The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 22, 1999 on B&B
Amber's transformation pleased Rick and Eric, and Eric advised the leery Brooke to cut Amber a break. Worried that they baby could be Raymond's, C.J. and Amber concocted a plan to avoid Rick seeing the baby's birth. Rick helped the Spectra clan locate the missing Kimberly.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 22, 1999 on B&B
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Monday, March 22, 1999

Amber doesn't feel good about her dinner tonight with Rick at the Cafe' Ruse and asks for Lauren's help. Lauren gives Amber a crash course in manners and etiquette starting with the way to eat. Lauren also suggests Amber slow down her talking and really listen to what Rick has to say. Ask questions and show you care about how Rick is feeling. To help with Amber's makeup and hair, Lauren invites her friend Gladys (Phyllis Diller) over to work her magic. Gladys promises to make Amber shine like a new diamond.

After running out of Sally's, Kimberly did not come home last night and Macy fears something happened. Thorne suggests Macy call Rick and see if he has heard anything. Macy calls Rick who hasn't seen Kimberly and who is also not looking forward to this dinner tonight with Amber. Rick tells himself to get used to it since she is his wife.

Ridge drops by Brooke's office with a marketing report and comments on how terrific she looks. Brooke admits she has a date tonight, not that Ridge cares. Ridge feels it is as good of a time as any considering Brooke's recent conversation with Taylor. Brooke says her talk with Taylor was good for her while Ridge admires the way she is handling this. Brooke doesn't really have a choice but to accept Ridge's marriage to Taylor. Ridge and Brooke's great love affair is over and Brooke has to stop pretending it's not. But that doesn't mean she can't remember all the great times they shared. Brooke recalls the day she first saw Ridge. It was twelve years ago at Stephanie's house and Brooke was a caterer at a party there. Brooke remembers her decade long love affair with Ridge and notes it ended too soon. Pierce comes by to pick up his date leaving Ridge alone.

Lauren cautions Gladys to keep Amber's look conservative yet classy. Amber wants to reward her husband for standing by her and hopes to become a lady Rick can be proud of. Lauren notes how stunning Amber looks after her makeover and advises Amber to remember what she told her about manners and etiquette. Amber leaves while Lauren wishes her luck. Later at the Cafe' Ruse, Rick is stunned by Amber's classy new look.

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

Knowing Eric has been worried about Rick lately, Lauren plans a special evening to put his mind at ease. Lauren takes Eric to the Cafe' Ruse where Rick and Amber are dining. Rick comments on how nice Amber looks and Amber starts to talk about herself but then remembers Lauren's advice. Amber turns the conversation to talk about Rick and how his day went. Amber starts to grab a roll and scarf it down but then remembers to slow down. Rick admits he is troubled by the call her got from Macy and has a feeling there is something wrong with Kimberly. But Rick does not want to spoil the evening talking about Kimberly and suggests he and Amber focus on themselves. Lauren gets Eric to admit Rick and Amber look like they are enjoying each other and Lauren notes that Amber is at least trying to change.

Pierce notices Brooke is distant and tries to get her to realize they are both launching a new era in their lives by trying to move on from Ridge and Taylor. Pierce admits it might be too soon to forget about Ridge but this can be the beginning of a new era. Brooke says moving on is not as easy as she thought but reminds herself that what she and Ridge shared is over. They can give up on Ridge and Taylor but that doesn't mean Pierce and Brooke have to give up on happiness which is their ultimate goal. Pierce notes they are taking the first steps toward healing and that makes Pierce feel good about their chances at happiness.

Amber thanks Rick for taking her to the Cafe' Ruse and continues to show in interest in how his day went. Rick notes there is something different about Amber which Amber blows off as to the dress she is wearing. Amber admits Lauren gave her advice and loaned her the dress because Amber wants to fit in and be the kind of wife Rick and his family can be proud of. Amber's mother never gave taught her manners or etiquette but Amber is sure she can do it if Rick gives her a chance. Eric and Lauren notice Rick kiss Amber.

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

Amber is surprised by Rick's kiss and is further surprised when Rick asks her to dance. Lauren suggests Eric take a hard look at the young couple and notice how much they are enjoying themselves. Rick and Amber are committed to their marriage, something Eric takes note of. Rick continues to romance Amber by slow dancing. Eric admits there is something different about her. Lauren says Amber wants more than just his family's attention. Amber wants to fit in and earn the Forrester's respect. While dancing, Rick and Amber notice Eric and Lauren and come over to their table to say hi.

Brooke marvels at how Pierce has stayed positive even though he has lost Taylor. Pierce admires how Brooke has let go of her negative emotions concerning Amber. Brooke admits she still does not accept Rick's marriage. In fact, Brooke just told her son to follow his heart with or without Amber. Brooke blames herself for Rick getting involved with Amber because Brooke hired Amber as the nanny in the first place. If Brooke hasn't been so preoccupied with Ridge, she could have seen Amber moving in on her son.

