The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 28, 1998 on B&B
Taylor sprained her ankle at the party and decided to stay at Pierce's, but Ridge showed up, and a fight ensued. Myles warned Kimberly to stay away from Rick. Kimberly questioned whether or not Amber would be a good wife and mother.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of December 28, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, December 28, 1998

Pierce's party continues as Stephanie wonders why Ridge is not here for Taylor's celebration. Stephanie says Ridge's meeting must be important for him to miss this occasion. Sally wonders who the mystery man in Macy's life is. Taylor hopes Ridges makes it to the party and asks for Ridge to not let her down again. Sally and Darla catch Taylor's stunning necklace that Pierce gave her and Stephanie realizes it is a gift from Pierce. Stephanie wishes Ridge would show.

Ridge is anxious to make a deal with Jack and is frustrated the meeting is taking so long. Brooke can't believe Ridge is upset about not being at a party while Forrester is in the middle of it's most important meeting. Ridge reminds Brooke that the party is Taylor's biggest night of her career and he is not there to share it with her.

Pierce gets everyone's attention and gives a glowing report on his partner Taylor. Pierce's surprise is he has written a song that express his feelings about the project and he is now going to share that song. Pierce sings a beautiful song written specifically for Taylor that express his desire to share his work with a woman as dedicated to helping humanity as he is. Stephanie is not pleased when she realizes Pierce is singing to Taylor. Jack announces he has to get back to Genoa City tonight and is not ready to make a deal. Brooke reminds him Forrester is in a hurry to get a fragrance developed and Jack promises an answer if Jabot will help develop the fragrance by next week. Ridge is furious he wasted all this time and Jack did not make a deal and now Taylor's party is over.

As Pierce's celebration draws to a close, Sally does not waist an opportunity to get under Stephanie's skin and teases Steph that Pierce's song for Taylor was beautiful. Taylor thanks Stephanie and James for coming and says she is upset Ridge did not come to the party. Taylor tells Pierce his song was beautiful and can't believe all this time Pierce has had a hidden talent and it was this project that inspired Pierce to sing. Pierce praises Taylor's work on the project and says she was his inspiration for the song. Taylor admits she was headed to a deep depression since Ridge did not make it to the party when Pierce gave her the strength to get through. Taylor can't thank Pierce enough and gives him a hug as Stephanie looks on in horror!

Tuesday, December 29, 1998

Sally and Darla give Lauren the scoop on Pierce's party while Sally is sure Brooke had a hand in Ridge not being there. There is trouble at castle Forrester as Brooke is a force to be reckoned with, especially if Taylor is feeling neglected by her husband. Stephanie storms over to Ridge's and wants to have a talk about Pierce and Taylor. Ridge feels bad for not being at the party but Jack wouldn't commit. Steph informs Ridge that Pierce has more than a professional interest in Taylor, and explains that Pierce gave her a necklace and fawned over her the entire evening in front of everyone. If that wasn't enough, Pierce wrote and sand a song with lyrics that Ridge should have been singing to his wife.

Taylor thanks Pierce for a wonderful evening and Pierce says he wants Taylor to continue to work with him. Pierce says that the two of them saved each other. Taylor saved Pierce professionally by getting him to focus on something after the hypnotherapy disaster while Pierce saved Taylor from depression tonight. Taylor excuses herself and goes to change. Pierce wonders if he should tell Taylor how much she means to him. Taylor screams and Pierce rushes to find out what happened. While changing, Taylor fell and sprained her ankle. Pierce helps Taylor into his bed and gets ice for her ankle. Pierce offers to take care of her.

Stephanie tells Ridge the lyrics in Pierce's song were about looking for a woman he can be happy with and the two of them helping humanity. Taylor was angry with you and you didn't even call, Steph says. Ridge thinks Taylor should have been home now and calls Pierce. Pierce says Taylor is still at his house and can't come to the phone. Pierce makes sure Ridge knows he kept Taylor waiting all night and hangs up on Ridge which infuriates Ridge so he decides to head over.

Taylor rests and wonders why Ridge hasn't even called. Pierce brings Taylor some tea and doesn't mention that Ridge called. Taylor tries to sleep as Ridge shows up. Pierce tells Ridge that Taylor is indisposed while Ridge says he is here to pick up his wife and child. "That just in not going to happen," Pierce says, because Taylor is in his bed!

