The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 16, 1998 on B&B
As Taylor and Pierce held a press conference about their new video on sexual responsibility, Brooke was on the verge of introducing the sexually charged Brooke's Bedroom. Amber offered Rick a way out of their situation, but Rick vowed to stay by her and their baby. Macy continued to see her father.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 16, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, November 16, 1998

Pierce and Taylor talk about how the attitude toward sex in this country has to change with the world's population increasing at such an alarming rate. Brooke meanwhile is inspired by her latest idea in which sex will be the central theme of Forrester's spring collection. Brooke plans on capitalizing on her sexuality by launching an entire Forrester bedroom collection which will help people improve their sex lives.

Amber overhears Rick telling C.J. what a huge mistake it was that he had unprotected sex with Amber. Amber comes in and admits she heard everything. Rick says she overheard him venting anger on the way Amber talked to Kimberly. Amber only told Kimberly the truth and could have told her a lot more. Rick confesses that he is seeing things differently now that he is getting to know Kimberly. Amber says the way Rick talks about Kim is the way he used to talk about her.

One reason on the earth's soaring population is the steady increase in teenage births. As the population increases, the earth's ability to feed it's population decreases. Pierce and Taylor hope to use this video to make people more responsible in their decision to have sex.

Lauren says Brooke's latest idea will be her most controversial one yet, but Brooke doesn't care. She's sure Stephanie and Taylor will think she is just being her trampy self, but the key is how will Ridge respond to her idea? Brooke just has to talk to Ridge before the Forrester board meeting tonight and decides to head over to his house to see him.

Taylor comes home and she and Ridge trade snide remarks about each other's work. Ridge agrees to limit his contact with Brooke although he has a board meeting with her tonight. Ridge doesn't care about the spring collection, but he does care about his wife and wants to show her how much when Brooke knocks on the door. Brooke says she has to talk to Ridge but Taylor makes it clear that she is interrupting them. Brooke is hurt but promises tonight she and Ridge will start a new chapter.

Amber is crushed that Rick has the hots for Kimberly, but tells him she still loves him. Amber says she can't force Rick to love her or marry her but she is giving Rick an opportunity to reconsider. If Rick wants, Amber will walk out the door, leave town, and never been heard from again. The choice is Ricks. What will he decide?

Tuesday, November 17, 1998

So what does Rick decide? Amber will walk and never be heard from again if Rick says the word. Amber says she is glad she learned Rick's true feelings so she can start making plans for the future. She desperately wants a future with Rick but she can't force Rick to love her. So what's it going to be?

Brooke announces her idea for a sexy, new provocative line to Eric, Stephanie, and Ridge. Brooke calls the new line Brooke's Bedroom and it will offer exquisite, beautifully designed bedroom products ranging from sheets to oils. Forrester is about fashion and fashion is based on sex so Brooke's Bedroom is simply an extension of fashion. Eric and Ridge think the idea is brilliant but the Queen isn't sold on it.

Pierce and Taylor introduce Pierce's new motivational tape about human sexuality. Taylor begins her presentation by explaining how she began working with Pierce and how much respect she has for him. Taylor concludes her speech by expressing how much she looks forward to working with Pierce. The title of the video tape is, "Sexual Responsibility for the New Millennium."

Rick decides he can't let Amber raise their child alone. Rick says he and Amber will get married and raise their baby with a family living together. After Rick tells Amber he loves her, Amber wants Rick to tell Kimberly that he is engaged and that Amber is expecting.

Brooke says Ridge will design the new Brooke's Bedroom collection, but Stephanie doesn't want Brooke committing Forrester's resources to Brooke trying to seduce Ridge. Eric wants the new line and thinks it will be a big seller. Ridge will design the collection and Brooke will sell it because Brooke is a smart, sexy business woman. Stephanie is furious.

Taylor calls Ridge and reports that the conference introducing Pierce's video went well. Brooke calls Pierce and tells him how excited she is to be working alongside Ridge again. Pierce is delighted that Taylor will also be working with him. Brooke and Pierce's destinies seem to be interdependent.

