The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 8, 1999 on B&B
Macy was determined to unite her family, and Adam asked Sally to be a mother figure to Kimberly. Raymond approached Rick about Amber, but Leticia ushered Raymond away before a talk could take place. Brooke asserted her desires for Rick and Amber to live at her house, but Amber refused.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 8, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, March 8, 1999

Sally realizes Macy has her heart set on her parents reuniting, but how can Macy expect Sally to forget all the pain Adam put her through the past 25 years? Sally is not the same person she was 25 years ago and neither is Adam. All the more reason for Sally to forgive him, Macy reasons. This is their chance to bring their family back together and Sally is the only one that can make that happen.

Heartbroken over Rick, Kimberly desperately wants someone to talk to. She can't talk to her father because he will just give her a lecture. Kimberly wishes she had her mother. Why did she have to die? Kimberly's mother was so young and wonderful. Adam acknowledges Kimberly's romance with Rick is new territory for him and he is not sure how to deal with it. One thing is sure, Kimberly can't hold her pain inside. But Kim does not have any friends in LA and her mother is dead. Kimberly loves her father, but she needs more than what he can give her.

Stephanie marches over to Brooke's to share the good news concerning Ridge and Taylor. Brooke says she has heard Taylor is expecting but doesn't want to talk about it. Stephanie says since Taylor is pregnant, Brooke's cat and mouse game with Ridge is over. Ridge and Taylor are moving on with their lives and Stephanie is here to make sure Brooke does as well. Brooke reminds Steph that she and Ridge are close friend and they work together but their personal relationship is none of Stephanie's business! Brooke has nothing more to say if Stephanie can't have a mature conversation about Rick's problems.

Macy admits to being somewhat jealous of Kimberly because she grew up with a father but Macy can't hold that against her. Macy wants Kimberly to realize she has a sister and urges Sally to forgive Adam. Macy calls Adam and asks him to stop by. Adam tells Kimberly that he may not be able to give her all the support she needs, but he promises to find a way to help Kimberly. Brooke wants Rick and Amber to stay at her house so see can keep an eye on her son and scheming daughter in law. Stephanie reminds Brooke that Rick doesn't have to live under the same roof as his mother to have her love and support. Amber stops by to pick up some of Rick's things and Brooke says she wants her son to come home and live with her.

Sally wonders how Macy talked her into this and is not sure how she feels about seeing Adam again. Macy advises to just say what she feels as Adam arrives. Macy gives them some time alone and calls Kimberly who sounds depressed. Kimberly says she misses her mother while Macy reminds her that she is not alone. Macy is glad Adam and Sally are talking. Adam needs Sally's forgiveness as they all do. It would mean so much to Macy to have her family back together.

Tuesday, March 9, 1999

While having coffee at the Insomnia, Rick notices Kimberly sitting at a table alone. Rick walks over and can tell she has been crying. Kimberly says she feels incredibly lonely but it's not just because of Rick. Kimberly feels that she doesn't have any friends in LA and she is missing her mother terribly. Kimberly also says that the feelings she and Rick have for each other are wrong now that he is married. Rick blames himself for not being honest with her with he first met her. Rick hates seeing Kimberly like this and feels there has to be some way to solve this problem. Kimberly asks for Rick not to tell her everything is going to be alright, but just hold her.

C.J. warns Raymond if they start making waves now that Raymond could be the father of Amber's baby, it could ruin the baby's life. What about Rick's life, Raymond asks. C.J. and Raymond notice Rick at a table with Kimberly and Raymond wants to know who she is and what Rick is doing with her. C.J. tells Raymond that Rick and Kimberly were in love and they broke it off before the wedding but Kimberly is having a hard time letting go. Raymond is surprised since Rick's family knew how Rick felt about Kimberly that they let him go through with marrying Amber. This news convinces Raymond that Rick must be told the truth. Rick and Kimberly are miserable and somebody has to stop it.

