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Brooke shocked and awed the press at her lingerie debut, but Stephanie attacked Brooke and knocked Brooke and Ridge into the onstage bed with her. Rick recommitted himself to Amber and gave his parents an ultimatum. Myles and Macy talked about his past.
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Brooke shocked and awed the press at her lingerie debut
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Rick decides to marry Amber Rick decides to marry Amber
Monday, December 7, 1998

Brooke apologized to Kimberly for Rick's behavior, explaining that Rick had been terribly confused. Kimberly stressed that she didn't feel the same way toward Rick anymore, knowing he'd been involved with Amber the whole time. Brooke said Amber had taken advantage of Rick, and there were other ways he could be a father to his child besides marrying Amber. Brooke asked Kimberly not to give up on Rick, telling her his being with Kimberly had made him rethink his situation.

Rick felt terrible for hurting Kimberly, but Amber thought he was making too big a deal out of it. Rick reminded Amber he should be picking out college majors, not baby names. Rick said that his one night with Amber had ruined his life, which devastated Amber.

Sally spoke to James about Macy's fantasies concerning her father. James felt he needed an overall picture of why Myles had left for him to be able to help. Sally raged that she had hated that man since the day he'd left.

As Myles took Macy in from the beach, she wanted to know why he'd abandoned her and Sally all those years before. Myles asked Macy to believe it had been heartbreaking for him to leave and that he hadn't had a choice. Macy wanted to know why he hadn't.

Brooke asked Kimberly to give Rick another chance, owing to the fact that he was reevaluating things with Amber. Brooke felt only Kimberly could get through to Rick. Kimberly replied that whether or not Rick and Amber got married, it wouldn't be because of her.

Amber realized Rick was angry over hurting Kimberly, but she stated that Amber and Rick were still going strong. Rick reached the conclusion that, had he stuck to his responsibilities, he wouldn't have gotten involved with Kimberly, trying to be a normal high school kid. Rick decided the best way he could take control was to marry Amber, either in Los Angeles, or somewhere else if he couldn't get his parents' approval. Rick declared that he had to start taking responsibility for his actions.

Myles asks Macy to keep their reunion secret Myles asks Macy to keep their reunion secret
Tuesday, December 8, 1998

Macy demanded to know why her father had left 25 years earlier. Myles was reluctant to explain but knew he had to come clean. He shared that back then, he and Sally had had financial trouble at Spectra. Myles had wanted to prove he hadn't been just a dreamer and had heard about people he could borrow money from. After Myles had gotten his loan from them, he'd been arrested for money laundering but given immunity for leading detectives to the loan sharks.

Myles said he had felt he'd had no choice but to leave, because he had been worried what they might do to him and his family if they found out Myles had ratted them out. It had been the only way to keep Macy and Sally safe -- Myles had loved them enough to leave them.

Myles hoped Macy could understand the danger he would have exposed her and Sally to had he taken them with him. Macy wasn't sure what to believe. Myles asked her to remember the love they'd shared between them and reiterated that he had never wanted to leave his wife and daughter. When Myles revealed that he had attended all her concerts, Macy wanted to call Sally, but Myles felt it still might not be safe to. He asked her to keep his return just between him and Macy.

Kimberly told C.J about Brooke not wanting her to give up on Rick and about her refusal to steer Rick away from Amber. The conversation had made Kimberly realize Rick was in way over his head and that it could ruin his life. C.J. explained that Amber really did love Rick, but Kimberly had made Rick think about what he had done. Kimberly stated there was no future for her with Rick and that she didn't want to think about what might have been.

Hearing Kimberly say her father was Macy's biggest fan and that he had all of Macy's albums, C.J. gave Kimberly another one of Macy's CDs. Once C.J. left, Kimberly played the CD and thought back to the time she had spent with Rick.

Rick took Amber to see Brooke and Eric and announced to his parents that he had something to tell them. He'd realized he couldn't be a father and a typical high school teenager at the same time. Brooke reminded her son that if he really loved Amber, he wouldn't have developed feelings for Kimberly. Just the other night, Brooke pointed out, Amber had been worried Rick had been falling for Kimberly. Amber chalked it up to Rick getting cold feet.

Brooke insisted that Kimberly represented all of the opportunities Rick would be passing up. Rick affirmed he loved Amber and knew what he wanted. Rick had made his decision -- with or without his parents' support, he was going to marry Amber. If Brooke and Eric couldn't abide that, Rick and Amber would "get the hell out of town" and never return.