Wednesday, November 18, 1998

Ridge wants to begin the new day making love but Taylor is too busy researching the work on sexual responsibility. Pierce's video is going to deal with how sexual irresponsibility affects disease, overpopulation and family breakups. Ridge doesn't agree that sex is part of the world's problem but Taylor points out Rick's situation. Babies having babies. Need she say more?

Eric expresses his concern to Brooke about how the new product line will affect Ridge's marriage since Ridge and Brooke will be working night and day getting the line developed. Eric doesn't want to add more stress to Ridge's marriage. Brooke thinks she and Eric should concentrate on other problems like Rick. Bridget overhears Brooke wish if only Rick could get involved with girl like Kimberly and forget Amber. Bridget tells her parents that Rick has a crush on Kim.

At Insomnia, Rick notices how beautiful and sweet Kimberly is, but he has to tell her the truth about Amber. Rick walks over to where Kim is sitting and makes up some excuse to talk to her regarding their science project. Rick invites Kim to dinner to discuss Amber.

Taylor feels that people should take responsibility for their actions and Pierce's video is one way to help people do that. People need to stop and think before jumping into bed with someone. That could help fight disease, starvation and broken families. Taylor still plans on opening her own practice and only work for Pierce part time. Ridge says he is starting on a new project at Forrester. The new project is developing home products such as linens, lotions, and lingerie. Taylor says it sounds like sex. Sex sells, Ridge replies. Taylor also thinks the name "Brooke's Bedroom" sound cheap and tacky. Ridge admits that he will be designing most everything so he will have to work with Brooke. Taylor goes on record saying she doesn't like the message the product line is sending and she also doesn't like the fact that Ridge and Brooke will be spending so much time together!

Kim agrees to have dinner with Rick and Rick privately wonders what is he doing asking Kim on a date? Just one date is all Rick wants to find out what it would be like to go out with her. Too bad the first date will also be their last. Kimberly returns home and shares the good news that Rick asked her out. Kim has been wanting this for so long and is sure their date will be the best night of her life. Rick feels sorry about having to tell Kimberly about Amber and the baby. Kimberly will be so hurt, but it is something Rick has to do.

Thursday, November 19, 1998

Lauren is shocked to hear that Macy has been in an accident but when Sally begins to take the blame, she tells her not to pick on herself. She offers whatever help she can give Sally with the business. Sally says that she is afraid that she will have to ask for that very, very generous favor. She is struggling with the business, but she has to find more time to spend with Macy. Something is happening to her girl; she is behaving strangely and it frightens her. Lauren is curious and Sally tells her that she is convinced that her father visited her in the hospital and talked to her, but it had to be a dream. Why? Asks Lauren. Sally says that Macy's father vanished without a trace over 25 years ago.

In her hospital bed, Macy is saying that it was not a dream. Her mother is wrong. He was here; my father has come back to take care of me.

Sally tells Lauren that Adam Alexander walked out without warning and without a clue; one moment he was with them and the next he was gone. She tried her best to make Macy forget the man. For years they didn't talk about him and now she is dreaming of him. She has just lost Grant and now she is remembering another man she lost. Lauren suggests that it was the loss of Grant that reminded her of the other man she lost. Sally says that if that is true, then it is worse than she thought. She says that Adam's leaving had a terrible impact on Macy. For the longest time she was withdrawn and Sally couldn't reach her. She tried to make her realize that it wasn't her fault. Now she is afraid that the ghost of her father will take over her mind and push her over the edge.

Miles tells Kimberly that she can't go out with Rick. "I thought you liked him!" Kimberly exclaims. Miles says that he has learned a few things that have made him question his values and how he was raised. He tells her that she should have talked to him before accepting the invitation. Kimberly is crushed; she tells her father that she thought he would agree since he let her go out with the boys from back home. Miles tells her that she should take some time and get to know Rick but she says that that is so unfair. Rick has been coming over for weeks working on the science project; he even stayed late at times to speak to him. Miles says that he isn't going to argue with her about this. She agrees that she will not argue with him either, but she reminds him that he is the one who wanted her to meet new friends and fit in. Rick is the nicest person in LA! She is lucky that he has asked her out. Miles thinks it over and gives his permission but says that she has to be home by 10 and not one minute later. He also says that he won't be able to be there when Rick picks her up, but he will be waiting for her when she gets home.

