The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 14, 1998 on B&B
Taylor and Ridge argued about Brooke, and Brooke vowed to get Ridge back. Eric and Brooke hoped Kimberly could talk Rick out of marrying Amber, but Amber warned Kimberly to stay away from Rick.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 14, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, December 14, 1998

Following the melee at the press conference, a livid Stephanie screams that Brooke made complete fools of everyone and wants Brooke out of the company. "You bitch!" Stephanie yells at Brooke. Eric and Stephanie spent their whole lives building this entire company and in one moment it comes crashing down, all because of Brooke. It wasn't even for money. It was all Brooke's way of getting Ridge into bed. Taylor comes home to find about a half dozen reporters hounding her asking her questions about she will deal with her husband's involvement with Brooke.

Sally is tickled by the fireworks at Forrester when Amber drops the bombshell she and Rick are getting married with his parent's permission. Sally doesn't think Eric and Brooke will just sit back and allow their teenage son to marry. Amber dreams of a big fancy Forrester wedding at the Beverly Hills Country Club. Sally warns Amber to come down from the clouds or she is bound to find trouble because although Brooke might have given her permission, she doesn't mean it. Amber admits Rick had a hard time letting Kimberly down, while Sally tries to get Amber to deal with her situation the way it is.

After Taylor gets inside her house, the press takes off. Taylor thinks back to the press conference and how Brooke was kissing and hanging all over Ridge. Brooke promises Stephanie that "Brooke's Bedroom" will make tons of money. Stephanie blasts Brooke for turning Forrester into a Hollywood sex shop! Ridge sides with Brooke saying the world expects a little razzle dazzle out of Forrester. Just what does Taylor expect? Stephanie says this line will not sell and even if it does, it will not justify the hit to their image.

Forrester is in trouble. Even in her worst scams, Sally Spectra didn't stoop this low, Stephanie continues. The Forresters get word that the television show Hard Copy is running a story about the press conference.

Amber explains to La Spectra that if Brooke and Eric did not give their permission to marry, they would have lost Rick for good. Sally says Brooke and Eric already lost the innocent boy they had so many hopes and dreams for. Amber is offering Rick's parents a lose/lose situation and one day Rick will regret the situation Amber is putting him in.

The Forresters watch the story on Hard Copy and to their surprise, the story is quite favorable. The Hard Copy reporter loved the press conference and proclaims "Brooke's Bedroom" a hit! Steph can't believe it. Brooke is so thrilled so walks out and gives the press so more cleavage!

Ridge comes home with flowers but Taylor says it is going to take a lot more than flowers. Taylor realizes now why Ridge didn't want her to watch the press conference although Ridge says he had no idea Brooke was going to pull what she did. Brooke took advantage of you again, Taylor says. Taylor is sorry she went through this but vows not to go through it again. That's why she gives Ridge an ultimatum: Taylor or "Brooke's Bedroom." Taylor wants Ridge to quit working on "Brooke's Bedroom."

Brooke is delighted with her success and says there is nothing that can stop her now. She is a hit and so is Ridge. They are a team and are going all the way...

Tuesday, December 15, 1998

Ridge doesn't understand why Taylor is so upset while Taylor says the press conference was obscene and wants Ridge to quit working on this project. Ridge says he can't quit because he is head designer, but Taylor is not going to stand for having the father of her child working with that woman. Brooke is happy Taylor saw the press conference and thinks Taylor is using it as a scapegoat to make her look like the bad guy. Brooke says Taylor will not stop until she's destroyed her so Brooke is going to have to destroy Taylor first. Taylor tells Ridge that this new line attacks her work with Pierce since she is preaching sexual responsibility while Ridge and Brooke are doing the exact opposite. Where is Ridge's self-respect? Any wife in her right mind wouldn't put up with what Taylor has to put up with. Brooke says Taylor was out of line when she attacked her morals and parenting. If Brooke's children have suffered it's because of Taylor and Stephanie. They took away the only father her kids have ever really known and Brooke hopes they rot in hell because of it!

