The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 8, 1999 on B&B
As Amber tried to solve her baby's paternity puzzle, Brooke and Eric finally consented to Rick's wedding to Amber. Darla pressed C.J. until he revealed that Raymond might be the father of Amber's baby. Darla and C.J. raced to one of Raymond's concerts to tell him the news.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 8, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, February 8, 1999

Even if Kimberly could convince Rick that she could make he happier that Amber can, she's not about to ask him because that would be asking Rick to give up everything he believes in. So where does that leave Rick and Kimberly? Rick admits he thought about giving the child up for adoption, but he is determined to give this child a mother and a father. Kimberly wants to know if Rick can really give his son a family with Amber. Rick admits he doesn't feel toward Amber the way he feels about Kimberly.

Amber admits to her doctor that her child's paternity is in question and asks him if the ultrasound machine can determine the baby's race. There's no way an ultrasounds machine can determine that, the doc replies. Amber is 99% sure the baby is Ricks since she only slept with Raymond one night. C.J. reminds her she only slept with Rick once also. The doctor urges Amber to tell Rick about this.

Eric mulls over the decision whether to sign the consent to marry form. If he doesn't sign it, Rick and Amber will run off and get married anyway. One night of irresponsible teenage behavior and Eric's 17 year old son is about to become a father. Since it was just one night, maybe Rick isn't the father, Eric says. Eric's other option is to hope Rick will wait until he's 18 and then decide to get married. By then, Rick will have a whole new prospective on things.

Rick and Kimberly walk in on the end of Amber's doctor telling her to tell Rick about her situation. Rick wants to know what the doc meant, but Amber blows it off saying she just needs to reduce the stress in her life if she wants to carry this baby to term. C.J. and Kimberly leave and Kim asks C.J. what they were talking about before she and Rick walked in. C.J. says Rick and Amber are getting married and there is nothing they can do about it so they should just back off. C.J. promises to help Kimberly get Rick off her mind.

Stephanie reminds Eric that Rick has a wonderful sense of responsibility to this baby and he got that from his father. Eric feels like he has failed his son as Rick and Amber come home. Rick and Amber inform Eric and Steph about Amber's fall but everything is ok as long as she eliminates stress. Speaking of stress, Rick notices that Eric still hasn't signed the consent to marry form. Eric says he doesn't want Rick or Amber to rush into it, but Amber says he's had six months to sign the form! Then Eric's answer is no. He can not give his approval for the two of them to marry. Amber is disappointed but says she and Rick found out they are having a baby boy and plan on naming him Eric Forrester III. Will Eric allow his namesake to be born illegitimate?

Tuesday, February 9, 1999

C.J. urges Kimberly to stop thinking about Rick, but Kimberly is deeply in love with Rick so how can she ? C.J. promises to not let Kimberly go through this alone and tells her that he thinks she's pretty amazing. Kimberly returns the compliment which makes C.J. wonder if he really has a chance with Kimberly. C.J. tells himself to just be there for Kim as a friend because that's what she needs right now. Later at Spectra, C.J. says to himself that he would like to go out with Kimberly, and he isn't getting married or about to become a father like Rick. But Rick might not be the father, and C.J. faults himself for not telling Rick the truth. Darla walks in on C.J. debating whether to tell Rick the truth.

Eric tells Amber that a teenage pregnancy is going to make her stress worse, while Stephanie asks Amber what her plans are after the wedding and birth of her baby. We don't need plans, Amber replies. Stephanie tells Amber she needs to stop seeing this baby as an opportunity and start seeing him as a victim of a mistake. Stephanie mentions giving the baby up for adoption but running away with Rick is not an option. Meanwhile, Rick says to Eric even though he and his mother were in love when they married, Eric and Brooke still got a divorce and left Rick and Bridget in a broken home. That is motivating Rick to make his situation with Amber work. Eric wishes he had made more of an effort with Rick while he was going up and his motive now is protect Rick. Amber compares her life to Stephanie's as she mentions that Stephanie married a young Eric while she was pregnant with Ridge. Stephanie says those were different times and conventions. Amber asks how Ridge would have turned out if Steph had given him up for adoption? Amber admires Stephanie in that they are a lot alike. Both are strong and determined to get what they want. Amber advises Stephanie to cut her some slack and her baby will someday turn out like Ridge and Thorne. Amber asks Stephanie to be her matron of honor as Rick tells Eric that no matter if it's right or wrong, he is going to marry Amber and give this baby a family. Rick begs Eric to sign the consensus form as Darla hands the telephone to C.J. and implores C.J. has to stop Rick from marrying Amber before it's too late.

Darla presses C.J. to open up but C.J. is reluctant to reveal Amber's secret. Darla realizes C.J. needs a friend to confide in and gets C.J. to open up. C.J. tells Darla that Amber's baby might be Raymond's. Darla tells C.J. that Rick has to be told.

