The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on B&B
Rick didn't get intimate on his wedding night, but he still committed himself to his new marriage. Taylor told Pierce that she couldn't work with him any longer. Amber caught Rick and Kimberly together and advised Kimberly to move on. Macy vowed to tell Kimberly that they were sisters.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on B&B
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Monday March 1, 1999

Amber is delighted when Stephanie offers to let her and Rick stay at the guesthouse. Rick is distant and admits he is having a hard time adjusting to his new life. Stephanie advises him to give it time and asks Rick why Kimberly was at the wedding. Rick says she wanted to hear the vows and make sure that was what he wanted. Stephanie is proud of what Rick has done for Amber and the baby but reminds him he has to stick to his commitment. Steph urges Rick to forget about Kimberly and make Amber first in his heart. Easier said than done.

Taylor is surprise when Pierce declares his love and tells his that he has misunderstood. Taylor reminds Pierce that she is married and very much in love with her husband. In fact, she and Ridge are expecting another baby. Pierce explains how much he needs Taylor in his life and how he wants to give her everything. Knowing how Pierce feels about her, Taylor doesn't think they can work together anymore. Ouch!

Kimberly admits to Macy that she wanted Rick to love her more than the baby and when she heard his vows, her heart broke. Macy advises Kimberly to work through her pain and stay away from Rick, but when Rick calls, Kimberly comes running. Amber shows up at Spectra and asks Sally what will it take to keep her quiet?

Tuesday, March 2, 1999

Brooke marches over to Stephanie's upset that Stephanie has persuaded Rick and Amber to stay at the guesthouse. Brooke reasons that Rick is still a boy and needs to be around his family for support. Stephanie informs Brooke that Rick chose to live at the guesthouse and considering Brooke's attitude toward Amber, how could she expect Amber wanting to stay at Brooke's? Brooke wants to go straight to the guesthouse and get Rick but Stephanie says that's not a good idea since she convinced Rick to have Kimberly come over so they can work out their problems.

Considering the way Amber has been deceiving Rick, Sally doesn't think Amber loves him. Amber reminds Sally for the last time that the baby she is carrying is Rick's. C.J. brings Raymond to Spectra and Raymond refutes Amber's claim. Amber asks Raymond and Sally to leave her alone and not say anything to Rick.

Ridge is happy to hear that Taylor put Pierce in his place and even more delighted to learn Taylor quit her job. Taylor feels good about her decision to quit work since she had so many problems with her last pregnancy, she will need to take it easy during this one. Ridge surprises Taylor with a shirt he bought for Thomas that reads, "I'm the Big Brother." Taylor gets emotional when she realizes how thoughtful Ridge is.

Rick asked Kimberly to stop by the guesthouse so they could talk about what to do about their feelings they have for each other. Because it is so painful, the best thing for the two of them is to stay away from each other, Rick suggests. Kimberly says she has tried to move on and forget about Rick, but she can't seem to stop wanting him. It's not fair to Amber for the two of them to be so close and Rick cares way too much about Kimberly to let her continue this way. That's why Rick thinks it is best to cut all ties between them. Kimberly says she will always love Rick. Amber comes home and notices Rick and Kimberly embracing.

Wednesday, March 3, 1999

Amber notices Rick and Kimberly embracing and wonders when this will stop? Rick is married now and how will Amber handle this? Kimberly never knew love could hurt this much. She realizes she needs to let go of the feelings she has for Rick but doesn't know if she can. The pain Kimberly is feeling is similar to the pain she felt when her mother died, waking up every morning knowing Rick is never coming back. Since Kimberly can't give Rick what he wants, she decides to leave, but not before Amber storms in!

Thorne walks next door to Macy's house and asks her to talk with her father about the two of them. Macy promises she will but her father has greater concerns now with his other daughter. Kimberly is so heartbroken and Macy feels she could be more of a help if Kimberly knew they were sisters. Macy wants to be there for Kimberly and makes up her mind to tell her they are sisters. Macy hopes her father sees this as an opportunity to reunite their family.

Stephanie warns Brooke to stay out of Rick's problems and the two notice Amber looking inside the front window of the guesthouse. Stephanie advises Brooke to accept Rick's marriage to Amber and that they have a major complication named Kimberly. Brooke hopes it's not too late for Kimberly to put an end to Rick's marriage.

Amber says she saw Rick and Kimberly embracing and it was more than a goodbye hug. It's time to get everything out in the open once and for all. Amber tells Kimberly until she faces her pain, Kimberly will never be strong. Kimberly is going to have to respect the vows she heard Rick and Amber say to each other. Amber feels the baby kick and has Kimberly feel the baby kicking also. Amber goes on about how they are naming the baby after his father and how the baby was made out of Rick and Amber's love for each other. Heartbroken, Kimberly leaves.

Thursday, March 4, 1999

Kimberly tells C.J. that it isn't fair that Rick was forced to marry Amber and wonders why no one took action. C.J., unable to disagree, suggests that maybe someone will. In tears, Kimberly asks C.J. how she can stop hurting, and how she can give up the only boy she's ever loved. Without revealing why, C.J. tells Kimberly that maybe she won't have to give up on Rick.

Macy tells Myles that Kimberly needs help in dealing with the situation with Rick and that it's time she finds out that she has a sister. Macy tells Myles she's committed to telling her. Myles asks how much of her motivation is to help Kimberly, and how much is out of her desire to reunite their family. Myles points out that Sally is no closer to accepting him now than the day he walked back into her life. Macy swears that they will all be a family again.

Amber wants Rick to feel happy and suggests they consummate their relationship as husband and wife. Rick is reluctant, and Amber hopes it isn't because of her appearance. Rick tries to explain that it seems strange to him being married. Amber tells him that she wants to make him happy, whatever it takes. She goes into the bedroom to wait for Rick and puts on some music. When Raymond's song comes on, she tells herself the baby has to be Rick's.

Friday, March 5, 1999

Macy implores Sally to let Myles back into her life, if not for herself then for Macy. When Sally continues to resist, Macy asks if she hates Myles that much, or if she's afraid. Macy insists that Myles needs Sally, but Sally is dubious. Sally tells Macy that she can't be pressured into anything and needs time. Macy won't back down, emotionally telling Sally that they'll never be happy if Sally passes up this chance for them to be a family again.

Pierce tells a tearful Brooke that he's here to help her as a friend. He realizes it's over for Taylor and him, and, deep in her heart, Brooke must realize that it's over for Ridge and her as well. Brooke isn't sure she's ready to face it, but Pierce encourages her to pick up the pieces and move on. Stephanie is thrilled when Taylor and Ridge break the news that grandchild number two is on the way. When Stephanie finds out Brooke has already heard the news, she is surprised at first, then pleased that the game is finally over.

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