Wednesday, December 30, 1998

Eric informs Brooke that Myles wants Kimberly to stay away from Rick. Brooke is worried that Rick will lose his friendship with Kimberly and vows not to let that happen. Kimberly tracks Rick down at Stephanie's house and tells him that her dad knows about Amber and the baby. Myles tells his daughter that Rick has had a bad influence on you and their friendship is over. Stephanie reminds Rick that getting married for the sake of a child is not reason enough to get married. Especially if Rick feels he is more compatible with someone besides Amber.

Taylor nurses her sprained ankle and wishes Ridge would show up to take her and Thomas home. Ridge doesn't believe Taylor is in Pierce's bed and informs Pierce that his serenade won't work. Pierce says the truth is Taylor is in his bed and is waiting for him. Taylor calls home and leaves a message for Ridge to pick her up and that she has been waiting for him all night. Pierce tells Ridge that he blew it tonight when he gave Taylor his word he would be here and then didn't show. Ridge tells Pierce that he is not Taylor's knight in shining armor and she doesn't need his protection. Pierce continues to goad Ridge by reiterating Taylor is in his bed and if he had any idea about how a woman should be treated, she wouldn't be. Ridge decks Pierce and goes upstairs to get his wife and son.

Eric learns from Stephanie that Rick was headed over to Kimberly's house and hopes Myles is not there when Rick shows up. Kimberly and Myles debate her involvement with Rick. Rick stops by and Kimberly tells him everything has gone wrong.

Ridge finds Taylor resting in Pierce's bed and asks her what the hell is going on? Taylor says she has been waiting for Ridge since he promised he would be at the party. Taylor wants an explanation and Ridge wants to know why she is in Pierce's bed. Taylor is shocked to realize her husband believes she and Pierce made love. Taylor shows Ridge her ankle and explains she sprained it while changing clothes because she was in a rush to see if Ridge had made it to the party. Ridge helps Taylor out of the bed as Pierce comes in with his face bloody from Ridge's hit. Taylor wants to know if Ridge did this to Pierce.

Thursday, December 31, 1998

While Myles is in another room of the house, Kimberly rushes outside to wait for Rick. As he rounds the corner of the house she grabs him and pulls him toward the bushes, telling him frantically that her father cannot see him.

It appears that Lauren has left Sally's place and zipped straight across town to Brooke's house. She starts her business by asking how the meeting with Jack Abbott went. Brooke tells her that it went okay but Jack didn't give them a commitment. Even though it bothers her somewhat, she is sure that he will react positively. Lauren is surprised; she thought Jack would jump at the chance to get involved in something so hot and would make him a lot of money. She says that she knew Jack in Genoa City---they were good friends---and she will run over to his hotel and have a talk with him if Brooke wishes. Brooke says that he isn't in town; he is on an airplane on the way back to Genoa City at this time. Brooke tells her a little about the meeting and why it ran so late and Lauren remarks that that was the reason Ridge missed Taylor's party. She congratulates Brooke on being so ingenious. Brooke says that that wasn't the reason for the meeting but it served the purpose anyway. Brooke complains about Ridge, saying he didn't contribute much because he was so worried about getting to Taylor's party. "From what I hear, he had reason to be worried," Lauren says as she begins to fill Brooke in on the happenings at the party. She says that Pierce pulled out all the stops to make it Taylor's night and he spent all night trying to sweep Taylor off her feet. Brooke's eyes grow big when Lauren says that he even sang a romantic song to her.

Taylor demands to know what Ridge did to Pierce. She is outraged that he would do this to her business partner but Ridge blows her off by saying that Pierce is a snake who has been after her for months. He says that Pierce has used every trick in the book to lure her into his bed. Taylor says that that doesn't give him the right to hit Pierce. She says that she sprained her ankle and Pierce only allowed her to lie down in his bed until Ridge FINALLY got around to coming to pick her up. Ridge walks over and grabs a dress and starts to put it on Taylor, saying that he just wants to get her out of here. Stop! Pierce says. "Get your hands off of her!'

"Pierce actually sang a love song to Taylor?" Brooke asks. Lauren says that it was as if Taylor were the only woman in the room. When Brooke scoffs, saying look at the source (Sally Specter), Lauren says that she doesn't know about that. Sally said that even she got goosebumps. She says that Pierce wrote the poem and Macy set it to music. It was his words and emotions that were plain to see and Taylor loved it. She thinks that Pierce scored some major points with Taylor this night! The telephone interrupts their conversation. Answering, Brooke hears an angry Myles Fairchild telling her that he wants her son to stay away from his daughter; they are NOT friends any longer. Brooke tries to reason with him, telling him that they needed Kimberly's help. He says that they didn't have his daughter's best interest in mind when they called on her for help. "How dare you?" Brooke says indignantly. "HOW DARE YOU?" Myles shouts. "You used my daughter. Stay away from my daughter! Leave her alone!" Myles suddenly hangs up the phone.

