The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 11, 1999 on B&B
After Amber showcased herself and Rick for Kimberly at a dinner party, Kimberly decided that Rick should be with Amber and the baby. Adam/Myles explained his years-long absence to Sally, and upon learning that he'd created another family, Sally threw him out of her house.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 11, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, January 11, 1999

Amber pressures Rick about his feelings for her as Rick admits he is still confused. He's seventeen, still in high school, getting married, and about to become a father. Rick doesn't even know himself, so how could he know about how he feels toward Amber. One thing is certain, Rick intends to give this child a family. Amber reminds Rick that he is not alone and that he can depend on her. Kimberly tells C.J. how nasty things got when her father caught her and Rick. C.J. advises Kimberly to forget her troubles and go out with him. Kimberly doesn't want to go out because of her feelings toward Rick. C.J. reminds Kimberly that Rick is getting married and having a baby. Kimberly realizes that but knows marrying Amber is not the answer for Rick because his heart's with Kimberly.

Lauren tries to cheer up Sally who admits she has never gotten over being abandoned by Adam Alexander. It's because of Adam that Sally has never really been able to trust another man. She tried for years and at times Sally thought she succeeded, but then she'll see a man that looks like Adam and it all comes back to her. Not a day goes by in her life that she doesn't think of Adam. That's how much she loved him.

Myles feels reluctant to meet Sally because Sally has moved on with her life. Macy says that her mother never stopped loving you and she is going to prove it. Darla drops by Macy's house and Macy tells Darla that she wants to introduce Myles to Sally. Darla says that's not a good idea because there is something holding her back. Sally's heart is still with her first husband. Darla hits on Myles until Macy introduces him as her father.

Amber reminds Rick of how much he means to her and says if she felt it would be best to raise the baby alone, she would. If Rick wants to baby to have two parents, then love me, Amber tells Rick. Later Amber says to herself that Rick is finally hers and all she has to do now is tie up lose ends. Amber pages C.J. and tells him this is his chance to have Kimberly for himself. Amber invites C.J. over for dinner and makes him promise to bring Kimberly. Kimberly is reluctant at first until C.J. says Rick will be there. Amber says tonight will be an evening Kimberly will never forget.

Darla is surprised Myles is Adam Alexander and is unsure how Sally will react. At Spectra, Myles is nervous about meeting Sally but Macy promises him everything will be alright. Lauren invites Sally out when Macy walks in and announces that she has a surprise for her mother. Macy has someone she would like Sally to meet...

Tuesday, January 12, 1999

Macy prepares Sally for someone she wants her to meet while Myles is not sure meeting Sally is a good idea. Myles explains to Darla that even though he married after he left Sally, his second marriage was like a band aid to cover the pain he felt for abandoning Sally and Macy. Macy tells her father that Sally is not ready, but she needs to see you. Myles enters Sally's office and Sally is shocked to find her lost love standing before her eyes!

C.J. believes Amber's dinner party is a chance for Amber to prove how close she and Rick are. Kimberly says Amber must be threatened by her and feels Amber is forcing Rick to love her. C.J. says Amber and Rick's relationship at this point is not about love. It's about doing what's best for the baby that Amber thinks is Rick's. Kimberly is sure Rick doesn't want Amber and hopes this dinner party blows up in her face. Meanwhile, Amber tells Rick she they will be sampling some dishes she plans to use at their wedding reception and she has asked C.J. to join them with a date.

Sally can't believe Adam Alexander is standing in the same room she is after all these years. It must be a dream or hallucination, Sally says. Adam assures Sally he is real and apologizes for abandoning her. Sally has dreamed of hearing those words but now it's too late because Adam left her and he is never coming back.

After C.J. and Kimberly arrive, Amber reminds C.J. that bringing Kimberly was his idea. Amber says she is happy to have C.J. and Amber help what will be served at the wedding reception. Amber makes a point of saying Rick is committed to their marriage and baby and kisses Rick for Kimberly's benefit.

Adam tells Sally he has come back for her. He has gone through years of dreaming of this moment. Adam realizes he hurt Sally and Macy beyond what he can imagine and he felt the betrayal of a man who loved his wife and child more than life itself. It has been hell for Adam ever since he left. Sally breaks down and realizes it is Adam standing before her. Adam takes Sally in his arms and holds her as if never to let her go as Macy looks on.

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

After witnessing the tender moment between her parents, Macy tells Lauren and Darla that they are hugging and is relieved Sally didn't blow up at Adam. Lauren says it's too early to talk about family reunions because Sally and Adam have some complicated issues to solve. Wounds don't just do away that quickly. Lauren warns Macy not to be disappointed if things don't go well between Sally and Adam.

Sally is overjoyed to have Adam back. Adam explains that Grant's death brought him back. He knew how devastated Macy was and realized Macy needed to see her father again. Sally says it has been hard for Macy to get over Grant's death but she has had her mother, like always. This isn't the first time Sally and Macy have seen each other through a tragedy. Adam is glad Macy is working in the family business, just like he and Sally always dreamed she would. Sally informs Adam that it hasn't always been easy keeping Spectra afloat. There were times when Sally stayed at Spectra 24 hours a day doing whatever it took just to keep the doors open. Sally never gave up and taught her daughter if you want something bad enough, you do whatever it takes to make it come true.

