The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 23, 1998 on B&B
Rick was unable to tell Kimberly that Amber was pregnant with his child. Rick and Kimberly shared their first kiss. Taylor and Ridge worked on their marriage. Stephanie sabotaged Brooke's attempt to seduce Ridge. Pierce envisioned a life with Taylor and Thomas.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 23, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, November 23, 1998

Rick tells Kimberly that she makes him see things in a different way as the two enjoy a lovely dinner at the Café Russe. Rick says he should give the real reason why he brought Kim to dinner, but instead tells her if he had known that he was going to meet Kimberly, Rick never would have made the mistakes he did.

Amber is furious to learn Rick took Kimberly to the Café Russe. Why did he have to take her to such a romantic place just to break the news about Amber's baby? Brooke tells Amber it makes perfect sense that Rick would take his date to the Café Russe since a boy his age should be dating other girls. Amber asks Brooke what does Kimberly have that she doesn't have? Self-respect, Brooke replies. Kim doesn't have to trap a boy into marriage in order to hang onto him. Amber tells herself that Rick only took Kimberly out to break the news to her, and tells Brooke Rick has to take some responsibility toward his child. Maybe so, Brooke concedes, but Rick doesn't have to marry Amber to take responsibility. Amber warns Brooke that it's over between Rick and Kim tonight!

Macy is recuperating at Sally's and is sure the visions she had were not dreams. Sally thinks memories of her father have been jarred due to Grant's death. Macy goes to her bedroom and looks at old photos of she and her dad. Thorne suggests getting professional help for Macy while he realizes how hurt Sally was over Adam's departure. C.J. wonders if Macy really did see her father, but Sally assures her son that Adam Alexander left twenty five years ago and has never looked back. Miles watches Macy through the bedroom window and says it's time she is made aware of how much he loves his daughter.

Rick takes Kimberly home where she assures him that whatever it is he has to tell her, will not make her think any less of him. Kimberly thanks Rick for giving her this incredible night and now she wants to give him something in return. Something she has been saving for the right person. Kimberly kisses Rick and then goes inside. Rick is falling for Kimberly.

Tuesday, November 24, 1998

C.J. warns Rick that Amber is not too thrilled he took Kimberly to the Cafe Russe. Brooke hopes Rick will become involved with Kimberly, but Amber reminds her Rick took Kimberly on a date to break the news about Amber's pregnancy. Rick comes home with a big smile on his face and Amber asks him why he took Kim to such a romantic place.

Taylor expresses her concern about Rick and Amber. Babies having babies. Taylor is impressed that Rick is taking responsibility when his parents and classmates are urging him to go the opposite direction. Ridge and Taylor start their new projects tomorrow and the projects contradict each other. Ridge takes a shower and Pierce shows up to drop off some material he wants Taylor to go over for their taping tomorrow. Taylor tries to rush Pierce out without Ridge noticing. Ridge notices Taylor and Pierce laughing as Taylor tries to push him out. Ridge catches up Pierce outside and warns him not to interrupt their time at home again. Back inside, Ridge and Taylor promise to have faith and trust in each other no matter what happens.

Rick says he couldn't bring himself to tell Kimberly about the baby. She was having such a wonderful time and Rick did not want to spoil it. Brooke thinks it's great her son has a crush on somebody other than Amber. Amber wants to know if Rick has changed his mind about their future, and pressures him into a decision. Does Rick really want to marry Amber and make a life together with the baby? Rick declares he does want to marry Amber. He's seventeen and already a father, but Rick decides to stand by his commitment to raise this child and promises to take care of Amber and the baby for the rest of his life.

Wednesday, November 25, 1998

Taylor apologizes to Pierce for Ridge's behavior as the duo prepare for the video taping. Taylor isn't sure she is ready to tape a video 50 million people are going to see, but Pierce assures her he chose her because of her compassion which the viewers will pick up. Taylor gets her hair, nails, and makeup done and Pierce has several outfits Taylor can chose to wear for the video. Taylor models several outfits while Pierce holds Thomas and realizes Taylor should always be as happy as she is right now. All that is about to change, because Pierce is going to show her how happy he can make her.

Stephanie tells James that Ridge working with Brooke on her latest project has the potential to destroy his marriage. Ridge forgets the lengths Brooke will go to and that is when Brooke is her most dangerous. Brooke is like a snake and she is about to strike, Steph says. James thinks "Brooke's Bedroom" has the potential to make a lot of money but Steph counters saying no amount of money is worth Ridge and Taylor's marriage. Stephanie tells James there is someone she has to see.

Ridge and Brooke begin working on the new home line when Brooke has a bed brought into her office. Brooke crawls into bed and asks Ridge to join her, but Ridge backs away before he gets into trouble. After Ridge leaves, Stephanie finds Brooke asleep calling out Ridge's name. Steph decides to have a little fun and starts blowing in her ear. Stephanie takes it one step further and hops into bed with Brooke. Brooke rolls over and is shocked to find the Queen in bed with her!

Thursday, November 26, 1998

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air.

Friday, November 27, 1998

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air.

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