Grudgingly, Brooke agrees to let Rick marry Amber Grudgingly, Brooke agrees to let Rick marry Amber
Wednesday, December 9, 1998

Taylor griped to Ridge that the whole concept of the Brooke's Bedroom line at Forrester glorified sex when there was enough of that in the world already. To her, teenage pregnancy and disease were the result of a world obsessed with sex, but Ridge felt those were a result of irresponsibility -- Brooke's Bedroom was targeted at mature adults. Taylor fumed that Brooke was promoting sex while her teenaged son was about to become a father. It sent the wrong message about sex and would only confuse Rick and Bridget. Taylor knew Brooke's Bedroom was really just designed as a way for Brooke to seduce Ridge, but Taylor declared she wouldn't let it get to her. What she and Ridge had was perfect.

Later, Stephanie visited Taylor, scoffing that Brooke had found her true calling with the new line. Taylor felt it was too bad it was at Forrester's expense. Stephanie was more concerned about Taylor's marriage and warned Taylor not to underestimate Brooke. While Taylor trusted Ridge to not let Brooke come between them, Stephanie advised Taylor not to let her guard down.

Taylor couldn't believe Eric was going along with Brooke's Bedroom. Stephanie deemed it a blatant attempt to destroy Taylor's marriage to Ridge, and she showed Taylor how Brooke had installed a bed in her office, turning it into a sex shop. Stephanie offered it as proof that Brooke would stop at nothing to steal Ridge away, and she warned the trustful Taylor not to turn her back on Brooke for a minute.

Brooke and Eric were shocked that Rick wanted to marry Amber before their baby was born. Rick stood firm in his belief that he had to start taking responsibility for his actions. Eric wondered how Rick would do that without a high school diploma. Rick explained that his parents had given him no choice. He'd tried to pretend he was a normal teenager, but that had only gotten people hurt. Brooke felt Rick was taking that stance because of his feelings for Kimberly.

Amber asked Rick's parents what else Rick had to do to prove his love for Amber. Rick gave Eric and Brooke an ultimatum: support his marriage, or lose him and their grandchild. Rick's baby needed a father, and it was time Rick started acting like one. Brooke agreed to the marriage so that Rick would stay in town.

Privately, Brooke told Eric she couldn't risk Rick leaving, but she would try to talk Rick out of the marriage. Brooke wished Rick had had more time with Kimberly. Eric and Brooke were determined to find a way to stop Rick from marrying Amber.

Amber was thrilled with the way Rick had stood up to his parents for her, and she promised to be the best wife. After Rick left, Brooke entered and warned that Amber's victory would not last long -- Brooke was coming after her.

Furious Brooke alters her press conference Furious Brooke alters her press conference
Thursday, December 10, 1998

Thursday, December 10, 1998
by Mike

As Ridge kissed Taylor's neck, Taylor reminded him she had to meet Pierce. Taylor thought they could have lunch, but Ridge confirmed he wouldn't be able to because of the press conference for the new line. Taylor reported seeing the bed in Brooke's office and asked Ridge to promise he wouldn't bring the reporters into Brooke's "brothel." She asked if she was the only one who saw how deranged Brooke was.

Ridge stated that Brooke was not Taylor's patient, and the Bedroom line would make Forrester a lot of money. Taylor thought it was more about Ridge encouraging Brooke -- and the example Brooke was setting. It bothered Ridge that Taylor was connecting business with their marriage. After he stepped away to take a call, Taylor announced she that would do what she had to, and she headed out.

At Forrester, Brooke filled Lauren in on Rick's decision to marry Amber then touched on the press conference. Brooke said Stephanie would have a fit if Brooke modeled the line. Lauren declared it was Brooke's idea, and Brooke's face and body should be right up front. "But if you want to call it Stephanie's Bedroom..." Lauren teased as she dangled a teddy. Taylor's arrival stopped Lauren and Brooke's laughter. Lauren granted Taylor's request to speak to Brooke alone, and she left.

Lauren sauntered into Eric's office in sequins and a feather boa. She told Eric, already in his tux for the press conference, that he was about to get lucky. Lauren ebulliently declared that they were packed for Vegas and could fly off after the conference, because Eric needed some relaxation. Eric said he couldn't go, and couldn't believe he and Brooke had given Rick permission to marry Amber.

Lauren felt that Brooke and Eric had bought themselves some time, and she suggested they let Rick cool off. She said Eric needed to take some time for himself, too. Eric predicted he would only think of Rick the whole time away, which Lauren did not find flattering. Though Eric promised he would take Lauren to the Café Russe to make it up to her, family was the most important thing at that moment. Lauren snorted that she felt ridiculous in her outfit and stormed out.

Stephanie visited Ridge in his office and admired a piece of material for the new line. She sneered, "Just like Brooke -- transparent." Ridge admitted that he knew Stephanie had taken Taylor to Brooke's office. Stephanie was adamant that Taylor see what she was up against and that Ridge do something about Brooke. Stephanie had caught Brooke in her office bed, waiting for Ridge, but Ridge claimed Brooke had been napping.