Rick tells Bridget that Kimberly will hate him after tonight but Bridget cannot believe that. He is a nice guy no matter what and she will know that. He says that he made the biggest mistake of his life; he was wrong big time! Bridget tells him not to be so hard on himself, but Rick says that he did something really stupid and he is definitely not cool. He would like to just go out with Kimberly to have a good time but he can't. He can never forget for one minute about Amber and the baby. He tells her that having sex is a big commitment and she should only do it if she is ready to spend the rest of her live with that person. Bridget thinks that that is a little old fashioned; no one thinks like that these days. "Kimberly does," Rick tells her. "Kimberly hasn't even been kissed. She is saving herself for the right person."

Lauren continues to listen as Sally tells her about the most painful time in her life. She says that Adam Alexander was the only real love of her life and even though he was younger than she was, they meant everything to each other and did everything together. Adam was her lover, her husband and her partner; they shared their dreams with each other. She couldn't believe it when he disappeared but eventually she had to wake up and realize that he was a liar and a coward. "It sounds like you are still angry with him," Lauren observes. Sally says that she is. When he left, her whole world crashed down without any warning. Now she finds that Macy is still haunted by it and she has to put a stop to that.

Macy is dozing when Miles walks into her room and looks down at her. When she begins to stir, he walks over behind the screen and sits in the shadows. Macy thinks that she got a roommate while she slept. Miles answers in a whisper. She asks if he saw a man in her room; he would have been tall and dark with a moustache. When the whisper says that he hasn't seen anyone, she says that her mother was probably right; it was only a dream.

Rick is ready to go and is thinking about how hard it is going to be to tell Kimberly. He tells Bridget that that isn't the only reason he is going out with her. He wants to see what it would have been like if he could have been like all the other kids. He wants to see what he is missing out on but he guesses it is just a stupid idea. Bridget says that she knows that he is committed to Amber but if this is his last chance to see what a normal teen life would have been, then she hopes he doesn't waste it.

"Tell me about your dream," Miles whispers. Macy says that she never gave up hope that he would come back. She asks if he has any children and he tells her that he has two girls. Then you know about that special bond between a daddy and his little girl, don't you? To a little girl, their daddy can't do anything wrong. She goes on to say that she always blamed her mother for his going away. Every time she would mention her father, her mother would lose it so finally she just stopped talking about him. She took his picture off of her dresser and threw away all of his presents.

"Were you never angry at him?" Macy says that when she was about nine, she realized he was never coming back and she was angry. It happened at camp. They were having a cotillion on parent's day. She was sitting with Susan when her father came up and asked her to dance. She watched them dancing and wished that she had a father who could ask her to dance. When she looked at her mother, she saw tears in her eyes. "I hated him then," Macy says. "I hated him for making my mother cry; I hated him for leaving us and not being there to ask me to dance. He never even said good bye. How could anyone do that to a child?" Macy is crying. Miles is also crying as he whispers that he is so sorry.

Kimberly is dressed and ready to leave. She is so nervous; she feels like she is jumping out of her skin. She hears a car outside and when she looks she sees that it is Rick. "Father should have been here for this," she says. "Where is he running off to these days?" The doorbell rings and she goes to open the door. Rick's eyes nearly pop out of his head when he sees her. All he can say is Wow! You look wonderful, he says and she tells him that so does he. She goes to the bedroom for her purse. Watching her go, Rick says that she is so sweet; she is an angel. This should be the greatest night of his life. If only . . . "No, I have to tell her, even if it tears her apart." Kimberly comes back into the room and says that she is ready.

Friday, November 20, 1998

Miles stands at the foot of Macy's bed and looks down on his sleeping daughter. He says that he missed her and thought of her often during the years. He says that he wasn't there for her as a child but her is here now and he will make it up to her.

When he hears the doctor at the door, he goes back behind the screen that is separating the two beds. The doctor comes in and speaks to Macy, waking her up. He tells her that he is going to release her today. Just then, Sally and the crew come in all excited to be taking their girl home. The doctor leaves after telling them that she will need a few days of bed rest. They tell Macy that C.J. is preparing a surprise for her back at the apartment. Macy wonders if is her father; will C.J. have her father there when she comes home?