Rick and Amber say hello to Eric and Lauren while Amber makes a good impression on Eric by being very polite. Eric comments on how lovely Amber looks and goes so far as to say she looks "like a lady." Amber is shocked by Eric's kind words and admits she is feeling like Cinderella. Rick also says he is having an amazing time.

Brooke will not forgive herself if Amber does not come around and wonders if she taught her children the wrong thing by chasing after Ridge. Pierce says Brooke was just following her heart and that makes her a special person and attractive to Pierce. Brooke thanks Pierce for dinner and the therapy session and Pierce does not let Brooke leave before giving her a kiss.

Eric takes care of Rick and Amber's check while Lauren admits she helped Amber get ready for tonight. Lauren helped because Amber asked her for advice and Lauren really believes Amber has changed. Amber wants to be the kind of wife Rick can be proud of and after what Lauren has seen tonight, Lauren believes Amber is completely devoted to Rick. Before leaving, Amber thanks Eric for making her evening special and his kind comment about Amber being a lady. That's the greatest thing anyone has ever said to me, Amber says. Eric gives Amber a hug. Amber thanks Rick for the most amazing night of her life while Rick says that is the least he could do for his beautiful wife.

Thursday, March 25, 1999

After visiting Bridgete, Eric catches Brooke coming home from her date with Pierce. Brooke admits she had a hard time enjoying herself because her mind has been preoccupied with Rick and Amber. Eric relates to worrying about Rick but tells Brooke something happened tonight that has put his mind at ease. Eric says he and Lauren were at the Cafe' Ruse and saw Rick with Amber. Brooke doesn't believe it when Eric says Amber acted like a real lady. Also, Rick was being very sweet and affectionate toward Amber. In fact, he kissed her.

Ridge and Taylor enjoy a romantic evening at home and thanks God for the many blessings in their life. Taylor is grateful Brooke has raised the white flag and knows that took a lot of humility. The relationship between Brooke and Amber will take more than humility for those two to get along. It will take a miracle.

Back at home, Amber again thanks Rick for a wonderful evening. The best part was the way Rick looked at her and held her. Tonight, Amber felt secure. Rick admits to feeling the same way and asks for Amber to sing to him. Amber sings "Come Rain or Shine" and afterward Rick says he will always be there for Amber and the baby. Things have already gotten better.

Brooke knows what a snow job Amber has done on her son and doesn't believe for one minute that Amber has changed. Eric encourages Brooke to lend her support to the young couple because they are going to need a lot of support when the baby is born. After a while when the baby gets older and Amber and Brooke are still at odds, he will be able to choose between them and if Brooke doesn't do something to repair her relationship with Amber, she might not be a part of her grandson's life.

Friday, March 26, 1999

C.J. stops by Amber's and notices she looks different, happy. Amber thanks C.J. for getting her to Insomnia on time to stop Raymond from opening his mouth to Rick. Now, Amber can relax and wait for the baby to come. C.J. realizes Amber is pretending everything is fine, but what is she going to do when the baby comes and it's Raymond's? Amber tries not to listen and lashes out at C.J. for accusing her of not caring. C.J. paints a picture of when Amber is in labor and Rick is holding her hand, because he will want to be there to see his son come into the world, the baby pops out and it's Raymond's. Has Amber thought of that scenario?

Myles waits for Kimberly to come home and blames her disappearance on his withholding the truth about his other family. Rick stops by and learns she never came home. When Sally and Macy come in, Rick is shocked to learn Myles is Macy's father. Myles explains the reason Kimberly took off and Macy blames herself for forcing the issue. Sally assures Macy that Kimberly will come around and Myles asks Rick for help find Kimberly. Rick agrees to help. Sally and Macy leave to go look at the Insomnia while Rick starts calling Kimberly's classmates.

Kimberly spent the night at her friend, Alexis' house trying to avoid her father. Kimberly wishes she could talk to Rick about this but he's married now. Kimberly thinks of heading back to Nantucket where she can trust people. Alexis urges Kimberly to talk to her father before she goes but she can't deal with that right now. Rick calls and Kimberly is happy to hear from him.

C.J. reminds Amber that she is due in a couple weeks and she has got to talk to Rick about this. It's probably not even Raymond's baby anyway, Amber reasons. But it could be and Amber has to be prepared for that because good mothers protect their children. C.J. asks Amber how is she going to care for this baby if it is Raymond's? She has no job, will not have any money so how will Amber survive? Amber is determined to have the kind of life she has been living the past few weeks and feels she can't lose that now. But Amber could lose it all in one second and she has got to be prepared . There has to be a way Amber can remain in control, C.J. says. You can't keep Rick out of the delivery room, Amber notes. C.J. suggests that Amber get Rick out of town, have the doctor induce labor, and the Forresters will never know. Amber shoots that theory down because Rick will never leave her when she is nine months pregnant and the doctor will not induce labor without a really good reason. C.J. then has an idea. He knows a way out of this if Amber wants to avoid the single most horrifying moment of her life. But Amber will have to do exactly as C.J. says...

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