Stephanie also worried that Brooke's imminent press conference would sully Forrester's reputation for taste and elegance that Eric and Stephanie had built up. Ridge assured Stephanie that Brooke was aware of that reputation and showed his mother the conference itinerary. Stephanie approved of it but thought everything could go wrong if Brooke made one misstep.

Brooke lounged on her office bed and could see something had Taylor upset. Taylor chucked some underwear at Brooke and said it should be obvious -- Taylor knew Brooke was after Ridge. Brooke argued that she was developing a product line based on her own personality, and if Ridge found that sexy, she couldn't help that. Brooke was tired of Taylor whining about Ridge and said Taylor knew Ridge had been in love with Brooke from the start. Brooke exclaimed that no one felt sorry for Taylor. Taylor spat that it had been a mistake to go to Brooke's office and that nothing short of public humiliation would shake Brooke out of her delusion. Taylor felt bad that Brooke was going to drag everyone down with her.

Taylor reminded Brooke that Forrester Creations was Eric and Stephanie's life work, but she said that to Brooke, it was just a tool to manipulate Ridge. Soon, the whole world would know what Brooke was up to, including Brooke's children. Brooke was enraged that Taylor had brought her kids into their conflict, but Taylor said Brooke should be worried about them seeing Brooke peddling her wanton wares on TV. She pointed out that Rick was already in enough trouble. Brooke yelled for Taylor to shut up, but Taylor continued, drawing a connection between Rick's situation and what Brooke had taught him by example.

Brooke wasn't ashamed of her sexuality. Taylor felt Brooke had been teaching Rick and Bridget to use sex as a weapon, yet Brooke was surprised Rick had gotten Amber pregnant. Brooke called Taylor a hypocrite, since Ridge had only married Taylor because of Thomas, but Taylor countered that she and Ridge had been engaged when Thomas had been conceived.

Taylor was certain Ridge would never leave his family for Brooke, and she feared Brooke's children would be treated differently by their friends after seeing Brooke in her lingerie. Taylor thought it could be too late for Rick and wondered if Bridget was supposed to strap on one of Brooke's teddies and ask a guy for sex. Brooke ordered Taylor out, ignoring Taylor's pleas to put her children first, then threw a bottle at the door Taylor exited.

To herself, Brooke raged that Taylor was terrified of Ridge's continuing feelings for Brooke. Brooke had planned to hold back in the press conference so as to not offend Taylor -- "Forget it!" Brooke said out loud. She called Megan in and canceled the model for the event. Megan worried that Brooke was nixing the whole conference, but Brooke assured Megan she was only making a few changes -- and that they needed to hurry. Alone again, Brooke declared that Taylor had made a mistake she would regret for the rest of her life.

Brooke's "Bedroom" launch descends into chaos Brooke's "Bedroom" launch descends into chaos
Friday, December 11, 1998
by Mike

Brooke lounged on her office bed with a mischievous smile on her face. Talking to herself, she declared that Taylor had made a mistake laying into her about her Bedroom line, and if Taylor thought the elevator incident with Ridge was bad, that was nothing compared to what she would do later that day. Brooke swore she was going through with it and that it would blow people's minds!

On the phone with Taylor, an amused Ridge commented that Taylor couldn't leave well enough alone. Taylor felt that her opinion about the Bedroom line should be put on the record. She asked about that day's press conference and learned from Ridge it was going to air on the Fashion Channel. Ridge predicted Taylor would be bored by the conference and that there would be no fireworks. As she hung up, Pierce entered and asked if Taylor was ready to get back to work. "No!" Taylor insisted.

Dressed in their formal finery, Eric and Stephanie greeted Thorne as he walked in. They asked about Macy, and Thorne admitted she was still having a tough time of it. Thorne asked why his parents wanted to see him, and they informed him they wanted him back at Forrester. Thorne was surprised; since he was working at Spectra, and he'd figured he wasn't wanted at Forrester. No one was knocking down his door to get him back.

The elder Forresters said they were just giving Thorne space and hoping he would return on his own. They needed Thorne and would accommodate his schedule at Spectra if that was what it took. Thorne accepted by saying it was good to be back. He shared a warm hug with his mother and father, who requested he start right then by working the press conference.

Brooke spoke to Megan on the phone and told her to get everyone together; they were going through with it. Ridge stopped by and alerted Brooke that the press conference was about to start, saying she should get ready. Brooke informed him she would be a little late and asked him to cover for her, pushing Ridge out the door. "Just wait until you get an eyeful of this, Ridge Forrester," she said to herself once alone. Ridge wouldn't forget it -- neither would Stephanie, and she had Taylor to thank for that.