Rick wants C.J. to take Kimberly home, but C.J. feels Kimberly needs to see Rick and Amber together. Amber reminds Kimberly she and Rick are getting married in a few weeks and that Rick is committed to her and the baby. C.J. urges Rick to do the right thing and let his relationship with Kimberly go. Rick has been sending Amber and Kimberly mixed signals for weeks now, so C.J. says it's time for Rick to get on with his life. Rick and C.J. join Amber and Kimberly for dinner while Amber talks about her first date with Rick and guarantees their wedding will be perfect. All of Amber's preparations for the wedding are her way of thanking Rick for standing by her and the baby.

Adam realizes he let Sally and Macy down, but he is here now to make up for it. Sally blasts Adam by saying it's a little late for that. Like 25 years too late! Adam admits he feels guilty for leaving them which makes Sally happy because he left them with nothing and it was all Sally could do to keep Spectra running. Adam reminds Sally he came back to help their daughter. My daughter, Sally says. My daughter, my company, and my success. It might be easy for Macy to forgive her father for leaving them high and dry, but it's not so easy for Sally. Sally doesn't care about Adam's pipe dreams or how sorry he is. She does want to know where he has been the last 25 years, and how he could ever have done something so cruel.

Thursday, January 14, 1999

Due to CBS News coverage of the Impeachment trial, today's episode was pre-empted. It will be broadcast on Friday---so no episodes will be missed.

Friday, January 15, 1999

Sally becomes defensive and angry with Adam, wondering why he couldn't trust her; he could have told her that he was in trouble and she would have stood by him. He explains that it wasn't that kind of trouble. She tells him that she searched for him for the longest time, all the time thinking that it was her fault. All these years she has blamed herself. And of course, Macy thought she had did something to make him go away. Does he have any idea how Macy suffered when he left? He shouts that he understands and he was miserable himself but he left to keep her and Macy safe. Then why didn't he warn her? Adam says that the only way he could keep them safe was not to warn her at all. He could not have warned her; he had to act fast and warning her would have put her in harms way. He wanted to call her or write her a million times. Sally asks why didn't he. He says that she was only safe as long as it was possible that she could lead them to him. Once they traced a call or found a return address on a letter, they would have him and there would be no need to let Sally and Macy live. Sally is skeptical but Adam insists that he is telling the truth. He tells her that he also went through hell. No matter where he was, he was alone with no one to share with. He had no one to talk to; he was completely alone.

Macy reminisces about her father with Darla and Lauren, showing then the pictures that she has of her father. She tells them how she used to take them out at night after her mother fell asleep and she would pray to God to bring him back. Now she feels that her prayers have been answered because after twenty-five years, her father is home. She is starting a whole new chapter in her life. She leaves to return to Spectra.

Amber's dinner party continues with Amber playing the perfect host. Kimberly looks on with confusion especially as she sees Rick responding to Amber. When he makes a toast to their upcoming marriage and the responsibilities he and Amber will be sharing tears stream down Kimberly's face. She jumps up and runs out of the room and onto the front terrace. Rick looks after her then he follows after her. C.J. tells her to go after them and bring Rick back but Amber calmly tells him that it is okay; they are saying goodbye.

Out on the terrace Kimberly tells Rick to stay away from her. She doesn't want anything to get stared again. She can't believe anything that he says. Rick says that he is sorry that she had to hear that but that is the way his life is going to be. His commitment has to be to Amber and the baby. When he says that she was brave to come here tonight with C.J., she says that it wasn't brave at all; it was stupid and she shouldn't have come. She was so sure that there was a chance for them but she was wrong because he never changed his mind. He says that he couldn't change his mind; he has learned to accept the situation and make the best of it. He says that they have to go on with their lives and she needs to forget about him. She tells him that before she goes, she wants to tell him something. She says that this thing that he is doing is the most beautiful thing that she has ever witnessed. She hopes that it works out for him and she will never forget the few months that they had together. I won't forget either, Rick says as they embrace.

Sally looks at Adam as if she finally believes him; it is as though she can sense his torment of the past years. She asks where he has been all this time. He tells her that he was constantly on the move, changing his name and habits. He became a totally different person. Sally guesses that once he became this "new person," that he finally settled down. He admits that he did and reluctantly tells her that he settled in Nantucket. She asks if he settled down alone. As he hesitates, she panics. Oh, God, Adam. You are married, aren't you? Adam admits that he was married until a few years ago. She asks about children and he admits that he has one daughter. Sally becomes angry again. She accuses him of hurting her. She says that he almost had her believing him; believing that he was a lonely man protecting his family. But all the time, he was busy making a new life and a new home with a new family. She tells him that she is sick of him and sick of his face. She orders him to get out of her office. Adam tries to reason with her but she will not listen. "GET OUT OF HERE, ADAM, BEFORE I KILL YOU!" Sally shouts just as Macy opens the door. What is going on? Macy asks. Sally tries to shrug it off but she tells Adam once again to leave before she has to call security to throw him out. On the other hand, she will do it herself. Macy says that he can't leave but when Adam and Sally only stare at each other, she looks at them with worry.

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