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Amber is curious as to what Eric and Rick are talking about and hopes Eric gives his consent to marry. Eric tells Rick he can't in good conscious sign the consent form since Eric believes letting Rick marry Amber would shut the door on Rick's entire future. Amber asks Stephanie to be her matron of honor while Stephanie says now is not the time to get into that. Amber thanks Stephanie for her support throughout her pregnancy and Stephanie says she has tried to remain neutral in all of this. That means a lot to Amber because despite all the awful things Eric and Brooke have said about her, Stephanie has remained neutral. Stephanie reminds Amber that whatever Eric's decision is, she will support it.

C.J. tells Amber that it's not his place to stop the wedding. Besides, C.J. gave Amber his word that he wouldn't say anything and he is not backing out on that promise. But Rick is your best friend and needs to know the truth, Darla replies. C.J. warns Darla not to go to Amber with this because if the baby is Ricks, Amber's not saying anything . Even though Amber never meant to sleep with Raymond, Rick has a right to know. Rick would not be marrying Amber if the child she is carrying were not his, Darla says. Amber is taking a tremendous risk. If Rick and Amber get married and the baby is not Rick's, God help Amber because nobody plays tricks on the Forresters and gets away with it!

Myles is surprised to hear Kimberly declare he love for Rick and tries to get his daughter to stay away from Rick's problems. Kimberly knows she and Rick do not have a future, but as much as it hurts, she still thinks about him. Myles wants his daughter to realize none of Rick's problems involve her and urges Kim to forget about Rick. Rick is getting married and nothing is going to change that.

Rick does not want his child to grow up in a broken home and is determined to be there for his son. The only way to do that is to marry Amber and give his son the full time father Rick never had. Rick reiterates that he and Amber are committed to giving this child the best possible life and if they stick together, they can make this work. Eric asks if Rick is really sure he wants this marriage and they both agree they are tired of fighting over this. Eric and Rick join Stephanie and Amber while Amber wants to know if Eric signed the consent form.

Amber is betting her whole life on the hope that the child she is carrying is Rick's. Raymond doesn't even know she is pregnant. Darla suggest to C.J. since Raymond will be in Santa Barbara tonight, they drive up there and talk to him. Raymond might be the only one who can fix this mess. C.J. agrees and the two head to Santa Barbara to meet with Raymond hoping once he learns of Amber's pregnancy he will be able to stop the wedding.

Eric hasn't signed the consent forms because he has major reservations but Rick is determined to get married despite his reservations. If Eric refuses to sign the document, that just prolongs the conflict in this family. Eric makes sure this is what Rick really wants and signs the form against his better judgment. Amber is delighted and promises to make Rick happy. Now that the wedding is official, all Amber needs is Stephanie's answer. Will Stephanie be Amber's matron of honor?

Thursday, February 11, 1999

Eric and Rick continue their conversation about the upcoming marriage. Rick gives an impassioned plea for his father to allow him to be the kind of father that Eric never was. He says that he isn't trying to lay a guilt trip on his dad; he is just telling him how he felt growing up. He never wants a child of his to wish to talk to him but can't reach him because he is either at work or out on a date. Eric finally understands and tells Rick that he will sign the paper.

Amber is beside herself with worry even though Stephanie reminds her that the doctor warned her about stress. Again Amber approaches Stephanie about being her matron of honor but Stephanie warns her that Eric will never sign the papers. When Eric and Rick return to the living room, it at first appears that Stephanie was right. But after Eric says that he wants this family saved and together, he agrees to sign the papers. Stephanie looks on in disbelief but Amber is overjoyed.

Brook sadly looks at a picture of Ridge and bemoans the fact that she can't be with the man that she loves. As she is wallowing in self-pity, Eric and Rick arrive. First they tell her about Amber's fall and trip to the hospital. She is concerned about the baby but they assure her that so far, the baby is fine. Rick offers the consent form with Eric's signature and asks her to sign. She can't believe that Eric signed and accuses Rick of doing it. Eric explains that they have tried every avenue open to keep the couple from marrying and have reached a dead end in each. Now the important thing is to keep the family from splitting apart. With great reluctance Brooke signs the consent form.

Once they are alone again, Stephanie agrees to be Amber's matron of honor if Brooke signs the consent. She says that she feels honored that Amber would choose her. Amber tells her about her childhood and the way her mother treated her. She says that she has never had a family like she has seen since knowing the Forresters; this is the kind of family that she has been fighting so hard to give her son. Stephanie leaves and when she returns, she has a special gift for Amber, the wedding gown that she wore when she married Eric. Amber is speechless with gratitude and overwhelmed by Stephanie's generosity. In tears she agrees to wear it when she marries Rick. To her it is the most beautiful dress in the world.

Darla finally convinces C.J. that Raymond has a right to know that it is possible that Amber's baby is hers but C.J. doesn't know how they can go about it. Darla says that maybe there is a way; she shows him the article in the paper and says that the concert is in Santa Barbara. If they hurry, they can just make it. They drive hurriedly up the coast and get there just as the concert is breaking up. They try to get back stage but there are too many fans and admirers holding them back. As Raymond begins to leave, C.J. calls out over the noise of the crown trying to get his attention. "It's C.J., from the Insomnia," he shouts, but Raymond and his fiancée, Letitia leave without hearing.

Friday, February 12, 1999

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