Taylor explained to Pierce that she was still upset about her visit to Brooke, who had a new piece of office furniture -- a bed. Brooke had turned her workspace into a bordello. Pierce felt Brooke was a classy lady, but Taylor balked that Brooke's Bedroom had nothing to do with class or romance and that Brooke had no sense of public responsibility. Taylor wanted to watch the press conference; Pierce was sure Eric wouldn't let things get out of control, while Taylor was sure Brooke would find a way to steal the spotlight.

Lauren stopped by Brooke's office and learned Brooke was going ahead with her plan. It was a little much, even for Brooke, Lauren surmised, but she figured the Forresters were fine with it. When Lauren realized they didn't know about the plan, she exclaimed, "You are insane -- and I love it!" After she warned that Stephanie wouldn't take it lying down, Henry arrived and reported that the press was in the house; the conference was ready to begin. Brooke asked Lauren to wish her luck, which Lauren did, but when Brooke left, Lauren sighed, "Oh, boy." She hoped Brooke would survive it.

The Forrester family took the stage, with Eric welcoming the press. He was thrilled to announce a new and exciting division, something they had never done before. Watching the televised conference, Pierce didn't see anything raucous -- or Brooke, for that matter. Taylor found that odd, since it was Brooke's project.

Eric announced that their new product line had been created by their CEO, Brooke Logan. Ridge would be its top designer, and Thorne, who was returning to Forrester, would handle its catalog sales and Internet division. Eric was surprised Brooke wasn't there yet, but he had been told she would be soon. Given how hard Brooke had been working, they would excuse her -- this time. With that, Eric invited Stephanie to the podium to say a few words.

Taylor thought Brooke would have to be locked in a closet before she'd let Stephanie run the show. Pierce found the conference boring, and Taylor felt it was good that Forrester was playing down the Bedroom line's "sex-o-rama" factor.

To the press, Stephanie declared that Brooke's Bedroom was a unique product mix but that they would probably be changing the name. Before she could go on, the house lights went down, and Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" began blaring over the loudspeakers. The Forresters were puzzled. Then, Megan announced over the P.A. that they were proud to present the newest of the new in pleasure design. A sextet of sultry models sauntered in, flashing lingerie and flirting with the appreciative, applauding audience. They strutted up to the stage, then a circular platform began to turn, and Megan trumpeted the woman behind Brooke's Bedroom, "the final word in sexy sophistication...Brooke Logan!"

The platform revealed Brooke standing on a huge bed, wearing a long, crimson robe. "Tell me this is not happening!" Stephanie said as the crowd went wild. Ridge looked more entertained than anything else. Meanwhile, Taylor gaped at her TV, unable to believe what she was seeing.

Brooke posed for photos and gave Stephanie a victorious smirk. Letting the robe slide off her, Brooke boasted a crimson corset with matching garters and sheer hose. One model took Ridge's hand and led him to the bottom step of the platform, where Brooke had convened with the other girls. Brooke deemed her line a movement, a rediscovery of sensual tantric bedroom power, and a celebration of love. Who better, she proclaimed, to bring it to the world than Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester.

At home, Taylor raged to see Brooke giving Ridge a kiss on the cheek on live television. "How dare she bring my husband into this?" she fumed. Railing about how young the models were, Taylor couldn't believe Brooke called herself a mother. She declared it was no wonder Rick was having so many problems. Pierce wanted to turn the set off, but Taylor wanted to keep watching, because Brooke had gone too far. She said Brooke was going to fall.

Brooke took questions from the press, stating that Brooke's Bedroom wasn't just about lingerie; it was about the experience -- the doorknobs, bedposts, sheets, and towels all worked together to enhance a man and a woman's pleasure. Brooke assured another reporter that yes, the line would be available in larger sizes, because passion was for many sizes -- from small, shapely figures to full-bodied, mature figures like their very own queen, Stephanie Forrester. Stephanie glared over the dig. Brooke oozed that she and Ridge were going to have as much fun designing the line as those in attendance were going to have wearing it. "That's enough," Stephanie exhorted.

When one reporter wondered if Brooke's Bedroom went against Forrester Creations' reputation for class and elegance, Brooke said they were enhancing that image. The legacy of passion, sensuality, and sexiness that was Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester was going to be a part of their work. Stephanie stepped forward and thanked everyone for being there, suggesting the models get dressed. Grabbing a blanket, Stephanie said Brooke looked chilly and attempted to cover up her scantily clad body, but the enemies got tangled and fell on the bed, with Brooke crying out that Stephanie was choking her. Ridge tried to break up the fight but flopped onto the mattress with them, leaving Eric to make a futile attempt to excuse the press, who wouldn't stop taking pictures.

As Ridge, Stephanie, and Brooke tussled on the bed, Taylor seethed that Brooke was finished. Taylor's husband would never be a part of the line again.

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