Stephanie is frustrated Eric doesn't see the connection between Brooke's behavior and Rick's mess. Amber hatches a plan to get on Stephanie's good side. Amber and Stephanie play cards and Amber is surprised Stephanie enjoys herself even though she is spending time with Amber. Amber asks Stephanie is she will be her matron of honor at her wedding.

Ridge suggests he and Taylor make love but Taylor says sex is not the solution to their problems. Ridge reminds Taylor they married for better or worse and if today was the worst, they have it made. Ridge says he resisted Brooke today because he knew he was coming home to you. Taylor is all he cares about.

Pierce doesn't feel Ridge deserves Taylor while Brooke feels Ridge and Taylor are too opposite to be together. Brooke says Taylor is going to have to accept that Ridge enjoys working with her. This new line will be the biggest thing to ever hit Forrester. Ridge and Brooke will be spending countless hours together. Brooke vows Ridge will be hers again and there is nothing Taylor can do to stop it.

Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Stephanie is flattered by Amber's request but wants to speak to Eric and Brooke first. Amber tells Stephanie she has been her best friend by giving her a place to stay and a doctor for the baby. Stephanie is surprised to learn Eric and Brooke gave their consent to the marriage. Amber starts making plans for the wedding including having the wedding in Stephanie's house.

Brooke and Eric are determined to stop Rick's wedding and they thought Kimberly would be able to get through to him. Eric feels Kimberly may be the only hope ti stop the wedding and decides to pay Kimberly a visit. Kim is surprised to learn Rick is getting married next month. Eric explains that Rick is rushing into marriage because of his feelings for you.

Rick remembers the kiss he shared with Kimberly and tries to get the thought out of his head. C.J. advises his best friend to get over Kim since he is marrying Amber next month. Rick gets angry when C.J. wants to take Kim on a date. Rick says Kim is too hurt and vulnerable and orders C.J. to stay away from Kim. C.J. reminds Rick that he blew it with Kim so now it's his turn. Rick advises C.J. to either stay away from Kim or their friendship is over.

Eric explains that Rick is acting on impulse because he can't cope with the idea that's he's destroyed what he and Kim night have had together. Rick wants to be certain he never hurts Kim again so he is burying himself in Amber. Kim is the only person who can get Rick to realize this marriage will be a mistake. Kim agrees to talk to Rick but if Rick wants to marry Amber, she will not stop him.

After Eric and Kim arrive at Rick's house, Stephanie calls and wants to know why he gave Rick permission to marry Amber. Eric says he doesn't have time to get into it, so Steph decides to head over and find out herself. Kim surprises Rick and asks him if he really wants to go through with the marriage. Rick advises Kim to forget about him since he will only hurt her. Kim says although she has tried, she can't forget him. Rick can't seem toforget about Kimberly either.

Thursday, December 17, 1998

Eric paces as he waits for Kimberly. He wonders what is going on up there in Rick's room. He hates to put his son's future on the shoulders of a 17-year-old girl, but what else can he do? The doorbell rings and he admits Stephanie to the house. She wonders where Brooke is; she wants to talk to both of them about Amber and Rick. Eric says that Brooke is at the office. Did you really give your consent to this marriage? Stephanie wants to know. Eric says that they had no choice, as Rick threatened to run away if they didn't. They gave their permission only to buy some time. Right now, Kimberly Fairchild is upstairs talking to him.

Kimberly and Rick are clasped within an embrace. As she pulls back, Rick tells her that he is glad that she is there; he has really missed her. Kimberly admits that she has missed him also. She says that his dad is really worried about him because he thinks that Rick is acting impulsively and wants to help him our. Rick says that his dad just doesn't get it! It is his choice to marry Amber and take care of his baby. "Did you really threaten to run away?" Kimberly asks. He says that it was the only way to get them to say yes. "Are you really going through with this?" Kimberly asks. "I'm not sure," admits Rick. "I wish I was."

