The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 1, 1999 on B&B
Macy thought she'd convinced Sally to give Adam a shot at forgiveness, but a family reunion dinner dissolved into bitterness and mistrust. Kimberly fled the hospital room when an ultrasound revealed Amber's son on the screen. Ridge asked Brooke to move on, and she ordered him to stop loving her.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 1, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, February 1, 1999

Taylor has had enough and is tired of dealing with Brooke. She accuses Ridge of worrying about Brooke more than their own marriage. Because of that, Taylor is unsure she and Ridge even have a marriage. Brooke tells Stephanie that Ridge and Taylor's marriage is a sham and the only reason they got married in the first place was because of Thomas. Brooke reminds the Queen that she and Ridge were happy before they learned Taylor was pregnant with Thomas. Brooke knows Ridge has feelings for her and is sure his marriage to Taylor is over.

Sally reiterates that she wants nothing more to do with Adam Alexander. Macy reminds her mother that Adam left because of the risk he would have brought to them by staying. Adam is dead to her, Sally replies. He died the day he deserted them, Sally says, but Macy can't back away. She would give anything to believe Adam is back in her mother's life.

Stephanie claims things are strained between Ridge and Taylor because of Brooke's interference. Isn't Brooke the least bit concerned what would happen to Thomas. Brooke believes Ridge always has and always will love her and Ridge should be the one to decide who he wants to spend his life with. Children can not keep a bad marriage together, Brooke says, and reminds Stephanie she should know that more than anyone. Stephanie advises Brooke that Ridge and Taylor are not breaking up and that Brooke has interfered for the last time.

Taylor explains when she sees Ridge so upset because Brooke gets kissed be another man, she can't take it anymore. Ridge says his concern is just for a friend being taken advantage of. Taylor is unsure Ridge can promise her that he'll stay away from Brooke. Later, Taylor overhears Ridge promise Thomas that his mother and father will always be there for him.

Macy refuses to let the issue go even though Sally says there is nothing Macy can do to make her change her mind. We can have our family back if you just try, Macy says. Macy asks her mother to make an effort. She is inviting Adam over for dinner tonight and Macy asks Sally to give him another chance. The only way to take away the pain Sally has been carrying around for 25 years is forgiveness. Macy calls Adam and invites him to dinner. She hands to phone to Sally who says if Macy wants him to come over, it's ok. Adam is on his way.

Of course Brooke would be sad for Thomas, but divorce is inevitable. The writing is on the wall for Ridge and Taylor's marriage. Stephanie vows not to let Brooke destroy their marriage. After Steph leaves, Brooke wants to know if their marriage is really over. She heads over to Ridge and Taylor's house and looks inside to find a dark house. Brooke assumes Ridge is not there and wonders if he left Taylor already. Ridge and Taylor ready for bed as Ridge acknowldeges he should not have gone over to Brooke's table in a jealous rage. Ridge admits Brooke is a distraction and says he will start tuning her out. He wants to focus on bringing another child into this world. Brooke works her way around to the bedroom window as she spots Ridge and Taylor beginning to make love.

Tuesday, February 2, 1999

Brooke is devastated after witnessing Ridge and Taylor make love while Taylor thinks their loving making produced a baby. Brooke can't understand why Ridge won't admit he loves her. Brooke knows she should accept Ridge's marriage and move on, but she can't. She's tried to move on before, but she can not forget her great love. Brooke reflects on her history with Ridge and knows Ridge will never forget their love either.

Macy prepares for dinner with a reluctant Sally who wants Macy to call Adam and cancel their dinner plans. Sally tries to get Macy to understand why she will not trust Adam again, but Macy just wants her mother to give Adam another chance. Sally has got to come to terms with what happen. Sally agrees she will try to forgive her for Macy's sake.

Lauren drops by Adam's house and introduces herself as a friend of Sally's. Lauren suggests he back away and give Sally more time because she is not ready to deal with this. Myles knows better than anyone what he did to Sally. He also knows Sally is not the same person she was 25 years ago and Adam is the cause of it. This time around, Adam is not running away.

Ridge is surprised to find Brooke outside and realizes she saw he and Taylor make love. Brooke wants Ridge to be honest with his feelings that he can't stand to see her with another man, and what happened with Victor is proof. Ridge attacked Victor because he is married, but Brooke doesn't but that explanation. Brooke feels that Ridge does not want her to be happy with another man because Ridge wants her in his arms and bed. I'm not breaking my commitment to my family, Ridge says. Brooke wonders how Ridge can stand having to explain himself to Taylor over and over again when Brooke understands him better than anyone. What Ridge and Brooke had is not gone, but they are running out of time. Brooke tells Ridge to say that he loves her and they will work all this out.

Sally plans to tell Adam exactly how she feels tonight and how little he means to her. Macy puts on a gorgeous dress and Myles arrives. Let the fireworks begin.