Macy hopes Sally will open her heart and give Adam a second chance. Macy feels it's time Sally put the past behind her and move forward. Sally admits it is difficult to discuss the past with Adam and tells him there is no need to sugarcoat things for Macy's benefit with wild accusations that Adam still has feelings for Sally. But Adam does. Even though Adam left Sally all those years ago and remarried, his feelings for his second wife did not compare to those he had and still has for La Spectra. Adam might have come back to LA for Macy but he stuck around for Sally. Adam says he needs Sally like he has never needed her before. Macy hopes her mother will say the same words back to Adam.

Brooke wants Rick and Amber to move out of Stephanie's guesthouse and in with her since she and Bridget will be able to help with the baby. Amber reminds Brooke that Rick is not a little boy anymore and he has his wife for support. Brooke has to face reality, she is not the Queen B in Rick's life anymore, Amber is. Amber may have Rick's name and baby, but she doesn't have his heart because his heart belongs with Kimberly, Brooke says. Amber thinks Brooke is dreaming if she wants Rick to move back home because he knows how Brooke feels about Amber and Rick will not let anyone interfere with their family. Amber accuses Brooke of wanting she and Rick to move back home so Brooke can undermine Rick's committment to her. Amber reminds Brooke of their wedding vows but Brooke says those vows will not protect you from disappointments and disasters. There is still so much that can go wrong.

Sally says forgiveness is not as simple as Adam is making it out to be. Yes it is, Adam responds. Just find it in your heart to forgive me and they can have all their dreams back if Sally just found it in her heart to forgive. C.J. warns Raymond to stay out of Rick and Kimberly's problems, but Raymond doesn't like to see people getting hurt and Kimberly is hurting big time. Rick starts to tell Kimberly he loves her but she runs out before he can. Raymond confronts Rick and says there is something they need to talk about. Something that should have been said a long time ago...

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

Adam regrets having ever left Sally and hopes she can forgive him. Adam asks Sally to look into her heart and realize they have three children who need their family to heal to wounds of the past. Adam wants Kimberly to know she is not alone. Macy hopes Sally can forgive Adam and calls Kimberly who is crying because Rick is with Amber and his family and she is all alone. Sally says the news that she has an extended family may overwhelm Kimberly and might undermine any sense of security she has. Kimberly needs a woman in her life since her mother has been gone for years, Adam says and asks Sally not to punish Kimberly for his mistakes. Sally tells Adam that he has no right to assume Sally is ready for the kind of responsibility he wants Sally to have with Kimberly.

Amber knows she is not the kind of person Brooke wanted for her son but Amber loves him and wants Rick to be happy. Brooke doesn't think Rick will ever be happy with Amber and warns Amber that she will get what's coming to her. The past has a way of catching up to you.

C.J. can't believe Raymond is about to blow the lid on Amber's secret. Raymond is about to tell Rick the truth when a waitress interrupts him. After the interruption, Rick says he knows what Raymond is about to tell him. C.J. knows Rick will freak if he learns the truth and Amber will lose him forever. C.J. pages Amber and when she calls him back he tells her that Raymond is talking with Rick. Amber races out of Brooke's house leaving Brooke to wonder where she is running off to.

Macy invites Kimberly over to Sally's house and when Kimberly agrees to stop by, Macy assures her mother that everything will be alright. Macy tells Sally her dream has been to reunite her family and she wants to tell Kimberly they are sisters but won't do that unless Sally accepts her. Kimberly arrives and Sally wants time alone with her. Sally invites her in and wonders how she will even begin to talk about her father's double life. How will Kimberly react? If Sally tells her they are all part of the same family, their lives will never be the same. Kimberly asks why she was asked to come over. Rick says he knows Raymond and Amber were involved before but that doesn't change anything. Amber is carrying Rick's child and he is not walking out on his baby. Amber comes in and notices Rick talking with Raymond. She heads to their table and is stopped by a waitress. As Raymond is beginning to spill to beans, Leticia finds Raymond and interrupts Raymond from saying anything. Raymond leaves but promises to talk to Rick some other time. C.J. tells Amber she lucked out this time but she is playing with fire and warns her that this whole baby thing could blow up in her face.

Thursday, March 11, 1999

Due to NCAA "March Madness," The Bold and the Beautiful will not be shown. Broadcasting will resume on Monday and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, March 12, 1999

Due to NCAA "March Madness," The Bold and the Beautiful will not be shown. Broadcasting will resume on Monday and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

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