to see it; it would devastate her. Taylor comes into the house at that moment and asks what would devastate her. Pierce tells her that it is nothing, but Taylor demands to see the magazine.

Rick goes to C.J. and says that he is looking for Amber. C.J. says he doesn't know where she is, but just wait and he will be seeing her---he always does. Rick doesn't want to wait. He is angry; he tells C.J. that Amber actually went to Kimberly and told her that she was his girl friend. C.J. knows so Rick blasts him for not telling him. C.J. says he isn't getting in the middle of this.

Taylor looks at the picture in disgust! She says that she was afraid it would be published. Now she can't go to the office because there will surely be reporters waiting for her. He tells her that they can do their work from the house; he wants to work on the video anyway. She reminds him that the reporters at the press conference will be asking questions also if she is there. They will be full of embarrassing questions all because some people cannot control their sexual impulses. He tells her that that is what this video is about, about how sex can destroy so much human potential.

When Stephanie tries to get Ridge to consider the effect of scandal on business, he jeers at her. You think the women of America will stop buying Forrester Fashions because of one picture that gets in the paper? Stephanie says that he should consider the effect that Brooke has on everything, including the company image. Eric finally speaks up and says that they shouldn't get into that now; they have a company business to save.

Taylor reminds Pierce that sex can be a beautiful thing; it is the most powerful of human drives. Pierce agrees that it is powerful and that it is normal until it is taken to extremes, then it is the most destructive drive there can be. He tells her that it is everywhere; there is pornography, cybersex, HIV, and dysfunctional relationships. But with this new video, they are going to change the world by making a definite statement about sex. Taylor agrees that when sex is used as an expression of love, it is a positive thing. But a lot of people are too preoccupied with it, like Brooke.

While C.J. and Rick are talking, Amber comes up to the door. She is just in time to hear C.J. ask if Kimberly thought that he was free for her. Rick says that Kimberly is so pure and sweet; he has never met anyone like her before. Amber stops at the door and listens. Rick continues to talk about Kimberly, how smart she is, how wholesome, how moral. He admires the fact that she has saved herself for that special person; the girl has never been kissed and he thinks that is so special. He wishes he had waited. He feels like a real loser who is unworthy of someone like Kimberly. C.J. reminds him that he loves Amber and she loves him. "What do you feel for Amber now?" C.J. asks. Rick says that his life sucks. He is only a high school senior and he has a baby on the way. Life sucks! Why didn't he just stop on the way and buy a condom? None of this would have happened if he had only done that, but no, he thought he was so cool. A girl like Kimberly would have known better. "Right now," he says, "when I look at Kimberly, I see everything that I have missed out on." What do you see when you look at Amber? C.J. asks. Outside the door devastated Amber holds her breath for the answer. "When I look at Amber, I see the biggest mistake of my life," Rick admits. Amber sinks to the floor, crying her heart out and trying to quiet the sobs that try to slip out.

Taylor realizes that they have too much pornography but she can't see what they can do about it. There are ministers talking about it from their pulpits and they aren't having any effect on it. Pierce thinks that they will have an effect where the ministers and politicians can't. He feels that they will listen to her; she is a beautiful charismatic woman standing up for the people. This isn't a moralistic stand that they are taking; they are talking about the problem that they have out there in the world where sex seems to rule, and destroy, every aspect of people's lives. Look at Brooke, agrees Taylor, and that picture. There is an example of what you are talking about. When do we start?

At Forrester, Brooke and Lauren are talking about the picture. Brooke is a little upset because it will prove what Stephanie is always saying about her, that she is a slut. Lauren tells her not to feel bad; that is just the way Stephanie is. Brooke tells her that it isn't just Stephanie; the company has been in a slump and profits are down. This doesn't look good coming from the CEO of the company. Lauren says that instead of worrying about the picture in the paper, she should be using her best advantage. She forces her to look at the picture and tell her what is going on. Brooke finally figures it out; she is having fun! She is fun and sexy! Now, Lauren says, you should figure out a way for Forrester Creations to focus on your strength. Thinking about it, Brooke realizes that she is right. To get Forrester back on top, all she has to do is create a new line. She will show the world that sex in the bedroom can be sexy and fun. She will design a whole new line for fun and sex. She is thinking lingerie, but also other things, like linens, comforters, anything that will help you to have fun in the bedroom. Lauren tells her that she is going to need some help. When Brooke looks at her questioningly, she tells her to look at the picture again; there is someone in the picture that will help you. Looking at the picture, Brooke understands. Yes, she says, the company is going to need Ridge!

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