Wednesday, February 3, 1999

As James and Stephanie baby proof her house, Stephanie wishes she could protect Thomas from childhood insecurities. Stephanie is concerned about Thomas' life. Brooke is capable of destroying Ridge and Taylor's marriage with no thought at all as to how that would affect Thomas. Ridge can't deny he has feelings for Brooke as Brooke explains that Ridge is married to Taylor because of Thomas. That marriage is not working and it was obvious tonight at dinner with Victor. How long can Ridge deny his feelings? Ridge can't stand to see Brooke not grasping the reality of the situation and orders her to back off. Macy welcomes her father to dinner and tries to break the ice by small talk and dragging out old photos. Adam remembers the time they went to the beach and Sally remarks at how things have changed. Sally is mostly silent at Adam and Macy continue to reminiscence. Adam tells the story of when Macy was born and say that was the most important moment in his life. Sally can't take it anymore and leaves the room crying.

Brooke says that Ridge and Taylor are wrong for each other and what she saw tonight was two people pretending their marriage isn't over. Ridge reminds Brooke that he has moved on and is happy with his life with Taylor, but Brooke points out that he and Taylor fight over the smallest things, plus she's attracted to Pierce. Brooke feels that Taylor is trying to trap Ridge with another baby. Ridge announces his relationship with Brooke is over and says that Taylor already may be pregnant.

Stephanie knows Ridge wants the kind of life he has with Taylor yet he is drawn to Brooke. Every time Ridge lets Brooke back into his life, Stephanie wonders if this will be the time that Brooke destroys him. Stephanie's concern is she isn't sure how to stop Brooke's interference.

After hearing that Taylor may already be pregnant, Brooke beats herself up for believing Ridge would come back to her. Ridge wants to know what he can do to help. Stop loving me, Brooke replies. Every time Brooke looks into Ridge's eyes, she can see to love he has for her. Brooke would be able to move on if she didn't see that. Is Brooke suppose to live in limbo waiting for Ridge? Ridge kisses her hand as Brooke leaves.

Thursday, February 4, 1999

In the hospital Amber lays on her right side and sings to the baby. Turning over, she tells Kimberly that when the baby gets restless, she sings to him and he calms down. She then thanks Kimberly for being there for her. She tells her that C.J. was right; she really is a nice person. When Rick arrives, Amber explains how she fell at Kimberly's place and that there might be a problem with her uterus due to the concussion that she suffered early in her pregnancy. The doctor arrives with the ultrasound equipment and Amber asks that her friends be allowed to stay. After examining her, the doctor pronounces the baby in good shape. He then asks them if they want to know the sex of their unborn baby.

Eric studies the document giving his son permission to marry and confides to Lauren that he remains troubled by his son's demand that he sign. She wants to take him out for a night on the town to take his mind off his troubles but he refuses.

Before dinner is served, Macy confides to Myles that she's concerned about her mother. Myles urges her to just give Sally time and admits that he's sorry she's so bitter because of what he did. Sally keeps her distance, listening but not participating. Myles says that the day that Macy was born was the happiest in his life. Macy wants to know about that day and he tells her to ask her mother since se was there also. Sally says she doesn't remember. Myles tells Macy the story of her birth. It was their poker night; Sally's water broke but she wouldn't tell anyone because she was holding the winning hand. Once the game was won, she announced that she needed to go to the hospital. They barely made it there and macy was born. During dinner, Macy lets slip that Myles has a daughter named Kimberly. She also tells Myles about Spectra's former financial troubles and the annonymous check for $500,000. Sally asks what Myles has been doing as a career all these years and learns that he's a semi-retired investment banker. She guesses that he's the mysterious benefactor who sent the half-million dollar check to Spectra. She demands to know what he wants in return.

Friday, February 5, 1999

After the doctor tells Amber and Rick the baby is a boy Amber smiles and cries tears of joy to Rick's arms. Kimberly runs out of the room in tears. Rick quickly follows, telling Amber that he's getting a drink of water. In the hallway Kimberly hugs him tightly and offers him her congratulations. She admits that she learned today that Amber really cares for her unborn baby; she now understands why Amber has been so protective of Rick and their relationship. Kimberly then surprises Rick by confessing that she loves him.

Back in Amber's room, C.J. suggests to Amber that they figure out the paternity of the baby with the ultrasound machine. He is still bothered by the chance that Raymond might be the baby's father and he is conflicted between his promise to Amber and his friendship with Rick.

Myles tells Sally that he wants nothing in return for his money but Sally isn't buying it. Even though Macy is delighted that her father saved the company, and she tells Sally so, Sally thinks that Myles was just grand-standing. After all the work she has done saving the company over and over, Myles steps in and gets the credit for this save. Macy tries to reason with Sally, but Sally tells Macy that she can't forgive Myles for what he did years ago and pleads with her not to ask her to do so. Macy claims that she has forgiven him for leaving them but Sally points out that she was reminded every day of the pain by Macy's questions and guilt over her father's disappearance. When Myles reminds her that he left so that she and Macy would live, Sally tells him that she will never be able to trust him again and orders him to get out. Macy later warns her mother that if she cannot find a way to forgive Myles, she will become a bitter, lonely person.

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