Amber practices walking down the stairs for her wedding. She imagines the whole thing in her mind as she walks slowly down the stairs. Everyone will be there, she thinks. They will see me and say that I am the most beautiful bride in the world; it will be so fabulous. There will be candles and flowers everywhere. As she reaches the bottom of the stairs, she visualizes that she is now at the altar where the minister stands with his open book and her handsome groom looks at her and smiles. Her dream is interrupted by a knock at the door. She opens it to find C.J. standing there. She tells him that he can stand-in for Rick. C.J. tells her that speaking of Rick, he just came from there and he was a total jerk! "I almost smacked him in the face," C.J. says. "He forbade me to see Kimberly!"

Stephanie wonders who is Kimberly Fairchild and Eric goes into the history of how she is a school mate of Rick's and how they had gotten very close. "Why would she be able to talk him out of the marriage?" Stephanie wonders. Eric says that Rick was getting very fond of Kimberly until he told her about Amber and the baby. The girl was devastated when she heard and she is still angry; he had to do a lot of talking to get her to agree to come and talk to Rick. Stephanie says that this is something she could believe Brooke would do, but she is surprised that he would bring the girl here.

Rick says he doesn't know if marrying Amber is what he wants to do but he will do it anyway. It is the right thing to do and now that there is nothing to stop them, they will marry next month. She questions his reasons for doing it if he isn't sure that it is what he wants. Rick says that he is only 17 years old; what does he know about being a husband and father? He does know what it feels like not to have a full time father and he doesn't want that for his child. It isn't just hard on the kid, he adds, but hard for the parents. He saw what his mother went through all those years after she divorced his dad even though his dad was there as often as he could be. "What about your parents?" Kimberly asks. "Your father knows how confused you are." Rick says that he knows that his parents are disappointed in him and it hurts him a lot. A few months ago, it was simpler. But once he went back to school, it got complicated. It got complicated with his parents, with Amber, and with Kimberly. Now he isn't sure what the right thing is.

Amber is shocked. He forbids you to see Kimberly? C.J. says that he tried to say it was because Kimberly's heart was still broken over him but he knows that the truth is; Rick is jealous. Amber says that she has had enough of this Kimberly crap and she is going to put a stop to it now. C.J. says that he told Rick that he was way out of line but he was adamant. Amber says that Kimberly and Rick are history together; she and Rick are getting married next month and that is that. C.J. says that Rick screwed up; he even told him that if he dated Kimberly, their friendship was over. Amber says that this Bimbo isn't going to blow it for her. She grabs her sweater and says that she is going to Rick's to find out what is going on. She tells C.J. to go to Kimberly's house and ask Kimberly out and don't worry about Rick; she will take care of him.

Stephanie says that she realizes how anxious Eric is but to ask a young girl to come between them isn't right. Bridget comes down and asks if Amber is there. When they tell her no, she says that she thought she heard voices in Rick's room. Eric says that it is Kimberly. Bridget can't believe this; she knows that Kimberly is still angry with Rick. Eric says that he hopes that she can talk Rick into giving them another chance. Bridget is confused. Rick is ready to marry Amber! You said he could, she says. "I don't get it, Dad," she says. "What are you trying to do?"

Kimberly says that she is sorry about the way she treated him when he first came to her about Amber. She thought he was irresponsible for getting his girlfriend pregnant and then lying to her about it. She is sorry that she wouldn't listen to his explanation when he tried to tell her the truth. She was only thinking of herself. He tells her that all that she thought of him was true; he is irresponsible and he is all messed up. "No," she tells him. "You aren't who I thought you were, but you are not messed up."