C.J. is working on a "Welcome Home" sign and a room full of balloons when Amber stops by to ask if he has heard from Rick. VJ tells her that he doesn't want to get caught in the middle of this. Amber says there won't be a problem much longer; Rick is going to tell Kimberly tonight about the baby. That should blow Little Miss Muffett off of her Tuffett, she tells C.J..

At Café Russe, Pierre tells Rick that they have many of his favorites on special tonight. When he walks away, Kimberley asks if he comes her often. He says that he only comes on special occasions. As he tells her that the last time he was here, Kimberly turns into Amber and he sees her excited as she was on that night. He shakes his head and says never mind, that was a long time ago. Kimberly tells him to order for her but she also adds that she loves French food. She says that it is her dream to go to France someday, rent a place on the Mediterranean and just sunbathe and write postal cards. She says that the movie with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly---her mother's favorite actors---really made the French Rivera the most romantic place on earth. Rick shares with her that as a kid he wanted to be John Wayne. He once begged his parents to let him go to a dude ranch but they sent him to a soccer camp instead. Using his best John Wayne voice, he asks her if she would like to dance.

Macy insists that she saw her father there in the hospital just as clearly as she sees them now. She says that he reached over and touched her and she felt his hand in hers. She says that he was recently there talking to her; if they don't believe her, ask the man in the next bed. Going over to the curtain, Darla and Thorne both tell her that there is no one in that bed. Miles listens as Sally tells her daughter that Adam Alexander doesn't exist any longer. They decide to drop the subject for now since Macy is only getting upset. They are more interested in getting Macy home anyway. Miles says that Macy is still her father's daughter and he is still her father.

Macy, however, doesn't' want to change the subject. She wonders why Sally isn't interested in hearing what her father had to say. Sally says that they will talk about it some other time. She is ill right now; she has been depressed and trying to deal with Grant's de'th. She doesn't th'nk that now is the time to bring up other painful memories. Macy says that her father has helped her to deal with her grief. He has shown her that Grant's death isn't the first trauma she has had in her life; if she is strong enough to get over losing her father, then she can handle this latest loss. She says that her father has made her see that she needs to look ahead. She says that Sally should stop pretending that he didn't exist; they need to talk about her father. Sally promises that they will talk about it later, but right now, they need to get out of here before they are thrown out.

While Macy is in the bathroom getting dressed and Sally Company is out at the nursing station handling the discharge papers, Miles slips out of the room. He stands in the hallway and watches Sally with a longing look. Darla comes up and speaks to him, surprised to find him at the hospital. She is looking for the coffee shop and he tells her that it isn't on this floor. She leaves without any suspicion of him.

C.J. tells Amber that things haven't been easy for Rick. It has been bad enough where his parents and their attitude are concerned but now he has met someone that is really messing with his head. He sees the kind of life that he has never had and never will have because he is going to be a father. Amber thinks he should be thrilled to have the little geek out of his hair.

Kimberly asks if Rick doesn't want to talk to her about Amber, but Rick says he would rather dance. He says that he has been nervous about this all day; this isn't just another date for him. He doesn't want to rush into anything but enjoy it all as it happens. He just wants to relax and dance with her and make a real night of it. They go out on to the dance floor and begin dancing. As they get closer and closer, they find that they can't take their eyes off of each other. They smile into each other's eyes and dance.

When Rick escorts Kimberly back to the table, she thanks him for the dance. As he seats her at the table she calls him Eric and says that this was the most wonderful, amazing dance she has ever had. She tells him that calling him Eric is more sophisticated and mature than Rick. When Rick has seated himself, she says that this is the most wonderful night she has ever had and they haven't even ordered dinner yet. She thanks him for making her first date so special and Rick tells her that it is special for him also.

Amber calls the house and Stephanie's house but Rick still isn't home. She can't figure out what is taking him so long. Probably Kimberly is having a real hissy fit because of Rick's news and she is crying and dragging the night out. C.J. hints that maybe Rick is having a good time but she tells C.J. that she has total trust in Rick. He will not let her and their baby down. He will never turn his back on them, never again.

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