As Rick attempts to walk toward the door, Kimberly again warns him and tells him to stay away from the window. Rick doesn't think her dad is having a temporary reaction to finding out that he is engaged to his pregnant fiancée. He reminds her that she was angry at first but she came around; your father will come around, he assures her. But Kimberly says that he doesn't know her dad; her dad actually told her that his family is dangerous. But, she tells him, that isn't the reason she had to talk to him. She was in agreement that marrying Amber was the right thing but she has changed her mind. She tells him that after she left him that night, Amber was waiting for her and assaulted her. Rick says that it was just the hormones and stress because Amber isn't normally like that. Kimberly says that Amber called her such awful names and then pushed her into the pool. "Amber may be the mother of your child but she isn't a good person, Rick. You are such a sweet guy, Rick, and you deserve better."

"Get out of my way, Peterson!" Ridge demands. "I'm taking my wife out of here." Pierce tells him that he isn't. Ridge says that he is starting to tick him off. Again, Taylor intervenes; she doesn't believe either of them. She says that they are acting like schoolboys. She says that the best thing would be for her to just get the baby and head for home; she will talk to Pierce tomorrow. Pierce asks why she lets him treat her like this. He comes in and right away he is giving her orders. He acts like he owns her instead of them being partners. Taylor tells Ridge to go and get the baby but Pierce says that the baby is asleep and safe. He says that her husband is in a volatile mood and he is concerned about her and Thomas. Ridge makes an objection to what Pierce is saying; he says that he will be there for Taylor. "Sure, you say you will be there for her, but where are you when she needs you? You are with Brooke. Anyone can say that they love someone but it takes a real man to show devotion and love."

Brooke is outraged! There is no reasoning with Myles Fairchild. How dare he say that her son isn't good enough for his daughter? She says that she and Eric are determined to prevent this marriage and if they can't use Kimberly, they will just have to find another way. She says that she has to go up and talk with Rick but Lauren says that Rick isn't home; at least his car wasn't in the drive. Brooke wonders where he can be.

Rick tells Kimberly that Amber has always had a temper but that is not all there is to her. He says that she will be a good mother. Kimberly asks what kind of marriage he will have with her and what kind of mother will she make. "Your parents were right," she says. "This marriage is a terrible mistake."

Myles returns to the living room and calls out for Kimberly. When he doesn't find her, he goes to another part of the house---to her bedroom. Coming back into the living room, he wonders where that girl could be!

Kimberly says that she isn't trying to bash Amber; she knows that Rick feels obligated to her but he is making an enormous sacrifice. This will be for a lifetime. Is he ready for that? Rick says that he knows another side of Amber. She is cool and she had big dreams before he got her pregnant. She was on her way to a musical career until this happened. Now all she has is him; she is counting on him. He thought that once he got permission to marry her, things would get better but they have only gotten worse. "Your dad is right, I am bad for you!" No! Kimberly says. It isn't you it is the situation. She wishes that this hadn't happened to them. They embrace. Leaning back and looking at each other, they each caress the other's face. They kiss; then the kiss more deeply.

Myles walks over to the window and looks out. He is surprised to see his daughter and Rick Forrester kissing. "Damn that Rick Forrester!"

Ridge is really angry. He tells Pierce to back off. As the two stare at each other, Taylor says that it is apparent that Pierce is concerned, but the situation is getting way out of control. She tries to get out of bed but almost falls. Ridge catches her before she does fall and Pierce asks why she wastes her time with this Neanderthal; he is abusive and sexist. Ridge turns on him and asks if that is worse than giving a woman a job just to get her into bed. He adds that once the main job was over, he kept on thinking up little jobs just to keep her around. Pierce uses his words against him. He turns to Taylor and asks if those are the words of a man who is interested in how she feels. He has no regard for your career or your feelings. "I know that you are true to your husband and to yourself, but please, don't go home with him. Stay here with me."

Friday, January 1, 1999

Due to the New Year's holiday, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air an original episode today. Broadcasting will resume on Monday where Thursday's show concluded.

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