Myles comes home to an empty house and wonders where his daughter is at this time of night. What is going on with that girl? He wonders. She knows I don't like her going out on school nights. He goes to the door and finds C.J. there. C.J. asks if he can see Kimberly but Myles says that she isn't at home. As the two continue to stare at each other, an uncomfortable C.J. asks if he is Mr. Fairchild. Myles admits that he is and asks who he is. C.J. introduces himself. Myles wants to know if he is Clarke Garrison's son. C.J. says that he is; he is also Sally Spectra's son. He says that he is there to ask Kimberly on a date but he has the feeling that he should ask Myles permission first. Myles smiles and says that he is on the right track but Kimberly is already seeing someone. "Not anymore," C.J. says. "That ended a couple of days ago."

"Rick was just getting over Kimberly," Bridget says to Eric. "Why would you ask her here? You are trying to sabotage Rick's wedding, aren't you? Rick said you would try to do something like this but I didn't believe it. I told him you wouldn't do anything because you had given him your word. How can you back out now?" Eric lamely says that he is only thinking of Rick and his future. As Bridget says that Rick is dedicated to Amber and the baby, Amber sneaks in the terrace doors and quietly goes upstairs.

Rick says that he had everything going for him, good college, good grades, soccer, but he blew it. He has to forget all of that now because he is going to be a father. "Can you really give it all up?" Kimberly asks. "You may have acted like a stupid kid, but you are more mature than any boy I have ever met. It takes courage to accept a challenge like this. I let you down; I didn't know what you were going through. I am so sorry this happened to you." She goes into his arms. As they embrace, she tells him that she has to tell him something. She pulls her face back so that they are looking into each other's face. "I don't regret giving you my first kiss anymore. It was not wasted on you. I can think of no better person to share it with. I'm not sorry about us." Once again they cling to each other.

Amber walks up the hallway and quietly opens the door. What she sees is Rick and Kimberly in each other's arms. She backs out of the door with tears in her eyes.

Friday, December 18, 1998

Amber watches and listens from the door as Rick drops his embrace of Kimberly and says that he messed up and now his world is spinning out of control, but what he did to Kimberly was the worse mistake of all. "I meant to tell you," he says. "But every time I looked into your eyes, the words wouldn't come out. I know it was wrong to take you out that night, but I had to know what it would be like sitting across from you just once. For one night, I pretended like we were . . . How could I have done that to the most beautiful, the most perfect girl I've ever met. There is no one like you in all of LA---no, no one anywhere!" In tears, Kimberly tells him that she is so glad that they went out to Café Russe. She is glad she shared her first kiss with him. It was the most special night of her life. She just wishes it didn't have to end. As Amber turns to run out of the room, Amber ducks behind the door across the hall, tears streaming freely down her face.

Rick rushes out and catches Kimberly, pulling her into his arms.

"Kimberly is no longer seeing anyone?" Myles asks C.J.. "Didn't she tell you?" C.J. asks. When Myles says that she has said nothing about this, C.J. is afraid he has spoken out of turn. He tries to turn it around by saying that she could have broken up with only one boy, but Myles says that Rick Forrester is the only person she has been seeing. "What do you know, C.J.?" Myles asks. "What are you not telling me?"

A cheerful, upbeat Macy shows guests of Insomnia to a table and says that Christie will be with them soon. One of the waitresses tells her that it is great to have her back. Macy says it is great to be back and she thanks the person for running things for her while she was out. Just then Thorne arrives and says he would like to talk to her. She tells him she is too busy to talk right now, but he says he will only be a minute; he is worried about her. He believes that this new transformation is just too good to be true. Macy tells him that it is true; the most amazing thing has happened to her. She has met someone---an angel. Yes, an angel has come into her life.

"An angel?" questions Thorne, confused. Macy says it is true. She had hit rock bottom and could not see her way out for all the pain and misery she was feeling. But, now she is able to wake up in the morning and can't wait to start her day. "Who is this mysterious person?" Thorne asks. Macy tells her that she can't get into that right now.

Myles accuses C.J. of holding something back from him but C.J. denies it. He talks about how it is in high school; one day you are with someone and the next day you break up. And all the time, you are checking out someone else. Myles asks if that means that Rick Forrester is just using his daughter and C.J. has to do some more back stepping. He finally says that he only stopped by to ask Kimberly to a movie. Please tell her I came by. He says it was nice meeting him as he backs out of the door. Alone, Myles wonders what is going on. The phone rings and it is Macy inviting him to the Insomnia. He in non-committal in the beginning but she tells him that she has something she wants to share with him. It will only take a minute and he can leave. He agrees.

In the hallway, Kimberly says that she has to go. They can't do this because he is going to be a father soon. Rick says that he can't let her walk out of his life; he needs her. "Please help me," he begs. "Help me to get through this. Say that you will be there for me so I won't have to go through this alone." Kimberly says that she will be there for him then she runs out of the house. Behind the door, Amber is crying. She walks out into the hallway, sobbing, but the hallway is empty. As she stands there, she stops crying and a hard thoughtful look comes over her face. She leaves with a purpose.

Just as Myles arrives at insomnia, Macy grabs the microphone and tells the group that for her it has been tough few months. She lost her husband and best friend when Grant died. Grant asked one thing of her; he told her never to give up but to keep smiling. He told her to never lose her faith. Now she wants to sing a song that holds a special meaning for her. As she begins "Why be afraid," the crowd becomes still and listen. She can hardly take her eyes off of Myles who stands back by the doorway. Myles, in turn, has the most proud look on his face. Thorne notices the looks between Macy and Myles; he also notices when Myles leaves after applauding the singing. Several people come up to Macy and tell her how they enjoyed the song. Thorne comes to her and tells her that she was incredible---better than ever. He asks who the man was that she was singing to and Macy says that he is her angel.

Kimberly is home alone. She walks out onto the terrace in a thoughtful mood. Amber walks up to her and gets right in her face, telling her that she isn't going to get away with trying to steal her man. She informs Kimberley that she heard every word and she will not let her get away with it. She can take her holier than thou attitude somewhere else because it will not work for her. She tells her that she is a two faced thing making a try for her baby's father. Well, she had better wake up because she wasn't going to let that happen!

"He is your angel?" Thorne asks. "Macy, I have known you for years and I have never seen him. Are you dating him?" Macy says that it isn't like that. Then who is he? Macy says that one day she will tell him but for now, he has to promise that he will not tell anyone, especially her mother. "Why?" Thorne asks. Then the light dawns. "Don't tell me. Oh my God, Macy was that your father?"

Rick is alone thinking of Kimberly. "You are amazing, Kimberly. If only things were different. If only Amber and I didn't . . . I cannot lose you now no matter what happens between Amber and me. I need you in my life."

Kimberly is unable to say a word and Amber realizes that she has scared her. "Oh, did I scare the little princess?" she asks sarcastically. She tells her that she and Rick aren't just high schoolers going steady, they are committed. She is having his baby and she is not going to stand around and watch while Kimberly ruins her baby's future. Kimberly tells her that she has no right to talk to her like that but Amber says that she is the one who doesn't have a right to take advantage of the situation. She says that it is so obvious. She wears her stupid clothes and uses her fake manners and claims she has never been kissed. Amber laughs at her. You are just trying to get your hooks in my finance and get him into bed with you. Kimberly says that that is what Amber did, it isn't what she does. She asks if that is what she does with all of her boy friends. Amber says that Rick begged to go to bed with her. He begged her to show him the ropes. Kimberly says that she is a desperate cruel and selfish person to try to ruin Rick's life. Amber grabs Kimberly and pushes her up against the wall. She holds her by the hair of her head and gets right in her face. "Don't mess with me, little girl," she says. "I eat little girls like you for dinner. This is a whole new ballgame. Now say that you will never ever see Rick again. SAY IT!" She stresses each word by banging Kimberly's head against the wall while Kimberly's eyes grow large and frightened.

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TWO SCOOPS: It ain't easy being sleazy
TWO SCOOPS: It ain't easy being sleazy
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